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Most annoying things about the signs

Capricorn: Y'all completely unaffectionate, and detached, even as a child which is weird asf. Also the cheapest but also the most expensive people ever. Y'all are cheap with what y'all need, but drop hella money for dumb shit.

Aquarius: You’re hoes.

Pisces: No ones judging you, you damn crybabies. Woe is me ass hoes.

Aries: It’s not gonna hurt to actually say the word ‘sorry’. Yall really get on my nerves with that 'lemme be nice to you and get you stuff but not even admit to my own actions’ shit. Y'all are also bossy asf.

Taurus: Y'all disregard other people’s feelings all the fucking time, and don’t even realize it… like hello bitch??? Also YOURE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT

Gemini: What isn’t annoying about y'all? You guys are vapid, selfish, and controlling. #liars

Cancer: Users. Y'all stay taking advantage of others. But my major thing is the fact that y'all always flip the blame on other people knowing good and well y'all wrong asf.

Leo: Arrogant know it all assholes. Even God hates yall.

Virgo: Yall invented being fake. Plus y'all stay trying to fit in, and it’s so pathetic. Extremely judgmental ass thots, but 9/10 times they’re projecting.

Libra: Nasty hoes. Attention seeking x10 (think Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Puddin).

Scorpio: Satanist sexual sadist.

Sagittarius: Yall ugly.