Hi guys!

Since planners are ridiculously expensive and can range from $15-30 with sucky formatting, I spent several hours designing this template. I didn’t include the dates so you can number them however you like and I won’t have to redesign them every year. Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload the whole templet so you can go ahead and download it directly from my dropbox FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE. Let me know if you have any issues. Here’s to a great school year! pages


P.S Sorry it’s so girly…maybe I’ll make a new template next year..

So I made a weekly planner I truly intend to use!! (It looks so empty but it’s the summer semester and I only have one class!)I just found out about the studyblr community and it is so, so inspiring. I am sharring it with you as my first ever contribution to the studyblr! Yay!

I made four versions on the variation of the tiny deers at the top (I love them, but maybe someone won’t want them there!) and the blanks for the daily objectives. My personal objectives are 1) work on school things 2) read a few pages of a book since I’m doing the “2015 Reading Challenge” 3) write a minimum of 100 words of anything and 4) spend less money!

With the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

Without the deers

One blank version

Two blanks version

If you use it or make a variation of it please like or reblog so I know I helped someone! Thanks! :) Oh and I’m not a study blog, I’m a hockey blog: don’t follow or you’ll be invaded by handsome dorks.

EDIT: There is a Monthly Expenses Chart that matches this planner.