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Okay but I imagine that harry and Uma are super protective over Gil. Like a lot of people are attracted to Gil and Harry and Uma won't have that. Also if he gets teased they will embarrass the living heck out of the person who teased him. I live for overprotective Harry and Uma

Oh my God they are SO protective?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!!!!

  • Like, Harry’s definitely not one for being kind but you’ll find his rare moments with Gil.
  • Uma is sometimes nice to people, but everyone knows she would give her heart and soul to protect Gil.
  • Gil comes in sad one day because his brothers did something cruel? You can bet your sweet ass members of the crew have to stop Uma and Harry from leaving the Chip Shop because if they get out they WILL find the Gaston twins and they WILL kill them.
  • Another member of the crew makes a comment, Harry glares and raises his hook whilst Uma makes a threat to kick them out.
  • Some street urchin makes a remark about Gil, Uma and Harry will attack.
  • Gil has his not so wise moments, but if anyone else were to comment on it or make fun of him, Harry wouldn’t think twice about threatening to gut them alive.
  • Gil once asked a girl out and she laughed and rejected him, Uma slapped her for laughing. She then proceeded to tell Gil he doesn’t need a girl like that.
  • This one time, Harry made a member of the crew walk the plank for making fun of Gil. Sure the guy got back out of the water afterwards, but there was a solid ten minute stand off of the guy on the plank and Harry holding out his sword.
  • Uma has punched many people in the face.
  • She’s also thrown trays of food at people.
  • Gil isn’t even that upset by comments half the time but gOD UMA AND HARRY WILL MAKE YOU PAY NO MATTER WHAT
  • Harry’s own older sister made a mean joke about Gil and Harry proceeded to embarrass the HECK out of her to Anthony Tremaine. Granted, Harriet did then chase Harry down the street threatening to kill him, but Harry promptly got away whilst maniacally laughing.
  • *221B*
  • Baby Holmes: *folding her arms; grumpy* Why do Mummy and Daddy have to have another baby?
  • Mycroft: *bored* Contraceptives aren't in their vocabulary.
  • Baby Holmes: *pouts* Why couldn't I go to the Hospital?
  • Mycroft: *raises an eyebrow* Because that's not the first memory you want of your little brother *shudders* Believe me.
  • Baby Holmes: *frowns* I hate him.
  • Mycroft: *dismissive* It won't last.
  • Baby Holmes: *confused* Whyyyy?
  • Mycroft: *rolls his eyes* Oh, I don't know. You'll notice he's dropped his favourite toy and tuck it next to him even though he's fast asleep. You'll be playing in the park, warning him not to touch the bees and then kissing his sting better. You'll never get to be Captain of the pirate ship, I'm afraid, but that doesn't matter *waves a hand* Walking the plank is just as fun.
  • Baby Holmes: ...
  • Baby Holmes: *blinks* Really?
  • Mycroft: *smiles* Yes.
  • Baby Holmes: *whines* What if he steals my stuff?
  • Mycroft: *chuckles* He'll bring you dead things, most likely. Anyway, it's worth it to see him trying to walk around in your massive shoes, tripping over the dog if not his own feet.
  • Baby Holmes: *confused* But we don't have a dog.
  • Mycroft: *quickly* No.
  • Baby Holmes: *kicks her legs* Uncle Mycroft?
  • Mycroft: Mmmm?
  • Baby Holmes: *scratches her head* Where do babies even come from?
  • Mycroft: *sighs* I have no idea. Ask your father. Don't take no for an answer.
  • Baby Holmes: *grins* Okay, Uncle Mycroft.
  • *meanwhile, at the Hospital*
  • Molly: *exhausted* So, Hamish Mycroft William? Or William John Siger?
  • Sherlock: *holding his son, smiling* The first one.
Meditation Will Help YOU

If you’re struggling with: 

  • sticking with what you were planning to eat
  • overeating when you’re really already full
  • binge eating
  • not working out even though you’d feel better if you did
  • getting stuff done you need to get done
  • being short, impatient or angry with your loved ones
  • being annoying even though you know it’s annoying

… and just generally doing things that you really know you shouldn’t be doing…

Meditation can really help you. Meditation practice strengthens the prefrontal cortex, the part of your brain where you choose deliberate actions, where you make long-term plans, where you decide the person you want to be. So, when that moment comes up when you’re about to just give in to your instincts or impulses, you have that space to see what is happening and to correct it. 

All you need to do: 

  • sit in one place comfortably but not slouching
  • set a timer for 5-20 minutes
  • breathe in and breathe out and focus only on your breath. You can say to yourself (in your head) “inhale” and “exhale” as you breathe to help focus your mind. 
  • as your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath again and again and again. It is the bringing the attention back part of the meditation, that really strengthens that power of your mind to focus, stop, correct and direct action when you are not meditating. 

I know, it’s very annoying, but then doing planks is not fun either. But it helps. 

I notice results immediately when I meditate. The next day, I am simply a better version of me. It’s annoying as hell though, and my brain makes up excuses a lot every night when it’s my time. But what I’ve been doing is meditating as I sit next to my kids’ beds while they are falling asleep. They know that way that they have to be quiet because I’m meditating (so they fall asleep faster), and I have nothing really else to do. 


#PoseByPose Day 1. #Plank (Crow Prep)

Welcome to the first day of the challenge! Plank is definitely a power pose. It gets so many muscles working and will really strengthen your whole yoga game if you spend time with it. What’s it have to do with Crow, you ask? Crow is all about arms, abs, and open hips - and plank really zeros in on the first two. So how to do it right…

  1. Start on all fours. Move your torso forward and place your palms flat on the ground.
  2. Make sure your wrists are directly below your shoulders. My alignment in the top picture is spot on. In the second I’m leaning a bit too far forward. The right alignment will help keep your wrists safe and make it easier to pull your shoulders back.
  3. If this is enough, stay with your knees on the ground. If you want more, lift your knees up and distribute your weight evenly between your palms and your toes.
  4. Keep your core engaged, your hips lifted, and your shoulders pulling back.
  5. If your wrists hurt, try putting your hands in fists or wearing a brace. Plank is great for building up wrist strength, but don’t hurt yourself!

The best thing about plank is that there are a ZILLION ways to modify and get crazy with it. Side plank, reverse plank, plank jacks, rolling ts, plank crunches…the options are endless. I included some side plank options and will have a couple more variations on a separate post. All the same rules apply to side plank - wrist/shoulder alignment, hips lifted, core engaged, shoulders back. I can’t wait to see your plank variations! Remember to have fun with it!

Join the fun, we’re just getting started. Here’s the master post. And don’t forget to tag your hosts: yogarian (me), bexmaddy, healthyhappymotivation, yogawithkarel, and sunny-yogi

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Hi Angie ! i'm doing the April intentions challenge, and this week I can't do any of the postures, too hard for me ! So i'm looking for variations... Also, I would like to improve my arms' strength, have you got some ideas ? Thank you a lot, I will be positive now !

hello love! <: i hope you don’t mind that i post this because i really think that this will be so useful to fellow yogis out there who may be struggling with this week’s challenge! <:

This list is definitely not exhaustive but will be useful for anyone who’s looking for a good workout for the core and upper body!

(However, do let me know if you want me to take it down!)

Here are some poses that you can work on:

Preparatory poses for arm balances:

1. Dolphin pose

  • Come into a dolphin pose and you can stay there if you like. Try to unclasp your hands and lay them flat on the ground, as this will make the pose a little more challenging.
  • To make this into a dynamic pose, from dolphin pose, come into a forearm plank, and then try to get your chin over your hands. If you can, try to touch your chin towards the ground. If this is not accessible to you yet, place your knees on the ground. This helps to strengthen your arms and shoulders. 

2. Crow pose

3. Chaturanga

  • This is the basis to many arm balances out there. Make sure to hug your elbows close to your torso, and when you’re going down, imagine that your elbow now forms a 90 degree angle. 
  • You can either opt to have your knees on the ground, or up the challenge by having your knees away from the ground, like tricep push-up.

Preparatory poses for inversions:

1. Boat pose

  • Either come into a static boat pose, or make it into a dynamic pose by leaning backwards and getting your feet and shoulders as close to the ground as possible, and then get back up into boat pose.
  • If this is not accessible to you yet, place your heels on the ground and lean backwards as close to the ground as possible.
  • If you have a yoga block, place your yoga block in between your thighs, and squeeze them real hard as you lean towards the ground. This makes the pose a little more intense, really works your core, and inner thighs!

2. Side Plank

  • There are many variations for side plank, one of the most challenging ones I’ve had so far is side plank dips. Dip your hips as close to the ground as possible in your forearm side plank for 20x, and change sides, and you do that twice on each side.

3. Plank pose + Forearm plank


  • I personally love handstand classes with Kino MacGregor on YouTube as they include lots of moves to work on your handstand (or any other inversions, really) so that is something that you might want to consider incorporating into your yoga practice <:
  • We will also be adding variations to each day’s poses so you can attempt those as well!


  • It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect <: It’s okay if inversions are not in your practice yet, these are great poses to get started and inversions are always great targets to work towards to!
  • We really don’t want anyone to feel too discouraged with this week’s poses - attempt them to your best of your ability, have fun, laugh, and let go of what your body can or cannot do at the end of the practice.
  • STAY SAFE. no matter what, you are not supposed to feel a strain in your neck or head and if you need a spotter, please get someone to help you out!

Last night: Sparkling water + spaghetti made in squash form followed by Body Blitz and Zumba. (Plus a smores cookie Kev had made. Pre workout of champs) the instructor for BB has been having us work some muscles and do some movements I never knew existed. It’s been a challenge every week but it’s good stuff. Except for core work. I kinda hate all forms of crunches and planks. Zumba was lots of fun after as always. Between feeling kinda blah + gloomy weather I’m real happy I went. Changing into my workout clothes immediately certainly helped.

Today just feels like a whole lot of NOPPEEEE. But I’m trying to keep in focus that Texas is 2 days away. I’m hoping I can get Finley to say ToTo at least once while I’m there.