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Tips on Writing Characters Without Faces

so yeah, we all know that facial expressions can tell us a lot about how a character is feeling, but what if that isn’t an option? how can you make someone emote if they don’t really have standard facial features? the answer; body language.

let’s consider how emotions are conveyed on a stage production vs movie with Sweeney Todd. First, the stage play:

Note how Todd’s entire upper body goes into his gestures, how he’s single-mindedly focused on his dreams and ideals; how his hands GRAB for each imaginary ‘man’ with these sharp, aggressive, destructive movements and how that contrasts with Mrs. Lovett’s body language; how her hands linger in the air and gravitate towards Todd even after he’s pulled away, and the slow turn she gives him. It does an excellent, though exaggerated, way of conveying their relationship (her focus is on him and making him happy, his focus is entirely on revenge)

Contrast this to the movie:

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Same lines in the song, much more subtle. Lovett’s eyes still track towards Todds, which reminds us she’s still more focused on the outside, but all of the emotion is in their faces. Were this not a close-up shot in a movie it’d be very, very hard to read their expressions.

While I do recommend you watch a few stage plays (in person near the back row if you can) to actually study body language for yourself or try out charades with your face covered with friends/watch how cosplayers or mascots emote, here’s a few shorthands to get you started (US-centric so expressions may vary on your region):


  • perfectly still - fear, intense attention, feeling under scrutiny
  • tilted up - recollection, intimidation (looking down nose at threat, aiming to appear taller)
  • tilted down - intense thought, shame (avoiding eye contact), depression/sad feelings
  • turned away - not giving person full attention, avoiding subject/conflict without being combative
  • cocker-spaniel (sideways) tilt - confusion, curiosity, amusement


  • at the forehead - fatigue (wiping away sweat), illness (checking self for fever, feeling a headache), realization/memory (a ‘well duh’ tap)
  • at the eyes - fatigue or headache (shielding eyes from light), distress (blocking out a painful view, concealing tears)
  • at the nose - disgust (a pinch at the nostrils,) irritation (rubbing at sore spot on nose from glasses wear)
  • at the mouth - nausea, surprise, repressing an emotion/stopping self from saying something
  • at the chin - contemplation, tiredness (face resting in hand)
  • rubbing back of neck - a need to relax tension, embarrassment, slight unease/desire to distract self
  • at the chest - surprise, self-protection (reaction to a wounding statement, sometimes used sarcastically), strong emotions (clutching at heart, could be good-strong or bad-strong), need for security (touching necklace/adjusting clothing to conceal more)
  • at the stomach - pain (clutching, pressing), satisfaction after a meal, protectiveness towards fetus when applicable
  • at the hip(s) - confidence, intimidation, nervousness (if grabbing for weapon)
  • at groin - concealment/unease (usually male-coded as protection of genitals), politeness (hands folded in lap)
  • on thighs - exhaustion (bent over, hands on legs supporting tired upper body)
  • formed into fists - holding back an intense emotion, preparing to fight
  • toying with something - restlessness (bored, nervous energy, craving something they can’t touch) or deliberate disrespect of property (playing with personal objects someone holds dear as an intimidation tactic)


  • at sides, relaxed - default posture
  • at sides, tense - unease, restraint (soldier at attention, person holding still to avoid being attacked), fear
  • crossed at chest - disapproval, displaying authority, unease (hugging oneself)
  • crossed at stomach - pain, intense laughter (caused by sore stomach muscles from laughing)
  • up, fingers laced behind head - confidence, relaxation
  • one arm on back of furniture - confidence, invitation for someone join them
  • general rule - the further arms are away from body, the more confident/dominant a person means to appear; exposed torso indicates that they don’t see anyone around as a threat to them


  • square with shoulders - professional, restraint, protective stance
  • wide stance, one foot a little back but planted - defensive stance, expecting to receive blows (knees may be unlocked - seen in swordplay and fencing)
  • weight on one leg - relaxed, tired, may also be leaning on something or pair with one ankle tucked behind the other
  • uneven stance - could indicate old injury
  • foot tapping/bouncing - boredom, nervous energy

Whole Body:

  • stiff and still - fear, unease, standing to attention
  • limp or pliant - relaxed, tired, pleased
  • shoulders back/head up - alert, focused, aggressive
  • shoulders forward, hunched - tired, ashamed
  • leaning towards person - interest, intimidation (looming over them), aggression (usually paired with tense arms or hands in fists,)
  • leaning away from person - relaxation, confidence, disgust (recoiling)
  • smooth/fluid movements - joy, confidence, experience
  • stiff motions - fear (reactive, fight or flight), pain (reluctance to move), anger (either fighting to keep control of emotions or lashing out), cold (conservation of heat by keeping limbs near body)
  • cracking joints/stretching - preparing for a fight, often reading as confidence in abilities
  • general rule - close contact/proximity can read as intimidation (paired with tense body - an invasion of personal space) or affection (paired with relaxaed body language, gentle movement) or passion/attraction while distance can read unease/distaste/fear/dislike.

with those in mind, let’s read this scene from Red vs Blue (a personal fav of mine for body language) featuring agent texas from season 8.

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So first of all, very relaxed upper body; limp arms held away from the body, which slowly come back to rest on her hips as she looks at what she’s done. Watch how her lean shifts at the end as her center of gravity shifts, and how she has to move her right leg to restabilize herself when she’s finished pushing it. This reads, in order from the start of the loop; detachment (the least amount of her body is involved in the action as possible), relaxation (smooth movements, the deliberation of those little steps backwards) and confidence (hands on hips.) We can tell a ton about this character just in this gif alone, based on her body language.

in summary! this list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it gives you some ideas for ways of making characters emote in fics when you can’t see their faces.

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How do you feel about invasive plants spreading in the wild/nature?

biiiiiigggg yikes. for so many reasons. like. okay. imma gonna tell y’all a story i heard on the In Defense Of Plants podcast a while back, when they had someone on the show who was a grad student studying seed dispersal on Guam, an island in the phillipines. usually a lot of seed dispersal is done via birds, but Guam is special because there are no birds. 

okay so to back up a little bit here: in the 1940s, the US started sending military cargo to Guam. in this cargo was an invasive species of snake, called the Brown Treesnake. now im gonna sum this up really quick but basically between the 1940s and the early 1990s, the invasive Brown Treesnake ate all the birds on the island. there are literally. no birds left on this island. by the time they realized the cause of the bird population decline, it was too late. 

on my fave podcast In Defense Of Plants, they interviewed a researcher named Dr. Haldre Rogers on her current work in Guam as of 2017; she’s studying the effects of the lack of birds on the plants of the island. what shes been finding is that because there are no birds to eat the fruit of the trees and disperse them, all the seeds literally dont go anywhere. like she set up sticky traps at different distances from the trees on Guam and did the same to the ecologically similar surrounding islands, and found that on the surrounding islands (where there are birds still), there were seeds sprinkled in all the traps. on Guam, however, all the seeds fell into the traps closest to the tree. 

when ecological gaps opened on Guam and on surrounding islands (think of like, wildfires, where the land is purged and is kind of up for grabs), native plants on the surrounding islands were able to quickly grab the open fertile space and grow a new ecosystem, when the openings on Guam were more quickly overcome with invasive species because the seeds native there- which have evolved to be dispersed by birds-lacked the mobility to get there first. 

so yeah its a bad time and thats just one case of invasive species wrecking an ecosystem. like big yikes fam 

also that podcast episode is super interesting. its In Defense Of Plants episode 96, “Guam’s Changing Forests”, and you can listen to it here!

EDIT: o lmao i thought this said species in general not just plants. same thing applies tho

Transparant Crystalline Solid (2)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: All new! I had inspiration slap me straight across the face, and here we are! This one might hurt a little, but y’all know me, I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

Summary: Bucky has charm, looks, a great smile, and he knows how to talk to a lady. The thing is, he does know it. Bucky’s a womaniser, there’s no doubt about it. But when he lays eyes upon the newest addition to the team, he might’ve found a reason to change his ways. Unfortunately, he knows he’s a coward, and he knows change isn’t easy. Lying.. is so much easier.

Ice: frozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid.

Originally posted by daniel-wellington

Natasha snorts at Bucky’s story, “My sweet soldier, she’s not called Ice Queen for nothing”

Bucky cocks an eyebrow, “Ice Queen?”

Natasha nods, “she’s really impressive. I’ve seen her fight Steve, gave him a run for his money. I heard she came from Asgard before she got here”

“Asgard?” Bucky gapes at his friend and she rolls her eyes.

“Are you just gonna repeat everything I say? Yes, Asgard. Apparently, she tripped into the multiverse by accident, and ended up in Yotemheim. She was attacked by frost-giants, before Thor and his comrades saved her. They tried to heal her from her.. ‘affliction’ but nothing worked. Even Odin wasn’t strong enough to help her. They say she nearly froze over all of Asgard before they decided to help her control her ability, it was the only way to contain her”

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B-25 Bomber Plant, Kansas City, KS - 02 - Aerial View of Airport - North American Aviation, 1944, Kansas City, KS - 02 - Testing the Machine Guns - North American Aviation, 1944 by Jim

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Workers test one of the B-25’s .50 caliber Browning machine guns. Each gun was test-fired with a minimum of 25 rounds. (All images courtesy Arcadia Publishing.)

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I really like all of your writing! I wonder, what would you say of this? Obi-Wan remained in the agricorps, years later the Clone War started and the peaceful planet he was growing crops on is attacked by the Separatists. The Republic sends Master Jinn and Padawan Skywalker along with their troops.

It was still green.

Anakin looked around the field and then to Qui-Gon who was also looking around. “I thought you said the Separatists bombed this area?” He questioned, voice hushed in awe.

“…They did. The reports were…terrible.” Qui-Gon moved to his former padawans side before looking back at the greens. “But take a good look Anakin, they bombed farms…this…is not farming plants.” He reached out towards one almost glittering looking flower and then jerked his hand back quickly when it snapped at him with teeth. “These are a lot more dangerous then the common grains.”

“But if it was bombed…that means these grew out in the time after the Separatist bombed it and we got here…so…two weeks…for fully grown plants?” Anakin blinked as the troopers were setting up the camp around them.

Stroking his beard slowly, Qui-Gon made a low humming noise and narrowed his eyes. “Which makes me believe that not all the Agricorps members were killed.” There was a measure of excitement in his voice. “Someone survived the bombing of the planet.”

“But…where are they? Why haven’t they come to us?” Anakin looked at the green lushness.

“Because they don’t know where here. They’re hiding from the Separatists Anakin, Agricops are not trained like Jedi knights, whoever survived has basic combat instructions and don’t utilize the Force for battle, but to grow. Whoever they are did the best they could.” He waved one large hand at the plants. “They created their defense.”

“Sirs?” Both Jedi turned to Commander Cody. “We could rig up a loud speaker, if you both think that would be safe.”

“We would draw the Separatists to our position.” Anakin frowned.

Qui-Gon snorted. “I’m pretty sure they know we’re here Anakin. They’ve had eyes on us since we landed.”

“But they don’t have exact position.” Anakin argued.

That got the bigger Jedi to hesitate then sigh. “You’re right… I just…one of them are alive.” He looked back to the greenery. “They feed the temple and every Jedi and youngling there with the surplus going to disaster areas. I just…want to find them. Make sure they are safe.” He looked to Anakin. “They are certainly not defenseless but…you understand my worry, they are part of the Order.”

Reaching out, Anakin grasped his former Master’s shoulder and squeezed. “I do. We’ll find them and bring them back to safety.”

“I do hope there’s more then one of them sirs.” Cody offered, looking to the greenery. “If not they’ve been alone since the bombing, that can be…traumatizing if you’re a peaceful farmer.” It was traumatizing to soldiers and Jedi too.

But to someone who was not expected to see battle perhaps moreso.

“That’s…almost a week now if there’s only one.” The older Jedi mused.

“There must be more then one to have grown all of this.” Anakin frowned.

“Not necessarily. It depends on the power level of the Agricore member in question. Some of them didn’t flunk out because they didn’t have the power or skill to become a Jedi Anakin, some of them just had no masters willing to take them.” A green eyed boy with desperate eyes and hair turning copper flashed for Qui-Gon’s eyes. “…Some of them may have become great Jedi if they only had the chance.”

Rex moved to their side. “How do we find them if they don’t know we’re here and we can’t contact them?”

“We search for them, simple.” Qui-Gon offered as if it was the obvious answer.

“I don’t think we can go in there if the plants are all dangerous sir.” Rex offered skeptically.

“I think he means with the Force Rex, relax.”  Anakin smiled.

“…That makes more sense.”

“Yes.” Qui-Gon chuckled quietly. “Apologies captain but I meant with the Force. If we can find them we can call for them and they can make their way here. Me and Anakin should be enough, me with my skills in the Living Force and Anakin as a powerhouse to keep the search going. A living being is much more complicated then a plant when it comes to the Force and feels different. We should find them.”

The two troopers traded looks.


The older Jedi seemed to need there to be more then one survivor of the team of farmers that had once inhabited the planet.

“Guess even Jedi have their version of civilians huh.” Rex murmured.

“We already knew that, the younglings we had to protect last month was proof of that.” Cody countered as Anakin and Qui-Gon settled down in a meditative poses to search the planet for the core member.

“Yeah but you don’t consider their adults that way usually. You see one of those robes and poof, its a Jedi. A warrior…we don’t consider the cores.” The captain shrugged.

“Yeah…” Cody sighed then rubbed the back of his neck. “Lets get things set while the two search huh.”

The troopers mingled about as minutes turned to hours, both Jedi sitting still, breathing steadily as they searched.

“…You know, its a good thing the Commander isn’t here.” Rex suddenly murmured, sitting on a crate while looking around.

“Yeah?” Waxer blinked at him, laying on a bed with Kix wrapping bacta bandages around his ankle.

“Yeah, she’s been here before. I don’t think she’d take it well to see…well this.” Rex shrugged. “It was peaceful here, just a moon used for farming.” He sighed.

“…Its just a petty thing to do against the Jedi, isn’t it? Attacking a farming moon?” Cody whispered.

“It is. But we already knew the Separatist were cowards.”

They look over when the Jedi finally move.

Qui-Gon slowly stretches and takes a deep breath before turning to Kix and Helix. “One. They’re making their way here now…you best have a bed and supplies ready.” He smiles but its turned brittle.

Anakin is visibly scowling at the dirt under his knees, hands clenched on his thighs. “One.”

“…Its better then none. The first bombs would have come without warning.” Qui-Gon murmured before getting up, peering into the greenery.



“So I’m curious.” Obi-Wan questioned, his voice soft and soothing as he laid on his side in the bed provided to him, watching Waxer and Boil. “Does it feel like incest when two vods get together or more like selfcest?” He blinked, face curious.

“Not really, its more like furious masturbation with extra hands and bits.” Waxer offered happily, slathering his toast with as much butter as he could as he sat on his own bed. “Though Boil can do this thing with his tongue that I have no idea how to do that feels absolutely divine.”

“Huh, well that’s fascinating.” The core member smiled, bacta patches covering his face and his now bandaged arm resting against his stomach.

Qui-Gon and Anakin watched discreetly, taking in the injured survivor.

Mud was coating his copper waist length hair, a scraggly beard, his tunics had been ripped to rags and the bombs had not left him mercifully. Obi-Wan frame was covered in burns from head to toe though the bacta was doing its work there along with a swollen eye and a broken arm.

But he’s alive.

‘Of all the core members I encounter…its him.’ Qui-Gon wondered at the coincidence of the Force even as he caught green eyes with his own blue. ‘Its him.’


Okay but picture this:

The children of all of McGonagall’s former students grow up spending Saturdays with Auntie Minerva at her cottage. They learn everything from basic transfiguration spells, to self defense, to plants, to manners, and hear stories of her younger days, of their parents, of things and lives and places that never cease to amaze the children. They grow up with this beautiful woman watching them flourish, and when they receive their Hogwarts letter- Auntie Minerva is the very first person they owl.

And then they all learn more and more at school, visiting and owling Auntie Minerva whenever they get the chance. They constantly update her on their latest achievements (”Dear Auntie, James just made quidditch captain!” “Dear Auntie, Rose just had her first kiss… with SCORPIUS!” or “Dear Auntie, I didn’t fail my Potions exam! Mum won’t have to kill me just yet! Now lets tackle Arithmancy… help me, God.”)

Auntie Minerva attends every quidditch match, every recital, every performance, never missing one special moment in her surrogate-grandchildrens’ lives. They have been family to her since the moment they were born, and just as her face was present at every baptism, it is now a comfort for each child at their graduation.

Auntie Minerva no longer just smiles- she glows with pride.

Then the first wedding comes- and oh, does she sob as the first of her little babies walks down the aisle. The ceremony is beautiful, but all Auntie Minerva can see is the pure happiness in the bride and groom’s eyes. She gives a toast at each and every wedding that brings everyone to tears and laughter. but the true story is in her eyes. She loves these children- yes, she will always see them as such- more than anything in the world.

The children all settle down with jobs that they have all consulted Auntie Minerva about- some as aurors, department of mysteries workers, professors- hell, Lily Potter even became the Transfiguration professor at Hogwarts because of her. The point is, the children have not forgotten her. They never will.

The children soon have children of their own, beautiful babies that Auntie Minerva falls in love with. The eyes so like their parents, smiles so like her grandchildrens’. Auntie Minerva remembers the children at this age, and oh, does it bring back memories.

The children still visit her every Saturday, and the family has only grown.

Auntie Minerva is older now though, and she aches. She knows her time is coming, but she holds on long enough for one last Saturday.

Auntie Minerva is found dead Sunday morning, her thin lips stretched into that same affectionate smile that the children remember so fondly. It is strange to see her in such a state, the lively and beautiful woman lying there so peacefully.

Unnatural, almost.

The sobs wrack the bodies- older ones, but still the same- of the children she had cared for. They are unable to process the loss that hits not just too close to home- it destroys the entire foundation.

The ministry and their respective employers gives them each three weeks off of work, but it is not enough. 

The funeral is beautiful, held at Hogwarts. Not a soul remembers it though. They were all too stunned by the body of the woman they had lost. Auntie Minerva is dead, and there’s no spell to fix this. 

The children raise their children on tales Auntie Minerva had told them, and teach them everything the woman had taught them. Yes, she is gone. But her legacy will never die.

And much like the wizarding world will forever remember the name of the boy who lived, they will never be able to erase from their hearts the name of the woman who endured. Who taught. Who loved. Who cared.

Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy name their last girl Minerva, and the world ends all over again when they discover in her fifth year that her patronus and animagus are a lovely little tabby cat- spectacles and all.

And so the legacy continues on.

Jar Of Hearts

Summary: Jensen and Y/N had a love that happens once in a lifetime, until it slipped through their fingers. Years later, he has moved on, but deep in his heart she will always be the one he dreams of. Y/N returns with a secret he’ll never know.

Characters: Jensen, Reader (Y/N)

Word Count: 2935

Warnings: ANGST, fluff, romance, sadness, guilt, pain, regret, tears…. I could go on.

A/N: originally written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s Anti-Valentine’s challenge, but got hopelessly delayed. Based on Christina Perri song by the same title. Lyrics are bolded, flashbacks/back story are italicized. Beta’d by the lovely @eyes-of-a-disney-princess and @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid


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You sit at the small coffee bar table all alone, fingers worrying at the cup of forgotten coffee going colder every moment, your knees are pressed tightly together below the tabletop, ankles crossed and one foot bouncing in double-time to the heartbeat you can feel at the back of your tongue. A shadow passes across your hands and you glance up to the glass door and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Hipsters in their chill wide cropped pants scoff at the new professionals in knockoff Stella McCartney. Still, every one of them has a phone pasted to their cheeks. Sun spots like camera flares from adjoining windows draw the straggling hopefuls in to see and be seen. Everyone chooses their part to perform. Great. This makes it easy to get lost in the slew of fake laughter and too-wide eyes.

‘This is pointless. Why did I even bother? What do I hope to accomplish?’ you whisper to yourself as your eyes range over the table top and the usual spotty utensils strangled in a paper napkin next to your elbow. A presence stops next to the chair opposite you. Without raising your head, you take your  hands from the cup and curl your fingers into fragile fists, eyes clenched shut in a silent prayer for mercy. With the contained effort of purpose, you lay your trembling palms flat on the surface in front of your cup. Only then do you open your eyes and turn your face up. To him. That one special “him”.

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Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

“Prosecutor: There is only one question that any military court need ask of the accused: do you deny disobeying Col. Sangston’s direct orders?

Judge: Well, do you, Private?

Desmond Doss: No, sir, I don’t.

Judge: Why are you contesting it, then? Why is it so important to you, given your refusal to even touch a weapon to serve in a combat unit?

Desmond Doss: Because when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, I took it personal. Everyone I knew was on fire to join up, including me. There were two men in my hometown declared 4-F unfit, they killed themselves cause they couldn’t serve. Why, I had a job in a defense plant and I could’ve taken a deferment, but that ain’t right. It isn’t right that other men should fight and die, that I would just be sitting at home safe. I need to serve. I got the energy and the passion to serve as a medic, right in the middle with the other guys. No less danger, just… while everybody else is taking life, I’m going to be saving it. With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together.”


  • change pronouns to your liking / as you see fit!

❛ With the world so set on tearing itself apart. ❜
❛ It don’t seem like such a bad thing to me to want to put a little bit of it back together.. ❜
❛ I don’t know how I’m going to live with myself if I don’t stay true to what I believe. ❜
❛ Help me get one more. ❜
❛ In peace, sons bury their fathers. ❜
❛ In war, fathers bury their sons. ❜
❛ Why are you contesting it, then? ❜
❛ Everyone I knew was on fire to join up, including me. ❜
❛ All I saw was a skinny kid. I didn’t know who you were. ❜
❛ I hope one day you can forgive me. ❜
❛ Have you not heard? ❜
❛ They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint. ❜
❛ You are a very strange-looking individual if you don’t mind me saying so, Private. ❜
❛ I have seen stalks of corn with better physiques. ❜
❛ After what we’ve just been tough, any sane man would be screaming for a weapon. ❜
❛ Make sure you keep this man away from strong winds. ❜
❛ It looks much worse than it is. Girls will still want to kiss you. ❜
❛ Why stop ‘em? Saves me whipping them both.  ❜
❛ If you plan on getting wet this weekend, make sure you put on a hat. ❜
❛ What, you don’t want none for your coffee, Sarge? ❜
❛ It blew most of his guts and intestines out his front, offal everywhere. ❜
❛ Some nut’s up there dragging wounded from the top. ❜
❛ It was lucky he was dead, so he never knew how awful his uniform looked. ❜
❛ It won’t be hard, it’ll be impossible. ❜
❛ You know whatever beliefs you have in your crazy head now, they won’t ever play out. ❜
❛ Oh, he-he don’t hate us. He hates himself… sometimes. ❜
❛ Why does he hate us so much? ❜
❛ It blew most of his guts and intestines out his front, offal everywhere. ❜
❛ I don’t want anyone coming back pissing cream. ❜
❛ This way, I just whip the one that wins. ❜
❛ You’re tying a bowline boy, not building a bra. ❜
❛ I never claimed to be sane. ❜
❛ Can you carry your weight? ❜
❛ But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. ❜
❛ They will soar on wings like eagles. ❜
❛ Good. That would be unnatural.. ❜
❛ Have you ever looked into a goat’s eyes? ❜
❛ They will walk and not be faint. ❜
❛ Now, I’ve never been more wrong about someone in my life. ❜
❛ I’m going to be saving it.. ❜
❛ With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing. ❜
❛ There were two men in my hometown declared 4-F unfit, they killed themselves. ❜
❛ I got the energy and the passion to serve as a medic. ❜
❛ Why, I had a job in a defense plant and I could’ve taken a deferment, but that ain’t right. ❜
❛ I had a job in a defense plant and I could’ve taken a deferment. ❜
❛ No less danger, just… while everybody else is taking life, I’m going to be saving it. ❜
❛ While everybody else is taking life, I’m going to be saving it.. ❜
❛ It won’t be hard, it’ll be impossible. ❜
❛ I don’t know, miracle chance you survive. ❜
❛ He hates himself… sometimes.. ❜
❛ It don’t work that way. ❜
❛ You won’t be giving no thanks to god. ❜
❛ It blew most of his guts and intestines out his front. ❜
❛ They won’t ever play out. ❜
❛ I need to serve. ❜

Collected on this Day in 1993

Collected on June 23, 1993, this specimen was found by Fred Utech near the Loyalhanna Creek in Salem Township, Pennsylvania.

Do not let the common name affect your opinion of this plant! Butterfly weed (Aclepias tuberosa) is a beautiful plant, and the pollinators love the bright orange flowers. Native to eastern North America, it can be found in dry, full sun conditions. It is a great plant to add to your garden!  

Like other milkweeds (butterfly weed is in the milkweed genus), butterfly weed flower clusters mature into seed pods, which eventual dry up to release airborne seeds in the late summer. The long, silk-like hairs (called pappi) have been used by Native Americans to make textiles.

Despite its looks, butterfly weed is poisonous to ingest. Like other milkweeds, this plant contains defensive chemicals called cardiac glycosides, which are poisonous to humans, livestock, and pets.  Milkweeds vary in their toxicity depending on species and age of plant. Symptoms can include weakness, difficulty breathing, kidney damage, cardiac distress, pupil dilation, loss of muscle control, and respiratory paralysis.

Botanists at Carnegie Museum of Natural History share pieces of the herbarium’s historical hidden collection on the dates they were discovered or collected. Check back for more!

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Can we see the dai companions reacting to a pregnant inquisitor? Like their partner died in the explosion, but they were already pregnant (and somehow did not lose the baby?) ((+can we see romances too?? and Krem!))

For the sake of the romances, I’m going to do this under the assumption that the pregnant Inquisitor was not in love with the father (it was an accident with a fling, that sort of thing) because otherwise I don’t think there would be any romances. Grief takes longer than a couple months, you know? We’re also going to stick with canon in that only companions who can romance a female Inquisitor (because pregnant=female today) will get romance blurbs.

I have received a request to make this post more inclusive, so here’s the edit.

Solas: The guilt tries to strangle him as he examines the mark of his magic in the hand of a pregnant prisoner who somehow survived the destruction of the Conclave. No one had sent word to ask about a pregnant survivor of their description, so the only assumption that could be made is that the father was killed with the hundreds of others. There was every possibility that he was directly responsible for the death of the child’s father. If Romanced: The relationship takes even longer to bloom due to Solas’s guilt over the fate of Lavellan’s child’s father. The Inquisitor thinks it’s just hesitation because they’re pregnant, and he lets them think that. After all, they had no romantic attachments before the Conclave and they’ve made that perfectly clear to him. Even so, the telltale roundness of their belly is a constant, visceral reminder of the consequences of his actions. Every time they takes a hit, every time they grunt in pain, he fears for the child and for them. As the relationship develops, Solas allows himself to wonder what it might be like to help them raise the child. Sometimes the Inquisitor speaks of the life growing within them as if it’s a given that the child will grow up calling him babae. Sometimes that terrifies him. Sometimes, more often than he would like to admit, he finds the idea so incredibly alluring that it seems impossible to resist.

Cassandra: Though she is just as verbally harsh with her prisoner when they wake, the Seeker takes great care with their physical health. No matter what the prisoner may have done, the child in their womb is innocent. She vows to make sure that even if the prisoner is sentenced to death the child will be given a chance to survive. After the Herald’s innocence is proven, Cassandra sends them to a healer immediately and asks (commands) Solas to figure out if the mark that can seal rifts is a danger to the child. If Romanced: She asks a lot of questions about how and why they’re pregnant. She doesn’t want to be rude or insensitive, but she has trouble understanding. Awkwardness ensues, but eventually they get it all figured out between them. It’s different, definitely, but they’re still the person she loves and that’s that.

Varric: He winces in sympathy when he sees the strange person with a baby bump sealing a rift after defeating the demons that it had spawned. Unlike literally everyone else, even Chuckles, he makes a point to avoid staring at their belly. If he ever finds the Herald being sick due to their pregnancy, he’ll hold their hair back. He’s always up for telling stories about people who make it through even with a baby in tow. They need a little hope.

Dorian: He was not expecting the Herald of Andraste to be pregnant, but when they bust into Redcliffe’s chantry as summoned they very clearly are. Despite his better judgement, he tries to place himself near them as they fight the demons from the rift and continuously places barriers over them. They need to be protected. As he fights for the Inquisition, he learns more defensive magic than he had known before specifically to help keep them safe. If Romanced: This is… a little different. Definitely outside his normal realm of experience in regards to lovers he’s had. In the end, it doesn’t really matter to him. Let the good times roll!

Vivienne: She’d heard the rumors that the Herald of Andraste is pregnant, but hadn’t really believed them. Yet there they are, their rounded middle betraying the truth. Vivienne doesn’t let it change anything, but she does try to keep the Herald safe with her magic, when she can. A pregnant person has no place in battle, but the Herald has no choice.

Iron Bull: Okay, the Herald has a baby on the way. Shit. He’s always careful around them, worried that his strength could somehow hurt the growing baby. Otherwise, he doesn’t let it affect much. If Romanced: Before ever offering to let them “ride the Bull,” he does a lot of research into pregnancy with regards to sex. When he finds out that they and their baby will be perfectly fine as long as they’re comfortable, he adjusts his usual rules and favorite positions to allow for the Inquisitor’s condition. Then he proceeds as planned.

Blackwall: When the pregnant Inquisition agent approaches him just as the bandits attack, he places himself right in front of them. Even though they fight with a deadly efficiency, he keeps himself firmly planted in their defense. He has no idea what could possibly compel them to be in such a dangerous area in their condition until he finds out that they’re the Herald of Andraste and the only one who can seal rifts. He tries to protect them as much as possible. If Romanced: He turns them away a bit more forcefully than he would ordinarily, but when they assure him that the father isn’t in their life and they aren’t in mourning he relaxes a bit. He still worries about their condition and always positions himself in their defense in a fight. He flat out refuses to let them take on any dragons, insisting that they can’t take that risk. He doesn’t really see their pregnancy as anything more than a reason they are more fragile than they should be until the first time he feels the baby kick. In that moment, he wonders what it would be like to be a father and finds that he loves the idea more than he expected to. He starts carving little toys in preparation for the birth.

Sera: Andraste’s knickers, the Herald is preggers! Hah, what a laugh! Even so, she always tries to stick anyone who goes near them in a fight full of arrows. Poor Herald needs all the help they can get. If Romanced: “Well, Inky, looks like your baby’s gonna have two mommies. You okay with that? Because I’m okay with that. Any kid of ours is gonna be great at pranks!”

Cole: Burning in my throat and heart, symptoms of life living within. Must protect it, must protect them. Have to keep fighting, so tired. Aching feet, heavy arms, nauseous, can’t afford that now. “Here, I have some tea. It should help make you feel better.”

Cullen: He’s appalled when he meets the Herald to see that they’re pregnant. His faith in the Maker is shaken to think that an innocent child is put in such danger. He tries to think of any way to make their job easier. If Romanced: He can’t help but feel a pull to them, but he has to know why they would flirt when they’re pregnant. When they tell him that the father isn’t in their life, he is sorry yet not. He’s glad that he has this chance with them, tries to protect them in any way he can. He dotes on them, rubbing their swollen feet and making sure they eat right. He remembers what his father did for his mother when she was pregnant with his younger siblings and does his best to emulate that. He worries that he won’t be much of a role model for their child, but he doesn’t let that stop him from loving them.

Leliana: She does her best not to let her thoughts on the matter show. She does, however, always make sure that there are extra agents assigned to wherever the Herald is traveling. She has her people shadow the Herald and try to take out threats before they have to. If she finds the Herald being sick, she offers what advice she’s learned over the years to try to help. She knows that there’s not much else she can do.

Josephine: She takes the Herald’s pregnancy for the opportunity it is and milks it for all it’s worth to get the Inquisition what it needs. As a result, the Herald ends up with a surplus of baby-related goods, many of them useless. Josephine just smiles apologetically for the inconvenience. If Romanced: The Inquisitor couldn’t possibly be flirting. Even when she thinks for a moment that maybe they are, she dismisses the thought as absurd. When the Inquisitor makes it clear that they are, in fact, flirting, Josephine’s first question is about the father of the baby. Once assured that the father is not in their life, Josephine relaxes and allows the relationship to bloom as she would otherwise. The only differences lie in how many luxuries she secretly supplies her lover with to help them deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy.


Corporal Antonio Ponte Anido (1922-1943) was a Spanish Volunteer at the Blue Division.
Ponte Anido born in Galicia in 1922 and fought for the Nationalist forces in the Spanish Civil War. Later on he enlisted in the Blue Division, the Falangist Volunteer force who fought in the Eastern Front against Soviet forces. On  February 10 he was part of the Spanish 250th Division composed of 5.000 men who planted an heroic defense against the masive offensive of the Soviet 55th Army who counted with 40.000 infantry soldiers, 90 tanks and 1.000 artillery pieces.
Ponte Anido, who was an scout, was wounded and was lying in an first aid post along with other wounded soldiers when he catch a Russian T-34 Tank advanding against their  defenceless position. Then, the 21 years old corporal, got up and raced to put anti-tank mines under its track. The explosion stopped the tank and save his wounded comrades but also killed Ponte Anido.
By this action Antonio Ponte Anido was posthumously awarded with the San Fernando Laurate Cross by his heroic action at the Battle of Krasny Bor.

Elemental  Box

Altar Activity: Using your research from today and the previous days, consider what you would include in a box (or altar or other object) dedicated to the elements. What do you put in it? Why? What are some ways that you could use the elements in your spells and/or rituals?

I would include a working stone for earth, a feather for air, a red ribbon for fire, a shell for water, and a key to open the way.

Incorporate in spells:
Air - North
Mental activity and wisdom, divination and communication, spirit magic, travel, freedom, blasting and binding

Earth - South
material wealth & prosperity, physical healing, stability and grounding, plant wisdom

Fire - East
Creative energy, defensive magic, exorcism, strength, power, sexuality, potency

Water - West
Reflective energy, dreams, moon and sea magic, transformation, cleansing, memory and emotions, emotional and psychological healing.

[Photo is mine. On the box is the ”Serpentes Familiar” Memento Mori card by Sarah Anne Lawless]

Expanding on Masuyo a bit, she has strong healing abilities that also extend to plantlife, she can help a plant to grow in the harshest conditions, her abilities lent great assistance to their small town which is well known as a place of year round spring.

She would carry around a small bag of seeds as well as collect random acorns and things of that nature on their journey, who knows when they could come in handy.