plans & reveries


feat. Brendon Urie

Butch Walker - Open Happiness (feat. Cee-Lo Green, Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy, Patrick Stump & Janelle Monae) | Fall Out Boy - 7 Minutes In Heaven (Atavan Halen) | The Brobecks - Skid Row (Downtown) | Black Gold - Plans and Reveries | Travie McCoy - Keep On Keeping On | The Hush Sound - Don’t Wake Me Up | Fall Out Boy - 20 Dollar Nose Bleed | Forgive Durden - The Exit (feat. Brendon Urie & Dan Young) | Jacob Givens - Oatmeal Creme Pie | Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie, Ashlee Simpson, Spencer Smith - Lullaby for Bronx | The Cab - One Of THOSE Nights (feat. Patrick Stump & Brendon Urie) | Fun. - C'mon (feat. Panic! at the Disco) | Forgive Durden - The End And The Beginning (feat. Greta Salpeter & Brendon Urie)


grapesandgold  asked:

"If the Reverie plan's for such a spectacle... unless their arrogance gets the best of them again, I expect they'll find some way to silence you for the act." Considering they'd yet to learn to gag or cut out a death row prisoners tongue so they don't say something world shattering, the heavenly demon was probably safe to get the last laugh.

☻ “Silence me for the act..?

“Sounds kinky… maybe if you’re lucky, they’ll give you the honor…”