Planking Does A Body Good!

It’s my favorite way to strengthen my abs and core.

So I plank daily (#plankaday)

Here’s a 5 minute plank workout that I’m doing tonight.

Try it!

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Anyone who knows me can you tell you how much I love to plank. It’s my number one go to ab exercise and I do it daily. I always try to do different variations so when I found this infographic, I thought it would be perfect for my blog. So start strengthening your abs and core with these five exercises:
1. Plank with leg lifts: hold for 60-90 seconds. Repeat 5x

2. Elevated plank: hold for 30 seconds. Repeat 10x

3. Stability ball mountain climbers: Do 10-12 reps.

4. Side plank with knee tuck: hold for 45 seconds then repeat on the other side.

5. Side plank with a row: you can attach a resistance band around the leg of your bed or a sturdy chair. Do 20-25 reps then repeat on the other side.

This routine is tough so take your time and pace yourself. You can reduce the number of reps and work your way up. If you do this routine 2-3x a week for a month, you’ll different feel and see the difference in your mid section. It’ll help you perform better when running and/or working out.

Happy Planking!

My favorite view! I give a little more a attention to my abs on Tuesdays, and today’s post-run workout consisted of a two-minute plank, 50 vertical leg crunches, forty Russian twists, 35 leg lifts, 20 sit-ups, and 50 bicycles. Ouch, but that’ll help my running form and yoga both. I also did 20 squats, 30 side lunges, 15 wall push ups (remember I’m bottom heavy! haha), and 15 tricep dips. This was a great workout, like one of those where you see results instantly!

Wednesday...Happy May!

So today was ok. I mean my day was great but my diet was just ok. I had my pants photo shoot at Pier 59 and it was a lot if fun. We had a really great crew and I got a lot of responsibility, which was great.

Eating-wise I was alright. It could have gone much worse. I ate a healthy breakfast and then snacked on fruits and veggies all morning. Then I kept lunch to just one plate, no seconds, and opted for fish instead of chicken and couscous and veggies instead of pasta. The couscous with dried fruit was insane, I have to try to make that.

Then the afternoon came and I started to pick a little. I stayed away from the chocolate and the candy but I had a few chips and guac and then some cheese and water crackers, a couple nuts, and more fruit. I guess it really wasn’t that bad.

I attempted to put it all in my tracker by guessing points values. I’m going to have a healthy dinner of rotisserie chicken, broiled veggies, and kale chips. And then a fiber one brownie. I’m about 6 points over my daily number. But I also had bootcamp tonight! So I feel like it all balanced out, I hope so!!

Even though I did at least 3 planks already tonight, I’ll do my timed one when I get home! (Still on my way)

I have a visitor tomorrow! My sister and I are going sample sale shopping and to brunch! Going to look over the menu now to plan ahead what I’m going to eat. Since you’re reading this…see ya tomorrow sis!!!!