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As promised, plants poisonous for common pets

Hello, witchies! Earlier today, I said that I was going to make a post about plants that are REALLY bad for your pets. I know a lot of us have familiars, animals we feel connections to, or even just a beloved furry friend. I also know that a lot of us incorporate plants into our craft. However, that can turn deadly quickly. Here are some poisonous plants, according to the pet poison hotline.

This is autumn crocus, which should not be confused for spring crocus. Spring crocus, however, should not be ingested because it can cause vomiting and diarrhea. But, autumn crocus is SO MUCH worse. It is highly toxic and can cause things such as kidney and respiratory failure.

Azalea is such a beautiful plant and is a common favorite among those who favor flowers. Don’t have it your yard, though, if you have pets who love to much on plants. Signs of initial ingestion consist of vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive drooling. If you see these signs and azalea is within the area, take your pet to the vet immediately, because your furry friend can enter a coma and possibly die.

This is Kalanchoe. Avoid this plant unless you want your friend to vomit excessively and obtain heart arrhythmia. 

I’ve mentioned these in the past before, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t have these anywhere near you if you have pets, especially cats. Even a few leaves can cause kidney failure.  Some are benign, but DON’T TAKE THE RISK!! If you notice that your cat has eaten any lilies, take it to the vet IMMEDIATELY. The sooner you do, the higher chance you have of saving them.

Some of you may be surprised, but Daffodils are indeed on the list. The worst of the side effects can include vomiting, respiratory depression and heart arrhythmia.

Sago palm can induce bloody stool, liver failure, and death in some occasions. It’s more dangerous because these are indoor plants, making them more accessible for your furry buddies.

Here are some other common ones, including some vegetables:

  • alcohol 
  • apple seeds
  • onions
  • candy
  • coffee
  • tulips
  • garlic
  • gum
  • mushrooms
  • any kind of fruit pit
  • tea
  • tomato fruit and stems
  • walnuts
  • salt
  • Oleander
  • Lily of the Valley
  • yeast dough
  • artificial sweeteners
  • walnuts
  • grapes


Started dosing carbonate almost every day and the duckweed in Scylla’s tank has just exploded.  Everything’s tinted green now no matter what I focus on :P

Together Forever AU

Universe where if you truly love something, you can keep it from aging. It’s most often associated with soulmates – two people who permanently stay at the age when the two of them fell in love – but it also applies to more abstract objects, like plants or pets.

  • Character A has been happily with their significant other, Character B, for years. One day though, Character A notices that Character B looks subtly older.
  • Character C’s childhood dog is still the same age as when Character C picked them up from the pound.
  • Character D is a superstar that’s barely aged more than a decade even though they’ve been alive for over a hundred years.
  • Character E’s apartment is covered in plants that are always green and in bloom. Character E makes sure to shower their plants with praise and tell each one how beautiful they’re looking.
  • Character F has been living with their best friend, Character G, for ages. They won’t admit that they’re in love, but the two of them look much younger than they actually are.
Leo Viv (In Progress)

This is a step-by-step setup of Kharjo’s (the leopard gecko) bioactive vivarium (still a work in progress).

First, gravel for a shallow drainage layer, and a basking rock placed directly on the glass, over the Under Tank Heater (UTH).

Next, I cut out a piece of black trash bag (clean), to prevent the soil from mixing in with the gravel and defeating the purpose of the drainage layer.

Then I poked holes in it, so it would still drain.

I added a thin layer of peat moss, to aid in drainage and to offer the plants some nutrients as it eventually breaks down.

Then I added the main substrate:
2 parts soil (which is primarily clay), that I collected from my yard and baked to sanitize.
1 part play sand
1 part peat moss

Finally, I added Aloe Vera, and some Sansevieria and created a dry and humid hide out of flat stones.
(I don’t have the whole cleaner crew yet, so it’s not exactly bioactive yet. So I spot-clean)

It’s still pretty basic, and would benefit from a nice 3D background, but that shall have to wait for another day.

Urban Fantasy AUs

(A collection of prompts that are up for grabs - if anyone did one, I’d love to see.)

- “You used to pick on me and hex me in middle school and now we’re all grown up and you’re really hot but I still don’t trust you” AU

- Person A can erase peoples’ memories - or so they think. In reality, they merely remove them, and those misplaced memories have to go somewhere…

- Person A is an inhuman rights lawyer and activist. Person B is a shady politician with a secret who constantly butts heads with A over local/state policy.

- “Look, I’m just saying, it seems a little sketchy for a vampire to be running the blood drive.”

- Person A is a cheerful necromancer who’s tired of stereotypes. They own a shop that specializes in restoring peoples’ dead plants and pets to life. Person B is a healer with the opposite of a green thumb and their plants are always dying on them. Needless to say, they’re a frequent customer.

- A is a siren who desperately wants to be a voice coach/music teacher, but their students are always falling in lust with them. Enter B, who is asexual. A is thrilled at finally finding their dream student - until they start to fall for B.

- A is a private detective who’s a walking lie detector. B is an illusionist who moonlights as a burlesque dancer and has underworld connections, and is usually willing to help A out… for a price.

- A is a shy, virginal succubus/incubus who has no idea how to go about seducing anyone. Their next-door neighbor, B, is a sex worker of some sort. A is desperately attracted to them and feeds secondhand off their sexual energy to keep from starving. What happens when B finds out is up to you.

- A is part of a werewolf pack that’s constantly fostering orphans and looking after the neighborhood kids. B is the uptight lone wolf that’s all reclusive and never wants to come to block parties or do anything fun. A becomes determined to get them out of their shell and make them part of A’s pack.

- “Look, I am but a simple merperson who wants a decent education and I can’t spend the whole semester in the bathtub or avoiding the quad when it rains” AU

- A is a shapeshifter who has a huge crush on B, but has never shown B their real appearance, and now they can’t remember what it is.