Playful Cactus Plant Stands “Bloom” When You Add Colorful Flowers

Do you need a cactus… to hold your cactus? That’s the idea behind Bankymoon plant stands—they fabricate playful metal cacti with small shelves that’ll display your favorite potted plants. Powder-coated and available in three colors, you can make them “bloom” with the addition of vibrant flowers. See the entire selection on Etsy


How to create a container garden that’s a step above the rest? Build a plant riser using stair parts. To create this cheery display, we started with two three-step stringers, using 1x4s, making sure to leave a bit of drainage space between them. Two mitered 1x2s nailed in place form a charming crisscross back, and a coat of punchy yellow exterior paint (Behr’s Citrus Splash) makes the whole piece sing. The final step: filling it with pots large and small so you can watch your garden grow to new heights.

Photograph: Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn