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etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.27.17

tillandsia + smoky citrine quartz point decor by auramore

auramore’s natural, bohemian home decor creations combine earthiness and botanicals into one shimmering piece, like this air plant-and-quartz display. the low-maintenance care makes it the ideal botanical something-something for plant killas such as myself … ;)


Spy, despite all his insider knowledge, despite knowing his team mates better than they know themselves, is terrible at gift giving. He picks out strange and awkward gifts that nobody wants, worse than anything your grandma could send you. 

He buys Scout toys, but toys for young kids, like a six piece jigsaw puzzle. He’s so genuine about it though, at the time of purchase he truly thinks, “Scout is young, he will enjoy this.”

He’ll get Medic a juicer, even though he’s never seen Medic express an interest in diet fads or cooking. Soldier receives a potted plant, something that requires daily maintenance and tender care. It ends up a pile of dirt in the common room. He buys Heavy the oddest fashion, things that are ‘all the rage’ that are clearly not actually trendy but just ugly. 

There’s not even last minute gifts, they’re just bad. 

chickenfluff-deactivated2015070  asked:

The braided willow is amazing! I have too many questions. Are those multiple plants? And what species of willow? And will the circumference of the base of the structure affect how long it lasts/how wide it grows? Unrelated to the willow: do you grow any materials specifically to harvest for the building of structures? I remember you had a tree blow down in a storm and used that in your garden, but do you intentionally plant anything for building material?

I don’t know the species of the braided willow, but it is made of multiple plants:

Sculpting Trees

I think it is more or less the doom of the braided plant to choke itself, but with careful maintenance (ie. keeping a small crown, and keeping the trunks from budding) these sorts of sculptures can last for years. It’s hard to see (and not noticeable when it is in leaf), but a few of the trunks in the structure have already died, allowing nearby ones to grow a bit larger.

These sorts of circular braided structures can also be grafted, which allows them to share resources rather than compete.

The Basket Tree by Axel Erlandson

As for growing wood for these projects, I have a stand of willow I coppice every year, and I have started numerous stands of red dogwood precisely for this reason. I also pollard my trees quite regularly for timber.

When I am pruning anything else, I trim and class the wood in four categories:

7 Uses for Pruned Wood

Generally I think it’s good planning and design to grow the materials you need if you have the space. Most of this kind of stuff (stakes, wattle, mulch) gets really expensive in a hurry, and plants like willow grow like weeds whether or not you clip them down every year!