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 Please re-blog to help those in Colorado currently considering or seeking to have an abortion. This information could help prevent the millions of illegal, unsafe abortions that happen every year.

Currently in the State of Colorado, you can obtain an abortion up to 26 weeks post-fertilization.* You can obtain a procedure up to 34 weeks if fetal abnormalities, genetic disorder, fetal demise, or severe medical problems.

List of abortion clinics in Colorado:


Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains



Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains



Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains


Boulder Abortion Clinic


Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center


Colorado Springs: 

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains



Comprehensive Women’s Health Center


Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains



Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains



Healthy Futures, P.C.


Fort Collins:

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains


Glenwood Springs:

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains



Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains



Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains


Steamboat Springs:

Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains


**Information on financial assistance: 1-800-772-9100

**Information on judicial bypass in any state: 800-772-9100 

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A lot of people are donating to Planned Parenthood and that’s great and necessary and really important. But a friend just clued me in to the fact that if people want their donations to go directly to support clinics, then they should direct their donations to their state PP affiliate rather than the national organization. Not that the national organization isn’t doing important work in terms of policy advocacy, but if you want to put your dollars where there is immediate need, giving directly to the state affiliate is her recommendation.

If you are interested in donating to a PP in need, below are some locations:
PP Middle and East Tennessee, PP Rocky Mountains, PP South Texas, PP Wisconsin, PP Michigan, PP Southwest and Central Florida and PP South Atlantic are in the most need.

(And FYI, you can still totally do this in Mike Pence or your bigoted aunt, or your step dad who yells trump’s name and they’ll still get the certificate)

These doors stay open — no matter what.

Sending love and support to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. We are standing with you.

4th Planned Parenthood shows more price haggling over baby body parts

The damning evidence that massive abortion mill Planned Parenthood is routinely harvesting and selling body parts of aborted babies continues to pile up.  

This new video comes shows the Vice President of Planned Parenthood’s  Rocky Mountain division haggling over pricing and agreeing to crush the skulls of the babies rather than poison them so that the organs will be useful to buyers. 

here’s the video:

Note that the Planned Parenthood VP also admits here that some of the body parts might come from babies who were delivered fully in-tact and possibly alive. They would then tear apart the baby to harvest its organs. 

It looks like these videos are just going to keep on coming until the American people rise up and put a stop to Planned Parenthood’s funding it receives from the Federal Government.  Furthermore, much of the activity described in these videos is illegal, and each and every one of the participants should face charges for the harvest and for-profit sale of human tissue. 

Care. No matter what.

I know some people who didn’t like Planned Parenthood’s new tag line when it first came out. The argument was that it is too de-politicized. That Planned Parenthood is trying to step away from women’s health and into mainstream consciousness as just any ole’ health clinic. Well, after yesterday’s attack I don’t know how anyone can see their tagline that way anymore. 

Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains posted an update on facebook. Although the clinic directly involved in the shooting will have to close temporarily for renovations, it will remain open in the long term. The rest of the clinics in the region will remain open as scheduled.

Can you imagine making that call? Can you imagine being President of the Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountain Region and saying after a terrorist attack “we’re staying open”. No closed mourning period. No closed period for safety. None of that. No closing. Women need our care. 

Care. No matter what. 

It reminds me of when birth control was illegal. At one point simply talking about birth control or sending information through the mail was illegal. Women were having so many babies that we were dying young. Leaving our babies behind. Margaret Sanger was arrested 3 times for distributing information about birth control. The right to use birth control was granted by the Supreme Court only one year before her death, something she had dedicated her whole life to fighting for. Sanger founded Planned Parenthood. 

Care. No matter what. 

The case that guaranteed a right to contraception for married couples was orchanstrached by Planned Parenthood of Connecticut. The clinic was forced to abide by the law and stop giving contraception to the poor women who needed it. Rich women were able to skirt the law by paying off doctors. The executive director of Planned Parenthood of Connecticut opened up her own “clinic” prescribed birth control to ten women until one was arrested. They then had grounds to sue. The case eventually reached the Supreme Court and the right to contraception for married couples was upheld. The clinic reopened that day.

Care. No matter what. 

Planned Parenthood clinics have been set on fire, bombed, vandalized, rammed with cars, and now shot up. Medical facilities have rooms with bulletproof vests. Doctors wear vests getting in and out of cars. They receive death and anthrax threats. Pictures of doctors appear online, sometimes even pictures of their children. But they keep going. Clinics don’t close, doctors still come to work everyday. Receptionists still sit at the front desk greeting people as they come in, even when that person might be there to do harm. The most important thing to the people who work at Planned Parenthood clinics is that women receive the care they need. Nothing can stop that from happening. 

Care. No matter what. 

Thank you Planned Parenthood. Thank you.