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so i didn't watch kemono friends and i dont really plan to, but everyone's losing their shit over it. what happened??

Tatsuki, season 1′s director, announced on twitter that he’s been abruptly removed from production of season two by Kadokawa, the anime’s publisher.

this did not sit well with… just about anyone? Tatsuki and his team in his team had been given a large amount of creative freedom with the anime because, seeing how the brand had already failed at this point, Kadokawa had no hope in the brand already. Given a non existent budget, a small team and no expectations, Tatsuki’s team is credited with taking a all but dead IP and turning it into the biggest smash hit the anime’s scene has seen in years. It’s hard to tell from our end o the hemisphere, but Japan’s still going nuts over KM, and its success is because of a small amateur team/director being given creative freedom.

People are rightfully pissed. Tatsuki’s name became the number one worldwide trend in like two hours with like half a million tweets- and those are just the tagged ones. Kadokawa’s stocks took a hit. even Kojima/konami started to trend on twitter because people were comparing this to how Kojima was treated by Konami. The writer of Girlish Number tweeted about how “he was surprised that someone actually did something more horrific than anything he wrote about in Girlish Number”

And then we wake up today and we learn that Kadokawa approached the old team about making a movie, and they all wanted to quit. so they let them off.

A generic PR talk statement from kadokawa came out with it and basically confirmed everyone’s fears; kadokawa didn’t like that Yaoyorozu had been doing things with the IP that they basically made themselves, like creating the 12.1 episode and putting it on nico nico for free.

It’s effectively the publisher doing a brand takeover. At this point Kadokawa has fired everyone associated with season 1, and will be taking over the season 2 project on their own terms.

You should be mad, even if you dont care about kemono friends! it’s a gross corporation move in an attempt to milk the franchise of money, which is insulting seeing how kemono friends was made on pennies and came back with gangbusters.  Season two will come out but without a single member of the previous team, sans voice actors probably. It won’t carry the magic that season 1 had, and it’ll be frustrating to look at knowing the background.

There’s always the elephant in the room of “what if kadokawa was right? What if Tatsuki really was overreaching his grip and doing things he really shouldn’t of?”, but we’ll likely never know, and honestly seeing how the previous team wanted to quit after the firing of Tatsuki, the odds of it actually being a problem on  Yaoyorozu’s end seems really thin.

it’s a story of a humble anime success story that’s ending in corporate greed. You should be mad.