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Hey, do you have any tips on time management?

GET A PLANNER! (or print one!!!!) That is my top tip. Also DO NOT OVEREXTEND YOURSELF! Pushing yourself is fine, but don’t spread yourself so thin you don’t have time to read or watch a tv show or movie, OR JUST DO NOTHING! :) x

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Okay, I’ve been wanting to share this for WEEKS now! I soo excited to announce that I am making my teaching DEBUT in The Creative Holiday Planner Workshop! I am SO EXCITED and honored to be teaching alongside this awesome planner girl roster! Oh my goodness!

So in the class, I’ll be showing you how I set up my Caramel Color Crush for the Autumn. Remember that big project in my caramel I was so excited for? This is it!! #caramelcrushers I wanted my planner to feel like a clear, crisp early autumn day. When you’re just starting to pull out your sweaters and scarves, and pumpkin spice everything is starting to take over. There’s still subtle hints of pink and mint as the gold encapsulates the world around us.
I’ve created a TON of printables for you in the course! From Silhouette Cut Files to printable journaling cards and stickers, and even a super cute and super unique planner pocket template - yeah, you’re not going to want to miss this. I went into this with the mindset of completely creating a unique, one of a kind experience for you, and creating things you WILL NOT find anywhere else at all.
Plus, joining me in the class is an all-star roster of planner girls that just leave us all in awe with their talent, and savviness, and creativity, and loving presence in the community:
And of course Christy Tomlinson - @ThePlannerSociety - herself! Tingles, much? Yeah :)

We absolutely love you, planner girls - darlings! - and want you to have a completely fabulous holiday season with a jaw-droppingly gorgeous planner.

So much love, and happy planning!
<3 Chelley

The course starts Sept. 23rd, and you have access to the materials for three full years!
To sign up, head over to my blog - - the link is in my profile! #creativeholidayplanning #holidayplanner #creativeholidayplannerworkshop #creativeplannerworkshop #planner #planning #plannerlove #colorcrushplanners #plannerdecorating #plannerdarlings


Hobonichi Techo 2016, Earthbound covers ⊟ 

Next year’s line of Hobonichi Techo – the cherished daily planner produced by 1101 and Mother/Earthbound series creator Shigesato Itoi – is now available to preorder, including the 2016 English planners!

As always, half the fun of the Techo is buying accessories and cases, and 1101 has plenty of new goodies for its planners. The company has produced two Mother/Earthbound covers featuring sprites from the SNES game and a bonus bookmark, as well as a Mr. Saturn cover for its Japanese “Weeks” Techo.

The Earthbound items are likely to sell out soon, so make buying them a priority if you’re interested! Paying for an English Techo, one of the Earthbound covers, and shipping can set you back over $55 (the planner by itself runs for about $22 before shipping costs from Japan). The expected ship date is mid-October.

That limited edition Mother 3 Game Boy Micro tho.

BUY Mother 3/Earthbound, Hobonichi Techo

Started my bullet journal today; let’s see how this goes. I’m really excited about it and can seriously already feel myself being more motivated to complete tasks simply so that I can fill in the box. 

Also, I want to make more of an effort to make #studyblr posts. I fell in love with the community over these past couple of weeks and want to participate. (: