Always say yes to new adventures.
Adventures help you grow and experience new things. You don’t have to pack a bag 🎒 and travel ✈️ far away. Adventures can be as close to home 🏡 as a park nearby or trying a new restaurant. Look around and find the adventure in your life every day.
What kind of adventures did you go on this week?

79/100 | Sunday 31 January 2016

  • The usual Sunday morning planning session.
  • Had some last minute stuff to do for the website and mag.
  • History readings in the afternoon.
  • Furbaby and friend walk and jog.
  • Strength training at night.

Planners and case are Hobonichi and Jibun Techo.


2.5.16 — okay, I’m conflicted. first I don’t know which planner to use. the one on the right is the one I used last semester (2015) and the one I’m using right now . the one on the left I planned on using next year but I would only use September until December and the first half would be unused :( any opinions?
now I don’t know which pencil bag to use, the beauty and the beast one is new and I’ve had the Totoro one since senior year. help !