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Got the idea to put one of my favorite motivational images as my planner dashboard.

I finished one of the novels that I have to write an essay on at the end of the semester tonight, because the less homework I have to do during renfaire season, the better. I also realized that since I’ve been taking an active role in planning my days, I’m caught up on laundry, my room is clean, and I got over 100% on all of my midterms. (There were some curves.)

It’s spring break and I’m pumped for next weekend. (Renfaire starts!)

Did you catch this printable from designlovefest?? It is going up on my studio mood board, love this style!

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Trying out stationery from other countries is one of the coolest things for me when it comes to decorating my planner. I love this HEMA stationery and skinny washitape from Ladyendevagehond’s Etsy shop in the Netherlands. She has really cute and unique stationery products in her shop and I love her IG photos. The link to her shop is on her IG profile and save 15% on your order using coupon code HAUTEPINKFLUFF15 

Ladyendevagehond Etsy Shop:


This has taken a lot of hard work and a number of weeks to complete {mostly because I’m lazy} and it is a large file, the complete planner is 116 pages. 

You can access the PDF {here}. The link is to a folder that includes extra pages from the planner such as course info, notes, to-do list, a weekly planner & also a copy of the daily planner I released earlier. 

{If you notice any issues, or you would like something added, feel free to drop me an ask, or email me: 

Nicole xo 

                                 FREE DAILY PLANNER PRINTABLE

Hey guys! I made this daily planner this morning for myself, and thought some of you might be able to benefit from it? So here you go!


  • Hourly planning section
  • ‘To do’ section for little odd bits and pieces
  • ‘Important’ section to remind you if you have to call someone or eat something
  • ‘Notes’ section for any inspirational tidbit you may wanna write for yourself, or perhaps to keep track of food and drink intake :)

Hope you guys find this useful, send me an ask if you want something changed or another type of planner made! 

Have a good day :)


2015 Letterpress Daily Planner by Julia Kostreva Studio

Breathe easy in 2015 with this etherial white-on-white daily planner notebook. Limited to 260 copies, this 164-page perfect-bound book has white foil printed on speckled natural mill paper.

Julia Kostreva is an art director and designer in California with a love for art and culture. In 2013 Julia founded a creative studio and shop - a place for work and play. The core studio practice balances creativity with functionality and embraces design distilled from storytelling. Of course, they have fun everywhere in between - they believe playful design can make your everyday a little brighter. 

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