Enemies to the north.  Daughter of the North.

its 11 and ive been blasting Michael in the Bathroom since like 6pm, help me

for @misterpoofofficial !!! (this is like,,, only ¼ of what i planned on making)

I wonder if there’s a tiny part of Bellamy that thinks Clarke’s still alive. He says in the lab that he still has hope the nightblood will come through. So he tells himself she’s dead and mourns her because that’s what the odds overwhelmingly suggest, but in the back of his mind there’s still this hope of maybe.

Okay so I have more AU ideas than I do anywhere near the time and energy to pursue them all so I’ve decided sometimes I’m just gonna put ‘em out there sort of like kittens.

To a good home: AU where full alien or obviously nonhuman looking Keith ends up alone on Earth at a very young age, is found by the Shirogane family and basically adopted as Shiro’s younger brother because Shiro has no idea what exactly this person is besides small and vulnerable and alone but he’s responsible for them now. He’s thirteen and gonna take care of this alien five-year-old if he has to personally fight the government.


Yay! It’s time for a new amv!