Tumblrrr I have failed you!

I forgot to mention I’m having an Etsy shop update today, April 2nd, going live at 12 pm central time.

Instagram seems to be my main platform these days, so if you’d like to get the scoop sooner perhaps you should pop over there and follow me at @mudanddeanna ?

All that being said I miss my days of Tumblr scrolling so I need to spend a day here with wine and icecream and enjoy all the feelz of what I’d have to say is still the best social media platform.



etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.13.17

wacky planters by btwceramics // small | large

i’m a sucker for hyper-colorful pottery, so these wackily-glazed planters are definitely up my alley! aren’t they aptly named? ;)


etsyfindoftheday 2 | 6.8.17

theme thursday: metal home accents

metal floating address signs with planters by urbanmettle

i’ve been wanting one of these planter-signs for a while … i’m just not sure which one would look best with my address. how cute are they, hey?!


170426 | Planters Weibo: “#味爱求婚大作战#经过大家的不懈努力,已经有超过10000人活捉张艺兴~P先森说到做到,放出花絮第一弹之小绵羊的帽子戏法。最后一张的表情,P先森也有点受不了的……大家继续努力活捉小绵羊,后面还有更劲爆的花絮等着大家~ ”

Translation [Dailyixing]: “#FlavourfulOperationLove# With everyone’s unwavering persistence, over 10000 people have captured Zhang Yixing~ Mr. P will follow through with his promise and release the little lamb’s hat trick. Even Mr. P can’t stand the expression in the last photo… Everyone continue working hard to capture the little lamb, even better behind-the-scenes footage is waiting~”