plans i will follow you into the dark


Sorry in advance to those of you who see this multiple times because you follow me across multiple blogs, but, I have to give everyone a heads up!

So a crazy thing happened. I’ve been writing this book, that is the first of a series I have planned out, and I’ve been lazy about it because I never really thought I’d get anywhere…






my friend Amanda pitched my book to him at ConVocation in Detroit, and he’s interested, big time, in publishing me, so I have to buckle down on the distractions to really focus on my manuscript. I’m going to be cutting down on all of my threads that haven’t been sort of talked about to some degree in advance, dropping a lot of things, and becoming more scarce. this is a partial hiatus in a way, but if things go the way i want and hope for them to go, it may become the new normal. 

I can, by no means, actually give up RP it really fucking helps me center myself and keep my shit together, but it has to take a backseat to my fucking DREAMS OKAY.

Like seriously guys, you have no fucking idea how excited I am about this. 

I have already cried.

Multiple times.

If I can get my shit out there, I can die a happy man, okay?


Of course, I know not everyone always has the time and patience for longform threads, but here’s the thing.

My reply times will also be super slow. 

I’m dropping a lot of stuff, pretty much anything that isn’t already well under way plot/story wise. (for example, my threads that have titles, or the ones that have been going on for weeks/months like my stuff with monty and therussianandthefinn and other shit like that) and I won’t be doing open small starters anymore because it’s just gonna be too much to keep up with. 

If you would like to keep in touch with me while I become more scarce, I can add you on skype or discord! I’m always happy to chat/talk plot, etc. 



You said you’d follow me into the dark…

(click title for the song that inspired this) Smn mentioned why Omen-Trailer!Noctis n Magitek!Prompto isn’t a thing yet n I intend to change that :’D The more I thought about the Omen trailer n what it could’ve have ment for the game, the more I’m convinced that this was one of the things they had to cut from the game. like, you know all these dialouge options that seem to indicate like there had been plans for Noct to either flirt with Luna or Iris n also for him to be a supportive bro or a total douche? considering the Omen trailer, I wonder now whether they originally planned for Noctis to become Ardyn in an alternative ending. that he’d be the one eaten up by the darkness n Ardyn gets the chance to redeem himself instead n becomes worthy of the crystal (or they team up n everything goes boom lol).

In light of Omen!Ardyn-ish!Noctis, I like Magitek/Daemonized Prompto who would have turned alongside with him. But then there’d always be this little bit of the old Prompto left within him that mourns what they, what Noctis!, has become…

I’m enthralled with this idea, hence it became another piece that you can aquire in my etsy shop :) 

if i did astrology as my 13 year old emo self ~ 

aries ~ alkaline trio: burn 
taurus ~ cute is what we aim for: the curse of curves
gemini ~ coheed and cambria: the writing writer 
cancer ~ papa roach: scars 
leo ~ panic at the disco: time to dance 
virgo ~ simple plan: perfect 
libra ~ silverstein: my heroine 
scorpio ~ afi: miss murder 
sagittarius ~ alexisonfire: this could be anywhere in the world 
capricorn ~ city and color: the grand optimist 
aquarius ~ from first to last: emily 
pisces ~ death cab for cutie: i will follow you into the dark 


Dark times are coming, dear friends, acquaintances, followers, little bees. Yes, we know that. We saw the trailer, we heard them talking and saying “dark” every minute. Perhaps they intended to pursue with the plan which involves us crying because everything is sooo dark and will end terribly bad and them laughing while eating honey. However, tumblr’s best friend, our dearest guest, all of you, say hi to Benedict Cumberbatch, did the favor of screwing up their evil plan. 

He said one little sentence, he thought “harmless nobody will mind.” 

Love conquers all.

And when I saw that video I thought that he was kidding with me, because that was utterly romantic, like in a fairy-tale. Couldn’t he be so obvious, could he? Oh yes, Bennie could. And he deserves hugs, kisses and many gifts for saying three words. Oh, and Steven’s + Mark’s + Sue’s faces were fabulous, so kiss the guy again, he deserves. They were like “You didn’t do that, we wanted to play with the fans and you go and become this flag of hope”. We should put the gif of their reaction on a frame. 

The casuals don’t know this is a romance, a slow-burn one, to be more specific. After seeing the cold Sherlock Holmes (wasn’t he a sociopath?) saying “I love you”, they are probably freaking out in the bad way. Or just not caring. They usually don’t analyse every single second of every single material that is released. But that was huge, and nobody expected something like that. But I’m not here to discuss theories, anyway.

The storm has already taken it’s place, right on our heads. And dark waters are coming. Deep waters. Really deep. We’ll cry, and suffer and want to punch Moftiss faces and kiss them. But be calm. First because Sherlock’s trailers are usually more darker than the own show and don’t reveal much from the real central-plot. Second, because he said, and I’m going to repeat so you all can calm down and sleep well so tomorrow there will be amazing metas around and people that are over the “December 10th generalized freak out”. 



Now let’s tag someone who inspired me to do this: @badsnowfo, I’m with you <3 

600 follower celebration

So, I’ve somehow managed to gather 600 followers.  I am shocked, and incredibly grateful.

Since I’m planning to update most of my fics, for a celebration, I offer you some 3.7K of the story I started writing ages ago for the Tomarry big bang before getting discouraged and starting on Pledged in Blood instead.  I could be persuaded to keep writing it, if people are interested.

The basic premise - Tom used his immortality and fondness for dark magic and the high he got out of dealing with the Riddles and decided to become a magical assassin.  He hurt himself on a job and broke into the nearest house for first aid, and then keeps finding excuses to come back.

Tom staggered against a nearby wall as the world rematerialized around him, the unbearable pressure fading to be replaced by an agonizing pain.  Not an injury exacerbated by his hasty apparition, but something new.  Tom pressed the hand not holding his wand to his side, fingers exploring the area where the pain was worst.  The fabric was practically soaked with blood.

Tom swore.  This was the last thing he needed.  A carefully cast severing charm had the fabric splitting, and Tom widened the tear carefully, examining the area beneath.  What he saw was far from encouraging.  There was a chunk of flesh missing from his flank, carved out neatly.

Spliched.  He’d managed to splich himself.

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(I don’t wanna jinx it, but damn, we’re almost there, folks.)

I wasn’t planning on doing a follow forever but it’s the holidays and I reached 11k followers a few weeks ago - thank you! - and also started following some amazing blogs since my last one, so what the hell. And ngl, everyone and their neighbour is doing it, I’d feel like a loser if I didn’t join in (peer pressure). So I wanna take this opportunity and thank the lovely people on this list for putting great, beautiful, smart and funny stuff on my dash and for making some dark days a bit brighter, as well as my mutuals for choosing to follow my trashcan blog and for sticking around ♥ Also big shout out to EVERYONE that follows me - even if I don’t follow back, I appreciate you so so much, I really do.

I’m wishing everyone lovely holidays and a happy new year - hopefully 2017 will be kinder. Most importantly though, I hope that you, whoever and wherever you are, are happy xx

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I’m so so sorry if I forgot anyone - in my defence, I’ve already had some (a lot) mulled wine today because Christmas, and some of you change their url like every two weeks lmao. If I did forget you and you think you should definitely be on this, you have permission to yell at me. Love you ♥

  • Belle: Son! Oh am I glad that this is a dream world you made and not a trap set by your father.
  • Gideon: I thought you'd realize it was a dream as soon as you saw the book called "How to Defeat the Dark One: A Manual".
  • Belle: There's precedent for helpful books showing up conveniently in Storybrooke.
  • Gideon: Wait, if you thought it might be a trap why did you follow the string?
  • Belle:
  • Gideon:
  • Belle: So good to see you son.

“His eyes glare a sparkling fiery red. His silent and passive demeanor and the clicking of his lighter can tell you nothing but a potentially dangerous pyromaniac. Yet, somehow you notice a subtle gentleness in him. The dark-haired gentleman speaks with a voice that is as deep as the blue ocean. He gives you a warning expression.”

“I will pray for you, child.”

Yongguk as an anime-styled NPC character!

Here’s my backstory, lol. I follow my old childhood MMORPG tag, and someone commented that one of the outfits looked “idol-ish”. The MMO was Korean published…. so…

;;;;;; weeps.

Tbh, a bap Noir RPG would be pretty awesome *^* could someone do that–

I’ve only done YG, but I’m planning on doing the rest of the members whenever I have free time.

Please enjoy :D

ref is from TS Ent Official


For @thehistorynut19
Shamelessly stole a line from Parks and Rec

“Hey (Y/n),” you were approached early in the morning by an eager Simmons. “Do you think you could come into the lab with me for a second?” You looked in mourning at your book and the couch, where you had been planning to spend your day, but you loved Simmons (platonically, of course) and so you finally nodded, pulling yourself off of the glorious, comfortable piece of furniture and following behind the eager scientist. “I’ll be in in a second, just go right ahead.” 

You went into the dark lab, trying to let your eyes adjust. The lights were flicked on, and you head the lock of the door behind you. You turned in every direction, trying to understand what was happening. Then you noticed Daisy, sitting at the lab table and taking a swig of beer. There was candlelight, another beer on the table, and cake. 

You sighed deeply, thinking back to all of the events of the previous month. Let’s just say that the agents shipped you and Daisy, and they were prepared to make it happen. 

“That’s a nice shirt Daisy, but it would look better on (Y/n)’s floor.”
“Are you flirting with Daisy for me?”

“That’s a good book (Y/n). Daisy also read that book, you should get coffee and talk about it sometime.” 

“That’s one of her favorite restaurants, you should go there together sometime!”

You rolled your eyes, walking towards her and grabbing a beer of your own. You popped off the top, and took a swig of it. 

“We knew they wouldn’t give up under any circumstances.” 

She laughed, rolling her eyes jokingly. “They are our own biggest fans.”

“It’s kind of sweet, in it’s own weird way. They care about us.”

“Just think about all that we could’ve avoided if we had told them we were dating months ago.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Besides,” you grabbed a piece of cake off the table, taking a bit out of it, “free cake.”

I’m doing it for you

Steroline vs Stelena

Stefan tries to break things off both with Elena and Caroline by pulling the ‘I’m doing this for you’ paternalistic crap. The endings are very different: Stefan and Elena end up sleeping together for the first time while Stefan and Caroline’s wedding looks less and less likely.

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I WILL FOLLOW YOU INTO THE DARK 」 by @shions-heart @knightswatch 

with terrifying creatures mysteriously appearing in downtown sendai, consuming every living thing in their sights, the country’s leading scientists hatch a plan to create super soldiers to fight and destroy these monsters. 

just a little graphic i did for the fanfic im currently obsessed with. 10/10 recommend it.  

anonymous asked:

If we did a E/R centric Moana au... who would be Moana and who would be Mauï? I'm thinking Moana Enjolras and MauÏ R, but I'm wondering about your ideas on this topic.

I think if you’re planning on following the Disney version of Māui, then yes, you’re right, Grantaire would have to be Māui and Enjolras Moana. Grantaire would of course be world-weary and cynical after being stuck on an island and wonders just what he owes the human world, while Enjolras wants nothing more than to save his people from the darkness and must, of course, learn some hard truths about himself along the way. There’s also a certain V. Hugo-esque feel to Grantaire as Māui being unable to shapeshift without learning to believe in himself again, courtesy of Enjolras.

In other words, I think you’re on the right track, Nonny.

Not that you asked for my opinion, but as a huge fan of Moana (and obviously a semi-big fan of E/R), I’d hesitate about emphasizing a romantic relationship between Enjolras and Grantaire in a Moana AU, if only because I think it would obfuscate what makes Moana as a film and a character so great. But that’s just my two cents, and take it or leave it.

dally winston mood board // wow guys, it feels good to be posting again! I’ve been so busy with traveling, cheer, and just all of my plans! I’ll never spend that much time away again! I have a few hundred of you beautiful people following me, and it means a lot you’ve all stuck around! We’re almost to 400, so let’s see if we can reach it! I’m currently in Indonesia but when I get home, I’ll be working on video edits for this account! I can’t wait and I love you all

11 facts meme

I was tagged by @junojelli :)

Rules: tell your followers eleven random facts about yourself, and tag eleven people in return! Tag backs are allowed, but you mustn’t repeat any of the facts that you mentioned previously. The facts can be absolutely anything! Whatever springs to mind! Let’s get started!

1. I drink a lot of cola. and with a lot i mean daily. and with daily i mean basically only.

2. My humor is dark. Really really dark.

3. southpark is the only show that ALWAYS manages to make me laugh

4. I made my driving licence on 12.12.2012. didnt plan that  date, but its awesome.

5. I helped explaining how a bow worked to the artists of Crytek so they could include the bow in their game Crysis 3.

6. i like to talk to myself.

7. I hate changes. Everytime before i do anything new, or something i have never done before i overthink everything to death.

8. I was pretty addicted to the first Guild Wars. Then they patched something i liked and i stopped playing from one day to another. from 6h+ daily to 0 within 24h

9. sometimes i stream a movie or series just because i am to lazy to get the bluray from the next room.

10. i am always super nevous to make typos in english, in fear of people thinking me stupid.

11.i totally suck at facts about myself lol

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That’s how many of you are still here with me. I’m not sure how you found me or how long you’ve been here; be it a long time follower or new to the party, but either way, you’ll always be my darling freaks and creeps.

Thank you for coming, and I hope we can continue to make dark and sick magic together; especially with some great stuff I have planned for all of you this year. If all goes as planned, then something spectacular will be up by the summer.

Until next time; stay spooky, stay safe, and remember this. Whatever you do, never try to look the person through your door’s peephole in the eye. They don’t have a face.

Nothing Left For You - Barry Allen Imagine

A/N: Sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been dealing with some pretty heavy things, but none of that matters now. I am currently working on Part 2 of 1965, Part 5 of The Evil Princess, and another Draco imagine, and since I am done with summer 1 classes, I am hoping to get them out much faster. Requests are open, so feel free to ask for whatever. But anyways, as always, Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash or any of its characters

“This is your dumbest plan yet, Bare.” (Y/N) hugged herself tightly to stop herself from shivering as she stood alone in a dark, cold alleyway, waiting. She exhaled loudly, reaching into her jacket pocket for the single cigarette and lighter she snuck in case Barry’s plan didn’t pan out.

She placed the cigarette gently between her lips, preparing to light it when a sudden static noise erupted in her ear followed by Barry’s voice. “Are you smoking?” She yelped, causing her cigarette to fall from her mouth. (Y/N) fumbled to catch it before it could hit the ground, but failed. She watched as the cigarette slowly swallowed the puddle where it landed, ruining any chance of being able to light it in hopes of keeping her warm.

“No, babe. Not any more, at least.”

“But you don’t even smoke.”

(Y/N) smacked her lips, hoping he could see the annoyed look on her face from wherever he was watching her. “It’s dark, and cold, and raining out here babe. Forgive me for trying to stay warm while I humour this ridiculous plan of yours… Plus, I’m alone and vulnerable, I needed something to make me look tough.”

Barry laughed, “OK, one: you’re not alone, I’m right here. And two: it is not ridiculous, I promise it’s gonna work.” He could hear her scoff into her comm, sensing her as she prepared to go on a rant all about how his plan wouldn’t work… again.

“Fine. So what happens if this crazed lunatic murderer who’s ‘obsessed with me’ does show up and hacks me into bits? Are you gonna jump out of the shadows and yell 'aha! I fucking knew it!’”

He snorted, “Something along those lines.” (Y/N) smirked and went back to hugging herself.

Almost half an hour passed and her legs were beginning to cramp from the continuous bouncing she was doing in order to keep herself awake. She sighed and leaned her head against the brick wall, chewing on her bottom lip as she wished for the night to be long over.

She sighed loudly, contemplating whether she should beg to Barry once again to forget the plan and just go home. However, as she was about to open her mouth to say something, a moving shadow in the corner of her eye caught her attention.

(Y/N) let out a small gasp, snapping her head to where she thought she saw the shadow. She scanned the area, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary, except for the taste of iron that began to fill her mouth.

She bent over a bit and spat, trying to get rid of the taste. She wiped her mouth, but she could still notice a faint flavour of iron. She spat again, this time landing on the damp cigarette she dropped earlier. (Y/N) bent over and picked it up, noticing a spatter of what seemed to be blood. “Oh…” She gently touched her lip, and looked at her fingers. Blood.

“What?” Barry asked.

“No, nothing. Just bit my lip. It’s fine.”

She flicked the cigarette back to the ground, licking her lip. With the tip of her boot, she pushed the cigarette deep into the water, crushing whatever was left of it.

“It’s getting late, maybe we should go.” Hearing those words come from Barry’s mouth filled (Y/N) with so much relief she could physically feel herself relax.

“Finally!” She stopped gazing at the ground and looked up toward the building where Barry was hiding out, but what she saw wasn’t Barry or the building.

“Oh shit!” About six different blurry silhouettes surrounded (Y/N), trapping her against the wall. They all seemed to be of the same person, but she had a hard time pinpointing any defining features. It was almost like when Barry creates his after images with his speed. “Bare, you were right, he’s here. Move your ass!”

As soon as the last word left her mouth, the mysterious speedster picked her up and sped off down the alley. The way he held her felt familiar, gentle but tight enough to where she won’t slip out of his arms. It was almost eerie.

“Please, stop. Stop.” She pleaded silently against the guy as she held on tightly. (Y/N) could see Barry catching up little by little, but the guy was much faster.

She continued begging for him to let her go, and when he finally heard her he came to an abrupt stop. Although she didn’t. (Y/N) flew out of his arms, and if it weren’t for Barry catching her midair, she would’ve crashed into the brick wall in front of them.

Once she realized whose arms she was in she let go of her breath, trying to slow her heartbeat. “Fuck me, I’m never leaving the lab again.” She put her palms on her knees to catch her breath, as Barry put her down and stood in front of her, shielding her from the guy who stood motionless a few away.

“You need to stay away from her,” the speedster said. His voice sounded robotic, almost like Barry’s when he used his speed to change his voice, but much deeper.


“Stay away!”

(Y/N) finally stood up, standing next to Barry. He held his arm out in order to move her back behind him, but that didn’t stop her from wanting to know who he was.


This time the speedster’s frustration got the best of him, and he tore his mask off, revealing another Barry. “I said stay away!” He roared in his normal voice.

Both Barry and (Y/N) were taken aback.

“Oh… sh… talk about a plot twist huh?” (Y/N) whispered into Barry’s shoulder as she hid her face to stop herself from laughing.

Barry looked over his shoulder and smirked, “Are you serious, babe. Right now?”

A small laugh escaped her mouth, “I’m sorry, I’m just really nervous… and scared.”

“I’m serious,” Future Barry began to inch his way closer to Present Barry and (Y/N). “You need to forget you ever met her. You need to stay away.”

Barry and (Y/N) moved back, prompting Future Barry to hold up his hands in surrender. “I’m not here to hurt you.”

For some reason, the comment seemed to fill (Y/N) with anger. “Are you fucking serious?! Did you not just corner me in predator fashion, and take me away? ”

“Why are you here?” Barry asked, trying to get to the bottom of it all.

“To warn you, past me, that you need to forget about (Y/N). I know she’s the best thing that ever happened to you, but the best things always end… and sometimes it’s our fault.” Future Barry turned his gaze to (Y/N). He said nothing as he watched her, wishing he could hug her to him once more, but he couldn’t. He had already come to terms with his loss years ago.
“I’m here to make sure we don’t have to needlessly suffer.”

Barry looked at (Y/N) in confusion but she only shrugged. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“About the fact that it’s our fault she’s dead!”

She could feel her heart drop into her stomach and her knees begin to weaken. She held on tightly to Barry’s arm, “Wha- How?”

“Doesn’t matter. What matters is that I- we brought her into our world knowing we couldn’t protect her from everything. I was selfish. I lost the love of my life because I didn’t want to let her go. I thought I was protecting her by keeping her by my side.” He shook his head. He wasn’t crying, but he seemed to be in pain. “It does not matter where or how she died, because it’ll happen. You could save her a thousand times, but in our reality, death will always find a way. Let her go. Trust me, it’ll hurt less.” With that he was gone, leaving his last haunting words to linger around Barry and (Y/N).

Barry said nothing, he could hardly look at her. She moved front of him to get a closer look at his face.

“Maybe he’s right.” He seemed saddened by the fact that Future Barry may have had a point.

“You’re not serious, babe,” (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows, hoping he wasn’t.

“I would rather lose you by letting you go, rather than because I wasn’t fast enough.”


“I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of pain future me was feeling. Better yet, I don’t want to. He’s right, it’s selfish of me to want to keep by my side-”


“-when I know I can’t protect you.

"Are you done with your inner monologue?” Barry smirked at her comment, and she continued. “Sure, it would be selfish of you if I didn’t want to stay, but I do. I knew the risks coming into this relationship when you told me who you really were. Plus, I would rather die by your side, happy and in love, than alone and wishing things would’ve been different. I would’ve left your ass a long time ago if I didn’t feel that way.” (Y/N) smiled up at Barry who seemed to be having a hard time not thinking about what Future Barry told him.

She pinched his arm, and twisted.

“Ow!” Barry yelled, but he smiled when he saw (Y/N) giggling.

“Stop thinking about what your dumb ass future self said, and pay attention to I am saying. I love your dangerous speedster ass, and that’s never going to change. Got it?”

Barry nodded, and chuckled at the way she was handling the whole situation. “I love your ass too.”

“Good, now take me home!”

“You got it, babe.” He picked her up, and held her the way he always did: gentle, but tight enough.

“Although, you do gotta admit, future you is fine as fuck.” (Y/N) giggled, as she wrapped her arms around Barry’s neck.

He laughed and sped off, finally taking her home, but not before he planted a huge, lingering kiss on her lips.

You’re a dumb ass.”

i need more dylan/daniel (dylaniel? rhatlas?) in my life

i need daniel “i’ve never done anything wrong in my life” atlas not knowing how to handle the guilt following the realisation that his ego almost got dylan killed in the most horrifying way, and dylan telling him no matter what, he doesn’t blame him

i need dylan realising how unhealthy his thirty-year vendetta actually was and that his personal grudges almost got the horsemen killed, and daniel telling him that he is so much more than his trauma

i need daniel and dylan arguing like hell, saying out loud exactly what the other doesn’t want to hear but needs to — daniel about how lost being kept in the dark about the future plans made him feel, dylan about how betrayed he felt when daniel told him to leave in macao — followed by hours of silence that goes from “i can’t be next to you right now” to “i can not not be next to you right now” as they both swallow their pride, falling asleep together, knowing it’s best to talk about it tomorrow

i need them both learning forgiveness, and trust, and letting go control. i need them both being leaders, and letting each other be leaders, knowing the other will do their best. i need them talking about their traumas and fears and lost relationships, and i need them being happy enough together to cover for everything that has happened before


But Harry interrupted. “Dumbledore died over a month ago. Why has it taken this long to give us what he left us?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” said Hermione, before Scrimgeour could answer. “They wanted to examine whatever he’s left us. You had no right to do that!” she said, and her voice trembled slightly. 

“I had every right,” said Scrimgeour dismissively. “The Decree for Justifi- able Confiscation gives the Ministry the power to confiscate the contents of a will—” 

“That law was created to stop wizards passing on Dark artifacts,” said Hermione, “and the Ministry is supposed to have evidence that the deceased’s possessions are illegal before seizing them! Are you telling me that you thought Dumbledore was trying to pass us something cursed?” 

“Are you planning to follow a career in Magical Law, Miss Granger?” asked Scrimgeour. 

“No, I’m not,” retorted Hermione. “I’m hoping to do some good in the world!”

anonymous asked:

may i ask why valentine`s day?

Dark swung one of his legs over the other, resting one of his thighs atop his knee as his hands folded neatly into his lap. He allowed himself to relax, the more formal demeanor to him returning.

“It was a statement, of course. The followers of Markiplier have drowned him in affection years, upon years, upon years. They pour out their love for him, their desire for him, they need for him. But me? I am left in the darkness, in the shadows that few remember until I return again on my own accord. So I did, on the one day everyone planned to devote their love for Mark… instead, they devoted their day to ME. I became the spotlight, did you see? I became the only important thing on that day, and finally it was his turn to be cast aside, left alone, unneeded, unwanted. The one day prepared to truly appreciate himself, and he lost it to me.”