For those curious, here’s the “noodle lettuce” that grew from the Noodles & Company seed packet I raved about in the previous post. The lettuce shares a railing basket with two rescued impatiens, both of which are getting almost completely crowded out at this point.

It’s always a great sign to see ladybugs and their larvae in the garden, and of course Garden Science has special feelings for the insect due to the fact that I totally hatched my own last year. This little guy has been hanging around for a couple days and appears to have grown a bit since I first spotted him, so hopefully he’s getting nice and fat by feeding on aphids.


🌵🌸My lovely children! 🌸🌵 

Here’s how we built it: 

4’ x 4’ planter box with plywood base- Home Depot 

Garden soil, cactus & citrus mix- Home Depot (I think we used 6 bags)

1 strong person with tools- My dad

Assorted succulents- Local nursery & Home Depot 

We are planning on adding some large decorative rocks, many more plants and some little details! 

The plants:

Rainbow Elephant Bush

Echeveria “Perle Von Nürnberg”  

Echeveria “Topsy Turvy”

Echeveria Lilacina “Ghost”

Aloe Vera “Pickled Pink” or “Pink Blush”

Graptoveria “Opalina” (not pictured)

(also not pictured is my unidentified cactus)