As we approach the New Moon in Scorpio at the end of this week, we are in a time of evaluation of the past month and the past year that started with the last New Moon in Scorpio. Scorpio is a very deep and very secretive sign. It contains everything that we don’t say out loud and everything that others can’t see: our deepest secrets, our deepest desires, and our deepest problems. The Sabian symbol (a unique phrase assigned to each degree of the Zodiac) for the degree of the New Moon on October 30th is “A Calm Lake Bathed In Moonlight”. This poetic image creates a picture of stillness and calm, but, in fact, this is a deep lake with underwater currents and hidden drama, may be even a couple of skeletons on the bottom beneath the calm and reflective surface. Mercury moves to Scorpio in the beginning of the week and will be very close to the New Moon. This connection suggests that our thoughts need to go to the deepest depths of our emotions as well. Scorpio is a silent sign, so it may be difficult to talk about emotions or even to understand them. However, the close connection between the New Moon and Mercury in Scorpio does suggest to go deep with our analyses and to examine and investigate our feelings before we bring them out and start talking about the deepest secrets that we carry.

The week will start with the happy and creative Moon in Leo, but most of the week the Moon will travel through the signs of Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio, encouraging analytical evaluation of our feelings, finding our place among other people and especially in one-on-one relationships, and revisiting the deep storages of emotions and passions. We will feel naturally inclined to think deeply and to make changes and transformations in the future. As usual, don’t forget to make your resolutions and lists for the upcoming month and the next year from one Scorpio new Moon to another!

Moon in Leo: Monday October 24th

We will be on fire in the morning on Monday. The energy will be creative and electric, many of us will wake up to a surprise, many will feel the rebellious energy and the all-swallowing desire for freedom and change. Others may have creative thoughts that will signify breakthroughs and rapid change and movement ahead. However, the overall energy should be happy and playful. If there is a need for a talk (especially a talk about relationships or contracts), hurry up and do the talking before the evening, the earlier the better. By the evening, Mercury will move to Scorpio, and expressing our thoughts or discussing anything may become so much more difficult.

Moon in Virgo: Tuesday October 25th – Thursday October 27th early morning

On Tuesday, after the Moon moves to the sign of Virgo, the workweek will really begin. We will have a lot of clarity about our goals and tasks in hand, about the past mistakes and the future directions. The mood will be serious, and the choices will be made only after deep analyses and investigations. We will be able to remain composed and productive. In the second half of the day, we may experience some unexpected obstacles or calls of duty, but we should be able to resolve any complication with clear mind and optimistic thoughtful approach.

Wednesday morning is precious if you have a long to do list. We will feel a lot of contained power and collected energy, and we should use them to accomplish as much as possible in the morning and early afternoon. The time in the afternoon and evening as well as the next morning will be unproductive and unsuited foe anything important. This time can be used to organize and clean the office or closets at home or to finish something that we started and did not have a chance to bring to a completion, especially if it requires persistent and practical approach.

Moon in Libra: Thursday October 27th late morning – Saturday October 29th

Don’t be in a hurry to start your day. Spend an extra hour in bed if you can or start slowly with a long breakfast if you can. If you have to be at work early, don’t try to start anything important and new early – you will only waste your time and energy. Late morning will bring more productive and positive experiences, but it may be difficult to connect with other people, even if the intention and desire are there. Try to find a balance and harmony in moving forward without others’ help. Later in the day, it will be easier to connect with others and to feel positive ad optimistic. The evening will be perfect for any celebrations or formal events as well as for a pleasant date, especially of you have serious feelings and intentions for the person you will be meeting.

Friday morning will bring a good mood and success. Start the day early and enjoy the success and satisfaction most of the morning. The late morning may bring a problem or two, so, the earlier you start, the better will be the outcome of your efforts. The afternoon and the evening are far from calm and peaceful, there will be action and efforts needed, and peace and harmony may be unattainable. At least, we will be collected and will have a clear head to deal with any complications.

Reserve Saturday for activities related to relationships, search for harmony and peace, and art. This will not be a good day to start anything new or to try to accomplish anything important and to get practical outcomes. Moon in Libra is a social Moon looking for interactions and relationships with others, but the Moon is alone in the sky, and it may be difficult to connect to others.

Moon in Scorpio: Saturday October 29th late night – Sunday October 30th

If staying up late, use the late nighttime to contemplate the changes and transformations you need to make in your life to feel more powerful and less isolated. The Balsamic Moon encourages contemplation and planning for the future, use the energy to prepare for the New Moon on Sunday.

The New Moon on Sunday brings together our feelings, our plans and aspirations, and our minds. This may be a very transformative time if we go deep and investigate our deepest desires and passions, our darkest secrets and problems and try to find the ways to bring all these out to the sun. We may not see the ways to deal with our secrets and hidden thoughts and feelings now, but, if we focus on them on this day of the New Moon, the solutions will come within a couple of the weeks or several months from this New Scorpio Moon. The position of the Moon on this day strongly suggests that our pasts and futures can be brought to harmony and agreement if we give enough attention to feelings and thoughts that cannot be easily seen or understood. Focusing on hidden and secret may be uncomfortable now, but it has a very deep meaning on this day, and it promises sweet rewards in the future. 

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of October 24TH – 30TH):

Wednesday October 26th 2:32 PM – Thursday October 27th 9:50 AM;

Saturday October 29th 6:09 AM – 10:00 PM.

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The Weekend that Was

I just want to say, we were forewarned about this weekend and well, it turned out to be a weekend full of stunts ending with yet another torturous few minutes of having a song I used to love being destroyed yet again.  But I think there is something very positive to be taken from the weekend and this is about how Darren reacted to the events that occurred.

We all know that Darren spent last Monday in LA.  No doubt while there, plans for the weekend of bearding were laid out.  And in response this was Chris’ reaction on IG:

Clearly someone was not happy with the plans that were made.  And hey, we had a good stretch.  Darren managed to avoid having any pictures taken with her as a couple since the Hamptons that were posted publicly.

Fast forward to Thursday and the twitter event.  When we all noticed Darren wearing two rings:

This is a trend that continued through yesterday.  There are many reasons this could be, but quite frankly, I believe this is Darren very much reinforcing his commitment to Chris as we know on that very evening his “gf” arrived in town as she posted a selfie on snapchat from the same place she stayed the last time she was in San Fran (no doubt she rented the same Air B&B to make it look as if she is staying with Darren).  I also think the two rings was his way of warding off the evil in his presence.

Friday afternoon, Darren allows the first picture of himself solely with her in months to be posted publicly.  And his face pretty much speaks for itself (just compare his smile to the one above where he is with a random male stranger):

Friday night beardy makes it known that she is once again attending Hedwig (really what significant other has to announce it each and every time they see their bf in a show?  Its beyond ridiculous).  And clearly this time she was on a mission as she failed to get one couple photo the last time she was in San Fran. But Darren was on his A game that night.  For the first and only time since July 19, 2015, our favorite joke reappeared as confirmed by multiple sources (he has not used the joke since, making the impact even greater. He was making a point very publicly and no doubt his goal was to embarrass her):

I love that fact that she had to sit in the audience, much like Opening Night when he very obviously gave her the finger, and just accept it and smile.  No doubt he paid for it later that night, but he made his point clear.  On a night when it was supposed to be about beardy, he started an absolute riot by bringing back the Col-Fur joke and reminding us of his co-star, someone he has not spent one minute with publicly since Glee ended in March 2015.  Is there even a question as to what his point was?  He may have to pretend to be with beardy, but it is very obvious where his heart lies.

We did get a cast outing that night, that seemingly involved his lady.  There is the diner pic.  There is a lot to be said about that picture.  At a very minimum, it is clear that she was not sitting in that booth and that the picture is staged (no room for her and no food for her on the table). I am going to leave it at that as there are many differing opinions on that pic.

Saturday, our girl spends her day walking around San Fran and Day Drinking.  Mercifully it appears she stays away from Hedwig. But Darren continues to make his true feelings know with the following tweet:

Why at 7:03 PST (my twitter is EST) did Darren chose to respond to this fan? And honestly, that fan knows about Hedwig,  The person is asking about So Gallant.  But Darren decides to talk about Hedwig as he needed to respond to this particular person.  Look at Lamees icon.  I mean, of all the fans Darren could have responded, he chose a person who had Chris as his/her twitter pic.  And it gets better. The individuals bio mentions Klaine and not too long before the exchange with Darren had tweeted excitement over the return of the Colfur Joke,  We have talked about this many many times. Darren is a very intelligent man. He has been playing this game for a long long time.  This was very intentional and for the second time in 24 hours he reminded us of Chris-A person that as far as we know he has not seen in 19 months.  No doubt of the intention- he wants to remind us of the person he is madly in love with and is not allowed to tell the world.

Of course, I figured we got away too easy on Saturday.  Once again, she announces her presence at Hedwig for yesterday’s matinee (we already know you are there, you do not have to post on Snap each and every time you head to the Golden Gate Theater with your Hedwig inspired footwear). Even better she has to let us know she is backstage after the show by posting the sign.  As if we should be shocked that one is allowed backstage when their “bf” is the star!!  

And then we had the party.  A party I think Darren was not over enthused about attending (which is sad, it was a party from what I understand to celebrate him and Hedwig in San Fran):

I do believe this was Darren sharing that he was exhausted and likely dreading the night ahead.  No doubt the “duet” was pre-planned and he knew what he was going to be forced to do.  And sadly, just a few hours later he was on stage performing and allowing a perfectly fine song to be absolutely ruined.

So yes, this morning, when the first thing I was greeted with was another awful rendition of What’s Going On, I felt sad and distraught. I constantly question what power it is that she can force Darren into continuing this charade? How can she force him to continuously embarrass himself (which pretty much is every time she is present)? I wish I knew the answers to these questions.  I hate that this is happening and I continue to worry about Darren’s physical and emotional well being.

And I remind myself that her getting him to perform with her is something she craves and something she needs.  And from the bearding perspective, we all know that one of the purposes she agreed, was to promote herself as a musician.  And no better way then to perform on stage with the celebrity she is associated with.  And have it posted on Social Media.

I think my point is however, no matter how distraught, how depressing these events seem, or how much I worry about Darren,  the important thing about this weekend is that Darren is fighting, more than I have seen him fight in a while. He complied with what he was told to do, he spent a weekend promoting her.  But he also spent the weekend rebelling and letting it be known to anyone paying attention that he was not happy.  He spent his weekend trying to embarrass her.  And a weekend reinforcing that his heart belongs to one person, and one person only.  And his name is Chris Colfur. 

I personally am very proud of him for speaking and speaking loudly. I just hope this nightmare for him ends soon. Sometimes I fear that whatever hold she has is just too strong.  But I have to hold out hope that good will prevail in the end.

I had plans this weekend. Actual plans. And all of them went soaring out the window when I woke up Friday with a seriously sore throat, which has evolved to today, where all I’ve had is one bowl of soup and half a mug of tea because swallowing is painful. I can’t believe I’m sick a week before Halloween. All I want is some hot soup, 20 hours of sleep, and no classes tomorrow. Maybe no fever.


“Say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your wildest dreams.”

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Er…so this probably isn’t what you expected from a Big Hero 6 x Frozen crossover…sorry!! not sorry :P

And for those of you who just wanted to see Hiro in a dress, here! <3

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