plant hairs

Guys, guys, lookit, the Joyfire Week prompts are up! (August 15 - 21, 2017!)

Day 1:  Origin/Body Swap // Identity Shenanigans
Day 2:  Magic/Supernatural AU // A very bad idea
Day 3:  Villain AU/Controlled by Villain // Sleep Deprivation
Day 4:  Undercover // Royalty
Day 5:  Meet the Family // Bodyguards
Day 6:  No Capes!AU // Matching Tattoos
Day 7:  Assassins // Secret Crush

I love when weeks give me two options for every day. <3


I took a break from my plant comic… to draw another plant comic

My creative process is definitely not as smooth as it looks here, but this is more or less how I got around to starting FP!

(Also the venus flytraps are definitely a reference to Little Shop of Horrors)