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Perfect Boyfriend

Characters: Reader (Erin, but I don’t think I mentioned her name actually), Chris Evans

Pairing: Chris x Reader

Warnings: Fear of getting older, nudity, implied smut (well maybe a bit more than implied but it is pretty tame) otherwise just fluff.     

Word Count: 1200ish

A/N: This is for Erin aka @blacktithe7. It’s her birthday today and this is me (and Chris) wishing her a very happy one. I love you Erin and I hope you had a great day today!

Thanks to @percywinchester27 for betaing this one for me (and Ana says: I love you too Erin).

Also sorry for the crappy title - hopefully the one shot is better than then that one.

Chris had wanted the two of you to go somewhere special today. He had suggested one restaurant after another. He had suggested weekend getaways and vacations but truth be told, you hadn’t been in the mood to do much this year. You just wanted this day to pass and get on with your life. A birthday was just a day right? At least that’s what you tried to convince yourself as you laid in bed alone that morning.

You weren’t sure where Chris was, but him not being here had you kinda worried that he had not listened to you. You loved that he wanted to surprise you, and you loved him more than anything, but you had been serious when you had said you didn’t wanna go anywhere on your birthday. You knew however, that if he had made plans, that sweet smile of his would be able to convince you to do just about anything. You wouldn’t have the heart to say no to him, so you really hoped and prayed that your boyfriend had taken you seriously. That he was just out for a run or something, and not planning some huge gesture, like you knew he really wanted to do.

You groaned and pushed yourself out of bed, calling out for him with no answer. It was 10 am. It wasn’t like him to not be home at this hour, which only made you all the more worried.

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My Clueless Valentine

Story Summary: To help Steve feel a little less lonely on Valentine’s Day, you and the guys plan out a day of fun. However, this outing becomes something so much more than a day with friends when feelings are revealed [Part of the Friends Like Ours one shot series]. 

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: I’m really sorry about the wait and I’m sorry if I forgot to tag anyone in this! It’s been a while. Just to let you know, this one shot also refers back to the events of People Will Say

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“Hey Steve,” Bucky greeted with a smile as the blond entered the kitchen, you and Sam also giving your respective greetings with the hopes that he’d actually say something this time around.

Instead, you all earned another frown in response while he grabbed a bottle of water and a granola bar before heading back to his room, closing the door. You sighed and wondered what’s wrong with your friend. Over the past couple of days, Steve has been acting strange and distanced himself from everyone, limiting his responses with frowns and sighs. You had no working theories as to why he was behaving that way, but Sam and Bucky had an idea.

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We Got Friday Nights

A little friends to lovers drabble/one shot for @thesschesthair​ cos she likes them and she is awesome!

also on and ao3

When your best friend is gorgeous, smart and one of the most decent people you’d ever met, it makes sense that people would think you were a couple. Of course every time this happened to Killian Jones and Emma Swan they’d laugh it off and say there was no chance that anything like that could ever happen.

They were friends - for almost five years - and they quite liked it that way.

Only one time, she had seriously considered it.

They were in the middle of this health kick - running a few times a week after Emma had almost collapsed chasing a skip up a fire escape. Killian had offered to run with her - it wasn’t safe for her to be running around on her own, he’d said - she’d rolled her eyes and reminded him that she could take care of herself and that Storybrooke was hardly the crime capital of New England. He’d still insisted on joining her.

One Saturday he’d knocked on her apartment door, too early for the sun even to have peeked over the horizon. The park was deserted as they pounded the trails in companionable silence until it began to rain. A fine mist at first, it quickly graduated into a heavy downpour with large, freezing drops saturating them in seconds as they raced to the cover of the trees.

Killian laughed when she slipped in the mud, his hands coming up to her waist to halt her fall -  they were warm, even through her soaked t-shirt. He was close enough she could really appreciate those damn blue eyes of his that never saw him leave a bar without at least one phone number (wanted or not). His hair had fallen over those eyes. She’d told him a dozen times to cut it and he always just shrugged. Water dripped down those silky tendrils, drizzling across his cheek. Dazed, she’d stared at his perfect face.

For a second, she’d forgotten who he was ( her best friend ) and why they’d never been more than that (she didn’t do relationships or men in general, he just didn’t do commitment). For a moment he was just a handsome, perfect guy who she was very attracted to… so she reached up and brushed away the rogue strands, her fingers sliding down his cheek, reluctant to break the contact. It was okay- just for that moment - to let herself get lost in the smile he gave her and to imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips and for those hands to tighten at her waist and draw her close.

They’d hugged a thousand times. But that was different, because he was her friend and every hug they shared was devoid of that pulling tension she felt right then. Warmth radiated from him as the rain tumbled through the pine trees. She let herself daydream for a few perilous moments about a “them” - a dream of cozy dates and tangled limbs and kisses and-

Then, of course, reality kicked in. The rain vanished, the sun replacing it in the blink of an eye. He’d tugged on her shoulder, rousing her out of the dream as he asked her if she was ready to head back. She’d smiled and nodded, avoiding his gaze until her feet found that rhythm again on the mossy footpaths, each step pushing that idea further away.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any at-home workout routines to get in shape? I have limited time and energy but im also too weak to win in a fight against a nazi and id like to change that

1) Like we’ve said before, the overwhelming majority of antifascist work is not about getting into punchups with nazis; it’s about doing a thousand other things to protect communities targeted by bigots; it’s about building an authentic anti-fascist/anti-racist youth culture; and it’s about doing everything possible to fuck up fascists’ plans as much as we can.  So your physical condition should not be preventing you from doing 95% of the things that antifascists do day in/day out.

2) On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with getting into shape and improving your physical condition.  Getting stronger and faster has myriad benefits for you, and not just in an antifa context!  See our previous post about getting into shape for some ideas about how to accomplish this.  But if you’re specifically looking for something to do at home,  try googling or searching on youtube for “home bodyweight workout beginners” and you’ll get a ton of results.  Here’s one example.  They’re all going to include some form of push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, and other exercises you can do at home with just yourself or maybe a few common household items.

You should aim to workout about every other day when you’re starting out.  Probably 45 minutes - an hour per session.  When you are starting with any program, focus in the beginning at getting your form right.  Proper form keeps you from hurting yourself and allows you to max out.  Write down what you do every time you workout, so you can track your progress.  The idea is to do a few more reps every time.

Being strong is great but don’t neglect cardio, either.  Put in some road work once or twice a week @ minimum.  As antifa found out in DC this weekend, nazis like Richard Spencer can run fast and for a long time when they’re being chased by the likes of us!

Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and make sure you’re getting enough protein (min. 1 gram per kg of body weight).  Maybe try to make small tweaks to your diet so you’re eating better generally while you’re at it.  Keep this up for just eight weeks and you’ll notice improvements, we promise!

Eventually, you might want to get a set of dumbbells for home use or start going to a gym.  If you go the dumbbell route, there are lots of dumbbell-based workouts on the intertubes you can do at home that will help you level up strength-wise.  If you can find a gym with strength training classes, ask to try out a class to see if you like the instructors and the class before signing up.

3) If you’re specifically trying to get in better shape so you are more physically able to defend yourself & others against nazis, we’d highly recommend taking a martial arts class regularly!  See our previous post about the kinds of martial arts training we think are most street-effective.  Most of these styles have the bonus effect of improving your cardio and getting you in better overall physical shape as well.  


Imagine you and Colby staying home all day cause everyone else went to Coachella except you too. You also decided to take advantage of the empty house if you know what I mean😏 so Colby didn’t get a chance to film anything, cause you two slept all day! The peace and quiet, no one planking you, so two caught up on sleep.

(If you thought I meant something else, you’re dirty)

cabin .

It’s around nine, and you watch the snowflakes fall as a mug of piping hot coffee warms your palms. A blanket is draped over your legs and two layers of socks are keeping your toes warm because, for some reason, the heat hasn’t kicked on yet despite you and Shawn having been at the cabin for a day already. You caught the tail-end of a conversation Shawn was having with Manny over the phone concerning the thermostat last night, but you were so exhausted from the drive that you had drifted off and didn’t hear the verdict. You assume it wasn’t good, though, because you’re still freezing and wondering how much convincing it would take to have Shawn let you steal a couple of his hoodies for extra warmth.

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It's deity, not diety. Unless that temple is doing some kind of health program.

god of fitness and getting swole. communion is a wheatgrass shot and a piece of protein bar. reciting holy verses while you do burpees. confess your sins while holding a plank. if you don’t leave sweating then you’re not worshiping hard enough

The Labyrinth Chapter 26

Originally posted by bts-we-are-bulletproof

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin || ft. all the members

Length: 8.1k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate your parents’ whereabouts. It is this fateful decision that leads you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading, as your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along.

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 

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When You Fall Asleep...

G-Dragon x reader
My masterlist can be found here!
Prompt: You fall asleep everywhere and Jiyong finds it adorable.

…in the car
You locked your phone and leaned your head against the cold window of the car. Jiyong sat next to you, while the driver was taking both of you to Jiyong’s apartment. “Did you like it today?” Jiyong asked. The clock was 10pm and he had bought you to a dinner with different people. “Mhmm..” you mumbled. You had already dozed off a little. You could feel Jiyong’s hand on you thigh. You smiled to yourself, placing your hand on his.

…on the couch
“They’re dying!” Jiyong shouted as he pointed to the screen. The movie you were currently watching was nowhere your style. You could feel your eyelids get heavier for every moment that passed. When you couldn’t resist, your head fell to Jiyong’s shoulder. “You aren’t easy to watch movies with,” Jiyong said, kissing your forehead.

…while doing your work
Jiyong locked himself into his apartment. The day was spend very well in the studio. He kicked his sneakers off as he walked through the apartment. It was incredibly quiet. “Hello?” He asked out loud. He stopped when he saw your head resting on your notes. He chuckled as he kneeled down in front of you. “Baby, you should get some rest,” He moved some hair from your face. “In a bed.” He added. “Come on.”

…on him
“The stars look extra bright tonight,” you said as you looked at the sky. Jiyong and you had cut fresh fruit and placed a huge planked on the balcony. You were currently laying on the top of him, your head resting on his chest. “I agree, they shine as bright as your eyes.” He added. He started fiddle with your hair, and your snoring a few minutes after made Jiyong turn his head to you. “Oh, babygirl,” he chuckled. 

The Batfamily X Reader- Rescuing You?

Warning: Swearing, kidnapping, guns, fighting 

Groaning, you groggily sat up, gasping at the pain in your head.  It felt like the beginning of a migraine, but it was fading slowly.  It was dark, allowing your headache to be less painful, and smelled like something took a long dump after going to a Mexican restaurant and then died, maybe vomiting a little bit before dying.  Faint footsteps and voices could be heard a couple rooms away, but from where you were you could tell that you were not at the manor.  Alfred would chop off his own hand before he’d let the manor smell like this, especially since Dick attempted to cook a meal.  Pushing those thoughts aside, you focused on the room, trying to figure out where you were.  Grasping a table, you pushed yourself up, barely able to stand properly.  Yeah, you were definitely drugged.  Scanning the room, you walked over to a boarded window and looked through the space in between the wooden planks.  You could see a few buildings, but the most important clue was the homemade sign that had ‘Memory Lane’ poorly spray painted onto it.  You were in the Joker’s territory, and that meant you had to deal with that asshole.

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Something to Ask Pt. 2

Originally posted by lordavanti

Hey sisters! I got a huge response from my hvitserk imagine thing, Something To Ask, all for a second part. So here goes! Glad yall liked it so much, it truly surprised me (this is long oops)


You tilted your head to the side, a timid twitch pulled your lips into something that resembled a smile. Hvitserk looked…unsure. In return it made you unsure. Hvitserk was sure his stare was catching you off guard, and his hands becoming clammy did not make this the most comfortable of circumstances.

“Hvitserk, what is it?” You urged him. Your voice made him blink and stand straighter. He flexed his hands but quickly wrapped his fingers around yours again.

“Y/N, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Hvitserk watched your eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. The bow in your hand dropped to the forest floor and you jumped to retrieve it. You shook your hand out of Hvitserk’s in order to kneel down and collect it from the ground. You kept your head bowed as you placed the weapon on a nearby tree stump. Hvitserk didn’t quite like the distractedness you were displaying.

“I–Um, I don’t know what–Is this because Queen Aslaug said you and your brothers should be married already?”

Hvitserk opened his mouth in a silent stutter. He honestly had forgotten all parts of that conversation besides the part where his mother said a prince could have as many women as he wanted. Besides, it was a long time ago, he didn’t understand how you remembered.

“No? N-No, Y/N, listen. I’ve felt this way for some time. I just…did not know how to express my feelings”

“You’re never shy, Hvitserk.” You brushed your hands down your dress and finally looked at him again. “I guess I’m confused. Not once have I seen you hide away from flirtation, or an opportunity to bed a woman before. What I’m saying is, you’ve never shown an interest in me before now.”

Hvitserk didn’t have a reply to give to your patient expression. You genuinely were waiting for one, but when did not come, you chuckled.

“It’s alright, Hvitserk. You’re just looking for options to make your mother quit harassing you. You have plenty of time to find a wife.” You nodded your head at him with a reassuring smile. Hvitserk shook his head, mouth slightly agape. You thought he was kidding, thought this was all out of desperation because of something his mother said. He watched you gather your shawl from the ground and wrap it around your shoulders. You nodded to him once more before leaving him alone in the clearing.


Your duties for the day had been completed until after lunch, so you had time to kill. You tucked your shawl tighter around your shoulders and hiked up your dress as forest turned into sand. From a short distance, you saw Floki’s boats swaying in the lazy waves of the fjord. Floki was hammering away at a stubborn plank of wood, and you thought it best to not disturb him. You knew he got frustrated when someone interrupted his business so you elected to seek out Helga inside.

“Hello?” You peered your head inside. You were always welcome where Floki and Helga were concerned.

“Looking for me, Y/N?” Ivar’s voice called from the table. You jumped, not expecting the prince so out of place.

“Oh, hello Ivar.” You grinned once you caught your breath. “Is Helga around?”

“She went to gather tools from the blacksmith in town.” Ivar drank heavily from a horn on the tabletop. “She will be back soon. Care to stay?”

“I-uh, sure.” You slipped fully inside. You didn’t realize you were wringing your hands until Ivar pointed it out.

“Has Hvitserk found you yet?” Ivar asked after a couple minutes of silence. You looked up at him curiously. “Looks like he hasn’t. You don’t have that new wifely glow about you yet.” He took another drink from the horn.

“H-He did actually. What are you talking about?” Ivar studied you, leaning forward with his elbows on the table, a smirk casting itself upon his lips.

“Hvitserk told mother he wanted to marry you during breakfast today. I’ve never seen him leave so fast to find you.”

Your jaw dropped; you were sure you looked pretty stupid with your mouth hanging open for so long. “I didn’t believe him.”

Ivar leaned back from the table now, arms crossed over his chest and that same smirk still on his face. “So do you feel the same? Ubbe seems to think you do.”


“You do.” Ivar cut you off. You couldn’t argue with Ivar even if you wanted to. You pushed yourself from the table, about to dash out the door, before catching yourself and turning to bow to the youngest prince. Ivar sharply exhaled his version of a laugh.

“There’s no need for that. You will be my sister soon enough. We’re equals now.”

You grinned widely at him and didn’t wait to hear a response if there was one. Your dress flew up around your ankles as you sprinted towards Kattegat. Aslaug stood to attention as you flung the doors open to the great hall. Hvitserk stood as well, ready to attack if necessary. They instantly calmed once they saw it was you.

“Y/N?” Hvitserk tried a smile, but was still mildly hurt from your departure that morning. You ran at him as if he was coming back from a raid and he knew exactly what to do. Your arms were thrown around his neck and his arms came to hold you up around your backside. Your face buried in his neck and he held you tightly against him in return.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Hvitserk.” You said breathlessly. Aslaug watched the scene unfold, showing how pleased she was that her son was finally marrying a woman, without saying a word. Hvitserk spared her a glance, then met your eye. He let you drop back to the ground and he cupped the side of your face with one hand.

“Y/N, I have something to ask of you.”

“Yes, Hvitserk?”

“Will you be my wife?”

You laughed and pulled him into your lips by his collar. Oh yes, you would be his wife.

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