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Good news! Oregon just EXPANDED abortion access, taking a firm stand against Trump’s extreme agenda: 

“The measure, called the Reproductive Health Equity Act, requires health insurers to provide birth control and abortions without charging a co-pay, and also allocates state funds to provide reproductive health care to non-citizens unable to access Medicaid.

The Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon, which helped write the law, said that the new legislation will not only increase access to abortion, but also birth control and postpartum care for low-income women. It also adds that this is the first legislation in the States to comprehensively address systemic barriers to reproductive health care.

My mother almost died during her third pregnancy, when she hemorrhaged during her miscarriage.

During her 4th pregnancy, me, her anesthesia was incorrectly administered and she coded. So that was the second time she almost died.

So when you’re like, there’s not actually a big risk of dying during childbirth, shut the fuck up, you don’t know anything.

Don’t make people risk death or maiming if they don’t want to. And certainly don’t make children do it.

Why aren’t more prolife people pushing for a mandatory organ registry? If the sanctity of life is so important to them that they threaten and harass women going into planned parenthood and push laws restricting abortion access then why aren’t they also pushing for everyone to be required to donate organs at death? For people to be put on a mandatory registry for skin grafts and kidney and liver matches? After all, pregnancy carries about as much risk as donating a kidney.

But of course they don’t push for things like that because then they might one day be effected. Or could it be that it’s actually less about preserving life and more about punishing women for becoming pregnant?


I took a little break from the feminist hero series today to work on this ‘No Politics In My Uterus’ illustration. I’ve had this idea in my mind for ages and it felt good to get it out on paper. Err or on computer screen. Anyways, I’m pretty happy with this one! A new font, some fun florals inspired by vintage wallpaper discovered in a museum digital archive. 

people talking about defending planned parenthood keep using the fact that only 3% of the service provided goes to abortions. like what are you really trying to say? are you saying that if 100% of the service provided was abortions then we shouldn’t fund them? nah. that’s bullshit. you should want to fund planned parenthood because they offer abortions. stop demonizing access to abortions by trying to minimize the immense help that 3% provides so many people every year.
Texas is defunding Planned Parenthood clinics. What if every state did?
Republicans insist other clinics could fill the void, but experts say that’s easier said than done. Use our interactive map to see how many women access Planned Parenthood services where you live
By Guardian US interactive team

In 322 counties, Planned Parenthood serves 50% or more of the low-income women who get birth control through government-funded health centers. 

Find out how many people Planned Parenthood helps in your area and let us know why you stand with Planned Parenthood. 

To doctors and nurses who help people make their own medical decisions every day - Thank You

The past two weeks have revealed the culmination of a campaign of deception against Planned Parenthood. Who’s behind the latest attacks?  Anti-abortion extremists, a who have led a decade-long, well-funded campaign of harassment targeting doctors, clinics, patients, and their families.

Abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973, and ever since then, anti-abortion activists have tried to undermine this right using whatever (#SketchySource) tools necessary. It’s important to note, however, that these attacks are about much more than Planned Parenthood: They are designed to end people’s access to safe and legal abortion in the United States — and undermine global progress as well.

We know what a world without access to safe and legal abortion looks like for women.

Thousands of women worldwide lose their lives because of clandestine, unsafe abortions every year. This is what anti-abortion extremists want for the United States. But we won’t let them.

“Deaths due to unsafe abortion remain close to 13% of all maternal deaths.”

To the doctors and nurses who care for patients every day, we say: thank you. We will fight so you can continue to provide quality health care, no matter what.

And you can take action.

If anti-abortion fanatics think they can take away access to reproductive health care, they’ve got another thing coming. If you want to support Planned Parenthood, reproductive health, and the right of people to decide about their own destinies, join the fight! Here’s how:

  • Thank the nurses, doctors and other Planned Parenthood health center staff who are on the front lines of this fight. Sign our thank you card!  

  • Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr by using #StandWithPP

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Why is Retta Drawing the Line against attacks on legal abortion?

The majority of Americans support the right to safe and legal abortion. So why are we seeing the most intense attacks on reproductive health care at the local, state and federal level? 

Planned Parenthood staff draws the line and we want you to take the pledge too.

It’s time we stand together and #DrawTheLine. Add your name!

Attacks on Planned Parenthood Have Crossed the Line, and So Have We

By Marta Myshrall

Currently in America, anything related to abortion is controversy. People are throwing about hateful and destructive rhetoric like it’s a football, when in fact these words bear much more similarity to a grenade. If we want to win this battle to preserve access to reproductive healthcare, we have no chance to take a break and stop fighting.

Of all the incredible experiences and films at the Sundance Film Festival this year, one of the most powerful and relevant is Across the Line. This is a virtual reality experiences which gives viewers the opportunity to view and be immersed in the event of having an abortion. The film doesn’t deal with much of the medical aspect of the procedure, but rather the politics of abortion.

While in this reality, you are putting on Christina’s shoes to obtain an abortion. You will witness the comfort of a kind physician, the importance of a supportive friend, and the cruelty that people spread to people trying to access basic health services. Many women who experience this type of harassment outside of health clinics are not even trying to procure an abortion. They are trying to get a pap smear or access contraception.

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(via The abortion rights movement is bolder than it’s been in years. That’s Cecile Richards’s plan. - The Washington Post)

Under Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood’s fight for abortion access is stronger now than ever.

However, this article fails to mention that the work to #EndHyde was led by women of color.

Let’s continue to support RJ organizations, and recognize that there are many organizations fighting for sexual and reproductive health care access.