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Hey, I’m just wondering how many of you guys are going to see the carmilla movie in the Mississauga region? If you are let me know because if we could make a group or something, that’d be great. If you’re not please still boost this so others can see, and maybe we’ll have enough to plan this, thanks guys! :)
Honey Bees Chapter 12: This is Us, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
Judith grows jealous of the newest member of the family.

The last chapter of the series! Thank you all so much for the feedback. All is very appreciated :) 

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Vista de las fachadas de las torres desde el patio, Unidad Morelos ‘Los Soldominios’, calle Dr. J. Navarro 207 entre Dr. Carmona y Valle y Dr. Lucio, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1968

Arq. Guillermo Rossell

View of the facades of the towers from a court yard, Unidad Morelos 'Los Soldominios’, calle Dr. J. Navarro 207 between Dr. Carmona y Valle and Dr. Lucio, Doctores, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1968

If I can offer advice after working in health insurance, BUY GOD DAMN INTERNATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE IF YOU’RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY.

I can assure you, your domestic plan isn’t going to cover shit if you have medical expenses outside the US. They will do everything in their power to circumnavigate covering a dollar of that bill. And you have to pay up front for expenses in these cases meaning you pay out of pocket then hopefully maybe get reimbursed. Plus there are countries who will not allow you to leave the country without paying your medical bills in full.

Travel health insurance plans typically cost like a couple bucks a day and will cover most medical expenses.

Seriously, buy an international health insurance plan if you’re leaving the country even if it’s for 3 days or 3 months. You never know what will happen.

Sonny remembered perfectly the day that picture of Will had been taken. 

February 15, 2014. 

They started the day with a breakfast in bed consisting of pancakes made from scratch, strawberries and whipped cream (Will had joked they were turning into John and Marlena) and mimosas. 

After a lazy make out session, Will broke away, claiming he had to run an errand. When he returned with a ring for Sonny and they made their engagement official, they spent the rest of the morning telling their parents they were getting married. 

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malec + 28. “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

Magnus groaned looking at his ruined jacket. He and Alec had been on a walk together in the park, taking advantage of what little free time they shared to achieve a moment of peace and solitude, when a horde of Ravener demons appeared out of nowhere. The two of them dispatched them quickly, but they both ended up covered in venom.

“Magnus, are you alright?” Alec asked, the moment the last demon evaporated. He dashed over to his boyfriend with concern, checking for injuries, as he removed his own venom-soaked jacket.

“I’m fine. My jacket, however, I believe did not survive the encounter” he replied, gingerly shrugging it off. Inspecting the damage, he pursued his lips. He was right; the venom had already eaten through the fabric and stained what was left.

“Yeah, mine didn’t make it either,” Alec nodded, gesturing to the leather mass in his hands.

“So first the demon mess up our lunch date, and then destroy our wardrobe?” Magnus joked. “You know, this is why we can’t have nice things.”

“I don’t need them. I have you.” Alec smiled, a genuine intensity bright in his eyes.

Magnus looked up at his boyfriend and wondered how he was so lucky as to have found a man who loved him so much. Smiling softly, he reached out to grab Alec’s hand and pulled him in to a gentle kiss.

Silently, they both wished they could just take the rest of the day off, shirk their responsibilities, and abscond to some new place halfway around the world for the rest of the day. But that moment in the park, as brief as it may have been, would have to be enough. And it was.


Fringe rewatch:  Walter & Astrid in every episode - Pilot