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recs for newish good fics?

ive only read like 4 new fics in the past year so here they are: The Size of Perfection by phoenikeFor Who I’ve Not Yet Become by KellyscamsSugar Sweet by ColorCoated (WIP), Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl by die_traumerei (WIP)

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I have some to add!

plant your hope with good seeds by rohkeutta

Blood by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen) 

On a Pale Horse by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Soap and Sugar and Rum by princeofprinces

Cinder and Smoke by littleblackfox

All Summer Long We’ve Both Been Free by perfect_plan

 What the water gave me by Ischa

 A-mage-ing Grace by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

taking up the tangled threads (and spinning something strong and true) by IamShadow21, kath_ballantyne

Life is actually very simple. You can obey Allah, plant good seeds and harvest of good blessings. Or you can follow your desires and be miserable. Your choice!

artist: wow nature is so expertly designed and crafted; so beautiful;;; i made plant-themed art because nothing is as flawless and meticulously crafted…everything working in harmony is so inspiring

gardener: this plant grew flowers off of its roots and this one formed a taproot sideways but i love them anyways

gardener: there is no biological reason why beans and garlic hate each other, they just like to be difficult

gardener: i planted seeds in good soil and watered perfectly and one came up, then i accidentally dumped them in the grass and they all grew. how are you so bad at this. why

plant your hope with good seeds,
don't cover yourself with thistle and weeds.

Offal Hunt CH16 / Arc 2 poster

I’m really excited to have gotten this far! What’s currently unfolding might not seem like much, but behind the scenes it’s quite the longed-for milestone. [party poppers]

Thanks for reading! And if you haven’t, the link is here! :9
If U like AUs with big lore and bigger schemes, U might like offalhunt! It’s Glynda/Cinder, and quite the fun ride. [fingerguns]

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We need to remember one thing: the Brallie "Forever" duet scene in the R&J episode took place POST-ADOPTION. Bradley and Peter clearly aren't done with them. I'll admit, this current Brallie drought has caused me to die inside a little bit. BUT Bradley and Peter are good at planting seeds that are harvested seasons later, so I'm not convinced Stef's blackmailing Robert into signing away his rights won't come back into play at some point.

I really, really, really, realllllly want to believe in Bradley and Peter + the writers. I do. They got us here, they gave us Brallie. I know they aren’t withholding Brallie from us to punish us or whatever - they’re truly telling the story that they envision, and they want. Right now, in the midst of the least amount of Brallie we’ve ever gotten, it’s HARD. It’s damn hard. I hope we can look back on this journey with the show as all being worth it. But right now it doesn’t feel that way. I have so many mixed emotions about this, as you can tell lol. 

As for the blackmailing, that feels over. But Robert Quinn is coming back, so you really never know. It’s just hard for me to picture how exactly they would bring that back up. But we shall see, anon! We shall see!

Plant your hope with good seeds

Pike finds a message written in flowers left in her room, and Keyleth helps her decipher it. No spoilers, just happiness and kindness and a little bit of blushing.

Title from “Thistles and Weeds” by Mumford and Sons.

[read on ao3]

Someone has left flowers on her bed.

“Oh, Scanlan,” Pike murmurs, eyes shifting over to the secret door in the wall, and the dresser sitting in front of it. She gathers them with a warm fondness and a hint of exasperation; she’s not entirely certain where they stand but she appreciates the consistency of this… whatever it is. Mostly.

Nevertheless, she plucks each stem from her bedspread and gathers them in her arms. The heady scent of flowers fills the air like the sigh of late spring, warm and sweet, and Pike takes a moment to burry her face in the blossoms before she huffs out a tired laugh and nudges the door open. She will return them to Scanlan with a gentle thank you and a clear refusal; she appreciates the gesture, but this is too much.

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I may seem like an inactive artist business wise. It is because I refuse to plant my good seed into bad soil. I’m a limited resource. I invest in good things. I fight to plant myself in a place where my gift can flourish in the correct way. I’m tired of being placed into teacups and small clay pots. I wanna be planted in something that grows beyond me.

Message for all artists out there, its not your skill that’s not cutting it, it’s your environment. Fight in the search for a place you can effectively grow.