planters peanut

jesse said some shit about people remembering being abducted by aliens and they remember the aliens being the planters peanut guy while i was at his house the other day fucking tripping on shrooms and i legitimately cannot stop thinking about being abducted by the fucki g planters peanut guy I’m going to falsify a peanut allergy for the rest of my life just to avoid seeing the damn thing, a peanut with a top hat, the primary thing i’ve chosen to fear in the year  2017

The summary of my new powers. I get to summon the combined powers of George Washington Carver and the Planters Peanut Guy™ to aide me in battle. Coincidentally, anyone who messes with me and has a peanut allergy is FUCKED.

Weapons and equipment found on Texas Tower Sniper, Charles Whitman.

  • 12 gauge shotgun
  • Remington 700 with 4x Leupold Scope
  • 6 millimeter Remington rifle
  • M1 Carbine 
  • .357 Magnum
  • Galesi-Brescia pistol
  • Luger pistol
  • Nesco machete, scabbard
  • hatchet
  • Ammunition box with gun-cleaning kit
  • Camillus hunting knife, scabbard
  • Randall knife inscribed with name
  • Locking pocketknife
  • 1’ steel rebar
  • Hunter’s body bag
  • Whitman’s gear
  • Channel Master 14 transistor radio
  • Blank Robinson notebook
  • Black Papermate pen
  • light green towel
  • White 3.5 gallon jug full of water
  • Red 3.5 gallon jug of gasoline
  • Nylon and cotton ropes, and clothesline
  • 1954 Nabisco premium toy compass
  • Davis Hardware receipt
  • Hammer
  • Canteen
  • Binoculars
  • Lighter fluid, lighter and box of matches
  • Alarm clock manufactured by Gene
  • Pipe wrench
  • Green and white flashlight, 4 C batteries
  • Two rolls of tape
  • Green duffel bag from the Marine Corps
  • Extension cord
  • Grey gloves
  • Eyeglasses
  • Earplugs
  • Mennen spray deodorant
  • Toilet paper
  • Food
  • Twelve cans of food
  • Two cans of Sego condensed milk
  • Bread, honey and SPAM (incl. sandwiches)
  • Planters Peanuts and raisins
  • Sweet rolls

On this Day

Italian immigrant and co-founder of the Planters Peanut Company, Amedeo Obici was born on July 15th, 1877 in Veneto, Italy. Amedeo settled in the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania region and co-founded the company with another Italian emigre, Mario Peruzzi. The company’s iconic logo of an anthropomorphic gentleman peanut was created by fourteen year old schoolboy Antonio Gentile in 1916.

Bookmark from the Collection on the 1939/1940 New York World’s Fair, Queens Museum, 2011.1.117WF39.

Record Group 88 Collection Spotlight: 
It’s Throwback Thursday with Mr. Peanut!

Today’s post was written by Stephen Charla, Archivist at the National Archives at Philadelphia.

If you look in Box 112 of the Correspondence and Reports of the Food and Drug Administration’s Philadelphia station, you might spot a familiar face. In June 1921, FDA inspector Sidney Brown paid a visit to the Planters Nut & Chocolate Company factory in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. As part of that inspection, he collected advertising material and quite a few product packages, most of which depict the company’s famous mascot, Mr. Peanut!

Mr. Peanut was created in 1916, so he was only five years old in 1921. He looked a bit different from his modern appearance in those early days, but not much. He was already sporting the trademark top hat, monocle, and spats that he still wears today, but he seems to have traded his cuffs for gloves since then.

In his report, Brown describes the Wilkes-Barre factory as a “three story and basement brick building near the business section of the city.” The factory had about 50 employees, “about 25 males and as many females.” The men were responsible for “roasting, heavy hauling, crating, packing, and manuel (sic) labor around the plant.” The women were “engaged mainly in sorting, cleaning and sifting of peanuts, and in filling, labeling, packing etc of the finished product.”

The ads and packages in the file give an idea of the kinds of products Planters was selling in the early 1920s. In addition to salted peanuts, they were producing various chocolate and nut confections, such as the Pnut Candy Bar, the Peanut Jumbo Block, the Ko-Ko Kream Bar, Chocolate Twins, and the Vineyard Maid Milk Chocolate Fruit Nut Bar.

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Planter[s] Nuts & Choc. Co.; Correspondence and Reports of the Food and Drug Administration, Box 112; Product Inspection Files 1906-1946; Philadelphia Station; Records of the Food and Drug Administration, Record Group 88; National Archives at Philadelphia; (Record Entry ID: PH-3623) (NAID: 631047)