Playing around with a different weekly set up + my first collection (?)

- it’s summertime so I don’t have as many tasks, which makes the smaller daily sections more direct and to the point
- able to incorporate magazine cut outs/pics (y)

- no space for future planning!!! I like to know what’s going to happen the following week so I can plan around what I already have to do
- no notes section for random things that happened during the week/things i want to remember
- a littttttle crammed

I also thought I could fit all 25 items from the article onto one page but I cleArLY overestimated how much space I had, hence the brown fold out at the bottom lol

25.07.16 • 18:40PM last week’s bujo spread, added washi tape and didn’t have boxes which I liked but I don’t like this spread much, I don’t think I’m a massive washi tape for decoration type but maybe for little details like under Saturday. I’m rambling a bit but I like doing hand type so definitely something that will be present on every spread I think. But here you go studyblrs. Hope you’re having good days!

p.s. sorry for awful photo!

hey everyone! i’m claire and i’m making a studyblr to both motivate myself and hopefully others in the future! i’ll be a freshman at amherst college in the fall and i’m thinking about majoring in education with a focus on economics :)

i love taking super cute notes and i’ll be posting both pictures and helpful tips for any high school students/new college students out there that want a little inspiration! 

follow me and hit me up in my messages! i’m super happy to talk to anyone, especially new people :)


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My little stationery haul, I’m so excited to use it all.

Zebra Midliners: Amazon
Muji Gel Pens 0.5: Amazon
Bali Collection Post-it Notes: Amazon
0.3 HB Pentel Lead: Amazon
Weekly Times Planner: Fox and Star
Pentel Tradio Pearl Pen 0.5: Amazon
Pilot Mini Mechanical Pencil 0.5: Amazon
Muji White Mechanical Pencil 0.3: Muji