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Today’s brief:

| Wall Planter |

Today’s concept was suggested via a Tumblr follower who for the life of me I can’t find because of Tumblr’s stupid messages/asks setup.

Image 1: Cast concrete planter with wire hanger.

The wire is attached to the wall then the planter slides in.

Image 2: The wire crosses the top lip on the wall side of halfway and the center of gravity is towards the front. My head thinks this should work.

Image 3: Posting these somewhere between Macksville and Kempsey. I’m on a family holiday for the next few weeks but I’m trying to keep up daily posts.


etsyfindoftheday 4 | 11.3.16

theme thursday: copper finds

mirror + copper | mini planter wall hanging by snlcreations

this small copper patina mirrored cube planter is accented by a taller mirror and hanging arc to display neatly on your wall. awesome, snlcreations!


FLEA MARKET FINDS - PART 1 (Spring Shabby Living)

For my Granny Sims I included shabby pattern choices, but for more Bohemian types there are also some brighter, fun patterns to choose from. These are re-creations of my old TS2 Spring Shabby Living objects. Everything required major reworking so you can say these flea market finds were definitely repurposed!

This set includes 11 objects -  armchair, loveseat, sofa, chandelier, coffee table, and clutter! (knitting basket, needlepoint project, keepsake box with treasures, faded art in antique frames, wall planters, and a pot of daisies). All can be found by typing tkangie_FleaMarket in your search box.

++Download Here++ (SimFileShare)

Files can be downloaded separately or all in one .rar file. I hope you can have some fun with these. I also have a bedroom set to rework and hope to get to it before spring is over.


Recolor or take my files apart and remake or improve them, but please give me credit for the originals. A link back to here would be lovely but is not mandatory for your uploaded photos. I just like to see if anyone uses my creations.

I so seriously love looking at art studio photos. ✨💖💕 Someday I wish to build my own studio out of cob. I want to make it round so the light bounces off of everything. I’ll carve shelves into the walls, planters in the walls and random windows custom fit. There will be skylights for rain and light to shower on. I’ll have a small courtyard outside filled with flowers, vines, mosaics and a Japanese maple bonsai. I’ll share with @lopiken of course. This is my dream. I’ll also have places everywhere for the fur babies to hang out, probably near the ceiling on the walls on perches.


made a balcony using book stacks, shelves and wall planters

the book stacks are the only floatable item you don’t fall through so if you float them in a grid you can make a large surface. pics of underneath for anyone interested in doing something similar. all you need are the bookstacks (their hitbox is much larger than the actual item so you can space them pretty far without falling through) but if you want it to look like a solid object and not just some floating books you can line up riviera shelves overtop and planters around the side to hide the books. 

this little balcony took up 20 furniture spots (6 books 5 shelves  and 9 wall planters) you can definitely make something smaller or use less planters to conserve furniture space. it works really well in the medium riviera house because you can run right onto it from the stairs. for other houses or private rooms you might have to use the books to make stairs or bridges. 

the book item is called ‘The Five Ages’ and can be bought for 10k gil each at a lavender beds housing merchant.