Barcelona With Maike Lüdenbach

“What I have come to appreciate most about my life in Spain is the quality of life. Even though this might affect the working speed capacity it forces you to slow down and take things in with a sense of calm.” Discover Barcelona through the eyes of fashion designer Maike Lüdenbach of LÖV featuring photos by the renowned Berta Pfirsich for The Style Line.

This incredible inflorescence belongs to Heliconia librata.

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owlsofstarlight  asked:

Hello! My friend and I were wondering if the little snow covered carnivorous plants can survive the snow or if that was their untimely demise?

They’ll survive just fine! These plants have lived through many winters, and ones I didn’t photograph have lived through many more.

Venus fly traps and Sarracenia pitchers are temperate, native to the United States, and most survive just fine in snow! Venus fly traps are native to zone 8, which is the same zone I’m in here in Oregon. 

 In fact, many, including the fly traps, need a several-months-long winter dormancy to really thrive. This is why they often don’t survive long as house plants. In warm areas they need to be specially cared for (involving bare-rooting and refrigerating) during the winter.

One time to worry about the temperate carnivores during the winter is when it’s both cold and windy, as this dries them out and shocks them. It is easy to just move them into the garage during below-freezing windstorms, or give them a little wind break. 

Here is a good care sheet for Venus fly traps. And here is one for Sarracenia pitchers. Also under that snow and ice is a temperate sundew but it was too covered to photograph. This is from a great local carnivorous plant nursery; their FB currently has many snow and ice pictures and videos of their plants! I highly recommend them as a source, though shipping may be delayed if you order now.

Here is a lot of information about winter dormancy for fly traps.

Story time!

A while back I was shopping with my mom and a friend of hers, and we went through several stores, including Calvin Klein and Sketchers and GAP and such Well That was an interesting day As we got four pounds of fudge, saw Santa whom of which gave us candy canes, and so on. After all the huge shopping, we went to Burgers And Brew to eat, and to our surprise there was a very tiny festival with maybe 12-18 booths total, and a few tiny setups like trampolines and bouncy houses. I wandered for a bit and discovered a lot of nice, homemade rings, and a penis chess piece set. Weird, I know right? Eventually I stumbled across this tiny booth with a sweet old lady in charge, and she had tiny quilts and pictures and succulents(tiny plants), and I went over cause it was adorable, and she smiled and told me “the plants are 2 for $3”, and in response, mom dug through her purse to find $3, but to no avail. I then set the two plants down and the old lady set her hand on mine, handed me a very fragile appearing plant that looked sad and frightened, and she then proceeded to gently pat my hand and give me the tiny plant and said, “I see how much you love it…please take it” and I pleaded no because I didn’t want to take profit from this sweet little lady, but she insisted intake it, and I did despite feeling awful. The plant that I had named Sketchy was the same for a day or so, small, weak, nearly dead - I woke up this morning and went to water it, and was surprised to see it thriving and looking very impressive. I have vowed that I will raise and nurture this plant for that lovely lady, and I am determined to keep it alive.