It’s been far too hot this whole week (and will continue to be for at least another few days) to do anything.

I have several harnesses ready to put up in the shop but I want to make sure I have more than just 3 items. I also want to finish the harness dress.

Once it cools down and I can stand to sit at the sewing machine without leaving a puddle of sweat in the floor after (it’s been 104-106F (40-41.1C) here and we don’t have central AC so I’m not kidding about the puddle as gross as that is) I’ll be finishing up those last few pieces for the shop and opening comissions for harnesses back up!

Also, once it cools back down (in the low 80 high 70 range) I’d like to open up a few commission slots for face ups/body blushing/ etc. I’ve got a reasonable handle on how I’d like to do it now and once we’ve returned from bathing in the proverbial hell fire I think I’d like to start that up.


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Hello everyone! Saoirse’s here. I got a week off and this is my plan. Do you want to know some good news? 

I had tests for Maths, Physics and Chemistry (again!). Maths and Physics went pretty well but  Chemistry could have been better. Well, I learnt my lessons now. Maths assignment is due soon and so is my group English oral presentation. Wish me luck.

Also, I hereby swear I will do the “How I Write My Notes” tutorial by this week.

Saoirse. 6.00 p.m. 11/07/2015.

One day.

One day this won’t be a long distance relationship anymore.

One day I won’t have to wake up to a million texts because you woke up before me. I’m going to be waking up to your sleepy face and your whiney voice that pleads for “5 more minutes.” Your arms will try to pull me back to bed when I get up in the morning because what better way than to wake up to your soulmate and the sunshine flowing into our bedroom?

One day I won’t have to check my phone before I head out for the night or to work. You’ll be there next to me on your tippy toes kissing me. Telling me to be careful or to tell my best friend to drive safely. You need me home safe.

One day I won’t have to wonder anymore about what you would have said about a certain situation or what you would have done about something. You’ll be right next to me reacting exactly in the way you would. You’ll be in person telling me your opinions.

One day I won’t have to wonder what I’m going to make for you and whether you’ll like it. You’ll be right next to me preparing our meals for us and our kids. You’ll laugh when something is horrible and chow down on what tastes amazing.

One day we won’t have to be missing out on things we used to do on our own or with friends or family, because one day we will be doing everything, together. Our own family. Our own traditions.

One day there will be no more spending on plane tickets and hotels and fancy dates to see each other. We will be spending money on plane tickets to see the world together and with our kids. We will be spending money on our future home we have always dreamed of in your favorite location. It will be our own home.

One day I won’t have to deal with a bunch of yellow emojis trying very hard to tell me how you feel as you try so hard to explain your feelings and show me how badly you want me. You will instead be right next to me and the love you have for me will be exuding from your face. I will memorize the lines your face creates when you smile and when you’re upset. I will hear your laugh and it’ll make my heart beat and echo endlessly as we continue on.

One day there will be no more, “I miss you’s” and “I have these days off,” to plan flights. It’ll become bunch of I’m so thankful we survived the months and miles away from each other. I’m glad I never have to let go of you again.

One day there will be an end to having to “take care of ourselves.” It will be the two of us: inside a dark room, hearts beating loudly, breathing heavy, panting. The four walls that keep our darkest secrets waiting for the moans and screams of the ghosts of a long deprived hunger for love and making love with each other.

One day our private conversations about weddings, engagements, adventures, and kids will be nothing but a happy memory. You see, one day, and we will get to that day, when I would kiss you where I want to kiss you the most: in front of God and in front of our friends and family, the ones who doubted us and the ones supporting us from day one.. We will be giving them a captured real life moment that our love, one that we built on communication, determination, commitment, honesty, sass, openness and trust, is one that is true. A love that, after any amount of time always have, always will, be able to stand the tests of time. Distance. And anything else that tries to get in the way.

—  One day