16/100 days of productivity | Feb 12th, 2016

Look what came in the mail! Half of my birthday present - the other half has been stuck for a month in the mail for some reason. 

So now I’m making the transfer from my almost complete bullet journal to my new one while I drink iced tea. I guess I’ll start using the new one in March. 


Study Sanity’s Planner Pack!

link to the google drive folder / link to my printables page

  • minimalistic, simple, relaxing, and printer friendly layout
  • common formatting and fonts across all pages
  • completely cost free, without any watermark
  • simple and clutter-free in order to allow for personalization

In the planner pack: (*shown in preview)

  • Weekly pages* (two styles - next week/weekly goal)
  • Daily pages* (half and full page available, multiple variations)
  • Monthly Overview
  • Stress Relief/Self Help Page (many variations)
  • Notes (12, 14, and 18 pt line spacing)
  • To-Do Lists Template*

~my printables will never have a watermark, as long as I get credit through reblogs - I hope you guys like these and please reblog~


13 Feb 2016 // 21 / 100 Days of Productivity

Super huge study day today! I have so many tasks to complete, so I wrote out an entire checklist of them all. Also thought I’d show you one of my spreads from the other day (: My bullet journal’s design has changed and it isn’t as artsy as it was last year, but I’m still really loving my current design!


12/02/16 [17/100]

Half term starts for me today… WHOO!!…except a lot of work needs to be done, so here are a few of my study supplies & some lovely quotes. Right time to get to work :) 



Assignment Tracker Printables!

Hello everyone! I decided to make some assignment tracker printables for myself, and then thought that sharing them might be nice. They look like this:

I made seven colors, too! Be sure to give me a shout out when you use them so I can see :D Click the links below to access the PDFs:

2.12.16 \\ 25|100 days of productivity

WHAT A WEEK?!? That’s all I can say. While also thinking: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For next week. I have three test, an art project due, asked to be on a panel, jazz night preparation, and jazz night. Also I have to double up on my hours at work since I was sick Wednesday. Like I’m already tired. Is that possible. Either way, I’m in library getting ready for my study lock down session. Good night lovely people and have a safe weekend!!!