“You expect something grand, but I promised you the truth. I am only what time and circumstance made me. Son of a lost house. Friend to a fallen king. Some will tell you we are the product of our choices. I’ve never found that to be the case.”
This "Liberated Woman" T-Shirt Campaign Is SO Powerful
In partnership with Planned Parenthood, it sends an important message to empower voices of women of color.
By Shammara Lawrence

Despite the advances we’ve made in health care over the years, women of color are still often denied access to health care and left out of the conversation of reproductive rights. This discrimination-based inequity has resulted in disproportionately negative health outcomes that will only be compounded if people lose access to the quality, affordable, and compassionate health care Planned Parenthood provides. We believe that increased vulnerability of women of color is a health care crisis that requires the reproductive health and women’s rights movements to center their experiences and make protecting their access to care a priority.

Hi, sorry for disturbing you,” Izuku begins.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Suneater says, and he raises a baseball bat that Izuku didn’t notice before. Oh no.

another illustration for another @simkjrs​ fanfiction because it’s amazing and i have no self control

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Sixteen

Summary: Your mom confronts you in the airport, leading to friction within your new family
Words: 2.2k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Danneel, Jensen, JJ, Tom
Warnings: aggressive confrontations, angst
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife - Masterpost

Your name: submit What is this?

“It’s… it’s my mom.”

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Good morning Kaito the mighty potato. I just wanted to ask, do you plann to update character designs? Thans for reading this to the end. Have a nice morning. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I guess I can say that character designs immensely trigger me now because I have to but I keep forgetting but I have to but shfjsjakfhdiab I WILL DO IT


So I was working on this for a few weeks but eh, I got occupied with other stuff and forgot  I wanted to submit this for Today derp, sorry this was rushed, I need to plann my shit beter, and I just want to focus on finishing my shit for the convention this weekend. I had to cut and remove a couple of characters from the sketch lol but Honestly in some case it was the better choice, I think this picture has enough Amys

© Sega ANDthe rest

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-slides in- So how about some headcanons for what the horror bros would do when they first get to the surface???

*dramatic gasp* what is someone as cool as you doing in my askbox of all places???????? seriously that ficlet you did for UF!Sans cheating on his partner with his soulmate FUCKED ME UP

also @funsizedkola your ask is pretty much identical so I will be answering it here if that okay 

Some generic headcanons: The transition is obviously not as smooth for the horrortale denizens as it is for the others AUs. I think the cannibalism thing could potentially be overlooked (it was a desperate situation and we’ve been known to overlook this thing before) but layering a basic prejudice against monsters with their general mental instability…….yeah, its a bit of a mess.

Many of the monsters end up either dead or contained simply because they are too violent, but a surprising number of them do make a genuine attempt towards reintegration, even getting the help they need. Its not perfect. But its a life.


-Refuses to go to therapy or seek any kind of professional help. “don’t need anyone poking around in my skull ‘cept me” he said when Aliza brought it up. Fingering the massive hole in his head as if to prove his point.

-Probably transitions the easiest out of all of them, if only because he doesn’t expect to be welcomed. At the same time he is constantly ready for a rest and so never fully lets himself relax into Surface life until years later.

-Doesn’t go back to work at a lab or even open a hot dog stand. too many loaded memories in all of it. He spends most of his time at home. Reading when he’s feeling lucid enough for it. Staring off into space when he isn’t.

-Oddly enough I can see him spending a lot of time at a Mcdonalds???? I think just something about buying shitty cheap food and holing up in a corner booth for a few hours with a laptop would make him feel remarkably like his old self. One of the few places where he doesn’t attract too many stares and where the only interactions he has to have are ordering food. The staff gets to know him on sight and introduce him to the McGangBanger. (oh gods, a romance between Axe and a Mcdonalds cashier would be super cute actually……I might write that….)


-Has a hard time making friends but he’s just so genuinely friendly he can’t help but turn a few people over to his side. Where he really shines to short little interactions, how he gushed about the dish he was plannning to make to the lady who bagged his groceries. His beaming compliments to the guy who made his coffee. Little stuff that slowly gets people to see past his appearance

-He cries the first time he walks into a supermarket. Like, full meltdown cries. He hasn’t seen that much food in so long.

-Loves the Food Network, he and Axe binge watch it on nights when neither of them can sleep. 

-Kids love him. More specifically, they love to climb him. Can you blame them? He looks like a friendly white tree.It freaks the parents out when they find their little angels scaling a tall-ass skeleton with stained broken teeth but its fun while it lasts

I’ll be entirely honest with you: I’ve read crap all this year so I’m probably going to miss many of your own favourites, but this is just a list of fics that I’ve actually read and loved in the year 2016. There’s plenty I’ve started and have loved, but am either incredibly behind on or have not yet read enough of to form a strong enough opinion on. In the new year, though, I do promise to read more and be as supportive and encouraging for this community as I can. Fingers crossed that this time next year this list will be much, much longer.

Also, because talking about fic is one of my favourite things ever, feel free to let me know if any of these are also your favourites from 2016 or even just what your favourites in general were! Let’s start the positivity and support now!

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June! It’s been a year since I finished my college education, this last year I focused on my thesis and finally i have finished (yay for me) I hope that God had the best planns for me, i have hope and trust in him.

This month i will try to finish my reading of A storm of swords which i gotta say it’s awesome but it has taken so much of my time lately, and then i’m planning to read Iluminae, i’m so excited, have a nice day guys ~~ 

IG: amyyreadz

Did you know that for pretty much the entire history of the human species, the average life span was less than thirty years? You could count on ten years or so of real adulthood, right? There was no planning for retirement, There was no planning for a career. There was no planning. No time for plannning. No time for a future. But then the life spans started getting longer, and people started having more and more future. And now life has become the future. Every moment of your life is lived for the future—you go to high school so you can go to college so you can get a good job so you can get a nice house so you can afford to send your kids to college so they can get a good job so they can get a nice house so they can afford to send their kids to college.
—  John Green, Paper Towns

So this is kind if my way to bullet, i use printables and a notebook, i thing it’s a easy way to bullet since i dont have enough time and this offer me the possibility of more time to plann, and less on decor. Also i only use 4 higlither colors, in order of importance, if doesn`t matter where im using, just how important things are on the lst. 

The tabs i use are five different colors, each one for the day of the week, in that way i know where i have to finish something in my planner. @studyign

Printables from: @theorganisedstudent @thearialligraphyproject

so this is both a one shot dedicated to someone very generous and a sequel to this desus prompt

as a thank you to @everything-i-am since you donated to me and were so sweet, as a thank you here is a one shot of daryl and paul with the legendary line “please dont give up on me” 

“I will find you.”

“I know.”

Paul breathed in and out of his nose slowly, as he snuck into the Sanctuary, his blood ringing in his ears. It was surprisingly easy for him to keep calm considering that he was literally in the belly of the beast. Paul however had a mission, and he was not going to let anyone get in the way of that.

When Negan had taken Daryl, Paul had been completely consumed. He had never really thought that he would become so obsessed with something like that—the need to get revenge, the need to burn down the world just to get the person he loved so much back with him. Patiently, he waited for his moment, to decide whether or not to go off on his own, or take Rick and start a war. Paul had decided on the first option, deciding to infiltrate the savior’s truck. His heartbeat was the loudest thing to him, the blood and adrenaline rushing through him keeping him alert and ready for a fight. He hoped it wouldn’t have to come to a fight, because he doubted very much that he would be able to handle a fight against hundreds of saviors.

Negan and his followers had taken Daryl, and if they thought they were going to get away with that, then they were out of their damn minds. It was not the day to kill Negan, Paul knew he would not be able to get away with that, never mind get out of here alive. It would only make everything with Daryl a thousand times worse, and Paul couldn’t risk that. There would be another day to kill Negan, another day to pick Rick up and get him to fight. Paul knew that Rick would find what he needed from his own family, and when he was reunited with Daryl. Paul would slowly place all those pieces together—the women in both Alexandria and Hilltop were born ready for this fight, now Paul just had to bring Daryl back, and finally, everything would be in place. Rick would find the strength he would need when he saw his best friend would be safely returned.

Paul would find that strength too.

So yes, Negan would die.

Just not today.

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