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Escape: the medical school years

It wasn’t easy.  He’d bitten his tongue more times than he could count. Lord knew Claire could get sharp tongued when she was stressed, but it was what he promised, and he would not break his vow.  He would support Claire through medical school any way he could.  Emotionally, physically, monetarily, it didn’t matter.

Night after night she spent studying in their flat.  Night after night he checked on her only to find she’d fallen asleep at her desk, or on the sofa with a book spread across her chest or fallen to the floor.  Night after night, he roused his wife, and led her stumbling, half-asleep to bed.

Night after night he let her rest while his body raged for her.  

It never stopped, the wanting her.  Some nights she tossed, muttering and restless. Some nights she thrashed and never fully settled.  He would not take advantage.  He would gather her in his arms, and soothe her with whispered words of love in Gaelic and rub her back until she stilled.  

Some nights she turned to him in desperation, grabbed for him, begged him. Those nights he took his wife in a passion born of abstinence too long observed.  

And then the drought would return.

The night before her anatomy exam Claire asked him to help her study. 

“I’ll do what I can, Sassenach.”  Jamie reached for her textbook.

“No.  I need to you lie down, and just let me name the structures of the body.”

He nodded.


Jamie’s brows shot up. “Ye want me to be naked?  I dinna see how that helps ye study.”  

Claire flapped her hands impatiently.  “It’s what we do. We work with cadavers and study the different systems in the body.  It helps me if I can just go over it that way.  I’m not much for memorization via a textbook.”

“Ye want me to lay there.  Like a dead man.  Naked as a bairn.”

“Yes. Yes, I do.”  Claire looked up at her husband.  “Please?”

Jamie shook his head.  “I dinna understand it a bit, Sassenach, but if ye think it’ll help ye.”  He pulled off his shirt, and shucked his pants.  Claire had to smile at her Scottish husband.  Never any underwear. Ever.  

“Bottoms up or…?” he gestured to his crotch.  

“On your back first.”  Claire giggled.  

Jamie lay on the bed, and closed his eyes.  Claire got right to work starting with his skull and naming the bones.  While she never actually touched him, he could tell her hands were close to his skin. He listened to her unwavering voice.  He was impressed.  She knew her stuff.  When she finished the skeletal system she started over with the muscles, then the nervous system.  

He was fine until she started in on the circulatory system.  Her finger lightly traced the veins and arteries down his neck, across his shoulder, from his arms and torso to his femoral artery.  He couldn’t help it.  Claire’s touch never failed to arouse him.

“Jamie. Concentrate.”

“Sassenach.”  He cracked his eyes open to cat like slits, pinning her with his deep blue eyes.  “I ken ye want me to be a dead man.  But my, what did ye call it?  My ‘corpora cavernosa’ dinna ken that.”  He closed his eyes again.  

She continued with her work and asked him to roll over. Right. How, exactly does a man in my condition lie on his front, then?  

Again, her delicate hands traced his body, a brush here, a light finger there. All the time naming his body parts with a sure and steady voice.  

When she was finished he breathed a sigh of relief and got up, opening a drawer for his sleep pants.    


Jamie looked over his shoulder at her.  “Nay, Claire.  I’m done.”  She couldn’t seriously expect him to live through that again.

“Jamie. Please.”  

“No, Claire.  I listened to ye. Ye ken fine what yer doing. Ye never faltered. Yer ready for yer exam.  Now, put the textbook away and let’s get some sleep, aye?”

Claire panicked.  She never felt ready for an exam.  If she could just run through it one more time she’d feel so much better.  “Jamie, you said you’d help!”

Jamie took a deep breath trying to control his impatience. He understood her nervousness, he truly did, but sometimes Claire’s fear got the better of her. “Claire. Come, mo graidh.  Ye’ll be fine.”  

“Jamie, please!”  

Her voice was all Nurse Beauchamp, but Jamie was not her patient. Nor was he a practice dummy.  What he was, was a sexually frustrated husband. 

Which is why he snapped.  

“Jamie, please?  Please?  No, Claire, that’s the one thing Jamie canna do. He canna “please”.  I’ve no’ had the pleasure of my wife for weeks.  So dinna make it sound like I’m being unreasonable here.”  

Claire was shocked.  “What the bloody hell does that mean?”  

His voice was a low rasp of need.  “It means, Sassenach, that if ye run yer hands o’re my body one more time I’m no’ gonna pretend to be a dead man for much longer.  I’ll be very much alive wi’ you under me, knickers off, and me so deep inside ye, ye won’t know where I start and you end.”  

She gasped.  Claire stared into her husband’s eyes and saw the truth of it. The banked desire.  That hint of loneliness that she only witnessed one other time in her life.  

But dammit, he knew it would be like this.  She had warned him!  

When the guilt began to claw at her she fought back.  “Fine.  I’ll study downstairs then.” 

She grabbed her textbook, took one step towards the bedroom door and found herself lifted off her feet by his arm around her waist. She shrieked, and dropped the book.  

Jamie fell onto the bed taking Claire with him.  “Nay, lass. Not tonight.  Tonight ye come to bed on time.  Wi’ me.”

Claire pushed at his chest, but he was immovable.  Jamie pushed up Claire’s shirt and fastened his mouth on her breast.  She moaned.  It had been a long time.  The sensation hit her fast and she melted.  She maneuvered her shirt over her head and pressed him to her.  Jamie growled in response and wrapped his arm under her hips to press her to him.

Ifrinn, Claire.  God, I’ve missed ye.”  His mouth covered hers and she closed her eyes to the feeling of Jamie surrounding her.  Her legs were tangled in his and she lifted her hips in silent communication.  Jamie rolled to his back taking her with him.  When she was on top, he unfastened the button on her jeans, yanked at the zipper and pushed them down as far as he could, hooking her panties with them.  He rolled again, Claire under him, as he helped her in her attempt to kick them off.  

Naked.  Finally.  He nudged her knees wide and settled between her thighs. Tearing his mouth from hers he looked at her.  Hair wild.  Whisky eyes dazed in passion.  Mouth swollen.  Breath coming fast.  God, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. And she was his.  

“Jamie.  Please.”  That made him smile. That kind of begging he could listen to all night.

As much as he wanted to draw this out and savour the moment, he couldn’t. Claire’s hands were hot and desperate.  She wound her arm around his neck, pulling his mouth down to her, the other holding his bottom pressing him into her. 

It didn’t take long, and Jamie didn’t care.  They had been too long without. 

Sweet release.  

Claire wrapped her arms around her husband’s back, and hugged him tight. Jamie’s weight was the most comforting feeling in the world. He grounded her, held her fears at bay. She ran her hands down his back, feeling his familiar scars like a talisman.  

“Are ye studying again?” Jamie mumbled, head tucked against his wife’s neck, luxuriating in her touch.  

Claire smiled against his russet curls.  “Latissimus dorsi, external obliques, internal obliques, God, Jamie, you have the most amazing iliac crest.”  

“I do?” Jamie laughed.  “Weel, I have to admit, I’m rather fond of yer gluteus maximus, myself.”  His hand slid up her side, “And yer pectoral muscles are fine, too.”  

They laughed together.   He was her life, her love, her strength, her rock.  

“Thanks for helping me study,” she whispered.

Jamie planted a kiss on her collar bone.  “As long as it ends in a hands-on practice session, it’ll be my pleasure.”

A Way to You Again: Part 1

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, and a little Smut (nothing too raunchy)

Word Count: 1547

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: 500 follower celebration! Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for requesting it! I hope you enjoy it. Sorry it’s coming out in multiple parts – I seriously can’t write anything short! My brain is only halfway working right now – so hopefully I didn’t miss any egregious mistakes.

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“Bucky – stop someone might see,” I sighed – completely exasperated as he wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled his head into my neck. I was trying to cook dinner for everyone at Stark Tower without actually burning anything – god only knew how bad of a cook I actually was.

“I don’t care,” he murmured against my skin – nipping my neck and sending a bolt of electricity down my spine.

It had started innocently and slowly several months ago. I was new to the Avengers and trying to acclimate into the group. My hand had accidentally brushed against his as I was reaching for a coffee mug in the kitchen cabinet. The corners of his lips had twitched slightly when he looked at me – causing my cheeks to burn red. After that we had both gravitated towards each other without even thinking about it. In the weeks that followed Bucky had made a silent but steady pursuit for my attention – always taking advantage of any opportunity presented to him.

During movie night – when Sam had made everyone watch the Hangover for the millionth time – Bucky had stealthily entwined my fingers with his under the blanket we shared. Towards the end of the movie, when I had announced that I was too tired to stay up any longer he had feigned tiredness and followed me down the hallway. As soon as we were out of sight from the others he had pulled me into him – kissing me softly as his hands travelled up and down the sides of my body. I had let him know then that I wouldn’t sleep with him – even though I had really wanted to.

And this continued in secret – with Bucky sneaking into my room when the others had fallen asleep or stealing a kiss in a moment of privacy. We had both agreed that we didn’t want the others to know – not yet. It would over complicate the good thing we had, and we both wanted to make sure it was real before including the rest of the group. It was the pragmatic and adult thing to do, but as my feelings for Bucky had grown it had made me feel miserable. And that’s why – after the initial panic – I was relieved when Natasha strolled into the kitchen and caught Bucky kissing me.

“Ahem,” Nat’s voice came from behind us – causing Bucky to jump and me to laugh nervously. “I was just checking to see if you needed help, but I think you have it covered,” she said sourly as she raised her eyebrows at Bucky.

“Yeah… we’re erm… good in here Nat. Thanks anyways,” I muttered hastily. I could feel myself turning red from embarrassment.

“Suit yourself,” she shrugged as she strolled out of the room.

Once she was far enough away to talk safely I playfully punched Bucky’s arm. “I told you that we were going to get caught!” I chastised.

Bucky chuckled nervously, “I guess the cat’s out of the bag. I better go talk to Steve before Nat runs to him. I’ll see you at dinner doll.” He squeezed my waist affectionately one last time before leaving the kitchen to find his best friend.

Luckily I managed to not burn anything while cooking – probably because I was so nervous about actually sitting across the table from everyone after they found out about Bucky and me that I had paid too much attention to the food. When I presented it to the crowded dining room table everyone cheered. I sat down beside Bucky with a sigh of relief – reaching for the glass of wine he had already poured for me.

“So…” Steve started with a smile on his face. I braced myself for the taunting and possible scolding that he had in store for us. “Is Bucky the little spoon or the big spoon?” he asked teasingly. I hadn’t been expecting this and choked on my wine as I laughed. Sam momentarily choked on his food and had tears streaming down his face as he guffawed at Bucky.

“Hilarious, Steve,” Bucky mumbled as he rolled his eyes and took a sip from his beer.

Steve chuckled to himself. “In all seriousness – I think we should make a toast – to Y/N and Bucky. Two of the only people that can keep a relationship secret in Stark Tower,” Steve said joyfully as he raised his glass.

“Here! Here!” Everyone else added as they followed Steve’s lead. I could feel my cheeks burning as Bucky gently squeezed my hand under the table.

I was relieved that everyone seemed happy for both of us, and I was excited to have Bucky all to myself once dinner was over.

I had told Bucky that I wouldn’t sleep with him – at least not until we were sure this was going to work and certainly not until we had been open with the others about whatever relationship it was that we had. I had certainly slipped up a few times – mainly when we were in bed together. Bucky reassured me that it was fine that I wanted to wait, but the way his body responded to me when I pressed myself against him in the dark told another story.

I paced back and forth in my room nervously. I had changed into a black lace nightgown and planned on surprising Bucky tonight, but the waiting was absolutely killing me. “Where the hell is he?” I muttered to myself as I continued my back and forth march. A soft knock came from the door. When I opened it he stepped hastily into the room. As he looked down at me wearing only my little black nightgown his eyes clouded with lust. I quickly shut the door and locked it behind me as he lips crashed against mine. They were soft and inviting as they set to work, causing me to moan softly into them. I could never get enough of him, and now I was about to get more than I had ever had. The thought alone sent a spark through my body – erupting deep inside of me. He hoisted me up with one hand and I obliging wrapped my legs tightly around his body as he ran his other hand through my hair – grabbing a handful. He broke away breathlessly as he laid me gently on the bed – his blue eyes burning. “Are you sure?” He tried to keep his voice level – I could tell that he didn’t want me to feel like I was required to sleep with him just because of his reaction.

“James Buchanan Barnes – get in this bed now,” I demanded breathlessly. He grinned as he stood up to pull off his shirt. He hastily kicked off his boots and shed his pants before sliding into the bed next to me. His hands quickly worked their way under my nightgown – gliding along my stomach and up to my breasts as he groaned to himself. We had both wanted this for so long and now that it was finally happening it was almost too much to bear. He worked the nightgown over my head and propped himself up with his elbow as he smiled down at me – his metal fingers gliding over my skin. “What?” I asked shyly. I had never felt so exposed to someone before.

“You’re just so beautiful.  I’ve imagined this in my head over and over – and even that doesn’t do it justice,” he replied softly as his fingers drifted down my stomach and playfully grazed against my inner thighs.

“Imagined, huh?” I responded breathlessly as his fingers continued to explore my body. His hand stopped near my core and he laughed.

“Y/N, are you not wearing any underwear?” He asked mocking shock as he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. I shrugged with a coy smile. He chuckled shaking his head as he planted kisses down my neck and collar bone. “Always so full of surprises. Well if you must know… I imagined something like this,” he murmured as he slid he fingers over my core causing my breath to hitch. He smiled at me as he continued – never looking away – discovering which spots made me call out his name breathlessly as I bucked my hips to further the contact of his hand against me.

“Bucky,” I called out lowly. “Bucky…I…”

“Are you sure?” he asked again.


He moved slowly as he positioned himself on top of me – planting kisses on my body as he slowly slid into me. I groaned softly. We moved slowly before finding our rhythm. The intensity of the act was almost overwhelming. I dug my nails into his back causing him to grunt as we both spilled over the edge. He sighed softly before pulling me into his arms – kissing the top of my hair softly as his hand traced patterns on my back.

“Y/N?” he whispered in the dark.

“Yes, Buck?”

“It was… it was more than I could have ever imagine,” he whispered sweetly in my ear as his arm tightened around my waist.

I smiled against his chest at this. “Goodnight Bucky,” I whispered back before drifting to sleep.

Looking back – if I could have stayed in that moment and never faced the following days – I would have happily done so.


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Prompt: Betty and Jughead finally get to be home alone during summer, and after spending a lovely cute afternoon watching movies and cooking things start heating up and they go all the way. (Honestly, i'm in need for a bughead smut).

of course!! now, there isn’t very much smut in this one but it’s still there, just to let anyone who’s reading know! 

“Forsythe Jones, put that down right now.” Betty warned Jughead as he slyly picked up a bag of flower. The kitchen was a mess. There was ingredients for their cupcakes everywhere covering every single surface. Betty was armed with two eggs, while Jughead classically chose flour as his weapon.

Betty’s parents were gone away with Polly for the weekend and she had the entire house to herself. She didn’t want to take advantage of her freedom, but here she was. Covered in baking ingredients, sliding all over the slippery floors covered in egg and multiple oils.

Betty was never usually like this, but Jughead brought out something different in her. They had spent the entire day together. Starting with a hike to which Jughead protested deeply. Stating that he could just watch someone else go hiking on a movie and get the same experience in the comforts of her house. Betty promised him that after the walk that they would watch a couple movies and so he went on without any more complaining.

Once they had gotten back to the house, Jughead raced to the couch and flipped on the television. Betty rolled her eyes and giggled as she made her way to the book shelf that her family kept filled with DVD’s. She returned to the couch and presented Jughead with a couple movie options to which they decided upon The Blindside. Betty hopped off the couch and loaded the DVD into the player and returned back to the couch, snuggling up next to Jughead as he hit play and started the movie.

Once the movie was over, Betty stood from the couch and stretched before looking to Jughead. Raising her eyebrow she challenged him. “Hungry?” She asked, and without an answer - as if she needed one - she made her way to the kitchen with Jughead on her trail. So there they were, in the midst of baking a batch of cupcakes. The two of them on opposite ends of the kitchen, both poised and ready for attack.

Jughead stuck his hand into the bag of flour and narrowed his eyes at Betty who narrowed hers back, gripping the eggs in her hand a little more tightly. Just then, Jughead whips his hand out of the bag, spraying Betty with flower just as Betty lets one of the eggs in her hand fly towards him. Betty goes to turn quickly but Jughead is already beside her and she giggles as he picks her up and spins her around.

Betty playfully fights with him but Jughead is stronger than she is and she gives up, still laughing. Jughead chuckles, placing her back on the ground and spinning her around to face him again. They both look at each other, still smiling as Jughead moves his hand to cup her neck, brushing his thumb against her cheek, swiping away some of the flour there. They’re both silent for a moment before moving together into a deep kiss. Betty’s hands automatically come up to cup Jughead’s face as he does the same to her. Their lips move together like clockwork. Betty is blissfully surprised when she feels Jughead’s tongue trace her bottom lip asking for permission to which she gladly obliges.

Betty moves her fingers from Jughead’s cheeks up to his hair, tangling them there as his arms wrap around her hauling her up on to the counter. Betty let’s out a little giggle and Jughead smiles against her lips before planting softer kisses down her neck to her collar bone, making Betty moan in pleasure. Jughead smiles even wider with satisfaction when Betty starts up and he continues planting soft kisses on her skin as her legs wrap around his waist. “Jug,” Betty says breathlessly. Jughead returns then to her lips and Betty nibbles on his bottom lip making Jughead growl with pleasure.

“You are absolutely filthy Ms. Cooper.” Jughead tell her as she fiddles with the bottoms of his t-shirt.

Betty pulls back and smirks, her eyes narrowing before she speaks. “Well then, I guess we should clean up then.” She tells him and he curses himself for ruining the moment. To his surprise though, his blonde girlfriend hops off of the counter, grabbing his hand as she does and pulls him with her up the stairs and into her room. Betty disappears into the bathroom that’s connected to her room and Jughead hears the shower turn on. Standing awkwardly in the middle of Betty’s room, Jughead raises an eyebrow and watches his beautiful girlfriend emerge from bathroom still fully clothed. “You need a shower.” She tells him and Jughead chuckles.

“So do you.” Betty raises an eyebrow challengingly and purses her lips. He’s never seen her like this and he didn’t know if he should be worried or completely turned on. He went with the latter.

Betty stepped in front her boyfriend and looked up at him with wide sexy eyes. Looking down at his beautiful girlfriend, Jughead swallowed whatever saliva had been forming in his mouth and took a step closer to her with a small smirk. Reaching up, Betty tangled her hands in Jughead’s hair once again as their lips connected once again. This kiss was a little more heated than the first. Betty couldn’t remember how, but they were suddenly on the bed. She was pinned underneath him as he planted kisses all the way down her neck. Betty moaned softly and stroked his calves with her foot feet as she pulls at his shirt until he’s shed of it. As Jughead continues placing kisses down her neck and on her chest, Betty stokes the muscles on his back and Jughead grins and suddenly he has them flipped so that Betty is sitting on top of him, straddling his waist.

Still planting kisses and sucking on her skin, Jughead moves her bra strap away to get at the skin there. Jughead looks up at her through his eyelids for permission and she gives it to him. Jughead bites his lip, but can’t help but smile when he removes her shirt to reveal her beautiful breasts, held up by a white laced bra. Betty’s cheeks redden with colour and she watches him as he stares at her in awe. “You’re so beautiful.” Jughead whispers, his eyes meeting hers after a couple of seconds. Betty’s lips connect with Jughead’s once again, this time though with more passion and pressure than before. She was hungry for his love and she was going to fill up right here and right now.

Jughead pulls out of the kiss suddenly when she begins to fiddle with the button on his pants. “Betty-” He begins and he watches her face fall, so he shakes his head and plants a kiss on her lips. “Are you sure?” He asks, swallowing hard as his nerves spike. 

“I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.” She tells him, her eyes wide and he could see the truth in them. Jughead nods his head and smiles as she brings their lips back together. Their kiss is faster now and more feverish. Betty’s tongue danced in Jughead’s mouth and Jughead’s in Betty’s, tangling together as Jughead reaches around her back unclasping her bra. Betty shivers as the air hits her bare breasts and Jughead’s warm hands trace them. All the while Betty unbuttons his pants and Jughead shimmies out of them leaving him wearing only his boxers. From her position on top of him, Jughead tugs on her pants until she is working with him to get them off.

Finally they both lay there staring at one another with pure love between them. Only dressed in their underwear. Jughead looks at Betty and raises an eyebrow and Betty nods confirmation before he pulls her panties off and he shimmies out of his boxers. Moving slowly Jughead took Betty and placed her on the bed and positioned himself on top of her, lining himself up with her opening. Once the condom is on and with one last look at Betty and Betty’s last nod of approval, Jughead slides inside of her. Betty let out a slight gasp at the new pressure inside of her. Jughead strokes her face lightly and kisses her lips. “I’m sorry.” He tells her and she shakes her head.

“I’m fine Jug.” She tells him with a smile before she bites her lip. “Go ahead.” She tells him repositioning herself underneath him and Jughead begins his thrusts. Betty moans with pleasure and clenches her toes when Jughead hits a really sensitive spot. Jughead dips his head into Betty’s collar and plants a kiss there before letting out a grunt of pleasure. “Faster Jug.” Betty demands breathlessly and Jughead does just that, ultimately bringing him over the edge. Betty let’s out a a mix of a moan and a gasp just as he does and Jughead falls on top of Betty, panting and gasping for air. Falling onto the space beside Betty on the bed Jughead takes her hand in his and brings it up to his mouth, kissing it.

“I love you, Elizabeth Cooper.” He tells her and Betty giggles.

“I love you too, Forsythe Pendleton Jones III.” Jughead chuckles at the use of his full name and she giggles with him.

Imagine being really tired and lazy after a long day and you and noodle are sitting on the couch sipping tea, the tellie’s not even on its just the sound of late afternoon birds chirping from outside and you can barely keep your eyes open, but you try really really hard because you don’t want to be rude, but Noodle notices how tired you are so she puts both yours and her cups on the coffee table and wraps her arms around you resting her face in your hair humming softly as she adjusts both her and you on the couch so that you’re both lying down with your face planted in her collar bone, her perfume just lightly tickling the inside of your nose, not too much that it becomes bothersome, but just so much so that it feels familiar. You feel her slim fingers drawing little circles on your back as well as her breath in your hair and you sigh in content as you doze off. ~♡♡♡


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I’ll probably make a sequel for this one. Maybe on Bucky’s point of view. Enjoy.

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: Fluff, smut, some kinks here and there

Summary: You and Bucky are newlyweds who are having some fun on your honeymoon.

 You opened your eyes slowly, adjusting the blinding sun light that was sneaking in from the window. Letting out a not so content groan, you stretched your arms out only to touch a very firm but soft chest. You smiled at the contact and rubbed his chest lovingly.

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Loki pushes you backwards, his lips brushing your jaw as he trails kisses down your neck, you fall onto the bed, bouncing slightly as his weight settles over you, just millimetres away, the heat radiating from his body and sending goosebumps over you, your breathing starts to speed up as his hands trail lower, his long fingers igniting pleasure points you never knew existed…he chuckles as a small moan escapes your abused lips and you claw at his back, trying to hold back the profanities that are on the tip of your tongue. he nuzzles your neck, planting small kisses from just below your ear to your collar bone, then he bites down, not hard but enough to cause you to release a strangled moan, he laughs again, the noise a low rumble in his chest causing you to rise up, trying to gain as much contact with him as possible, trying to feel every inch, every pulse, every quiver of the god-like body above you. you grind you hips upward to meet his, causing a low moan to be released from him, his hand digging into your hip to try and keep you still beneath him. your breathing has become more ragged, your mind going completely blank. the hand on your hip trails lower, brushing the top of your thigh, you shift again, seeking contact which he torchurously denies you. “well aren’t we eager…” he says against your lips as he brushes his against them, light, nowhere near what you want. “please.” you whimper between another moan. “tell me what you desire…and you shall have it my dear mortal.”


this is just a random imagines that came to mind when chatting with a friend…(I read too many fanfics! *facepalms*) so don’t judge me if it’s shit…it was literally a spur the moment thing…

I do not own the character specified in this imagine it belongs to the amazing people of marvel!

fandomlockedfan  asked:

Please please give me some of your favorite top sherlock/bottom john fanfics. I know if its you those fics should be awesome.

Hi Lovley! 


Alright, I’m just going to rec the ones that are actually tagged as such. 


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) - This is a series of six scenarios written from the points of view of six different people as they accidentally walk in on Sherlock and John having sex. :) (I’m not sure these all take place in the same universe though, as Sherlock and John would be pretty stupid not to lock their door after the first or second time. :D ) Each of the stories can be read independently.

  • Take My Breath Away by Quesarasara for Cheytea7 (E) - Sherlock opens his eyes and looks at his friend—his best friend—and slowly tips his chin down until his forehead rests softly against John’s. They stay that way for a long moment, lips just a whisper apart, warm puffs of air mingling as each of them struggles to breathe.It’s no wonder they ended up here, really, locked in this breathless moment balanced on the cusp of something new.They’ve spent years taking each other’s breath away…

  • And if you say the word, I could stay with you by CaitlinFairchild for allonsys_girl, bittergreens - What Sherlock thinks is, On the day I die, be it in a dirty alley at forty or in my bed at eighty, the last thing I will remember is tonight, the way you looked at at me on the snowy pavement, cheeks pink with the cold, breath puffing in frosty white clouds, your heart in your eyes and snowflakes in your hair. I will remember that single perfect moment in my life, that moment I knew I had everything I ever wanted, and whatever happens next, I will die content.What he says is simply, “Marry me.”


  • Caught In The Act by ShirleyCarlton (E) (same one as above)

  • Let the Sun Fade Out by nothingislittle (E) - “He could warm the sun itself, Sherlock thinks, could heat their flat with just his presence, could brighten the room with one dazzling smile or just the sparkling in his eyes. Everything hurts when John looks this beautiful, but it’s a dulcet, aching pain, one that consumes Sherlock from the inside, that sends soft pangs through his abdomen and lodges a lump solidly in his throat. John glows, he glitters, he’s light itself, Sherlock thinks, and doesn’t even bother to scold himself for exaggerating, because he’s not, he’s not, John is everything, he’s beautiful and he shines, he’s everything.”

  • Beg for Mercy (Twice) by Solitary_Endeavor for nondeducible (E) - Sherlock hasn’t left the flat in four days, the itch of impatience beneath his skin too great to allow him to suffer interaction with any human being who isn’t John. This is probably a mercy that goes both ways, as he’s driving even himself mad. Sherlock supposes there is a lesson to be learned here about having himself to blame, but of course he blames Mycroft.

  • The space between by Salambo06 - “It’s for a case,” Sherlock says as soon as John looks down at his computer. John remains silent for a long moment, eyes moving from the screen to Sherlock, before saying, “You don’t have to explain.”His voice is low, too low, and Sherlock looks at the computer, putting the video on pause. “Lestrade asked me-, no, forced me to find out who’s threatening a famous porn star, and the suspect is among his co-stars, so I only need to watch out for any signs from his partners, anything that might show they’re the one sending those threats and I can move to something else.”“Right.”

  • Your Eyes in Darkness Glowing by tamed_untranslatable - Sherlock’s breath hitched as he held himself in John’s gaze, his own eyes falling hooded, unable to meet John’s straight on. John’s breath was coming fast now, and hard, his eyes boring into Sherlock’s and so plainly displaying everything Sherlock had been thinking all day, that tension pulled taut like a bowstring, that need for closeness that had been denied them for such an unbearably long time.Sherlock gets roped into a case in Moscow on his brother’s insistence, but finds that he can’t do it without John.

  • Rumpled by WhimsicalEthnographies - Then, halfway through a documentary on river otters that neither of them was paying attention to–how could John, with a gangly, limp consulting detective practically purring in his lap?–Sherlock suddenly bolted upright, looked at John with a perplexed expression and a crinkle above his nose, and blurted, “Marry me.” Part 4 of Longitudinal Cohort

  • Praise Me by testosterone_tea - In which Sherlock has an interesting physical reaction to compliments and John discovers it.

  • In A Changing Age by allonsys_girl - Sherlock wakes up in the 19th century, with no idea how he got there.

  • In Nomine by Atiki - “Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh. “John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins. Written for a prompt on the Kink Meme: The only word Sherlock says during sex is “John”.

  • Abatement by WhimsicalEthnographies - “What’s wrong with you? You love the cottage,” John glances over to the passenger seat, then quickly turns his eyes back to the road. Driving was still not his forte, but considering Sherlock still couldn’t properly bend and lift his new knee enough to press and release the clutch, he had to make do. Not that Sherlock hadn’t tried to argue his way into the driver’s seat.“I love the cottage for a week or two, John. Don’t be deliberately obstuse,” Sherlock grumbles, sinking further in his seat. Well, as best he can with a four-week-old knee replacement. “And that’s all we’re going for, love,” John says out loud. But what he’s thinking is, shit. He knows.

  • State of Flux by Atiki - John’s marriage is over and he is finally back home (i.e. at Baker Street, where he belongs). Sherlock is awfully insecure and John is awfully hesitant, and they’re both awkward idiots, of course, but they figure it out. Many First Times happen.

  • Spoils of War by sweetcupncakes for ScienceofObsession - John brushes his thumb over the gun’s slide, over the rear sight. Sherlock’s mouth feels too wet. He could lick John’s fingers, suck on them, bite down softly on that callus that is a direct result of John’s frequent need to handle the gun at all. Sherlock could do that, John might like it, really. Sherlock has been told his mouth is absolutely lovely.

As I said, I have SO MANY OTHERS but right now these are just the ones tagged on Ao3 that I could quickly dig up. Please shamelessly promo your fics, y’all!! :D


** okay, okay, so this has been a long requested scenario. And to the beautifully sweet, sweet anon, wherever you are, we hope you get to see this and that you love it! I tried my absolute best to make it as fluffy and sexy as possible for you, but go easy on me, I still enjoyed writing this, though. ^^ **

“ HII can i have a scenario where you are the innocent girlfriend that knows absolutely nothing about sex and you ask your boyfriend jongin what dry humping is and well he shows you a whole new world lmao FLUFFY AS FUCK BUT SEXY THANK YOU LOVE STAY FAB ”

Originally posted by mintokkies

Summary: Kai and the innocent girlfriend try something new together.

Members: Kim Jongin x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,264 words


Saturday nights usually were reserved for date-night-ins, however, this time around you and Kai had just spent the entire Saturday together at a festival with the other members and some of the member’s girlfriends tagged along, as well. It was an eventful day, many laughs and smiles were shared. Stories were also exchanged between you and all the girlfriends, ranging from meaningless conversations to the special moments with your boyfriends. All in all, the sun eventually set and you all retreated back to your own homes to end the night, happily.

Upon returning home, you and Kai found yourselves on the carpeted floor of his apartment. Music was played in the background and the cool Saturday night air found its way in through the open balcony door. You two had just finished the recent episode of your favorite show, and were now just sitting together listening to the outdoor sounds streaming in.


“Hmm?” He hums up to you in response as his head was resting on your shoulder. Your fingers were absentmindedly twirling light circles over your boyfriend’s hand, eyes fixated on the slow motions of your fingers against his soft bronze skin.

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“Frostbite” (Mark Smut)

Originally posted by j-miki

Title: Frostbite

Featuring: Mark (GOT7) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. Oral, dirty talk, all that good stuff.

Word count: 2,009

Summary: Mark rents the two of you a cabin for the weekend, and has a unique way of staving off frostbite.

Requested by anon! If you’d like a winter/Christmas scenario, go here!

The door to the cabin blew open, snow covering the entryway as the two of you came in, forcing the door shut against the wind behind you.

“Jesus” Mark breathed through chattering teeth, pulling off all his excess winter clothing as you did the same. You left the wet jackets, boots, gloves and hats by the door and took in the place.

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A Soft Night: Murdoc hurt/comfort fluff

*slight abuse mention

Letting out a small sigh, I nuzzle into my pillow. The bed is colder than I’d like it so I reach out for my personal heater. My hand gropes a cross the sheets but doesn’t hit anything. Lifting my head, I look for my pickle daddy before spotting him sitting on the edge of the bed. His back is to me, hunched over as he rests his head in his hands. I pull myself out from under the covers and gently as comfortable as to not disturb him. I get close enough to him to wrap my arms around his neck and nuzzle into his hair.
“Mudz, baby, are you alright?”
“Hm? I- Yeah, Love, just fine. Go back to bed.”
I pull myself away from him before sliding off the bed and sitting in front of the man. I grab one of his hands and rub softly at his knuckles,“ Please tell me whats wrong, Mudz…”
Murdoc leans forward to place a small kiss on my head, “Nothing you need to worry about…”
“You had that nightmare again didn’t you?”
Murdoc lets out a deep sigh but doesn’t respond. I knew that Murdoc wasn’t alright, he never was after the nightmares. He wanted to seem strong though. He always felt weak that a nightmare could shake him up so bad, even when it was about his abusive father. Getting up of the floor, I slightly drag Murdoc back into bed and pull him into my chest. He takes no time wrapping his arms around me to pull me closer.
“I don’t understand why you won’t talk to me about this. I’ve told you before that you can wake me up if you need me. I want to help you. I’m always here for you Mudz…”
“I know, love…”
“You aren’t weak, Mudz. If anything, you’re the strongest guy i know. You survived everything you’ve been put through and made it here today. You built this band with your own hands despite all the shit life has thrown at you. You’ve made so much for yourself, Mudz, and your father can’t do anything about it. He can’t hurt you anymore. And I’m here to help you heal any wounds that bastard left. I really care for you, Mudz…”
Murdoc pulls me closer and despite not being about to see his face, I can feel the small smile on his face, “You’re too good for me, love.”
I nuzzle into the top of Murdoc’s head before running my fingers through his hair, “You deserve all the good in the world, baby. You deserve so much happiness. I just hope you’ll let me be the one to give it to you.”
Murdoc lets out a small chuckle before planting a small kiss to my collar bone, “You are happiness to me, love. You truly know how to brighten my day…”
“Ooooo, Murdoc’s being soft,” I joke, placing small kisses on the top of the mans head.
“Oh shut it, love,” he says before catching my lips with his own. Murdoc gently pulls me closer again before taking a deep breath.
“Your smell is so sweet love and your heartbeat is intoxicating…” he mumbles. I can’t help but smiling just slightly as I feel his breathing start to even out. Murdoc’s grip on me lessens just slightly and I know he’s finally asleep again.
“I love you so much, baby,” I whisper to the sleeping man, “ Thank-you for letting me love you like this…”
Murdoc’s warmth has fully seeped into my body at this point despite the cold air. Sleep starts to grab a hold of me again and I let out a content sigh knowing I’m going to take on another day with the beautiful man in my arms.

(also, here’s the link to the fic as well )

—— T his is very cute thank u sleepy 👌👌 – Admin Croc

Wake Up

Summary: When Bucky wakes up from a nightmare, you tell him the reasons why you adore him…then he proves to you that your reasoning was right.

Bucky x reader. ANGST/COMFORT, FLUFF, SMUT. Word count: 2,560

TW: nightmares/night terrors, oral sex, unprotected sex (control the population-wrap it before you tap it), language.

A/N: I’m still sort of just getting into writing smut, so parts of this may be a little rough (no sexy pun intended). Feedback is always appreciated! I hope you enjoy this sinful little fic!!

Originally posted by dailyteamcap

You woke up to the feeling of your bed shaking. In your half-asleep haze, your brain’s first thought was that an earthquake was shaking the tower, but then you heard him screaming.

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Crowley x Reader

Word Count: 2500+

Warnings: Language, smut (slightly rough, and tad bit dom!Crowley), and all the angst.

A/N: This one kind of got away from me. There is a possibility for a part two if you guys want it!

Originally posted by lucifersagents

*(gif is not mine)

The creaks and groans and small indescribable sounds that emitted from the bunker were never as loud to you as they were that instant. The way that the heater would let off loud hisses every time it kicked on would have gone unrecognized in previous weeks. The whooshing of the water through the pipes as Dean showered next door wouldn’t have fazed you yesterday. But this was today.

You heard everything, from the annoyance of the heater to Dean’s shower to your own blood pounding as it coursed through your veins. But why?

Yesterday had gone so smoothly. You thought you were finally making progress. You were finally breaking down walls that you had been working so damn hard to demolish. Clear lines were finally being drawn in relationship to your almost forbidden relationship. You were coming to terms. Progress.

When it all had begun, you had sworn to yourself you weren’t going to fall into the trap that was so clearly laid out in front of you. It had mishap written all over it. Dean had warned you. Sam had scolded you. Castiel had begged of you.

But you never listened.

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Johnlock Fanfiction Rec List Part 1

Well, I’ve been reading lots of fanfics lately, I asked myself why not?
*Nearly all fics are bottomlock. Switchlock, at most. I am not very big fan of DFP characterization and Toplock. Uups, sorry. (Not sorry.)
*I tried to pick the ones I recently read. 

Behind Closed Curtains by twisting_vine_x
Sherlock teaches John how to dance. (Based on a certain scene from S3E02).
2.9k, General Audiences
(This is like, really angsty and cute at the same time?)

Mirrored by WhimsicalEthnographies
“Watch me, like always.”
6.7k Explicit
(This one is really hot? I love this author’s fics. Go read ‘em all.)

Back to the Start by slashcribe
Sherlock hasn’t played the violin since John’s wedding (which is long since over), and when John returns to 221B, Sherlock relearns the violin as he and John relearn each other. Post S3 fic with an obscene amount of pining, idiocy, and attempts to pawn off tea duties.
14k Mature
(My heart. Also all of this author’s fics.)

An Acquired Taste by kinklock
At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.
25,8k Explicit
(Smol Batlock? I am in. Also all fics of our fandom mother kinklock​ <3)

Sugar Me Sweet by penumbra
“Let’s get started, shall we?” Sherlock says as he sheds his coat. A black, diaphanous shirt hangs loose on his shoulders, clings tight to his abdomen. A pair of studded, leather trousers like a second skin. They complement the curve of his plump arse and emphasize the length of his outrageously long legs. Powerful thighs. Muscular calves and…John’s not entirely sure how Sherlock got himself in them, but he’s not complaining. On the contrary. A bit distracted by the idea of him removing them, honestly. Peeling them off, and he’d have to go slow. May even need a little help.
3k Mature 
(Too hot? Hot damn. Stripperlock, but with a plot twist. By amazing anotherwellkeptsecret )

The Important Bit by Solshine
Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other. Thirty years, give or take, in an atypical marriage. Basically a long bit of platonic domestic fluff.
10k General Audiences
(I can’t even…)

"I like to watch you dance”, had said Moriarty. And now he has Sherlock dancing in the palm of his hand… with John as an audience. Strip dancing and power play scene. Johnlock, angst, romance. Pretty dark.
3 Works, 165k, Explicit (Though it says Mature)
(I’ll never stop promoting Zoffoli’s fics. Warning for extreme angst. Also all other fics by Zoffoli)

Qua Fota Vocant by prettysailorsoldier
Sherlock is enamored with one of the employees at the university library, wiling away hours of his days just to catch a glimpse of the dynamic John Watson: captain of the rugby team, event manager for the LGBT society, and third-year medical student. Of course, being only a first-year, it’s unlikely John will ever notice him. At least, until fate (and a little well-intentioned meddling) intervenes.
18k, Explicit
(Lots of prettysailorsoldier’s fics are among my favourites, I had to pick one. My favourite Teenlock writer.)

Keeping You Safe by Atisenia
After the end of her disastrous marriage, Joan moves back in with Sherlock and learns - quite by accident - what happened to Sherlock’s wings.
2.3k Teen
(Probably the only Femlock in this list. Angst & fluff.)

Take Your Time by TooSelin
In which Sherlock and John are finally together and desperate to have sex, but things keep getting in the way, John is going to lose his mind and Sherlock might just set someone on fire.
8k Explicit
(This is hilarious and sexy. Even I was frustrated after some point, lol.)

Kingdoms Rise by DONTBL1NK
“The name is Sherlock Holmes, and I broke in.”
15k Explicit
(In the name of not giving spoilers, I am not making further commenting. Amazing.)

To the Sticking Place by blueink3
Renowned Shakespearean actor Sherlock Holmes has finally burned all of his bridges in the theatre industry save for his constant director, Greg Lestrade. John Watson has made a name for himself in the musical theatre circuit, but age and injury are working against him. Can they reinvent themselves for an all-male Macbeth without killing one another?
122k Explicit
(Like Performance in a Leading Role, but theatre AU.)

Imaginary Pictures by crossroads
There’s a new boy in class and everybody likes him.
Not that Sherlock would care, as long as ‘John’ leaves him alone…
36k Explicit
(Sherlock’s POV. Cute and hot.)

In Nomine by Atiki
“Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh.
“John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins.
3.5k Explicit
(My precious smol son…)

For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket
Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John.
20k Explicit
(Pining pining pining…)

In Care Of by  quietasasleepingarmy
John writes instructions for Sherlock’s lover on how to care for him.
34k Explicit
(My feels… They are so… I am so…)

Mouth to Mouth by OssaCordis
John tastes emotions. Sherlock never cooks.
4.6k Teen
(This makes my heart warmer.)

The Scent of Home by conductor_of_light
John comes back to 221b and Sherlock’s world feels complete again. Even the flat smells right, both of their scents mixing together to make it home.
3.4k Mature
(I have thing for all scent talk.)

The Bottom Third of the Door Handle by  astudyinrose
After Pilot!John and Pilot!Sherlock leave the final crime scene in the unaired pilot of Sherlock, they go to the Chinese restaurant nearby, and… that’s pretty much all you need to know.
6.1k Explicit
(Pilotbabies in love.)

Acceptable Behaviour by  bbcatemysoul
Sherlock isn’t really sure why John wants to shag him, but he’s certain that if he’s careful to behave properly about it, John can be persuaded to keep doing it. In other news, John is a good boyfriend and Sherlock is an idiot.
3.4k Mature
(Sherlock is smol, and then, when wasn’t he?)

A Bit Too Familiar by  Salambo06
When Mrs. Turner’s 'married ones’ come to dinner at 221B, John must face some serious revelations about his relationship with Sherlock.
5.5k Mature
(This my dream tbh.)

A Suitable Stain by vitruvianwatson
John imagines what they must look like–the young, gorgeous university student, naked as the day he was born, draped over the well-dressed older doctor, the muscles rippling in Sherlock’s back as his slim hips roll that beautiful arse up into the air and back down again, his spine curving beneath John’s hand as he moves it to the small of Sherlock’s back to feel the movement. The hard outline of Sherlock’s cock slides back and forth across John’s body, dampening his clothes with precome, and John moves both hands down to Sherlock’s arse, squeezing and pulling him in harder.
7.6k Explicit
(All fics by vitruvianwatson. All of them. Sexy as hell, I can’t even. I have a thing for age differance and vitruvianwatson is only feeding my obsession.)

A Goose Quill Dipped in Venom by  Polyphony
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, is called in to a very ordinary although brutal murder. Something is badly out of tune with the whole scenario and Sherlock finds himself becoming more and more obsessed with the crime - and also with the victim.
30k Mature
(I am really into a particular scene in this. John, oh John.)

White Tulip by withoutawish
Sherlock is in love with John Watson. John Watson is in love with Mary Morstan. Sherlock likes Mary Morstan just fine. Sherlock likes drugs more. And most importantly, Sherlock doesn’t like Sherlock. String theory dictates the laws of the universe. But their story isn’t one that can be boxed up neatly, tied in a heartstring bow.
40k Explicit
(This extremely angsty though, don’t say I didn’t warn. It stole my lunch and left me under the rain.)

A Visit To The Doctor by  flawedamythyst
When Watson gets ill, Holmes goes to extraordinary lengths to get him well again. ACD/BBC crossover.
28k Teen
(READ THIS. I like how at the end Sherlock’s like “Gtfo, we’ll have sex.” Also bonus points for the incredible romance between ACD Holmes/Watson.)

The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes by  MapleleafCameo
Forced by his interfering git of a brother to the countryside to recuperate, Sherlock stumbles upon a 60 year old mystery. Captain John Watson, returning after WWII mysteriously disappeared one night. Bored, Sherlock investigates, but what if Watson didn’t disappear? What if he’s still there? Sort of a ghost story. Eventual Johnlock.
25k Explicit
(Surprisingly, not angsty at all. Ghosts.)

Grey Matters by  J_Baillier
Dr Sherlock Holmes is the hospital’s new neurosurgical star. He performs miracles with his scalpel, but his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. The task to address the issue falls on one of the unit’s senior neuroanaesthetists, Dr John Watson.
17.5k Mature
(What can I say? I am always a slut for Hospital AU’s.)

A Different Kind of Complication by  Atisenia
When John started getting letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.
8.7k Teen
(Mike The Cupid is on duty.)

A World Ahead by Junejuly15
'If I were to kiss you now, would you let me?’ Sherlock whispered.
'Try me,’ John growled…
28k Mature
(This is a whole BBC Sherlock fix-it. We’d be crying of happiness if everything happened to be like this.)

Ink Your Name Across My Heart by  prettyvk
The metaphor is imperfect but still workable. If my long term memory is a hard drive, then my short term memory is RAM. The hard drive became read-only following the illness. New data is stored in RAM and can be used while I remain awake. Going to sleep – ‘turning off’ – wipes the RAM, returning the system to what it was prior to the illness.
58k Explicit
(This fic is so special for me. I know it’s extremely well-read by all of the fandom, but I wanted to put it in my list.)

Shameless self-advertisement:

Game Over
That’s when you know you will lose John.
That’s when you know she will take him away from you.
305 words, General

Meeting Harry Watson (WIP)
Harry Watson is a psychiatrist who is an alcoholic and former drug addict.
John Watson had no intention to introduce his sister to Sherlock.
But they did meet years ago. And then they saw each other a couple times more.
(The one which Harry Watson is a doctor and ships Johnlock.)

anonymous asked:

soft dom ty and joshies first time and it's all slow and sweet and ty is praising the heck out of josh :3

tyler presses slowly in as josh hisses, curls his fingers on josh’s knees and grits his teeth. his boy is so tight he yearns to just shove in, to feel all of josh around him, taking him entirely into his heat.

but he doesn’t want to hurt josh at all, so he makes himself stay, bends to plant a gentle kiss to josh’s pale collar bone. “sweet boy,” he murmurs into the skin there. “you feel so good around me.”

“y-you feel good in me, ty.” josh swallows and his throat clicks and his fingers shake where he’s hanging onto tyler’s arms, just above the three dark rings around his elbow. “so good, daddy. tell…tell me you love me? and how much.”

tyler grins, sees josh blush nervously across his cheeks and the bridge of his nose. “i love you, josh. so fucking much. i wanna be like this with you forever. just us, always. you’re so perfect. daddy’s perfect boy.”

josh’s legs fall further apart and he moans, adam’s apple bobbing hypnotically. tyler runs his hands down josh’s supple thighs, to the v of his legs, where he wraps a hand around josh’s hard, red cock. “daddy’s boy is so pretty, too. you’re flushed all pink, i love seeing how flustered i get you, j.”

Lean on Me

I got bored again, not that great tho sorry. I’m working on several others that will be posted soon.

Tom Wilson imagine


They lost. Again. The caps weren’t doing so well and you worried that it was effecting Tom badly.

Tom drove, you sat in the passenger seat and kept quiet. you knew that he was probably going over everything he’d done on the ice to see what went wrong. He was always hard on himself for losses even though he is only one person.

You looked over at him, the light from the streetlights casting shadows onto his tired face.

“Tom baby? Are you okay?”

Tom glanced over at you for a second and forced a small smile.

“I’m fine.”

You didn’t bother to keep pushing, You let him be. Realizing that he wouldn’t listen to what you had to say in the moment. You’d let him cool off at home and then try to talk to him. Tom parked the truck and went inside quickly, you sat there for a minute trying to figure out how to cheer him up.

You went inside and looked around but you couldn’t find him. Then you heard noise from the basement, he probably went to go work out and blow off steam.

You left him alone, and went to go lie down in bed. He needed his space and when he was ready he would talk to you.

- - - - - - -

You woke up at 12, and rolled over onto Tom’s side of the bed. He never came upstairs. You jumped out of bed and went downstairs to try and convince him to come to bed.

Tom looked even more tired, he was basically drenched in sweat and you could tell he was obviously frustrated.

“I can’t do anything, I’m weak!”

Tom stopped what he was doing to turn around and punch the hard concrete wall repeatedly. This was too much.

“I’m so fucking useless!”

Enough was enough, you walked over to him and cupped his face.

“Baby stop! Please, you’re going to hurt yourself!”

Tom sighed and leaned into your touch,

“Look at me.”

Tom looked into your eyes and you could see how defeated he felt,

“You are not weak. You’re strong and a leader. You are great, don’t let this get to you baby. I believe in you, I promise your team will come back from this.”

Tom nodded and you pulled him into your arms, you both stood there just like that for a while. Running your fingers through his sweaty hair and tried to comfort him as best you could. You grabbed his hand and examined it, he had cut up his knuckles quite a bit but it was a minor injury.

“Lets get you in the shower, then I can bandage your hand and get you into bed.”

You grabbed his good hand and lead him upstairs to our bathroom,

“Shower, I’ll be lying in bed.”

You turned around to walk out but Tom grabbed your hand,

“Shower with me, please.”

You smiled and nodded, you both stripped down from your clothing and got in the shower.

You both just stood there, underneath the water, in silence. The only sound was the water cascading down onto the shower floor and running down the drain. Tom pulled you to his chest and kissed you. Smiling, you leaned into his arms. You didn’t know how long you two were in there for, but it didn’t matter.

You and Tom both got out and got dressed in your pyjamas. Which consisted of an old capitals shirt for you and boxers for him. You went to go get the first aid kit to fix up his hand. You sat with him on your bed and started to bandage his knuckles,

“Why do you put up with me? I’m horrible to be around after bad games, you spend so much time making me feel better. Why?”

You looked up from what you were doing, he was staring at you. His eyes questioning your motives. smiling, you finished bandaging his hand and moved to sit closer to him. You kissed him on the cheek,

“I love you, thats why.”

Tom finally smiled, and not the fake one. The smile that made you fall in love with him, genuine and happy. You climbed onto your side of the bed and gestured for him to do the same, Tom moved closer to you and pulled you to his chest. You just lay there, planting soft kisses on his collar bone and neck dozing in and out of sleep.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you, I love you.”

Tom planted a light kiss on your lips, you couldn’t help but to smile sheepishly and return the kiss.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you either, I love you too.”