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Yesterday was glorious. The sun was out, the air was crisp and quiet, and a warm breeze rolled across the yard. It truly felt like spring had come. This, of course, means we pulled out the shovel, gardening soil, and cinderblocks so we could build a new planter bed in the back yard. We have no grass anymore, it was spotty at best and would turn into the Dead Marshes straight out of the Two Towers. But I digress, I’ve told you guys that before. Now, with our 4th planter bed alongside our multitude of flower pots, we have a designated growing zone for bell peppers and parsley!  After our adventures in horticulture last summer, we finally have a grasp on what grows well here. Tomatoes apparently love it here, because the bushes almost ate me. Zucchini, eggplant, and squash also spread with equal fervor, and the basil was almost a tree.  But these particular vegetables of enthusiasm bring something delicious to mind- ratatouille.

This was a request from our dad actually. We were flipping through the DVD case to see what we should watch, and when my Dad saw Ratatouille the Movie, he asked if we could make Remy’s dish. How could we say no to a man who so loves ratatouille in all shapes and forms, baked, pressure cooked, or soup-ified? The recipe is under the cut. 

-MJ & K

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Five minute fiction challenge

I was tagged by @xdelayedgratification and as a non-writer, wanted at least to attempt it. I used to write a lot, ten years ago, but then I lost Mum and I put away my pen. It’s been a long time and I’m very rusty, so please be kind.



Rain. Drips chasing each other down the windscreen, running rivulets, blurring the view.
The station is a scene from a postcard, even in the rain. The sandstone buildings like red clay against the sky. There’s even a proper guard here, navy uniform and a whistle. As well as looking after the travellers they also tend the planters and weed the beds, proud of their postcard, not today though, not a soul to be seen.
I take a sip of coffee, gripping the cardboard cup. Feeling the corrugated ridges under my fingers, I’m thankful for the warmth and comfort it provides. Glancing at the illuminated dashboard display to check the time. Ten minutes.
I know I’m going to have to brave the storm and head onto the platform. Reaching into the back to pull out the coat and struggling into it; time. The wind tries to whip the car door away as soon as it’s opened and I cling to the handle, long fingers curling, knuckles white. Bent against the weather to forge forward, the signal is red and down the line I can see the train approaching.
Almost as if it knows, the engine sails the last section and comes to a halt in front of me in a screech of brakes. There you are. Facing me, behind the glass like a packaged doll. Beautiful and wistful and mine. Everything stops, wind and weather in stasis, falling into the background; my senses facing only forward.
Twisting the handle on the old train door and suddenly you’re in my arms in a cloud of scent; beret tucked down, crimson against the dark curls. You bury your face in the crook of my neck and weave your hands inside my funnel coat, I feel a month of longing pass between us and thank both stars and moon above for this chance to reconnect. Wherever you are is where I want to be. Almost as if you’ve read my mind I feel you raise your head a little.
“Tom..” you whisper “..I’m home”


I’m a bit late to the party tagging people as I think everyone has already done this. So I’ll tag a tiny handful of dear ones instead. @larouau12 @jossisgod @the-haven-of-fiction @dragonslikesmaug @eve1978 @servent-alearika forgive the intrusion and do go about your business 😘