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Let’s Talk About Abortion!

I recently had an abortion. 

I’ve been a life long pro-choice advocate. That did not make the decision any easier. My choice to get an abortion was quite likely the hardest decision I will ever make. I carefully looked at all other options; I considered adoption, I looked at options to keep it, hell, I even tried to see if I knew people who would help me. 

When I found out my (ex)fiance was cheating on me, I tried to forgive him but he left me. A week later I found out I was pregnant. I was estimated to be at 5ish weeks. I panicked. I had no one to turn to. My fiance was gone, my family was not supportive, and I had no job. I had nothing. And yet I still tried to find a way. 

I couldn’t.

A few weeks later I had my first appointment with Planned Parenthood. They had to do an ultrasound, test my blood, do an STD screening, and give very graphic details as to what the abortion does. Then I had to wait at least a week to have the actual procedure done. That was the most hellish week (10 days, actually). 

When I arrived at Planned Parenthood the morning of my abortion, there was a group of bible-thumping protesters outside. I recognized a few of them. They started yelling at me, “Don’t kill the baby!” “Stop being so selfish!” “Think of the life you’re throwing away!”

I held my head high and I walked in. And then I cried.

I have more anxiety because of the protesters than I do from the actual procedure itself (which is quite emotionally and physically draining). 

The thing is, those protesters didn’t know me. They didn’t know my situation, and they sure as hell didn’t know why I was there. I could’ve been there for an STD screening. But they decided to bombard me with their religious freedom hate anyway. 

The decision to get an abortion is not an easy one to make, but sometimes it’s the only reasonable option someone has. Please, if you are reading this and are pro-life, please don’t protest outside of abortion clinics. I understand that you think it’s wrong but if you’re going to try to change things don’t do it then. Host meetings elsewhere, and maybe try to educate people on your beliefs (without shoving them down their throats). And if you’re pro-choice, feel free to use my words in future arguments! And literally anyone feel free to share as often and harshly as you want. <3

You’ve heard the saying “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”

We in the pro-life movement believe that, for the very same reason that a friend shouldn’t let a friend drive drunk, a friend shouldn’t help a friend have an abortion either.

Hey, hi, hello!

Dod you know that Planned Parenthood provides birth control? Did you know that some women take birth control to control ovarian cysts? Did you know that if you didn’t take birth control and you have ovarian cysts, one of the could pop and you could die?

I am fortunate enough to still be on my parents healthcare, which is fantastic. This means that my birth control for my ovarian cysts is free. Many women don’t have the luxury of having health insurance, so Planned Parenthood gives the the birth control that could likely save their lives. 

Take away Planned Parenthood, take away the option to free birth control, and you are basically saying “I don’t care if you die, PP is the devil, bye”

It makes me sad that people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that PP does more than perform abortions, they offer free birth control, cancer screenings, pre natal care, post natal care, STD testing, mens health options, body image help, and so much more. Defund PP, you defund all those fantastic services that are given to people who might die without them. 

So congratulations, anti-PP folks, hope you’re happy taking care of the hundreds of unwanted babies that I assume you’re going to care for if abortions become illegal. 

My statement on Planned Parenthood Shootings

: Although we do not know the details behind the gun violence at Planned Parenthood in Colorado, it is important to say that we are against all violence against our fellow human persons. From the abortionist, the workers, the patients, the children scheduled to die or anyone at that Planned Parenthood, all of their lives are precious and worth saving. All of them are loved by God and deserve our prayers. I am sickened by the violence there today just as I am sickened by the the violence there every day.

A close friend that many of you have heard me talk about, has been fighting uterine cancer for three years. She was diagnosed by Planned Parenthood when her reg OBGYN refused to see her without insurance unless she had $250.00 cash. PP DXd her, helped her get Medicaid right away and got her hooked up with a surgical oncologist. Shes doing very well and now volunteers at the PP she went to. I got an invitation to a bday party for her today.“ NO GIFTS, please make a donation to PP in my name or I wouldn’t be alive for this bday.” Next time you ignorantly call PP an “abortion mill”, check your stupidity level.-EB

From the “I Love Abortions” facebook page.  An awesome page that highlights anti idiocy while removing the stigma that the anti’s attempt to place on abortion with humor and positivity.

Check them out!

onlymestuff  asked:

Unsubs. Abortio = Murder

Hey, it’s great to hear you’re interested in saving lives.  While you’re on it, you might want to think about the 68,000 women who die every year from unsafe abortion because safe abortion is illegal, unavailable, or unaffordable where they are.  Or maybe you can listen to some stories from the women who lived during an era when everyone knew someone who’d died as a result of unsafe abortion, or the emergency room doctors who were the leaders in the push to have abortion legalized in the US because so many young women and mothers were coming to them and dying.  Or maybe the women with medical conditions that mean a pregnancy would kill them, which includes my mom, (Boy am I glad she had available and affordable birth control!), and believe it or not, even Rick Santorum’s wife.  If you’re really super into saving lives, or even if you just did the ALS ice bucket challenge, you can support fetal tissue research that is crucial for finding the cures to diseases like ALS and Alzheimer’s disease.  Even if abortion still isn’t your thing, the number of lives saved by Planned Parenthood through breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer screenings, HIV tests and treatment, and other reproductive health services is immense!  Honestly, I can’t think of any organization that’s more directly involved in saving lives than Planned Parenthood!  Everyone should support it!

On Perpetuating Abortion Stigma

It bothers me that so many proponents of Planned Parenthood feel the need to show their support by highlighting the other services PP provides besides abortions. Abortions are important. Women are going to get abortions with or without the “support” of other people. Planned Parenthood provides people with safe and legal abortions. They save lives every day. It is frustrating that there are Planned Parenthood supporters who tend to address abortion as a “separate issue.” I came across an article that showed its support for Planned Parenthood by talking about the “non-controversial” services PP provides. Here are some excerpts:

“Only a measly 3% of their services are actually abortion-related….Do they know that? Did you know that? Well, in an effort to combat the “big bad abortion wolf” narrative…”

Reading entire articles with this same language perpetuates abortion as a hot-button issue. It ACCEPTS that this completely reasonable and necessary option is still worth debating; it makes a healthy choice vulnerable to being mistaken as an unhealthy one.

When it comes to abortion, you are an ally when you help normalize what is being stigmatized. You are NOT an ally when you continue to “other” people who have made a choice that you have not experienced. If you stand with Planned Parenthood, support all of its services. Talk about abortion as another amazing service PP provides, not as “that other service that has to be addressed.”