I was going to make planswalker profile for Rotta, but I decided to redraw and make a new card for him. I’m still reading some MTG novels and I wanted to get the story straight and match the lore of the novels anyway.   

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The correct answers were, Favorite Planswalker: Ral, Favorite Guild: Izzet, Favorite Shard: Grixis (Without the black), You got the wedge right (Without the green tho)

i don’t think sooooo

Magic Origins: Black

Black Magic, It can be known as the Evil Magic, but then is a misnomer. It not Black Magic itself that is Evil, but more of the Wizard and Shaman that use Black can been seen as Evil. Like with Liliana Vess, you seen her a an Evil Sorcerer with the Power of the Undead, however she isn’t a bad person. just someone who wand to undo her own error. It just her way.

Now Dominaria is one planes that have many of history, The Bother Wars, Phyrexia Invasion, Mirari in Odyssey and the Time Spiral have have redo Planswalker to mortal being. It also the center of the very multiverses at least at the center in the Magic’s multiverses ring. This is planes have taking all damage and wounds don’t heal for short time.

Innistrad is what I could say Gothic Horror a turn I taking from Earth, Hurting Spirit, Restless Zombie, Thirsty Vampire, Wild Werewolf and the Demon that would hunt and kill the Human if it was for they Angel of Hope, Avacyn, Who was made to keep Human safe for both said. But even Human are darkside, Mad Wizard who make they own Zombie call Skaab, Some who worship a Demon, some who are werewolf themselves.

Over all, The Two here have is Dark time.

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