Me: I’m only doing the AU prompts, I have to change this
Brain: Yeah I know, but hey, listen up about this….

Arslan Senki Week, day 4, Modern AU

Heeeelp… I can’t take Zott Gang out of my head now asdfghjklkjhgf

White Spines. #augustofpages

The weekend is almost here, bookworms! I am SO looking forward to having some free time to hopefully get in a lot of reading. 😊 I say this every weekend, yet it rarely ever happens. 😆

What are your plans for the weekend??

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When is Oswald going to react to the cats?

Tonight probably :) I was going to was going to wait until Caturday (Saturday), but I may have plans… with Fish.. that weekend. 

I have gotten so very very deep in an voltron au I’ve created

Like, incredibly deep

most of my headcanons at the moment revolve around this universe. All the fics I want to write are spin offs.

What I’m going to do soon is start posting one shots and headcanons to build up the world until I start properly writing the main story. I want to explore the characters and their relationships and set all that up so you know where it’s sitting.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • It’s set maybe about a year (or just over) after the start of Voltron.
  • Pidge is now 15, Hunk 17, Keith and Lance 18, Shiro 26
  • They’re all damaged psychologically and physically - the war is still ongoing, they haven’t been back to earth yet, and they’ve experienced true battle
  • Lance has a cybernetic leg, Pidge has a bionic eye (and maybe hand), Keith isn’t Galran but he has been subjected to experimentation so has alien traits
  • They’re all basically trained killers/soldiers at this point, and they’re freakin good at it - yes, I’m a sucker for the ‘dark and gritty’ trope, so sue me
  • Klance is established (one of my prequel stories sets this up) - I have so many headcanons about their relationship, including nsfw ones
  • Shiro and Allura are kind of a thing?
  • Female pronouns for Pidge, but still would rather pass as a boy most of the time
  • Main story will be exploring them coming back to earth (due to a threat) and how they basically can’t be ‘normal’ anymore

Anyway, I’m really excited and I hope you are too!!!!

You’ve spent months reaching your goals, or you’re just starting your journey and now BAM. Summer is here, family trips are planned, beach weekends with your besties are booked, road trips are scheduled. You name it, vacation time is here ☀️

So what does that mean for your new found love or loath with healthy eating habits and fitness??

Well…two approaches: you can say F*** it, I’m on vacation. YOLO for the few weeks you spend in paradise and get back to work when reality sets back in and your find yourself back at home. Or you can find a balance between YOLO and spending all day in gym. After all, it’s vacation! But that shouldn’t mean gaining 10
Pounds in 10 days…

I’m currently enjoying Hawaii. Waking up every morning with a panoramic view of Waikiki beach, absolutely amazing. However, I have a very specific event only a short 7.5 weeks away…that I have not officially announced 🙊👙 that requires me to be on my A-game the entirety of my vacation. So I’ve gathered some tips to share for those on their A-game while on vacation and those who want the balance between YOLO and 5 hours in the gym.

Housing Accommodations:

- IF you have an input in your choice of hotel,
Find one with a fitness facility. Even a small one with an elliptical and treadmill is sufficient enough for some quick cardio in the AM or evening.

-Check with the front desk, or online prior to arriving, about offered fitness classes. Most resorts offer a variety of classes to attend and it can be a fun way to try a workout in a new place 😊. I’ve personally be substituting my morning treadmill with an outdoor Body Sculpting class. Nothing like breaking a sweat in a Hawaii garden 🌺🌤🌴

-Turn your surroundings into a fun activity. Powerwalks on the beach in the morning or city Boardwalk, jog nearby trails,evening sprints in a park with your friends.

- Upload/stream your favorite workout videos with your phone/iPod and find a space to complete the workout. I have the Beachbody program, Insanity, audio recording on my iPhone. So when I get tired of the gym treadmills, beach walking, fitness classes etc, I can find a spot to do the workout with my headphones and phone. Drag your friends along with you or go solo.

- Rent a bicycle and go exploring, give paddle boarding a try, go kayaking, rent aqua cycles and have a race with your spouse/family/siblings/ friends. Go swimming in the ocean,lake, pool and have lap races with your friends or have a distance race with yourself. Find the locals favorite hiking spot.

- How much time should you workout? Well that will depend on you. Like I said earlier, I’m on a strict plan right now. So I do cardio in the morning and weighs in the evening plus cardio again. I typically sleep in, but while on vacation, it’s fun to get up early and walk/jog the beach or break a sweat in the Hawaiian gardens for Body Sculpt class. In the evening, after dinner,
My husband and I go lift weights+cardio for an hour. Our late evenings are free so we can walk the beach, find a fun live music spot, explore the night. For you, one workout might be enough! And that is great. Or every other day. Whatever feels right for you. Just know that fitness is part of your healthy life so you want it to be part of you vacation too ☀️😃 but it can come in different forms than a gym. Get creative and be active.


- You’re not going to want to eat out for every meal. That gets expensive 😕. Find a grocery store and stock up on some healthy filler foods and smaller meals. I have to prep ALL my food (minus veggies I can order at a restaurant) so I’m preparing all my meals in my hotel with a microwave/fridge and it’s working great. But for those who don’t need to weigh their food, you won’t need to prepare it yourself. Find a grocery store for: apples, bananas, carrot sticks, hummus singles, crackers, peanut butter, rice cakes, oatmeal cups, yogurt cups, mixed nuts, granola bars, protein bars etc. Healthy foods for snacks between meals and even breakfast foods. You don’t need to order every meal you eat. Side note, I even packed my mini blender in my checked luggage so I can make smoothies in the morning 🙊.

-When you go to a restaurant check out the salad bar, veggies options, fruit platters, granola bowls, grains, etc.

- If the majority of stops are with fast food places, order from the light menus. This is also where you’re grocery bought items will come in handy. Or look for subway or Panera bread (or other similar places) where the menus offer some fresh options.

- Treats are fun! I’ve enjoyed some taste of Hawaii with some Kona Coffee Dark Chocolate macadamia nuts and they were amazing! But every single meal does not need to be deep fried lol grab some fruit with your bakery fresh cinnamon roll 😋 find your vacation balance without undoing all those habits you worked so hard to build.



I wait for 2 hours for this guy. @alexboyplayer can’t belive you 😂👊 HE appear that late… like always….i was gonna stay in a hotel but Alex said is better if i stay with him…i don’t like the idea but…i’m tired, hungry and i wanna sleep.

When Álex open the door i found @freebackbird @willclarksonphotograph ajajaja it was so weird know i get why milena saids about the….and i saw flowers some chocolates and them i saw some…. Box of condoms and them i saw everybody’s sex face i was….😱 I WANNA GET THE HELL OUT OFF THERE!!!!

I thougth i was gonna have hugs and kises but nada de nada ajajaja the orgy was with their owner i came to nyc and….nothing…but Milena was really needy touching will everywhere lol and planning for the weekend to go all us together ❤🍷

Well affter everybody left like a promised to someone i will bath you….ONLY ONCE 😂☔

But we didn’t did anything thanks to @willclarksonphotograph 😂🍷 omg bruh
The Summer Cabin Trilogy - astralfreckles - Girl Meets World [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas are all pack into a car Farkle borrowed from his dad. They’re taking a road trip upstate to the Minkus’ cabin for the weekend as a final celebration before they start their freshman year of college in a few weeks. Right now, they’re only definite plan for the weekend is to celebrate youth, summer, and each other.”

This is my first series/chaptered fic, so I’m super excited to share it with you guys! I’m especially excited because it’s inspired by the lyrics of Troye Sivan’s “Blue Neighborhood Trilogy”.

I did this in collaboration with @riarklequeens, the most amazing person in the world, so check out her series (also inspired by the trilogy) as well!


Today I am at my cousins 2 year old party.

I got 3 ½ hours of sleep last night (shhhh) and got up and moved some furniture with my dad (yea exercise) and decided to have a filling lunch before heading to the party. Breakfast for the win! 🙌🏼

On the way there I stopped for some energy, and I brought my own healthy snacks to survive today’s eating. :)

I’m sure more pictures later. Hope you have a happy Saturday!