plant pets

As someone who has been living with severe suicidal ideation my entire life I wanna tell you all something, you don’t have to stay alive for yourself. People will say it’s a bad idea to live for external things because they’re temporary, and it’s true living for yourself is ideal but if you’re not to that point yet that’s ok too. 

I’ve lived for my dog for the past 4 years, before that I lived for my snakes, before that I lived for my cat. You can live for whatever needs you and whatever matters to you. Live for your best friend, live for your plants, live for your pets, live for your animal crossing town. Live for whatever keeps you alive and the day will come when you can live for yourself.

Started dosing carbonate almost every day and the duckweed in Scylla’s tank has just exploded.  Everything’s tinted green now no matter what I focus on :P

the ultimate struggle

me: wanting to be an ocean witch and collect sea shells and going for long walks on the beach while the ocean whispers in my ears

me: wanting to be a forest witch and collect stones and pet the plants and lay on the soft grass while doing earth magik

me: wanting to be an urban witch and spraying sigils on walls with bright green spray paint and running an wicca shop with neon lights in the front

me: crying