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Over The Bridge…

50 Liter (13.2 gallons) “Scapers Tank”.
Grapped the Nikon and tried to make some decent photos of the tank. One of my lamps is broken so it’s a bit dark at the moment. Can’t wait to upgrade to a good LED lighting. Many plants died because of a mean algae (cladophora) so it looks a bit empty. But I will get new plants soon. Stay tuned!

AQ*44 aka asskisser44


Scapers Tank 50 Liter / 13.2 gallons – by *A44 (AQ*44)

After I gave up on the root (it just won’t sink) I decided to put in some dragon stones (more to come). The CO2 already shows its effects and I actively fight the cladophora algae with H2O2 (be careful with that! I only put 1-2 ml on a infested plant with a syringe). I need a lot of new plants and hopefully some will also grow back because the fish like to hide and now it’s too open for them. Want to get a few floater too (thought of pistia). Shrimp are happy and fat because of feeding fish…

Let’s see if I can manage a decent Iwagumi (stones only scape) in the near future. Let’s make a nice redesign?