Student Planner - Fall 2015 Semester
The ultimate planner for students of any level!

Get my new Student Planner for the Fall 2015 Semester for just $0.99 using coupon code STUDENTFALL15! This coupon is exclusive for my Tumblr followers! Normally $6.99.

Included Planner Pages:

  • Semester Overview
  • Course Information Sheets
  • Grade Tracker Sheets
  • Class Schedule
  • Goal-Oriented Monthly Spreads
  • The “Get It Done” Weekly Spreads
  • Monthly and Semester Reflections

Included Inserts and Bonus Pages:

  • Exam Prep Evaluation Inserts
  • Rainbow Daily Page Inserts
  • Extra Notes Sheets

Those who filled out the survey for my Spring 2015 Student Planner will receive free access to this semester’s planner! Check your inbox for instructions to download.


  • FREE FOREVER B/W Undated Student Planner
  • New FREE Printable Sheets
  • Full Year 2016 Planner

These planners take a lot of time and effort to create. Each semester I give it my all to make the best student planner possible for you all. I hope you enjoy and find the planner useful!

– Melissa (hexaneandheels)

stay-amused asked:

Sorry my bff uses ur 2014 planner and she loves it. I was wondering how to get the 2015 free one?

2014? I only started making planners in January 2015. I assume you mean my Spring 2015 one.

I offered my Fall 2015 Student Planner for free to people who critiqued my free Spring 2015 Student Planner through a survey for a limited time. About 130 people provided feedback, so those people earned the free one. You can get it for literally $1 on Etsy here with the coupon code STUDENTFALL15 (which is extremely cheap compared to other planners of Etsy). I’ll also have a free black and white undated one coming out soon, though the design will be a little different.


My passion planner arrived today! I was so happy. I already started personalizing it for next week, which is my first week of college! So far I really love it. It’s classic, but pretty. Thick (which I love) with thick paper (!!!) yet portable and compact.

I think this will be the first planner that I can actually keep up with. For a college student, the 30-min timespaces are perfect. As a dreamer and an ambitious person, there’s mindmaps that help you achieve your goals. There’s space for to-do lists, so I will probably abandon my bullet journal and continue in my planner, and there are also quite a few pages in the back where you can doodle, or make lists, or do whatever you want.

No embellishments in this weeks journaling/ memory keeping for my @inkwellpress. It’s getting a little thick 😆 #inkwell #iwpflorence #inkwellpress #inkwellpressplanner #planner #handwriting #lettering#planwithme #plannergirl #journaling#creativejournaling#livelifeandcreate #plannerlove #plannernerd #planneraddict

The necessities of planning my life…

Here are a couple of tips to help plan! 

Tip #1: Keep a smaller planner in your bag to jot down your homework quickly during class.

Tip#2: Later you can transfer it into a bigger planner and list them in order of priority.

Tip #3: Keep a journal! You will be a lot happier when you rant in it! You can write inspirational thoughts, summarize your day, or basically write about anything :)))) Bonus: This also helps improve your writing!!!!

Tip #4: KEEP A LIST OF GOALS FOR EVERYTHING! They can be about academics, sports, music, making friends, health, etc. Whether you write them in your journal, planner, or in a separate journal this will motivate you! Make sure to set deadlines and constantly check and comment on your progress for each goal!!!