plank you


Stiles x reader

words;; 1742

You held the baseball bat firmly in your grip as you stepped out onto your porch. As you made your way across the porch, your eyes searched for any sign of intruders, taking slow steps, and avoiding the planks that you knew creaked. You looked across your front yard, to the road that ran across your neighbourhood.

Out of nowhere, a body fell from above you, two voices screaming in unison: yours and someone else’s. Your first instinct was to pull the bat up behind you, ready to swing. Two hands held out in defence and continued shouting brought you out of shock.

It was Stiles.

“Stiles, what the hell are you doing?” You shouted at him, the bat still in your hands.

“You weren’t answering your phone.” Stiles simply stated as he casually hung upside down. “Why do you have a bat?”

“I thought you were a,” you hesitated slightly, “a predator.”

“A pre - I – wha–” he paused for a moment before he continued, “look, I know it’s late, but you gotta hear this. I saw my dad leave 20 minutes ago. Dispatch called. They’re bringing in every officer from the Beacon Department, and even State Police.” His tone became, somewhat, more serious.

“What for?” You asked, intrigued. You lowered the bat, calming down.

“Two joggers found a body in the woods.” He said, excitement laced his tone as he jumped down to the ground.

“A dead body?” You weren’t sure whether you were shocked or more interested as you leaned over your porch to face Stiles.

“No, a body of water,” he said in his usual sarcastic tone as he hung his arms over your porch, “Yes, dumbass, a dead body.” He clambered over the wooden beams separating the two of you. You loved it when Stiles was sarcastic. It could be annoying, but you loved it.

“You mean like murdered?” You didn’t understand why Stiles decided to inform you on a murder so late at night. He could have texted, or better yet, told you tomorrow.

“Nobody knows yet.” He started, arms resting on his hips. “Just that it was a girl, probably in her 20s.”

“Hold on, if they found the body, then what are they looking for?”

“That’s the best part. They only found half.” A smirk played on his lips, “We’re going.” He was pleased with what he had discovered.

The squeak of a tire, signalled your arrival as you both jumped out of the Jeep. The sudden cold breeze stung your skin slightly.

“We’re seriously doing this.” You knew it wouldn’t end well, but, part of you wanted to go out there with Stiles to find half of a dead body.

“You’re the one always bitching that nothing ever happens in this town.” Stiles pointed out. You considered this. He placed his hand over your shoulder, a huge smile plastered his face.  He took your hand, leading the way, a flashlight in his other.

“I was trying to get a good night sleep before our first day back in school.” You were making lousy excuses that even you weren’t believing, yourself, let alone convincing Stiles- who, by the way, never takes no for an answer.

“Is that all you’ve got?” point proven, “Come on Y/N. We’re doing this. I know that deep down, in your heart, you want to do this.” He held his hand to his heart. He was being sarcastic again. He gave you a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. “Because you love me.”

You rolled your eyes, laughing, “Just out of curiosity, which half of the body are we looking for?” You asked, passing an old decayed log, long softened by rot, and spotted with moss.

“Huh. I didn’t even think about that.” He paused. You left a whisper of your passage through the wet leaves.

“And, uh,” it dawned on you,” what if whoever killed the body is still out there?”

“Also, something I didn’t thing about,” He sighed, turning to you,” But, don’t worry, because I’ll keep you safe.” He chuckled.

“My hero,” you joked. “It’s comforting to know you’ve planned this out with your usual attention to detail.” You both came to a hill. He dropped your hand for a moment to climb up the hill, placing the torch in his mouth. Once he reached the top, he held onto a tree for support, holding his hand out for you. It was your cue to climb the hill. You held his hand which enveloped yours with warmth.

“I know.” He said smugly, a small smile tugging at his lips. When you both reached the top, he instantaneously dropped to the floor, pulling you down with him, as he struggled to switch off the torch. You could see the multiple flashlights in the distance coming towards your direction.

“Wait. Come on.” Stiles pulled you up, running ahead of you.

“Stiles, wait up. Stiles. Stiles.” You called. He blindly ran through the moss encircled trees, you, just as blindly, running after him. “Stiles.” You whispered once more. It was no use.

Stiles turned, expecting you behind him, bumping into the barking of a dog. Instinctively, you stopped, and held your ground behind a tree, hidden. A thin layer of clouds masked the moon which shone above you.

“Hold it right there.” You heard someone say, probably a deputy. The dog’s barking ceased. You heart rate increased in worry for Stiles.

“Hang on, hang on.” You heard the familiar voice of Sheriff Stilinksi, which calmed you, “This little delinquent belongs to me.” You knew that Stiles was probably hiding behind his arms at that very moment, wishing not to have been caught by his dad.

“Dad,” Stiles said, in attempt to act normal, “How are you doing?”

But, he was fooling the Sheriff, “So, do you, uh, listen to all of my phone calls?”

“No,” Stiles answered, “Not the boring ones.” You smiled at his remark.

“Where’s your usual partner in crime?” He asked, knowing that Stiles made you go everywhere with him.

“Who, Y/N? She- she’s home. She said she wanted to get a good night’s sleep for first day back at school tomorrow. It’s just me. In the woods. Alone.” Stiles said, out of breath. Anyone with a brain could tell he was lying. Of course, he wouldn’t give you up though.

“Y/N, you out there? Y/N?” He sighed, “Well, young man, I’m gonna walk you back to your car. And you and I are gonna have a conversation about something called invasion of privacy.” You peeked behind the tree to see Sheriff taking Stiles back to his car, leaving you to fend for yourself. You shook your head. Now it was just you. In the woods. Alone. You heard a thunder clap and felt cold raindrops pierce your skin.

You walked through the woods with the intention of somehow getting home. Why did you allow Stiles to use his charm and sarcasm to drag you into this? You could hear leaves crunching beneath your feet and grasshoppers clicking in the cool, night air. You looked behind you continuously, as you walked through the woods alone, pulling the hood of Stiles’ jumper over your head, hands stuffed in the pockets. Each breath you took came out like a puff of smoke, gliding smoothly over the air.

You stopped to look at your surroundings. Trees stood naked and tall as they did their macabre dance. In the distance, you could hear something, slowly getting louder, the patter of feet- no, hooves. Stags came running towards you, knocking you down. You lay on the ground, one hand in front of your face and the other rubbing your back in pain, wincing. At the same, you attempted to avoid being stomped on by the many stags that jumped over you.

Leaves hovered over the floor, disturbed by the stampede, before gently falling to the ground again. You sat up, looking around in confusion. It was silent. Too silent. Thick fog washed over the area as you stood up, dusting the leaves and mud off your clothes. You took out your phone, turning it on to use the light, in search for your keys which happened to fall out of your pocket, probably during your fall.

As you searched through the mounds of leaves, you found nothing. You moved your phone over the floor, only to see the head of a human-and the upper half of a human body. It was only half. The half that everyone was looking for. You shouted in shock, knocking yourself off your feet, rolling down a hill. You hit into several trees and branches as you fell, grunting. Once you reached the bottom of the hill, you took a deep breath, pushing yourself up off the ground, with the help of a fallen tree.

You jumped over it, groaning. You could have been in a warm bed at that very moment- but, instead, you walked through the woods alone, half a dead body to bring you nightmares for the next year or so.

A low growl from behind you interrupted your thought. You slowly turned to look, hoping to have misheard something. Just a short distance from you, was a creature, it’s eyes staring right at you. Before you had a chance to react, it jumped at you, pushing you to the ground. It was almost a cliché moment when your life flashes before your eyes. Would it kill you? You screamed in agony as it bit your lower abdomen, grabbing hopelessly at the root of a tree in attempt of escape.

Momentarily, it released you and, the second it did, you shot up, ignoring the pain the best you could, running to the nearest escape of darkness. You tripped over a branch, but immediately regained your balance, running as though your life depended on it, not looking ahead. Bright headlights of a car caught your glimpse, causing you to halt, as you shielded your eyes from it. The car swerved to the left, avoiding you successfully.

You watched it drive away, until it disappeared, catching your well-deserved breath. You remembered the bite that the wolf-like creature gave you, pulling up your shirt to see your wound. Blood oozed from it. The rain fell over your head as you pulled your shirt down. You looked both ways of the road and began walking your journey home.  

What a story you had to tell.

The Docks

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Title: The Docks

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 963

Warning: angst & fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but the song Anchor by Novo Amor inspired me to write this! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3 <3 I love you all so much! <3

You sat on the dock, letting the wind brush through your hair.  You often came to the docks when you were stressed or when you needed to think.  This time it was both.  The breeze felt refreshingly cool against your skin after a warm fall day.  The sky was painted with colors from pink, to a light orange.  It made the walk from the office worth it.

A pair of footsteps could be heard on the wooden planks behind you, but you didn’t look behind you.  There was something captivating about the calmness of the water.  The evening sky distracted you from the troubles of today.

“[Y/N],” Gibbs mumbled, placing a hand on your shoulder.  “You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.  We have a murderer still running around.”

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1. In UFD, the legs, pelvis & torso are lifted. The tops of your feet press firmly down, & palms are grounded to help support your upper body. In Cobra, the legs & pelvis are grounded, & only the torso is lifted. Note there’s a difference between High Cobra & Low Cobra – I’ll explain below. 2. Both poses are usually done as part of a Vinyasa. If you can manage a Chaturanga, the pose you’d normally flow into after that would be UFD. But if you’re lacking in upper body strength & you’re coming down into Knees-Chest-Chin from plank, you’d move into Cobra. • 

COBRA Legs & pelvis:

 Legs & pelvic bones are grounded. I like to keep my feet mat width apart (wider than usual) to arch my middle back more, instead of jamming into the lower back. Arms: In the photo, my elbows are a little bent. In (High) Cobra, there is no real need to straighten the elbows all the way – doing that may cause compression in the lower back. Keep your elbows bent as much as you need to arch your back evenly & gradually. Palms are shoulder width, slightly in front of shoulders. Modification: Low Cobra is an easier alternative. To do this, bring the belly onto the floor, so only chest is lifted. Hands will be under your shoulders, next to your chest, elbows hug in. • 


 The tendency here is pushing up through yr arms, creating an L shape in your spine, causing compression. To correct this, pull your chest forward & through by pulling yr shoulders back. Arms: Elbows are straight, but keep them micro bent, engaging your triceps. Palms are a bit closer to you as opposed to Cobra. Modification: In a Vinyasa, UFD usually comes aft Chaturanga, but pushing up from that to UFD requires a lot of core & arm strength, & if you’re lacking in upper body strength, this transition may be tough. If you’re still working on this, you can drop your knees to come into Cobra, or drop the knees first then push up into UFD. Whatever feels good! • Experiment with both and see which feels more comfortable for you. Just remember there should be no pain, and try your best to arch the entire spine gradually – not just the lower back. Be safe x #yongxianyogatips

Flattery Will Get You Nowhere

Request: I don’t know if you’ve done one already like this, but could you do one where the reader is in the glade when Thomas comes up, and she’s the one that shows him around and such? And also, could you maybe include it where the reader is a really good fire, and on every bone fire night, she and gally fight because when she first got in the maze she beat gally? I dunno, just an idea that that’s when Thomas first really, really notices her.. Xxx

Warnings: none

You stood set down the planks of wood you’d been carrying and stretched, arching your back, before heading off to retrieve more. Gally jogged past you, a smug grin on his face. You rolled your eyes and called out after him, “Seriously?”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a little friendly competition,” he yelled back as he hefted four planks onto his shoulders. You shook your head, sprinted over, and picked up five.

“Nothing at all,” you huffed, jogging to keep up with your keeper’s long stride. Maybe you and Gally acted under the facade of ‘friendly competition’ but everyone knew that both of you were dead set on winning anything and everything and the only thing you hated more than losing was losing to him. You had just set down your five planks and jumped out of the way of the four Gally nearly dropped on your foot when the siren announcing the coming of the box sounded through the glade. Without even exchanging a glance, you and Gally raced off to the box. You were always faster than Gally, but he was stronger. When you finally arrived, you put your hands on your knees, gasping for breath, but grinned all the same when Gally came huffing behind you.

Just as you heard the box screech to a stop, Newt and the other gladers gathered around. Gally pulled open the top hatch and jumped in before you had the chance. Peering over the edge, you caught sight of the new greenie. He was dark haired and handsome with pretty brown eyes.

“Day one, Greenie. Rise and shine,” you heard Gally say as he reached out to help the newbie to his feet. You rolled your eyes. Gally usually spent all month coming up with something dramatic to say to the new greenie. As soon as he got up out of the box and on solid ground, the green bean took off running. You stood by, mildly impressed by his speed. Cringing as his foot caught and he plummeted to the ground in a face plant, you jogged over with the others to watch Newt and Alby make introductions.
“This here is the glade. Don’t worry, your memory loss is completely normal, it happens to all of us. I’m Alby, and this is Newt, my second in command.” the new kid nodded numbly, still craning his neck to get a good look at the place. You remembered your first day and how scared you were. It was only ten months ago, but it felt like an eternity. “Y/n!” Alby called, motioning for you to come over. “Why don’t you show greenie here around?”

You grinned and stuck out your hand to shake the Greenie’s. He took it tentatively, but shook it all the same. “Welcome home, Greenie. My name’s Y/n. Follow me, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know.”

As you guided him around the glade, explaining everything you could, you couldn’t help but like the new guy. He was quiet at first, yes, but as the tour went on, he began asking good questions and you got the feeling that this guy was smarter than he looked. Not that there was anything wrong with how he looked- he was actually extremely handsome.

“So listen, there are a bunch of different jobs to choose from. Starting tomorrow, for the next week or so you’ll be testing them out and seeing what you’re good at,” you explained as you walked past the homestead.

“What kind of jobs are there?” he asked, pausing for a moment to glance inside one of the windows.

“Well, there’s lots. You’ve got your track hoes, who tend to the crops, you’ve got your builders, that one’s obvious, you’ve got your sloppers, pretty much anyone living and breathing could do that job, your slicers, nasty work that is, and your runners to name a few.”

“Runners?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow. You put forth conscious effort to keep from rolling your eyes.

“Runners. They spend their days running the maze, looking for a way out. Now don’t be getting any ideas, got it shank? Only the best and brightest can survive out there in the maze,” you added sternly, cutting him a sharp look.

“Well then why aren’t you a runner?” he asked, looking up at you with his dark handsome eyes. Ducking your head and blushing, you mumbled out a response.

“Flattery will get you nowhere, newbie. And besides, someone has to keep all these shanks in line.”

The rest of the tour went well even though he asked torrents of questions, and then you were off to work again, leaving the newbie under the care of Chuck. You couldn’t help but get distracted as you worked, watching the greenie follow Chuck around the glade, retrieving a sleeping bag for him and other odds and ends that made life here more comfortable. Chuck was sweet, but he could be incredibly annoying. However, the greenie seemed to handle him well. You smiled as Chuck laughed out loud at something the greenie said, a smile creeping onto his own lips.

“Oh, come on, Y/n. You didn’t strike me as the type,” Gally called, snapping you out of a daze. You rolled your eyes and turned to face him.

“The type to what, pray tell?”

“The type to get the hots for the greenie,” he teased, eyes glinting with mirth and a smirk on his face. You cocked your hip and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Oh please, I’m just curious. He seems to be handling it better than most. I want to know what’s different.”
“Yeah, sure, you’re just curious,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively, guaffing at your indignant expression.

~Thomas POV~

“Come on, dude, it’s time for the bonfire!” Chuck squealed, pulling Thomas by the arm towards a congregation of gladers surrounding a tall structure of wood.

“Bonfire?” he asked, glancing at Chuck with a furrowed brow. He kept jabbering on about things Thomas obviously didn’t know about, and it was driving him mad.

“Yeah, every time the box comes up with supplies and a new greenie we have a bonfire to celebrate,” he chirped. Thomas shrugged, glancing around the darkening glade. He’d rather go to sleep and try to process what had happened thus far, but got the feeling that that wasn’t exactly an option. As they approached, someone lit the wooden structure, creating a blazing fire. He caught sight of Y/n among the crowd, her face illuminated in the orange light, her eyes shining.

“Alright shanks, who’s next?” a harsh voice hollered from beside the fire. He spun around to see Gally standing over another glader lying prone on the ground, coughing up sand. His stomach clenched uncomfortably.

“Chuck, I thought one of the rules was to never harm another glader,” Thomas murmured, pointing to Gally as the boy scrambled to his feet with a groan. Chuck opened his mouth to respond when a large hand slapped Thomas’s back.

“Ahh, this is different. All fun and games, yeah?” a voice nearly shouted in his ear over the chatter of the other gladers. The asian kid, Minho, gave a devilish grin and pointed back to Gally. Thomas noticed with a jolt that Y/n was approaching him, a determined glint in her eye. “Oh, now you’re in for a show. See, when Y/n came up in the box, being the first girl ‘n all, she was a little…”

“Defensive,” Newt chimed in, sidling over and standing on my other side, a jar full of some unknown liquid in his right hand.

Minho nodded appreciatively. “Yes, defensive. Anyway, we always have these fights for fun at the bonfires, and Gally always dominates, but her first night, that tough little shank stepped up to the plate and kicked his pony lovin’ butt. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.”

“So, now,” Newt said, picking up where Minho left off. “She fights Gally every bonfire because neither of them can end on a loss. Her record is 4 and 6, so we’re all hoping she can bring home another win tonight,” he said, a grin on his face.

Thomas watched in awe as Y/n cracked her knuckles and bared her teeth in a grin at Gally, who smirked. They circled around each other threateningly. He looked like a pitbull in a dogfight, but Y/n looked like a lioness closing in for the kill. Gally attacked first, lunging forward and swinging at her head, but Y/n was fast. She ducked out of the way and maneuvered herself so that she was behind him, batting him upside the head before he could even turn around. When he did turn, he faked going for her midsection, but at the last second bent down and swept her legs out from under her. Y/n fell to the floor, Gally following after her, pinning her to the ground by the shoulders. A collective groan went up from the gladers, but Minho shook his head, patting Thomas on the chest distractedly, never taking his eyes off of the fight. “Nah, she’s got it- just watch.”

Just when he thought it was over for Y/n and that she couldn’t unseat Gally, she wrapped her legs around his waist and used all of her strength to flip him under her. Gally huffed in surprise as his own shoulders were slammed to the ground. Y/n sat on top of him and held him down, grinning triumphantly. “Better luck next time,” she taunted, hopping to her feet and offering Gally a hand to help him up. He brushed off her help and rolled his eyes, stalking away and muttering.

“Whoa,” Thomas muttered, watching Y/n tie back her hair and laugh at something one of the boys had said to her. She was gorgeous. Not just pretty or attractive, but absolutely gorgeous, with sparkling eyes and glossy hair and the most radiant smile. Minho caught her eye and waved her over, and Thomas’s stomach instantly squirmed.

“Easy there, Greenie, I promise she won’t bite,” Newt chuckled, making Thomas’s face turn red.

~Y/n POV~

you approached your friends and the greenie, wiping a bead of sweat from your forehead. “So that makes it 5 and 6, yeah? I’m catching up!” you said, putting your hands on your hips.

“Nice!” Minho exclaimed, high fiving you as Newt slapped you on the back. “Our favorite girl is back in business!”

You laughed and rolled your eyes, ruffling Chuck’s hair, and then turned to the newbie, who had fallen strangely quiet. “Enjoying the party, Greenie?” you asked kindly. The greenie looked up in surprise at being addressed.

“My name’s Thomas,” he corrected smoothly, as though without a second thought. You froze, looking at Minho and Newt with wide eyes. Once Thomas realized what he’d just said, his eyes lit up. “I remember!”

“Yeah you do! Well, welcome to the glade, Thomas. I’m sure we’ll be the very best of friends,” you told him with a wink that made his face turn an even darker shade of red.

“You were awesome in the fight, by the way,” Thomas added, trying not to meet your eyes. You stared him dead on anyways, chuckling and saying,

“Flattery will get you nowhere, shank.”

Phantasmal Pirates

What you need to know:

A pirate ship of phantom pirates is sailing through the clouds over land instead of water looking for adventurers to attack and steal their treasure.

Note: this is for any DM who wants to do a short pirate or sea adventure but the campaign makes this option inconvenient.

How it began:

In front of an incoming storm, a pirate ship with black tattered sails rides the clouds like oceans waves and descends towards the players. When only a few meters above the ground, ropes sling over the side of the ship and skeletons dressed as pirates slide down.

The skeletons have the stats of undead but can have added levels for challenge.

Most of the pirates are armed with clubs, swords and axes but a few have special attacks:
Anchors: a small anchor the size of a rock is hooked to a chain. The skeleton swings this weapon overhead and throws it at a player. If the player is hit, they must roll a save or become anchored to the ground as if under the effects of a hold spell.
Peg leg morning stars: a large spiked ball is attacked to an iron peg leg. The skeleton kicks the spiked ball into a player’s face dealing 2 D6 damage plus 1 CON loss. This represents the player’s body being crushed by a giant iron ball.
Hooks: a large 30 centimeter serrated rusty hook is attatched to a skeleton’s arm. If a player is hit by a hook, they suffer 1 D6 damage plus 2 damage a round from bleeding for D6 rounds only prevented by bandaging or a healing spell.

Note: After the battle, the ropes can be climbed up to board the ship.


The deck is typical of a galley except the floor is covered in oil and pitch. One hatch in the center of the ship leads below deck and a door near the back of the ship leads to the captain’s quarters. Near the back of the ship is the ship’s wheel locked into place with a rusty iron chain. A 3 meter plank extends outwards from the center of the deck over the air. A monkey can be seen with a key around its neck sitting atop the crow’s nest.

  • -A- Once the players all board the ship, it begins to move flying into the storm heaving side to side as the wheel bangs against the chain. The thick rolling clouds pound against the side of the ship like ocean waves and a heavy rain pours over the deck.
    Note 1: While the ship is out of control, each player loses D6 DEX as they try to keep their footing on the deck. The loss represents the player’s focus on keeping stable rather than rolling a check each round. This effect is similar to writing or tying a knot in a moving vehicle, should a player argue their case.
  • This loss of DEX will effect a player’s armor class, climbing rolls, lock picking and any DEX based abilities or skills.
  • Every 10 minutes the players are unable to take control of the ship, they lose another DEX point. Once any player reaches 0, they fall off the ship unless they are strapped in or held by another player.
    Note 2: The players will regain full dexterity the moment they are on stable ground.
  • -B- Any player attempting to catch the monkey must first roll a climb check to reach the crow’s nest.
  • Once in arm’s reach of the monkey, the player and monkey have a DEX roll-off. If the player does not win, the monkey leaps away, climbs higher or dodges. If the player wins the roll-off, they can make one attempt to grab the monkey or the key with an attack roll.
    Note 1: Each round the players must roll climb to keep from failing off the rigging, regardless if moving or not. This represents the players being tossed about by the storm or their attempts at holding while chasing the monkey.
    Note 2: The key around the monkey unlocks the chain to the ship’s wheel.
    Note 3: The monkey stats can come right out of the book or be increased for added difficulty.
  • -C- The door to the captain’s quarters is locked but can be picked or brute forced to open.
    Note 1: The door is trapped and once opened, a clay pot of greek fire falls to the floor from the other side igniting the entire deck in flames.
  • The effects lasts X rounds till the rain puts out the fire.
  • Any player on the deck receives D6 fire damage a round till the fires are extinguished.
    Note 2: The fire does not burn the wood or sails as they are both technically ghostly and unaffected.
  • -D- The hatch to below deck is magically sealed and can only be opened with a captain’s key.
  • -E- The ship’s wheel is locked into place with rusty chain.
  • The lock to the chain is magically locked and only opens with the monkey key.
  • The chains and the wood it’s bolted to is magical and cannot be destroyed or cut by normal means. If a player insists on destroying the wood or chain, allow them to deal 1 damage a turn with magic weapons and 1 damage per dice for magic spells, but give the wood or chains dozens of hit points. Describe their first few attempts as leaving only dings and dents.
    Note 1: Once the chain is removed, any player can take the wheel and stir the ship.
    To regain control of the ship, a player must roll a DEX check, the challenge is based on how far out of control the ship has become at this point. If a player succeeds, the ship no longer heaves violently and the players regain their full DEX.
    Note 2: The wheel will not let player descend or ascend. To go back to the ground or leave the storm, the players must fight the captain first.
  • -F- Any player who walks the plank and jumps off gains flying as per the spell for X rounds.
  • This spells only effects each player once.
    Note 1: Any player who is flying regains full DEX as they are unaffected by the ship’s movements.
    Note 2: This is a Peter Pan reference for when he walked the plank and flew above the water.


A shelf of books is built behind a large wooden table of charts, navigation equipment and one empty bottle. Near the edge of the table is a globe, or any world shape, with a red parrot perched on top and near the back wall is a simple bed and chest.

  • -A- The shelf of books contains stories of pirates and tales of the ocean.
    Note: they can be worth a few coins or worth nothing at all.
  • -B- The charts on the table consist of several ocean maps and a few Xs dotting some islands.
    Note 1: The Xs can represent places of buried treasure, dungeons or ruins luring players to their next adventure.
    Note 2: If any player with navigation charts a course using the ink and quill pen, the paper will burn away and in its place a scroll or scrolls of the players choosing will be revealed - the scrolls were disguised as maps and the ink magically used for scribing spells, so when a player charted a course, they unknowingly created a spell by mistake.
  • -C- The chest is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open.
  • The chest is trapped with poison needles dealing stat damage.
  • The chest is empty. This is a red herring.
  • -D- The globe, if broken, contains a silver key.
    Note: The key does nothing and is only a red herring.
  • -E- The parrot keeps repeating over and over, “The world only knows where the captain’s key is hidden.”
    Note 1: If any player feeds the parrot a cracker, it transforms into a genie and the empty bottle on the table transform into a lamp. The genie states, “This ship is cursed. Any who board the vessel are transformed into a cliché pirate crew till replaced by someone else.”
    The genie will assume since it is free, the players are now cursed, but in truth has no idea. The genie knows little else of the crew or ship as once it was brought aboard, it turned into a parrot.
    The genies homeland can be from anywhere fitting and from any time point you desire as this ship could have been in flight for 100s of years. It may not even be of this world or plain should you choose
    Note 2: The genie in return for its freedom will grant the party one wish before departing. After the wish is granted, the genie and the lamp disappear in a wink of white light.
  • -F- The sexton if broken apart will reveal a small slender brass key.
    Note: This is the captain’s key and used to open the hatch on the deck.


At a random point in flight, a giant Kraken that surfs the storm attacks the ship. It latches onto the bow and swings its tentacles, attacking the players. Instead of the players having to fight off an entire kraken, they should only do battle with the 8-12 tentacles. Each tentacle will have a set of hit points and one attack. Each time a player is hit by an attack, it deals 2 D8 damage and requires one roll on the chart below:

  • 1-50: Nothing happens.
  • 51-75: The player gets caught on the suckers of the tentacle. Next round, while the player can still attack as normal, they are automatically hit as they are pounded against the boat. The player must then roll on the chart and add 10 to the roll. If the player rolls below 40, it is assumed they have fallen off the suckers and can act as normal next round.
  • 76-95: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and tossed overboard. A player can roll a climb check to hang onto the tentacle, but is auto-hit next round and adds 20 to their next roll on the chart.
  • 96-100: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and eaten whole. The player can either die outright or suffer 2 D6 damage from being digested as they fight their way out.

The sky kraken releases the ship and flies away once all its tentacles have been destroyed.


The hatch opens to a set of wooden stairs leading into a hall. The players are assaulted with the smell of mead, sweat and powder.


At the foot of the stairs is a long hallway. As the players walk the corridor, sounds of the cannon fire and yelling come from beyond the walls emanate. The hall then opens into a room with several doors.

  • -A- One door leads to the crew quarters.
  • -B- The other doors open to a small chamber thick with smoke. A cannon head peaks through the smoke with the sound of burning fuse.
  • Any players standing in front of the door must roll a save or be hit by the cannon blast for X D10 damage and lose X points of CON as their body is crushed by a cannon ball.
    Note 1: The CON can be restored with rest or healing.
    Note 2: The room is only large enough for the cannon and contains no visible way for it to be loaded and fired.


Several glowing blue pirate phantoms laugh and drink while playing music and rolling dice. They are sitting on several sacks of potatoes near a few barrels of mead.

  • -A- The pirates are friendly and insist the players share a drink and play some dice.
  • They share tales of time aboard the ship and have grown quite fond of the raiding. Technically they are required to trade places with the players and go free, but are willing to stay in the players stead on two conditions:
    1- The players out-drink the pirates.
    Each round players roll a CON check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a CON check results in D6 CON loss. Any player who reaches 0 will pass out and be out of the game.
    2 - The players win a game of dice against the pirates.
  • Players each put in up to 100 gold, then each round  roll an INT/WIS or gaming check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a check results in 2 D6 gold lost. Any player who reaches 0 will be out of the game.
  • If the players fail any challenge, they will receive no experience for this encounter. The pirates will then still offer to stray in their stead but at a steep price. This should require 25% or more of the players’ wealth.
  • Once the players either win both challenges or pay off the pirates, they fade away and a door appears.
  • -B- The door leads to the captain.


The door opens to a chamber of chests overflowing with gold coins, jewelry and magic weapons. Upon a throne sits an ethereal pirate captain. He will look similar to Blackbeard or another cliché type.

  • -A- The captain greets the players and engages in idle chitchat, even sharing tales of plunder and conquest. With each attack his fortune grows more massive.
  • The captain has no intention of attacking the players, noting their strength of surviving this far and even offers to land the ship.
  • At this point the players have two options: to leave or to attack.
  • -B- If they players leave, they let a villain escape and suffer all the consequences that implies.
  • If they attack, the captain has the stats of a ghost plus several character levels.
    Note: the treasure can be entirely real or part of the ship’s illusion or even large amounts of fool’s gold. Tailor it as needed for your player’s level.

Once the captain dies, the curse of the ship fades. All the remaining pirates transform back to the people and races they once were, including the monkey outside. The ship will then land as the storm dissipates and breaks apart into dust, leaving only the treasure, or does it?

Maybe the ship crashes to the ground and the pirates are not released, instead they are cursed to remain undead forever and attack the players in hatred.
Maybe one of the players becomes the captain instead and the cycle starts again forcing the players to find a way to end the curse.
Maybe the ships returns home to some far off place before turning to dust.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Walking down piano keys
Strolling to the tune
Time, it seems, can simply freeze
Which makes me want to croon

A happy life of spinning tops
Full of grace and truth
Relaxing in the raindrops
Biting contentment with my tooth

Being carefree, a celebration
Would be much worth pursuing
For life itself is a wonderful gift
With peace and joy ensuing

While not all days may seem so nice
And trials may freeze the rain
I always have the option
To fight through all the pain

For those days i have this defense
Made of iron will not my own
I beat it with my crafted lance
And the battle cry is sown

For peace is a battle, love a war
And joy a sordid smile
Life does not play in major chords
And has accidentals once in a while

Strolling down the ivory planks
You’ll hit some major keys
And strike a chord with grateful thanks
As time starts to unfreeze

And life continues making music


So I’ve been working on some extra projects, and making some of my favorite pictures into wooden plank pictures. If you think you have some cool pictures, or may be interested in me making one for you, let me know! And that’s my old girl Cassie. She just had her 15th birthday!

You’re sent to check on a neighboring colony 3 days away by boat. You run into several problems.

  • A Kraken recognizes the underside of your boat, one commonly used to hunt its kind. It attacks in anger.
  • A ship rams you and planks appear. No one boards you. In fact, the ship is empty. Once you enter the ship very slowly sinks.
  • You see a life raft in the distance. On board is a map, a notebook, and a crate that happens to be a mimic.

How to Study for Final Exams

As you all know, finals week is quickly approaching. While studying for your upcoming exams, consider how you learn best. Need some extra tips? Check out some of these helpful hints. 

  • Re-write your notes pretending that they’re intended for someone else. It will make you think about concepts in a new way and help you to simplify things. Its also best to write by hand, as the movement will require more thought. 
  • Exercise can help you focus and stay alert, so take quick breaks to walk around or do some jumping-jacks or planks when you feel frustrated. 
  • Try out a new environment. Though you may feel most comfortable in the library or your desk at home, a new place will keep you motivated. 
  • Don’t pull all-nighters if you can avoid it. Your brain forms memories best when it gets a bit of a rest, and you’ll be able to concentrate better after some sleep, too. 
  • Block websites that might distract you. If you know you’re procrastinating by browsing Facebook or Netflix, you can download a free app to temporarily prevent access to these sites and encourage you to focus. 
  • Speak aloud! Though you may not want to try this in the library while others are attempting to study in silence, studies have proven that reading things aloud helps you retain that information. Try reading from your notes at first, then see what you can remember and say it out loud without any assistance. 
  • Silence or unfamiliar, soft music is the best when studying. Anything that is familiar and poppin’ is more likely to hurt you than help you when trying to study. Try gentle electronic music or classical composers.
  • Chewing gum is supposed to boost mental performance! Mint will help you stay alert, but why not try a variety of flavors to keep things interesting?
  • Lights on! Keep the environment where you’re studying bright. If you’re in a dark area and are covering material that isn’t terribly enthralling, you’ll be tempted to nap or daydream. Help your body know its go-time by keeping a bright room. 
  • Relax. Finals week is stressful, but allowing that anxiety to follow you into your examination will distract you and keep you from concentrating. When you receive your test, close your eyes and take some deep breaths until you feel calm and ready to begin. Then go for it - you got this!

How do you like to study? What works best for you? Share your tips with us! We would love to pass them along to other PCC students as the end of the semester approaches. 

Good luck, Lancers! You got this!

anonymous asked:

So I guess those spoilers kind of confirm James/Harry getting it on. Harry being out for revenge then having a "request" for James? Gregory deserves better than to act along side that wooden plank.

You know the show is in dire straits when the only options for gay couples are the continuous torture that is Starry or the cringe pairing of sexy and sophisticated James Nightingale and an emotionless twink-bot. They really need to cast some new 20 and 30 something male something characters. If only they hadn’t killed off Lockie…

Not sure what to think of the spoilers. They showed a scene in the sneak-peak with a crying Ste talking to crying Harry about the abuse he put Amy through and his hand is bandaged. Don’t know if that means Harry forgives Ste and they get back together. God, I hope not… And what would Tony have to say about that? But the spoilers about Harry being out for revenge and seeking help from James, don’t really add up to a Starry reunion. Unless he’s seeking the revenge for Ste and the help for Ste. Though after their row at the wedding I don’t see why Harry would want to forgive Ste.

A terrible rush job celebrating my fave hitting 1M subscribers on YouTube!!! Super proud of you @thatsthat24 and everything you’ve accomplished up to this point! You’re gonna go far, kid!! I love ya, Thomas!😋❤️

Voltron: Legendary Defender workout ((OC))

Opening Scene: plank as long as you can

Flashbacks: 10 crunches

Lance is cocky: 20 jumping jacks

Shiro does something father like: 15 scissor legs

Voltron forms: 10 leg lifts per side

Pidge does anything techy: 10 lunges

Hunk cooks/talks about food: 10 reverse crunches

Keith does something on impulse: 30 second wall-sit

Allura is a badass: 15 squats

Coran says “princess”: 10 mountain climbers

Anyone says “lion(s)”: 5 push ups

Anyone uses a Bayard: stretch

Anyone Eats/drinks/rests: drink H2O and rest

Original Content. Feel free to change values and excercises. Please credit if copied. Thanks!!!