plant structure


Geometry at work: Sea animals, Fruits and Vegetables and Plants

The Nautilus

The nautilus (from the Latin form of the original Ancient Greek ναυτίλος, ‘sailor’) is a pelagic marine mollusc. Although not a golden spiral, the nautilus shell presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral.

Geometry of fruits and vegetables

When sliced in half, the majority of the depicted fruits and vegetables will display a geometric shape or pattern, based on symmetry or platonic solids.

The arrangement of leaves

Phyllotactic spirals form a distinctive class of patterns in nature, depicting the  arrangement of leaves on a plant stem.
The basic patterns are alternate, opposite, whorled or spiral, many of them arranged based on consecutive fibonacci numbers.

the way that biologists pretend that plants don’t exist as a relevant biological system is so strange to me?

like plant biology is it’s own completely separate field from mainstream biology and you’ll be hard pressed to find a plant biologist in a general biology department but like plants are everywhere? and also actually very important to human civilization unlike, say, c. elegans or whatever weird invertebrate we’ve collectively decided is the next big model system

like you can’t convince me that one of the (many) reasons my bitter biology mom barbara mcclintock was ignored for so long was the fact that she worked in corn and people were like ‘well whatever she found, these so called “””transposons””” or whatever, aren’t actually relevant because like, who gives a shit about plants, am i right? now lets get back to counting the number of cells in this worm boys’

anyways plants are great and we should respect plant biologists more probably

gotta say out of all the things i pictured myself doing in life i never imagined myself considering a biochemistry minor like me??????? chemistry?????? are you serious

anonymous asked:

Wat are the most important plants for a witch to at least start wit

This is a fantastic question!!!!

Okay, so I dunno about anyone else, but since I’m a kitchen witch, most of the herbs I think are the most important can be found at any store anywhere for pretty effing cheap. That being said, Here’s my very personal list!

  1. Basil!
    1. Super Easy to find, I use basil for a zillion things, including but not limited to; protection, money, good luck, curses, happiness, spirit work, and banishing! I also would recommend any kitchen witch ever to grow your own plant in your windowsill. It draws in good luck, kicks out any nasties, and tastes delicious in literally everything!
  2. Mint!!
    1. First off, I love all things minty. It makes me feel fresh and clean and brilliant and powerful. Second of all, it’s a surprisingly good addition to Italian recipes, like my spaghetti(little does my girlfriend know)! Besides for that, it’s also really good medicinally for treating upset stomaches, headaches, and congestions/colds. I use mint in money spells, as well as for good luck, happiness, and protection!
  3. Lavender!!!!!!!!
    1. I don’t know if I can even put into words my undeniable love and obsession for this little purple flower. First off, I thin kit smells like the most dazzling thing in the world. I love it. Second, it’s so good for you and your body. It’s an astringent, it helps with headaches, its good for flesh wounds, it helps you sleep, it helps me when I’m nauseous, and it puts me in a better mood. I use lavender in every single working I do just about. I consider it and coffee grounds like my signature, so to speak. But anywho, you can use it for sleep magick, happiness, relaxation, emotional works, protection, love, de-stressing, dream magick, I even use it for spirit work.
  4. Black Pepper
    1. This is so basic and so simple! I use black pepper the most in my powder mixtures, including but not limited to curse powders, confusion powders, banishing mixtures, and protection mixes. Black pepper is a powerful herb in my practice, and one I couldn’t possibly go without! Not to mention it’s a necessity in cooking!
  5. Rosemary!
    1. Rosemary is another super common kitchen herb, and one that I think goes incredibly well with omelets :) Besides that, rosemary always struck me as an herb that focuses around the heart. Because of this I’ve always used it in things like love spells, or relationships, family, friendships etc. You can add it to sweetening jars, use it for protection, and also for good luck. 
  6. Chili Powder or Cayenne
    1. I don’t really separate the uses of these, except when using one of the other I may decide to include the opposite to add exra fire or heat to a spell. I use spicy, hot herbs in spells for romance, passion, sex, protection, and curses as well! I also like to use hot sauce sometimes!

Other Not Necessarily Herbs I Recommend

  • Coffee Grounds
    • I use this as a signature of sorts on all of my spells.It makes them uniquely mine! But asides for that, I also use them to give extra boosts of power to my workings. Coffee is a stimulant, so I use it when I need…well..stimulation! Examples would include money spells, attraction spells of all kinds, curses, protection, banishings, and anything else I want to give a little nudge to. 
  • Salt! 
    • I don’t even think I need to go into this one that much?? Salt is a witches best friend! Good for everything and anything from purification to banishing to charging to cursing. 
  • Dandelion
    • It’s very easy to find, and useful for spells requiring stability and longevity. Often times I decide what properties an herb has by thinking about its natural tendencies. Dandelion is a voracious weed, spreading quickly, and very hard to eliminate. It’s roots are deep and strong and sometimes impossible to remove. IT’s a solid, structured plant and so I use it in spells where I need strength and foundation. 
  • Sugar!
    • Good for lots of stuff, including love spells, friendships, sweetening jars, emotional works, romance, protection and attraction spells of all kinds(like drawing in money, or attention or a job etc.) Can also be used as a body scrub that is heavenly for your skin!

Okay, That’s my most basic and simple recommendations! I hope this is useful enough to get you started Nonny!