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I really, really need some witch blogs to follow. Being a baby hedgewitch myself, I prefer blogs focusing on gardening, herbalism, plants, etc. But I appreciate all kinds of witches!

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I am an ally to lgbtq+ witches \(^o^)/

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Getting to know the spirits of place

A few days ago I wrote about how the life of everything sings together to make the spirit of a place. As a druid and animist, I like to learn as much as I can about the place and the beings that give it its special spirit.

There are two kinds of knowledge. One is the kind that you can find in books and on the internet. The second is the knowledge in your bones, the knowing you arrive at by using all of your senses.

I like to combine both of these kinds of knowledge to make closer connections to the spirits that surround me.

Try this experiment.

Pick a being that lives near you. It can be a tree, a plant, or a rock – it’s good to start with something that won’t run away. Sit with it for a while, opening all your senses to it. (Only use your sense of taste if you are absolutely certain it’s not poisonous!) See what you can learn by just sharing space with this being.

Then go home and look the plant or stone up in a book or on the web. Look for its characteristics and its uses. To what extent does your intuition agree with what’s in the book?

When I try this, I am invariably surprised about how much I can learn from just being with a natural thing. It would seem that humans are quite capable of using their intuition for all kinds of things.

Why don’t you have a go and see for yourself?


Terrence McKenna - Shamans Among The Machines

“Nano technology is a very hot buzzword at the moment, an unimaginable dream of building machines and small objects atom by atom. Perhaps under the control of long chain polymers running forms of preprogrammed software of some sort, it’s all very razzmatazz, very state of the art, but in fact pharmaceutical chemists have been working on the nano technological realm for over a hundred years. I mean when you synthesize molecules out of simpler substrate, specifically to have a conformational geometry that matches something going on in the synapse of a primate; a human or a monkey… Or something like that you are working at this nano technological level. Both the psychedelic, and the new computational machines represent extensions of human function… It locks in with the concept of prosthesis. The drugs, the psychedelic substances, the shamanic plants are forms of prosthetic devices for extending the human mind; the human perceptual apparatus into hidden realms or inaccessible realms. Similarly the machines by allowing us to model, calculate and simulate very complicated multi-variable processes extend the power of the human mind into places it could never dream of going before. And part of what seems to me, very real about being a human being and inheriting ten thousand years of human history is the complexity of the inheritance, and the growth of that complexity. A thousand years ago an intelligent human being could actually dream of mastering the entire database of western civilization, read all the classic authors, read all the bible…. Now the notion of any single human being assimilating even a small portion of the database of this civilization is inconceivable. So machines which filter, which search, which are guided by human intent, that’s part of the story. The other parts of the story are about boundary dissolving states of ecstasy in which all the factoids of the culture are thrown up for grabs, the deck is reshuffled, synchronicity rules, and out of that steps visionary understanding, breakthrough, integrated breakthrough under the aegis of psychedelic intoxication.”

Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is often used in spells designed to stop gossip.

 It is also given to children as a charm warn about the neck to ensure the child grows up with a persuasive tongue. 

Native to the US and Canada, this marvelous herb is a gentle and effective remedy for irritated states of the mucous membranes in the chest. This herb was used by Native Americans as a poultice (compress) for wounds, boils, ulcers, fevers, colds, and bowl complaints.  

I make an immune tincture for children, and this is one of my key ingredients. Taken regularly Slippery Elm is nutritious and soothing, it is a good food for those who suffer from digestion issues, and brings instant relief from acidity, diarrhea, and gastroenteritis. It may also bring relief to conditions such as colic, inflammation of the gut, constipation, and IBS.

At home I prefer to use Slippery Elm for coughs and bronchitis

Forms of Slippery Elm: Infusion, Poultice, Capsules, and Powder. 


Witch’s Hat Mushrooms Pentagram Pendant, Hand Carved in Oxidized Silver

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