I got me a good report from the doctor, a fresh store-bought haircut, and good eatin’ comin’ my way this weekend at the family reunion. It don’t get much better than that, I tell you what.

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Rumors of my Demise

We came in search of answers!
We left empty handed again!
Shots fired into the sky…
Are now returning!
Where the fuck will you hide?

It wasn’t a difficult thing to engineer, code was code was code for a reason and it was easy enough for a ghost to slip deeper into nonexistence.

Caspira had taken care of what little business she could afford to handle on Nar Shaddaa; masked up and hidden behind one persona or another as she cleared the traces of recent passage from the busy moon. Cyrus Rax’s circle of devastation and taking care of his own problems had helped as well. Somehow. The little flop house was still burning when she said her quick goodbye and vanished.

Dromund Kaas was almost welcoming after the recent chaos her life had become and, matching action to impression, her ship had been parked in the subsurface hangars off Laz’ab’s estate. It wasn’t her ideal place to settle down and hide, but it was perfect for what she intended to accomplish.

Azil’mort had watched with that dark and weary stare as she’d moved through the main hall and past the estate’s employees on her way to the rooms Laz’ab had promised would be set aside and waiting for her. There were other places she could go, yes. More reasonable options. 

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