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I am a volunteer patient escort at planned parenthood

This is something I just shared on FB about my experiences as a patient escort. Just thought I’d put it on here too.

Alright y'all. Prepare for a long post, but one you should read.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t, that I volunteer at Planned Parenthood about twice a month. My official title is Volunteer Clinic Escort. My role is to safely get patients and family into the clinic safely, with privacy, and with a friendly face. Not all Planned Parenthoods (PP) have these, but the clinic where I volunteer does because we have loud, abrasive, volatile, threatening, verbally abusive and dishonest anti-choice protesters who harass people in the clinic. I would like to tell you about my experiences with them and with patients who talk to me as I stand outside with my umbrella and vest.

(I would like to note that this is not the place to tell me that abortion is wrong, that I should not support PP, that I need to stop what I’m doing. I’ve heard every argument before. In fact, I’ve had every arguement screamed in my face. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I will not be acknowledging it on here, and I ask that others ignore dissenters too. This post isn’t about me and why you think I’m wrong. It’s about what I see every time I volunteer.)

When I am volunteering, I am outside and often have patients and family members talk with me. I’m obviously not there to counsel or to offer advice medically one way or another, but I am a friendly ear and people just need to talk sometimes. Also, when volunteering, patients entering the clinic are verbally harassed by the anti choice protesters almost immediately and, while we don’t encourage it, they often yell back. The protesters don’t listen.

On my very first day, I had a person head into the clinic. As I smiled to her and went to get the door, an anti-choice protester (ACP) yelled “Mama! Don’t kill your baby!” The patient immediately responded tearfully “my baby is dead. My baby is falling out of me right now. I didn’t do anything.” The ACP, without missing a beat, screamed back through her child-sized megaphone “No he isn’t! Your doctor lied to you! These murderers just want your money!” I ushered in the patient as gently as I could while my co-volunteer told her kindly that those people didn’t matter and that in a week they wouldn’t even remember what they heard here.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, we have had a ACP sneak into the clinic and threaten to burn the place down. The police did nothing. We had two other ACPs try and enter the clinic to tell patients they would adopt their babies. We told them to get off the property and when they didn’t, we called the police. Eventually the ACP returned to the narrow strip of lawn they stand on at the edge of the parking lot, and luckily so, because the police never showed again.

My clinic, luckily, has never faced extreme violence while I was there. But other PP and health care clinics are not so lucky. They are burned down, have bombs planted, have clinic escorts and workers physically harmed.

They are shot at and three people die.

I have had patients tell me that they will be killed by their partner if they have an abortion. I have been told that their partner will kill them if they DON’T have one. I’ve been told how people with physical disabilities cannot carry a child without side effects so severe they may not survive. I’ve had patients explain that their mental health is at risk if they go through with the pregnancy. I’ve had patients come in with a wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and they needed PPs help to safely remove the tissue. I’ve seen people come in who admit to being addicted to drugs and know they cannot go through this pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood helped all these people, not just with medical care, but with helping abused patients find help to escape violent partners. Helping those who want to conceive find fertility doctors. Helping drug addicts find resources to become healthy.

All the while, the ACP stand outside, screaming and hollering, telling women that they are murderers and whores and that they will burn for murdering their babies. But it’s ok, they do it out of love. They scream at these people and tell them awful things and then beg to have the patient come talk with them.

They don’t see the hypocrisy.

It is a rule to not engage with the ACP at all. In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I’ve said maybe a total of 50 words to the group, all of which are some form of “you are on our property, step back right now.” I may not engage them, but we can make eye contact and make them believe we are listening. We do this so the ACP begins shouting at me, and not a patient getting air outside. I would much rather be shouted at than have them scream at a patient.

When I am being yelled at, I have been called: a murderer, a nazi, a slavery supporter, a bad mother, a bad wife (they do not know if I am married or if I have children), a witch, a lesbian, a liberal, a member of satan’s army, a Muslim lover, a bitch, a slut, and evil. Some of these things are true and some are perfectly fine things to be, but to the ACP they are all bad.

Sometimes we have patient partners come talk to the protesters. They try and explain to the ACP why they are there with their partner. I’ve heard them tell the ACP every single reason, and every single time, the protesters still tell them they are wrong and a bad father and a supporter of Satan. Every. Time. And they call this love.

Since Trump took office, one of his first orders signed was a Global Gag Rule. People thought that this rule meant that no US money would go to pay for abortions overseas, but in fact, US funds have never paid for abortions and haven’t since 1973. Even in the US, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal funding goes to pay for abortions.

What this gag rule now does, however, is prevent money from going to clinics that even mention abortion as a method of family planning. They don’t have to perform them. If they are mentioned at all in pamphlets or classes, they lose foreign aid money. This means that now they can’t provide birth control, wellness checks, prenatal care, or classes.

This will cause unwanted pregnancies. This will cause people to seek out abortions, often in unsafe condition.

This will cause people to die.

Roughly 1/3 people with a uterus will have an abortion in their life. I haven’t spoken to everyone who has had one, but I’ve spoken to more than most. No one gets an abortion out of malice. No one gets an abortion just to end the life of a fetus, just for kicks. No. One.

Planned Parenthood provides important health services, including abortion. They do this despite the risk of physical bodily harm, every day. People like myself stand outside PP to protect patients because it is important.

We. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

I will continue to volunteer, even though since Trump was elected, the ACP have gotten more and more aggressive in their tactics, since they believe Trump supports their actions. I will continue to walk these patients inside, to get help, because it is important and right. I will continue to fight Trump the slew of anti choice people supporting him. I will continue to support choice even though I know I will lose friends and will face hatred from people I know.

Planned Parenthood is important, and we will not stand down.
Guess Which 4 Groups Would Be Disproportionately Hurt by "Defunding" Planned Parenthood
Hint: It’s not the old, rich, white men, trying to shut Planned Parenthood down.

Legislation to “defund” Planned Parenthood will hit  people who rely on federal insurance and public health programs. That’s largely people who already face barriers to  accessing health care as people with low incomes, people of color, people who live in rural areas — who make up the majority of Planned Parenthood’s patients. Meanwhile, the impact of “defunding” Planned Parenthood on people in the LGBT community and whose identities intersect would be particularly acute.

So, it’s anti-abortion politicians like these who want to take basic health care away from people like these.

Impact of “Defund” on People With Low Incomes

With the aim of shutting Planned Parenthood down completely, national “defund” legislation would close health center doors to at least 60% of Planned Parenthood’s patients — those who use public programs like Medicaid (the government-funded insurance plan for people with low incomes) and Title X (the government-funded family planning program, which helps people with low incomes).

Of course, public programs are already prohibited from covering abortion. “Defunding” keeps people who use public programs from getting preventive reproductive and sexual health services like birth control, STD tests, breast cancer screenings, and family planning education at Planned Parenthood health centers. Many of these patients couldn’t get these services anywhere else — and, like we said, many of them are people with low incomes, people of color, and people who live in rural areas.

Impact of “Defund” on People of Color

People of color in the U.S. are less able to access quality health care due to the intersecting consequences of racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, and other systemic barriers. So, they’re more likely to rely on federally funded programs to access health care.

The Black Community

“Defunding” Planned Parenthood would be devastating to Black communities. Key points:

  • Of the 2.5 million people who rely on Planned Parenthood for health care every year, 370,000 identify as African American or Black.
  • Among nonelderly Americans on Medicaid, 11 million are Black.

If they were prevented from accessing Planned Parenthood, many Black patients would have no other place to go for the services Planned Parenthood provides.

This harmful legislation wouldn’t just keep Black patients from getting care – it would undermine their ability to obtain full reproductive freedom. Too often, Planned Parenthood is the only health care provider many patients access. That means their care is more than just reproductive health services – Planned Parenthood connects patients with resources to improve other areas of their lives.

The Latino Community

“Defunding” Planned Parenthood would be devastating to the Latino community. Key points:

  • Around 575,000 Latinos come to Planned Parenthood health centers annually (nearly a quarter of Planned Parenthood’s patients).
  • Among the nonelderly Americans on Medicaid, 18 million are Latino.
  • If they were prevented from accessing Planned Parenthood, Latino patients may have no other place to go for the services it provides.

Planned Parenthood sees patients regardless of immigration status and is one of the only places undocumented people can turn to for care. Given that the majority of undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are Latino, “defunding” legislation would have a disproportionate impact on them.

What’s more, “defunding” would put two crucial Planned Parenthood programs at risk of disappearing: Raíz, which helps Latinos access health care and sex education, and Promotores de Salud, which brings reproductive health education into Latino homes and community-gathering locations.

Impact of “Defund” on People in Rural Areas

If patients who rely on public programs are blocked from care at Planned Parenthood, many would have nowhere else to go. There simply aren’t enough other reproductive health care providers out there. In areas where other providers do exist, many don’t take patients who rely on public health programs. Key points:

  • 21% of counties have no safety-net family planning alternative should their local Planned Parenthood health center close.
  • More than half of Planned Parenthood’s health centers are located in rural and underserved communities.
  • More than two thirds of states already report difficulty ensuring enough providers for Medicaid.
  • Providers of ob-gyn care who accept Medicaid, such as Planned Parenthood, are in particularly short supply.

Impact of “Defund” on the LGBTQ Community

“Defunding” Planned Parenthood also would negatively impact LGBTQ health. Members of the LGBT community face greater health challenges than their heterosexual peers because of stigma and discrimination. People in the LGBTQ community who also are people of color, or have low incomes, or who live in rural areas — or whose identities intersect — have even more obstacles to reproductive health services. For example, LGBTQ people of color face particularly high rates of discrimination from medical providers, and systemic harassment.

Planned Parenthood understands that LGBTQ people have the right to safe abortion services, access to contraceptives, STD testing and a range of other health services free from stigma, discrimination or coercion. Losing Planned Parenthood would lose this safe space for LGBTQ people seeking basic health care.

Say It Loud: #IStandWithPP

If anti-abortion politicians “defund” Planned Parenthood, shut down its health centers, and block its 2.5 million patients from care, a national health disaster would ensue — and the groups mentioned in this blog would be hurt the most. Take a stand against cutting them off from care. Take action to stand with Planned Parenthood and its patients!
UNLOCKED - Joss Whedon Video in Support of Planned Parenthood
Filmed by Joss Whedon in support of Planned Parenthood. UNLOCKED highlights the vital role Planned Parenthood health centers play in the lives of millions of...

He gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and the Avengers. Now writer/director Joss Whedon has teamed with Planned Parenthood to produce a short film highlighting the vital services  Planned Parenthood health centers provide to women and communities nationwide. The film follows three characters through critical moments in their lives and illustrates what the world could look like if attempts to block health care access at Planned Parenthood succeed.

Content warning: hospital/death scene


He gave us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly and the Avengers. Now writer/director Joss Whedon has teamed with Planned Parenthood to produce a short film highlighting the vital services  Planned Parenthood health centers provide to women and communities nationwide. The film follows three characters through critical moments in their lives and illustrates what the world could look like if attempts to block health care access at Planned Parenthood succeed.

Content warning: hospital/death scene

I think one of the (many) most disgusting things about the pro-life movement is how set they are on demonizing any service Planned Parenthood provides.

Planned Parenthood provides pre-natal care. 

Pro-lifers don’t like Planned Parenthood. 

They begin spreading the outright lie that Planned Parenthood does not provide pre-natal care at all.

Then they wonder why no one knows that they can go to Planned Parenthood for pre-natal care and Planned Parenthood’s pre-natal care services decrease.

The Struggle of People Who Don't Listen
  • Me: Planned Parenthood services help prevent approximately 579,000 unintended pregnancies in a single year.
  • Me: It also provides more than 270,000 Pap tests and more than 360,000 breast exams in a single year.
  • Me: And it provides more than 4.2 million tests and treatments for sexually transmitted infections, including more than 650,000 HIV tests.
  • Me: Only 3% of their services are abortions, and their educating of young people has actually decreased abortion rates.
  • Them: I don't know, it's hard to judge the value of something.

angryladies  asked:

Heads upm that post you reblogged about how Planned Parenthood doesn't provide services like prenatal care is just...wrong. They provide all of the services mentioned in that post in some way. You seem like someone who cares about having an informed opinion, so if you're interested I give more information at my blog: post/162477627901/hey-this-is-one-of-the-least-informed-posts-i-have

@patron-saint-of-smart-asses hey ginnie someone says you’re wrong and don’t know what you’re talking about, apparently

Getting tested for STDs is already pretty easy. But we’re making it even easier: now, you can get tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea in the comfort of your own home.

With step-by-step instructions, our at-home STD test kits are simple and straightforward. We’ll send you a prepaid package so you can send your sample back to our labs. It’s like visiting us in person — only you don’t have to go anywhere and it’s super private. We’ll send back your results quickly and discreetly, and then we’ll guide you through any next steps.

Right now, this service, completed through an app, is only available in California, Idaho, Minnesota, and Washington. But you can sign up to find out if it’s coming to your area.

anonymous asked:

Hi so uh idk if this is the right place to ask this but I'm kinda stuck. So me and my girlfriend were having sex and it got a bit rough but I was okay with it. I went to the toilet afterwards and a lot of blood came out with my pee. I've missed my period for two months so I thought I had started it during sex, so I put a pad on and went to bed. But the next morning there was no blood on the pad. I can't tell my mum because she doesn't know I'm gay, but my gf is super worried. Any advice? Thanks!

Hello! Now I am not a medical professional nor do I have much experience in this topic. If there are any free clinic or planned parenthood services near you, look into have a friend or your girlfriend accompany you to one of these places so that a professional can help you out with your concerns. If that it not an option, there are online professionals and sex education advice blogs who might be able to answer some questions. I know planned parenthood specifically offers this service on their tumblr blog, but there might be others that I am unaware of! Hopefully somebody can link suggestions below in the replies.

If you are interested in staying involved in the process:

There are two new bills to look up.

H.R. 193 (withdrawing US from the United Nations)

H.R. 586 (life begins at fertilization)

The bills were introduced and sent to committee (Foreign Affairs and Judiciary, respectively). You can find out who is on each committee on and write to any that might help.
Reblog, spread the word, write & call your congressmen.


Planned Parenthood fights back in Ohio

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine became the most recent conservative politician to target Planned Parenthood, accusing them of violating a state code and “inhumane” activity. In response, the organization filed a lawsuit and blocked Ohio from taking legal action. This new conflict is over the disposal of fetal tissue.

I no longer stand with Planned Parenthood.

In wake of the videos surfacing about Planned Parenthood selling baby parts I feel called to share my story.

The first time I had an abortion I was 21. I had grown up in a Christian home and raised pro life. I started dating “B” when I was 20. I had a crush on him since I was a teenager and when he started showing romantic interest in me I was on cloud nine. He had been one of my closest guy friends and I thought that was the foundation for a great relationship. It was really good for a while but then “S” reentered both of our lives. She was his ex-girlfriend and supposed to be one of my good friends. She didn’t like that he and I were together and wanted to prove to me that he still had feelings for her. He broke up with me the day before my 21st birthday. We stayed “friends” and he would still text me and tell me he knew he was making a mistake. He used to call me the only good girl left. By December we were back together and did really well for a few months. In March “S” had weaseled her way back in and “B” and I broke up. On April 1st I realized my period was late and ran out and bought a test. It was instantly positive. I was was floored. I knew what caused it but I was a “good girl” and things like that don’t happen to me. “B” and I were still on good terms so I called him and told him. It being April Fools Day, he didn’t believe me. I drove to his house with my positive test and showed him. We were both at a loss for words and agreed to talk about things when we both had time to think. A week or so later he convinced me that an abortion would be the best option. I agreed because at the time I really believed that. I was young, working retail, living at home. He was not working at the time and didn’t want to be a dad. We were not together and I wanted my baby to be raised with parents who were in love. I don’t exactly remember when i told my mom but it was after I had decided to get an abortion. She did not support it at all. She would only refer to it as me killing her grandchild. I went to Planned Parenthood for my first of 2 appointments. They did an ultrasound to make sure I was really pregnant. Once that was confirmed they made me watch a movie. In the movie you “followed” the lives of 3 women who were pregnant and made different decisions. The first girl chose adoption. It depicted her having a tough pregnancy and a hard time giving her baby up to its new parents. The second girl chose to mother her baby. She had to go on welfare and even lived in her car. The third girl choose abortion and was able to finish college and live an awesome life. After that I talked to a “counselor” who went over the options in more detail. She told me that at 21 and living with my parents I would probably never go to college or do anything other than work minimum-wage jobs. She said raising a baby was tough And it would be hard for me to get ahead. She then explained the 2 types of abortions to me. The surgical abortion where the baby is manually ripped out of a mothers womb or the pill abortion where the body is forced to miscarry. I was early enough to get the pill abortion and that seemed more “natural” so I went with that route. I came back to the clinic a week later to start the process. I took one pill there and they gave me one to take 24 hours later. The first pill filled my body with different hormones and killed my baby the second pill expelled it from me. I had taken the weekend off. The lady at Planned Parenthood told me i would bleed but it shouldn’t be more than a heavy period, I would have slight cramps and I might be nauseous and dizzy. I laid in my bed at my moms on a plastic trash bag because there was so much blood. I had cramps so bad that I couldn’t stretch my body out and I would get dizzy and vomit anytime I got up to go to the bathroom. My only saving grace was my grandma. MaMurl brought me soup and hot tea. She ran me a bath and changed my bloody sheets. She took care of me. My mother didn’t support my decision so she pretended like nothing was happening. The second day I was still needing badly but it had eased up and so had the other symptoms. I felt like hell. “B” was upset that I didn’t let him go with me or help. I was so ashamed that I didn’t want anyone around. I felt like I had to carry this “burden” alone. I found out years later that “B” didn’t think I was actually pregnant or had an abortion. I didn’t ask him to help pay for it because he didn’t have a job. He thought I made it all up to keep him around. Eventually, I pushed it out of my mind and moved on completely.

The second time I was 24 and living in Richmond. I had become the perfect brainwashed liberal. I had been sleeping with this guy for months now and was on birth control. Birth control is not 100% effective and I got pregnant. I made the first appointment at planned parenthood before I told him. I went into this appointment knowing I would get an abortion and hoping I could get the pill abortion again. The surgical one was to much for me. With the pill I could pretend that I was just having a miscarriage and not killing my child on purpose. I went home with my information and talked to the guy. He was/is a nice guy and offered to pay for it and drive me. I let him pay for it because at this point I honestly couldn’t afford it. A week later I took the first pill and 24 took the second. This time was a little easier at first. I bled less and my other symptoms were less severe. This time however I passed a baby. I can’t be 100% sure that what it was but I started cramping hard and went to the bathroom. Something hard came out of me. It was not baby shaped or anything. It was brown and hard and a rough oval shape. I started crying because what I was doing became real.

At the time i was very much the poster child of a planned parenthood supporter. I was blind to what really happens. I believed the lie that I was stopping a life and thought that I should have total freedom over my body. I was really uneducated on the topic but talked like I knew everything. I would lie and say I didn’t regret my decisions and because I had an abortion I would life a happy and healthy life. As time went on it took me recommitting my life to Christ, finding an amazing man, marrying him and trying to start a family of our own before i regretted it. I remember going to the doctor after finding out we were pregnant. I felt ashamed when she asked how many time I had been pregnant ,two. How many children, none. Then i had to tell her I had an abortion. That first doctor visit didn’t go as planned. We had miscarried. At first, I felt like God was punishing me for what I had done it the past. I didn’t expel the baby naturally and had to get a D&C. We had just gotten married and I was not covered by his insurance yet. It was cheaper for us to have the procedure done at Planned Parenthood. I remember sitting in the office waiting room for the third time and my heart was heavy. This time I wanted my baby more than anything. This time was different. I knew that over half the ladies in the room were their for abortions and it broke my heart. I felt the weight of the two babies i killed on my heart.

For those who support planned parenthood I have a few things to say. #1- I was absolutely pushed in the direction of an abortion. The first time I was open to other options and they made me think that was my only one. The info they give in abortion is much greater than of other options. She made me think that. My life would be hell if I had that baby. #2- A lot of Planned Parenthood supporters say you’ll never regret your decision. That’s bull. I regret it every day. It may not be immediately but it will come. I was a huge pro choice supporter. One day you will wake up and it will weigh heavy on your heart. You may not admit it but it will come. #3- sure Planned Parenthood offers other services at their offices. Take a look at any office and the percentage of abortions will be at least 50% or higher of the total services preformed.

It’s no secret that I am a follower of Jesus. It’s because of him that I am okay with my past now. I will never get over the fact that I willingly killed 2 children (who had heartbeats). I know that God has forgiven me and one day I will meet those two children. Planned Parenthood has a veil over so many people’s eyes. They had one over mine for so long. I’m just glad that I serve a God who allowed me to see the truth. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Going through this pregnancy has been a blessing and hard. Knowing that it is a healthy baby and gets to life where as the others didn’t is not an easy feeling. But whenever I feel that way, I pray. Abortion stops a life. If you believe that everyone deserves life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness why not the life inside you? What is the difference between that life and another. With that being said, I do believe in being more than pro birth. We need to set up ways that ladies who chose life can further themselves. If you are pro life you need to be a supporter of all stages of life not just the birth. If anyone has any questions feel free to inbox me. This is my story.