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dumb things I want for TS4
  1. the ability to name cowplants
  2. the ability to bulldoze lots from map view
  3. child support
  4. inheritance
  5. laundry
  6. the ability to change the opacity on makeup
  8. better, more plain, swatches on base game beds
  9. real garage doors
  10. cars (they don’t even have to work, I just need the aesthetic for houses)
  11. graveyards
  12. sims 3 traits (the really dumb ones): coward, brooding, diva, technophobe, hates the outdoors, neurotic, etc.
  13. really just more traits (I miss the more personality based ones)
  14. a nice, simple, bathroom sink to put in counters (they’re all for kitchens)
  15. more planter boxes for gardens
  16. green wall colors that aren’t ugly
  17. better kitchen cabinet sets (don’t even get me started on this)
  18. the ability to paint portraits
  19. actual group photos
  20. swing sets for my kiddos (and adults too)
  21. really just more playground equipment
  22. more of these new semi-interactive City Living type careers
  23. graduation ceremony for teens when they age up (a rabbit hole even)
5 Dorm Room Aesthetics to Make People Say “Wow!” in 2017

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well with your studies! If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking ahead about your dorm and the new life ahead of you. Having your own dorm is a blank slate, so why would you leave it empty?! You have a fresh start from your cluttered room at home, so let’s make it count! Here are my top 5 favourite aesthetics and some links to decorations and furniture.

1. Boho Chic, this is a classic dorm room design. Very “Urban Outfitters” vibes with lots of tapestries, fairy lights and cacti. Cozy sheets are a must! Polaroid photos tacked to the walls also add life to your room.

B&W Tapestry ($)

Blue Peacock Tapestry ($)

Fairy Lights, 8 Settings, 20ft ($)

Chunky Knit Grey Blanket ($$$)

Hanging Rope Planter ($$$)

2. Pastel Retro, really beautiful design and definitely something unique that your friends won’t have! Retro includes round shapes and soft colours of blue, green and pink. Light wood goes really well with these colours too and adds life! Definitely check out your local thrift stores, you never know what goodies they might have!

Red Retro Coffee Maker ($$$$$)

Retro Clock in Blue ($$$)

Retro Portable Bluetooth Speaker ($$$)

Raw Steampunk Lightbulb ($$$)

Various Coloured Shag Carpets ($$)

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I just had to share my room because it’s finally completely unpacked and ready and I love it. We moved in to our new place over a month ago but we still had stuff everywhere and today is the first day it’s all perfectly in place.

This building was built in the old downtown part of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1906 that was really before it was the state of Oklahoma, still Indian Territory. This was for Gypsy Oil Company that later became Gulf Oil, then last the Warren Oil company. It sat idle for a few years then Meek’s Furniture bought it for a warehouse. Then for 25 years this part of town laid dormant. In 1998 this was purchased and for 2 years it was renovated, in 2000 a new coffee shop open called simply the Gypsy Coffee/Cyber Cafe. By cg photography


4th summer with my tomato & cuke wall in cedar planters.  Shade side this year has baby hosta, maiden hair fern, cinnamon fern, purple Japanese fern, liquorice fern, impatience, coleus, toad lily, & begonia.  Sun side has the tomatoes and cukes in back, basil and dahlia in front, volunteer cape gooseberries and petunias, and corn salad filling the gaps to block sun from hitting the soil.

It’s been giving me cukes & toms for a few weeks already :D

Our Official Early-Bird Gift Guide: The $25 (or Less) Store

If you’re super on-top-of-it and ready to start getting holiday gifts out of the way, we can help you out. Make sure your friends are all taken care of with this Amazon guide to holiday gifts that won’t break the bank. 

UPDATE: You folks were LOVING these affordable gift picks. So we added a few more, all (still) under $25. Enjoy shopping for your friends…or just #treatyoself! -ts

Clockwise, from left: Door Stopper, $17Anigram Ring Holder, $13 | Pink Himalayan Salt tealight holder, $15 | Essential Oil Diffuser, $24

Left to right, Row 1: Cardboard 3D Skull Model, $20 | Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack, $10 | Coca-Cola Classic Straw Holder, $12 Left to right, Row 2: Apron, $18 | Storm Glass Tube with wood base, $19 | Bamboo iPad Stand, $18 | Left to right, Row 3: Desk magnet, $11 | Bunny cake stand, $19 | Laundry bag, $14

Left to right, Row 1: Cotton swab holder, $9 | Elephant desktop organizer, $15 | Cat and fish tea infuser, $17 Left to right, Row 2: Cat thermos, $20 | Beauty organizer, $17 | Unicorn wine holder, $20 Left to right, Row 3: Sticky note set, $12  | Skeleton-in-Unicorn’s-Clothing figurine, $18 | Prism terrarium, $23

Clockwise, from left: Vertical garden, $11.99 | Throw pillow cover, $8 | Moon lamp, $23 | Globe, $15 | Bookends, $25

Left to right, Row 1: Geometric wall planters, $22 | Cactus tea lights, $10 | Wood cube LED alarm clock, $13 Left to right, Row 2: Travel makeup bag, $10 | My Neighbor Totoro light switch cover, $19 | Elf-ear headphones, $16 Left to right, Row 3: Harry Potter soup mug & spoon, $17 | Succulent planter set, $17 | Retractable lint roller, $10

Left to right, Row 1: Sushi pushpins, $9Brass sundial compass, $13 | Lightbox with letters, $15 Left to right, Row 2: Color wheel umbrella, $24Hanging terrarium set, $18 | Dessert spoon set, $10 (Editor’s Pick! Love these!) Left to right, Row 3: Cast-iron teapot, $22Nessie soup ladle, $7 | Surprise Cat coffee mug, $17 

Left to right, Row 1: Aspen pet sofa bed with pillow, $20 | Apple watch retro iMac stand, $15 | Ceramic travel mug in Coral, $15 Left to right, Row 2: Gold lipstick mug, $17 | Pusheen plush slippers, $22 | Pink unicorn night light, $16 Left to right, Row 3: Eat Here sign, $25 | Magnetic hourglass, $18 | Pig desktop organizer, $15

Left to right, Row 1: Rainy Day bank, $22 | Hakuna Matata wall art, $5 | Bird LED night light, $25 Left to right, Row 2: Fairy lights, $13 | Tissue box cover, $9 | Potted-plant micro-landscape ornaments, $7 Left to right, Row 3: Glass tumbler with straw, $17 | Desktop planter, $20 | Hands bookends, $20

Doctor’s Dose of Scotch (Part 4)

Pairing: Bones x Reader 

Summary: You visit the garden on the ship, and Bones just so happens to be there.

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3

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              You passed Scotty a tool, and he went to work on one of his devices. He was working on another device to account for extra heat, as the last upgrades implemented by Starfleet had really done a number on the cooling systems. Scotty had already told you about the problems in the upgrades that he planned on fixing, and he’d developed a list of projects for the two of you to work on. Working with him reminded of you when you’d first started as an engineering officer, when you’d been able to work without Starfleet constantly looking over your shoulder.

              The ship had only been on course for a few days. But in that time, you’d already put so much work into the mechanical integrity of the ship. Few others ventured down to the engineering bay, and you’d really come to value the quiet time you spent there. Even your meals were much more peaceful compared to the rest of the crew, as they were spent in the cozy observation lounge that overlooked the reactor complex.

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anonymous asked:

hey my dude, just wanted to let you know that I really dig your content ! keep doing what you're doing ! also, I was wondering if you could make this house's tray files available (or on origin). thanks! ---post165243697957. i'm totally new to asks so i didn't know i couldn't use links. if that's totally not how to ask about certain posts oof that sucks

Yeah you did it right no worries! Here’s the house

Download and CC under the cut!

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