In the midst of all these “Humans will packbond with anything” posts, I’m going to pause and give you some actual, real-world career advice


Humans are packbondy creatures.  I mean, there’s just no arguing it.  They packbond readily, and quickly, and unbelievably strongly.  Once a human has packbonded with a thing, they will do anything to help and protect that thing.  

There’s a downside to that, not often mentioned.  It uses up a lot of their time and energy to build those packbonds, maintain those packbonds, and most especially to do the work of helping and protecting those with whom they have packbonded.  It doesn’t leave them a lot of time and energy for helping other beings. 

If you want a human to help you – if you want to reliably get their best effort – you have to packbond with them first.

Yeah? So?
So you’re probably going to be working with humans for most, if not all, of your career.  No matter how good or bad you are at your job, there will come a time when you need someone else in your workspace to help you with something, whether that’s manning the fry station for 2 minutes while you pee, sending over those numbers from marketing, or dropping everything to teach you how to do a thing that your boss told you to do or else you’d be fired.  

Not to mention the big things.  They don’t give promotions to just their friends – at least not so much any more. Promotions go to the people who’ve completed big, visible, important projects.  It seems fair until you consider,,,, who gets the big, important, visible projects assigned to them in the first place?  

Humans give boosts to the people they’ve packbonded with.  They mention packbondee’s accomplishments to the boss (or the boss’ boss).  They cover for the mistakes of people they’ve packbonded with.  

That’s not right! It shouldn’t be a popularity contest! It should be about who does the best –” 
Listen to me. 

You may be right.  You may be the most correct creature to have ever spoken since the beginning of galactic civilization. 


Humans packbond. It’s what they do. I can’t stop it. You can’t stop it.  No power in the ‘verse can stop it. This is how the human do.

All you can do is work with it. 

If you want a human to help you – if you want to reliably get their best effort – you have to packbond with them first.

Look, I’m introverted and scared of people and I have social anxiety so I really don’t know how to –”
Hey, my pal, I feel you.  I, too, am introverted. And I have social anxiety. And I have PTSD that actually – and I recognize that this is bizarre – has ‘business networking’ as a trigger.  

For you, I have good news:
Humans will packbond with anything.  

Like, you don’t really actually have to do anything. You kinda just have to… exist. In their presence. They kinda do the rest.  

If you can talk with them, that speeds things up.  But it doesn’t have to be, like, good conversation. Like, it can totally go

You: boy, sure is hot out!
Human: Man oh man, can you believe it?
You: Wow, yeah
Human: Totally
You: ….
Human: ….

This conversation – as awkward and uncomfortable as it felt to you, has caused this human to packbond with you a little more. If you repeat it weekly, you will get good results. 


  • You need to packbond with the humans you come in contact with
  • Taking time to do that is not only justifiable, it is an important part of your job, and should be treated as such
  • That is to say that, as much as you hate it (and believe me, I understand), you have to take time away from actual work and dedicate it to packbonding with your fellow workers


  • Plan out your packbonding time. It’s easier if you can initiate than if a human springs packbonding-time on you all unexpected.  In an office job I like to use Friday afternoon, but adjust according to what makes sense to you and your situation.
  • Keep some packbonding-time questions handy.  My go-to list is:
    • (If it’s Monday or Tuesday) How was your weekend?
    • (If it’s Wednesday) How’s your week been so far?
    • (If it’s Thursday or Friday) Any big plans for the weekend?
    • How’s your day been?
  • You don’t have to care about the answers to these questions. All you have to do is remember that if the human is answering questions, they are not asking you any questions.  Therefore questions are your friend.  If you ask follow-up questions, you may be able to get through the entire packbonding time without having to do any of the talking
  • Learn to disengage from packbonding.  You can use basically the same sentence (or variants on it), but you’ll want to practice it so that you can make it sound natural.  I use “Awesome! Well, I gotta get going. Have a good one!”

I know it feels overwhelming, but a few minutes of packbonding, once a week, is all you need.  Once you build it into your habits it can be no more annoying than doing dishes or showering.  

susansepticeye  asked:

What are your plans for this weekend? :)

Recording as well as HOPEFULLY get a blog post out (no promises!) I’m trying to get merch stuff sorted as well so there’s plenty of stuff to do! 



happy fri-YAY to all you lovelies ‪☆ my weekend plans are to edit and upload my october PWM (finally) and catch up on laundry! 

what are your weekend plans?

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Never Mess with the Cul-De-Sac Kids (Dream Daddy One-Shot)

               AN: I made a post about this idea and decided to write it. Also I just used my Dadsona’s name.

Pairing: None except a little DamienXDadsona
Words: 2705

               It was a normal, boring day in Trig for Lucien. He was staring out the window at the trees while his teacher droned on about cosines. Riveting. When suddenly a conversation behind him caught his attention.
               “Did you hear what Emma R. did to Amanda Ross?” Someone asked another person, Lucien shifted to listen, hearing all about how Amanda’s friend group completely betrayed her.

               “So that’s why she’s been hanging around…” Nothing was said but he knew they pointed to him. Ever since his dad started seeing Michael, Amanda’s dad, she had been trying to spend more time with him. He assumed it was because of the possibility of them becoming step siblings but know it made a lot more sense. She had been spending more time with all of the kids in the cul-de-sac, actually. He didn’t really see her with anyone that didn’t live there. Lucien felt the blood in his veins boiling. Amanda had become like an older sister to everyone but especially him. His dad loved her, in part due to her helping him channel his teen angst into better things than Cask of Amontillado-ing his classmates. The bell rang and Lucien headed straight for Ernest’s locker.

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First Impressions - Peter Parker

Prompt: Y/n Stark is left alone for the weekend as the Avengers are out of town. Her dad decides to send a good friend of his over to spend the day with his daughter although forgets to mention anything to Y/n about it leading her to find an intruder in her kitchen. Not all first impressions are great. 

Words: 5,391

Warnings: Maybe three swear words

Rain kissed the filthy sidewalks of Manhattan in a baptizing fashion. The water droplets rid the city of it’s sin by simply showering over head. Y/n Stark watched the mesmerizing scenery from her bedroom window seat, in awe of the beauty. An old throw blanket was snuggled to her body as she leaded her head on the wood of the sill capturing the view below. The rain picturfully had no effect of the daily life of the city goers as they all continued rushing around, the only change was the addition of umbrellas. Most were black, few clear and a rare bit of yellow. The color of the tarps pulled Y/n in allowing her to calculate the amount of vibrant souls and those unlike the rest.

For the moment being she could see thirty or so dark coverings, three rainbow patterns, one red with black polka dots, a child umbrella resembling a frog, and two summer sky blue umbrellas.

With squinted eyes rain boots were still not visible but that was alright. This was her favorite weather and Y/n Stark had the intention of watching the show all day. Well that was until her stomach growled in agony.

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a guy I work with just got married last week

and he keeps saying “girlfriend” when talking about his plans for the long weekend, then he’ll pause and say “wife” instead and he can’t stop smiling every time he does it

it’s adorable

Monsta X As Your Classmates


Originally posted by garisanee

  • Goodie Goodie
  • Probably has been in almost every extra curricular physical activity that’s offered
  • Pays attention during lectures
  • Is somewhat annoyed when he’s writing and someone bothers him but tbh it depends on who it is
  • Says no when you ask for lecture notes because he “wants you to understand that you need to do good on your own”
  • That does sound like some shit he’d say
  • anyway
  • He’ll eventually give in but it’s like a day or two before the test
  • Does that stop you from cramming? No
  • Forces you to buckle down during exams because he ain’t tryna have you fail or anything like that


Originally posted by hsoeoks

  • Always adapts to whatever class he’s in
  • However only has 1 or 2 real friends in those classes
  • Gym rat
  • Always got people swooning
  • Socialite but still focuses on his studies
  • Will literally help anyone out with anything even if it inconveniences him
  • You need notes? He got you
  • You need a pencil during a test even though you aint supposed to be talking? He got you anyway
  • Teachers love him and lowkey have a crush on him
  • He’s a sweetheart appreciate him when he shares his notes, supplies and snacks with you


Originally posted by chiqkihyun

  • Kids can you say class clown???
  • Probably gets shushed by the teacher a few times a day
  • Lowkey a little shit
  • Was sent to the office for accidentally pranking the teacher
  • Has made a few get rich schemes (I mean like Eddy type of get rich schemes)
  • None, literally none, have worked
  • Hyunwoo tries to stop him but did that help? Nope
  • Plays with you alot when he sees you hella focused
  • Once threw an eraser at your mouth
  • He never did that again
  • You stay a few steps ahead of him now so it’s all good


Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

  • Oh boy
  • That one kid man
  • you know, that ONE kid
  • The one that always seems to one up you in everything you do
  • Yep that’s him
  • You got a 98 on a test? He got a 100
  • You answered 2 of the teachers questions? he’ll answer 4
  • You run for student council? He won the election
  • You guys always seem to be neck and neck
  • Kihyun doesn’t take it seriously, he just sees it as friendly competition
  • For the most part
  • Ya’ll legit don’t even ask each other for help
  • Everyone’s waiting to see if this is gonna be a typical teen romance 


Originally posted by hsoeoks

  • He’s a student??
  • Seems like he doesn’t pay attention in class
  • So it’s a surprise when he gets good grades
  • He pays attention he just multi tasks when he does 
  • Like he’ll probably be setting reminders and making plans for the weekend all while taking notes and doing classwork
  • Not a genius just really coordinated
  • Sometimes you ask him for answers to the classwork because you don’t pay attention all the time who tf does???
  • He’s willing to help but acts somewhat flirty
  • little shit
  • You don’t have time for this disrespect but he finds this entertaining


Originally posted by somethinginkorean

  • Excels at language arts or anything writing related
  • Help him with science he needs it
  • Scribbles little things in the margins of his notebook when he’s actually supposed to be writing down notes
  • “tf is inertia???”
  • Minhyuk convinced him to get into a scheme where they profit off of his writing skills and he gets paid to write essays for the other kids
  • That didn’t last long
  • He got off the hook because he’s lowkey the teacher’s favorite
  • Minhyuk’s dumbass almost got suspended but that aint nothing new-
  • anyway
  • Is an english tutor when he can but catch him at the open mic nights
  • His poetry has everybody snapping in tears
  • His music is A1
  • Lowkey Changkyun tried to start a fanclub for him, it didn;t work out but Joo appreciated it


Originally posted by changkyunsfw

  • Ya’ll think he all cute and shit but this is class clown number fuckin 2 right here
  • knows when to control himself unlike Minhyuk
  • but he has his moments
  • he dressed as a whole fuckin meme for halloween
  • Also wore the costume for a week afterwards because he bet Hyungwon he could
  • People were amused but also concerned bc was he going through a mid life crisis or??
  • Model student academically
  • Part time tutor, also attends open mic nights for his bro Jooheon
  • Everyone loves this bromance it’s beautiful
  • It’s hella cute and you know it
Well Respected Man

Wincest Writing Challenge: (August) | @ilostmyshoe-79​ vs. @soy-em

Prompt: A Well Respected Man by The Kinks

Pairing (s): Swesson, Dean Smith/Sam Wesson

Word Count: 2700

Summary: Sam lets loose on the weekend and runs into someone he works with.

Tags/Triggers: smut, rimming

“Hey Wesson, you doing anything fun this weekend?” Ian asks, leaning across their cubicles. “I’ve got a date. Meeting this chick I’ve been talking to online. She’s wild, man. Crazy hot pictures.”

Sam snorts and taps his pencil against the bobble-head he keeps next to his computer screen. “Yeah? What if she shows up and turns out to be a middle-aged man or something?”

“If he can do half of the things that we talked about in our messages, then I wouldn’t even care.”

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Sudden Death “Colored Sketch” Commissions

If you want to commission your OC with one of mine, I’ll take $5 off the two character price of whatever slot you choose! <3

Only 4 slots open that I plan to have done this weekend. Email me at ASKTHESTARGAZERS@GMAIL.COM to grab yours! Paypal only, payment up front, and please have visual reference for your characters! <3 (I’m doing this on the weekend so it doesn’t interfere with patreon and my existing commissions schedule!)

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