Spell to Encourage Plant Growth

For use on herbs, houseplants, gardens, etc. 

First, charge up some sun water - I used the lovely crystal goblet you see pictured above, but feel free to use any vessel you like, as long as sunlight can shine into it.

Once the water has been charged and you are ready, dip your hand into the water and sprinkle it over the intended target three times, saying as you do,

Grow hastily,
Grow healthily,
Grow heartily.

with one sprinkle being for each of these lines. Do the same for each plant/pot/plot/what have you.

Be aware that some plants, such as African violets, do not appreciate having water dripped on their leaves. For these, I suggest aiming for the soil or even for the item in which they are planted.

Repeat as needed. 

For extra stubborn plants, you may wish to directly water them with the sun water, pouring three times, using the same words.

May all your plants grow swiftly and strong.


🌟 Simple / “Beginner” Spells 🌟

though i do not myself believe in the concept of a “beginner” spell, a lot of new witches often ask me what i recommend for them to start with. here’s some of the simpler lot, that should be easier to perform.

🌟 simple glamours:

🌟 simple relationship spells:

🌟 simple self care spells:

🌟 simple curses / hexes:

🌟 simple miscellaneous spells: