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“Truth or Truth?”

A one-shot davekat meteor fic where Dave is bored and lonely and Karkat is also bored and lonely. And also pining. ~5,000 words

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The meteor was not a place you could spend time alone. At least, not out in the open.

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Challenge accepted

A/N : FOR @hellatayvin


Taylor had gone out with a few of her friends today, for a girls’ day, so I was left at home. Most of my friends were busy or not in LA and I had been spending every day in the studio recently and needed a break. So I decided to go to the gym, since I had another Armani shoot coming up.

I liked the gym I went to because it was usually pretty quiet during the day and they had the perfect balance of floor space and machines. They also ran a few classes, which Taylor had tried a few times, as well as private sessions if you wanted to train with a trainer or instructor. Today I didn’t have anything booked so decided to just warm up a little and then go on the treadmill before doing some weights.

I started to stretch a little on the mats by the main door. It was one of the only areas in the whole fitness room that didn’t have mirrors everywhere, which was the one thing I didn’t like about gyms- who wants to always be looking at themselves when they are hot and sweaty?

I had my earbuds in, listening to the rough cuts for a few new tracks I was working on. I always did my best thinking when I wasn’t in the studio.

Suddenly I felt someone literally jump onto my back and wrap their arms around my neck. The arms felt very familiar.

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