30 Day Plank Challenge - Intermediate Level

Welcome to August and Welcome to a New Fitness Challenge. 

It’s my 30 Day Plank Challenge Intermediate Level!

I created this fitness challenge over a year ago as a follow up to my 30 Day Plank Challenge Beginner Level and released it on the Lift App (now called 

It’s long overdue that I share it with everyone with this printable calendar.

So here it is!

Plank Fitness Challenge instructions:

Complete a front & side plank (both sides) every day for the time specified on the calendar. For example on Day 1 you will do a 2:10 min (130 seconds) front plank, followed by a 1:10min (70 seconds) side plank on the right side, followed by a 1:10min side plank on the left side.

Tips on Doing Front Plank:

1. Start in a pushup position and then slowly lower your forearms to the ground

2. Ensure that your elbows are lined up under your shoulders.

3. Keep your abs & glutes tight and lifted.

4. Do NOT let your hips sag. Do NOT arch your back.

5. Keep a neutral neck and spine.

Your body should form a straight line from head to toe.

See front plank video demo.

Tips on Doing a Side Plank:

1. Lie on one side of your body in a straight line. Legs should be stacked.

2. Prop your upper body up on your forearm.

3. Ensure that your elbow is lined up directly below your shoulder.

4. Engage your abs and lift your hips and knees until your body forms a straight line.

Your body should form a straight line from head to toe.

See side plank video demo.

Print it out and get started!

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Planking Does A Body Good!

It’s my favorite way to strengthen my abs and core.

So I plank daily (#plankaday)

Here’s a 5 minute plank workout that I’m doing tonight.

Try it!

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Anyone who knows me can you tell you how much I love to plank. It’s my number one go to ab exercise and I do it daily. I always try to do different variations so when I found this infographic, I thought it would be perfect for my blog. So start strengthening your abs and core with these five exercises:
1. Plank with leg lifts: hold for 60-90 seconds. Repeat 5x

2. Elevated plank: hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 10x

3. Stability ball mountain climbers: Do 10-12 reps.

4. Side plank with knee tuck: hold for 45 seconds then repeat on the other side.

5. Side plank with a row: you can attach a resistance band around the leg of your bed or a sturdy chair. Do 20-25 reps then repeat on the other side.

This routine is tough so take your time and pace yourself. You can reduce the number of reps and work your way up. If you do this routine 2-3x a week for a month, you’ll different feel and see the difference in your mid section. It’ll help you perform better when running and/or working out.

Happy Planking!

Oh. My. God. #NOFILTER on this one!!!! Look what #plankaday is doing to my stomach, guys!!! I’m about to cry. It is looking freaking amazing. As you all know, I’ve lost 92 pounds..which means extra skin. But my stomach is getting SO TIGHT!!! #abs are beginning to show a bit. My arms are getting tight, too!! Heck yes!!!!! #plank #planking #fitspo #fitness #fitfluential #workout #dedication #motivation #inspiration (at Dwight Lofts)

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#WOD #workoutcommand Kettle Bell Leg Lift. Do 10-20 reps 3x on each leg. Hold your plank pose while lift the leg up & down. Keep abs & booty tight while quads are flexed (as shown on top pic). My #workoutbuddy @dianalaurengm is demonstrating the modification on the bottom. Remember, do not let the KB touch the ground. Have it 3-6" above ground when bringing leg down. Now LIFT! #dailyworkout #workoutoftheday #legs #plankaday #kettlebell #KB #bikiniworkout #beccafit4life #training #trainfree #outdoorsgym #bodybuilding #muscles #flexfriday #fitspo #igfit #fitfam #Nike #NTC #fitspiration #workoutchallenge

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Good morning!
#JMBR Day 9. I upped my weights today, and could definitely feel myself lifting further in my crunches! Threw in a #plankaday attempt. 40sec isn’t amazing for everyone, but its amazing for me! Last month I was dying by 30sec. 😜Baby steps!
#bodyrevolution #fitmama #workoutchallenge #weightloss #fitandfreeoffear

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I was doing my #plankaday in the kitchen while my family was brewing some tea, and my mom & grandmother got on the floor and did a #plank with me!!! My grandmother is 80 years old!!! How awesome is that?! Talk about family bonding!!! #plank #planking #healthy #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #workout #fitspo #fitness #fitfluential #inspiration #motivation (at Easton, PA)

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