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Offerings and Gifts to Plants:

- Cleansed and charged gemstones: Place these next to your chosen plant so they can receive their energies. The crystals can be charged to suit your intent e.g. healing, love, friendship and more. Plants especially love moss agate, but if you don’t have any of this it is also nice to offer a crystal with similar properties to the plant. For example, offer rose quartz to a rosebush as they both have similar energies of healing, love etc.

- A song: You could sing one you know or make up your own. It doesn’t have to be fancy; you can even just hum a simple tune to it.

- Water (kind of obvious). Moonwater or gem elixirs are especially powerful and can be charged with energies you wish to pass to the plant.

- Fertiliser, some compost or new soil.

- Clear debris and weeds around the plant that may interfere with its growth.

- Sigils: Like crystals, they can be used to help the plant grow, heal etc.

- A story. Even just reading a book out loud as you sit near your plant can help you bond.

- A compliment or two, offered mentally or verbally.

- A new pot if the plant is getting to big for its old one. You can even get crafty and paint it using colour magic, sigils and other pretty designs.

- Some pretty stones to place around the base of your plant to decrease evaporation when you water it.

Feel free to add more - I’m just thinking off the top of my head here :)


Color tests for the witchy couple I dreamed about the other day~ Ayline and Sigur! She is a plant witch, specialized in potions and he is a soldier for the wizard army protecting their realm from monsters. 

I hope you’ll like them~  

Magical Correspondences?

So I was thinking this evening that it would be fun to get to know the other witches of Tumblr. I am curious to know what magical correspondences you all use. Do you go by the days? Do you use planetary hours? Lunar Phases? Colors? Herbs? Crystals? Curios such as bugs or coffin nails? Bones and remains? I am very excited to hear what others use in their craft! I personally am pretty established on how I do things but it is always nice to try something new in spell casting. I look forward to hearing from you all!

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💙💙💙 "Where did you get that?" - Nottbottom 😍 Thaaaaank you!! 💙💙💙

(Always happy to write for you, love! Accidental Weasley twin feels though…sorry!! I really meant to go for something funny and cute…fail! Also @starshaping, photographer Theo is for you!)

Theo dropped the books he was holding, and lunged towards Neville.

“Where did you get that?” he hissed, trying to pull the portfolio from his hands.

Neville was laughing, and his grip was too tight to break. “I’m choosing to find this endearing, rather than creepy,” he said. “My own personal photographer over the years.”

Theo felt his face heat up. “That’s not what that is!”

Neville raised an eyebrow, and easily pulled the portfolio further away from him, opening it, and flicking through the pages.

“Then why am I in so many of these?” he asked, pointing out the photographs that he was in.

Failing to get close enough to grab the portfolio, since Neville was holding him back easily with one arm, Theo gave up, and sat down at his desk.

“What are you even doing, nosing around my studio?” he asked petulantly.

“I was looking for you,” Neville said absently, still flicking through the pages. “This was open on your desk.”

Theo cringed. Stupid habit. It really had started out accidentally. Only later, in their special eighth year, had he started purposefully taking pictures of Neville.

“I liked to photograph the plants in the greenhouses. It’s not my fault you were always sneaking in there and getting in the frame,” he huffed.

Neville hummed. “I never saw you there.”

“Of course you didn’t,” Theo snorted. “Sprout seemed so nice, and she favoured you, but she was a nightmare to anyone else caught near her plants. Besides, no one noticed me much in Hogwarts. That was how I liked it.”

Neville kept looking through the photographs, and Theo wanted to sink through the floor. It looked so much worse than it was. There were enough without Neville at the beginning to make it clear he wasn’t really lying. But the later years, and eighth year, were fairly damning. It had taken until eighth year for him to admit to himself that his love of photographing plants was starting to become a love of photographing Neville with plants.

“Well, I already knew you were pining after me in eighth year,” Neville said, after a while, sounding amused. “You’ve told me as much. They’re good photos anyway. You preserve the movement of plants well. Most wizarding photographs with moving plants don’t look this good. They either get the movement perfect, and lose most of the colour depth, or they get the colour perfect, and the movement is off.”

“I liked the challenge,” Theo muttered.

Neville flicked back a few pages. “Can you make a copy of these ones for me?” he asked softly

Theo cringed again, wondering what it was, and whether he was about to get mocked for it. He moved closer, and Neville didn’t stop him. He was pointing to a page of photos of him and the Weasley twins. It was near the beginning of their fifth year. He remembered that the twins been sneaking into one of the greenhouses at the same time as Neville, and Theo had already been there taking photographs.

Sprout had been working on some new hybrid that they wanted samples of for their experiments, the same one Theo had wanted to capture. In the end, the buds had exploded shimmering, brightly hued fluid all over them that made them look utterly ridiculous. He’d almost given away his hiding spot by laughing at them.

He’d managed to catch the buds exploding, the initial spray of fluids, the dumbstruck looks on their faces, and then their laughter after, and carried it across three photographs. The last one, where their dumbstruck expression turned into grins and laughter, was one of his favourites. He’d always liked to watch Neville laugh.

“Yeah,” he said softly, looking at the soft expression on Neville’s face now. “I’ll make a few copies.”

“Thanks,” Neville murmured, tracing the edge of one of the photos. “They never stayed still long enough, there aren’t many photos of them. They’ve been trying to find more.”

Theo’s stomach sank, and he looped an arm around Neville’s waist, and pulled him closer.

“I have some more. I’ll make copies,” he promised. “They used to sneak into the greenhouses almost as often as I did.”

“I bet they did,” Neville said with a sad laugh, leaning into him.

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