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tips on getting bigger boobs? and an ass?


-Foods to eat: nuts (pistachios, walnuts, cashews, chestnuts), soy products, whole grains, legumes, meat products, vegetables(green beans, winter squash, collard greens), fruits (peaches, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries), green tea, black tea 

-Exercises: push-ups, elbow squeeze press, plank rotation, triceps dips, standing y raise 

Butt Exercises: lunges, squats, donkey kicks, side leg lifts, hip thrusters, one side leg crossovers, glute bridge/leg raise 

Imagine you live in a world where it is impossible for a woman to carry a child to full term because the babies grew rapidly.

When a woman has reached the halfway point in her pregnancy her labor must be induced and the fetus must continue to grow in another uterus. At 20 weeks a woman would actually look like she was 35 weeks pregnant and the last 5 weeks would continue in the other woman. When you turned 16 you were taken by the King’s men to become a breeder for the village, along with all the other women up to the age of 30.

You were brought into a big room divided into cubicles. You took everything in with wide eyes as guards held you from each side leading you to your own space. Each cubicle held a simple bed and blankets and pillows. You were told that you wouldn’t have to share like some girls did. You looked at everyone you passed through the aisle. Some girls you couldn’t tell were pregnant yet and some were ballooned so big they couldn’t even move. You were brought into your cubicle and the guards released you. You were stripped of your clothes and bound by your wrists to yout bed. The guards left you and you wondered how long you would have to wait.

You couldn’t see over the short walls from your position but you could hear snores coming from one side. You lifted your head and looked across the hallway. A small girl was leaning against the headrest holding a vibrator to her pussy. She had to be older than you but she looked so young. Your eyes widened as she gasped and let out small moans. Her belly was huge, it dwarfed her body. You looked away.

Just as you started to grow impatient a man came in to your room and stood at the foot of the bed. He stared at you. You knew what you had to do. You spread your legs as wide as they would go. The man smirked and stripped of his sarong. He climbed on top of you on the bed. He started sucking on your nipples. You moaned and wrapped your legs around his waist. He reached one hand down and massaged your clit. You imagined that not everytime would be this gentle and that the only reason it was, was because it was your first. His erection rubbed against your leg and you couldn’t wait any more. You begged for him to fuck you already.

He guided his dick to your entrance and slid in with one smooth motion. You gasped and bucked your hips. He fucked you hard and fast. You felt tears in the corner of your eyes. He held on to your hair with one hand and rubbed your clit with the other. You were close. His pace sped up. With a grunt he came deep in your pussy. You followed immediately after. You laid there feeling sweaty and spent. He pulled out and grabbed a firm pillow to elevate your hips. He left you alone still tied to the bed.

Hours later someone came and untied you and gave you a cotton dress to slip on. You were free to roam around and talk to some of the other women. Sexual activity was encouraged among the girls and women. The dresser next to your bed held dildos and vibrators and other toys that you used frequently.

20 weeks later your belly had grown substantially. Your boobs were heavy and you were horny all the time. The morning that you hit the 20 week mark a man came in to your room and escorted you to a separate room. In the room was a large contraption that would hold 2 bodies. You stripped of your slip and layed on a flat plank. A strap went under your belly. Your hands were tied above your head and your legs were tied across the machine in a V. A second woman was brought in to the room. Her stomach was empty but looked as if she’d recently given birth. She was attached to the other plank the same way you were. Her plank was rotated so that your legs scissored together. Both of your pussies were pressed firmly against one another.

A guard came over and stuck a needle in your arm. You wondered what it would do until you felt the first contraction. You groaned. You could feel the baby shifting inside of you. Your entrance stretched quickly and the baby moved down. The other girl’s legs tensed against you. You were both nervous but you were also extremely turned on. You groaned loudly as the baby started to crown. You tried your hardest to push but nothing happened. One of the guards came over and strapped a vibrator to your hips so that it stayed against your clit. You gasped and writhed but you couldn’t go anywhere. The baby started moving faster. With one big push the head popped out of your opening and pushed against the other girl. She let out a long scream. You could feel the baby wiggling, trying to enter her. In another shift of your hips the baby’s head slipped in to her. She let out a groan and you sighed.

The movement stopped for a while and all you felt were the vibrations against your clit. You gasped and tried writhing but there was nowhere to go. With a shout you came and the baby moved down suddenly, the shoulders widened your opening and you felt like you couldn’t breathe. You pushed as hard as you can. Your entire body ached with tension. A guard came over and started pressing on the top of your belly, apparently not satisfied with how slow the process was. You stop to take in a long deep breath and with one hard push the baby is completely out of you. The girl screamed as the baby worked its way into her womb.

Another guard cut the umbilical cord and you let out a deep sigh. They let the both of you rest for 10 minutes. They escort the other girl back to her cubicle first, where she’ll grow the baby for 5 more weeks before it is finally born. They finally unstrap you from the plank and you feel unsteady as they guide you onto your feet. You think you’re going back to your room to sleep but they lead you down the hallway to a room similar to the last.

They open the door and there is the same contraption. A heavily pregnant woman is already strapped to one half of it. You eye her warily. They push you into the room and strap you into position. You heart starts racing as you realize that she’ll be birthing her baby into you. Before your bodies get positioned together one of the guards whispers in your ear, “Good luck, she’s having twins.”

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Day 27. I would have rather stayed in bed with Oswald all morning, but I got my butt up and did it. All plank/push-up moves alternating with jump rope. I subbed 50 jumping jacks every time, which meant I did 750 for the whole workout. Not fun, honestly. But I nailed the max reps moves, every one of ‘em. This was the rundown:

30/50 Intervals: 30 Seconds Max Reps, 50 Seconds Cardio:

1. Spiderman Cross Pushup
2. Knee Drop Plank
3. Sumo Pushup
4. Supergirl Plank
5. Rolling Pushup
6. Plank Jack
7. Rotating Side Plank
8. Walking Pushup
9. Shoulder Tap Pushup
10. Leg Lift Plank (forearm)
11. Leg Lift Pushup
12. Side Jump Plank
13. Superman Pushup
14. Cheek to Cheek Plank
15. Down Dog Pushup

Got in 6 miles after that - 3.5 running (average 8:58 pace with 8:25 average sprints for intervals) and 2.5 walking (14:14 pace). Saving a longer continuous run for tomorrow. It was so miserably hot today but we have a cold front coming in overnight yay! So as long as it isn’t thunderstorms out there, I’m all over it.

It has otherwise been a long, but fulfilling day. Steve is off hunting with a friend, so I drove out to see my mom for lunch (poke bowls!) and my sister for dinner (Thai fish and tom kha!). Can’t complain about the food or the company today (which, as many of you know, is saying something). Not thrilled about everything I need to get done around the house and on errands tomorrow, but I will power through it. 

The Wonder Woman Workout

Look & feel like a Superhero with this awesome bodyweight workout.

10 sets of the following exercises:

  • Knee-to-Elbow - 40 reps
  • Squats - 20 reps
  • Mountain Climbers - 20 reps
  • Planks with Rotations - 10 reps
  • Deep Lunges - 20 reps
  • Elbow Plank - 40 seconds
  • Sit-Ups - 10 reps
  • Sitting Cross Punches - 20 reps
  • Push-Ups - 10 reps

This workout is no joke.

But…that’s why it’s perfect for Killer Workout Saturday.

Get After It!


ABS. Only 3 moves. But not easy. 🔥🔥 Toe Taps • Rotating Plank • Hold Plank. 30 seconds of each move 4 times.🤗🤗🤗🤗

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What kind of exercises Elsa does? She's so toned but my muscles get so bulky :( Her body's amazing, i wish my body was like her!

Elsa loves boxing (Her couch is Kwame Davis), and she tries to mix it up as much as she can. As she says “Boxing makes you kind of tight, so it’s really good to mix that with barre, pilates, or something that’ll stretch you out and make you longer.” She isn’t a person that loves to be in the gym that much, so she likes to mix it up as much as possible, otherwise she’ll get bored.

When she travels

It can be hard to find time sometimes, but as she says “it’s all about motivating yourself. I do whatever I can whenever I can. It doesn’t have to be grueling, most of the time I bring a jump rope and find a peaceful place and skip to music. I also always travel with gliders, for some leg and glute exercises.”, she does yoga, barre, pool aerobics and body weight training. 

Before the VSFS

She goes for a run in the morning and doubles-up the workouts.

Exercises (Other than the regular/normal ones): 

Oblique Pike - “This is a great way to tap into those deep internal obliques that tighten the waist and create that hourglass shape. Start in a plank position, cross one leg in front of the other, rotating the hips so the front leg and hip are below the other. The heels will drop to the same side as the front leg and hip will open to the opposite side. Exhale to round and lift the spine—think of bringing the ribs to the hips and contracting the obliques. Inhale to lower back to the plank, maintaining the rotation of the hips. Repeat for 30-60 seconds; repeat with the other leg.”

Break Dancer - “This exercise will not only help you tone your obliques, but it also gets your heart rate up by adding in some cardio, which will help you shed extra layers and reveal your waistline. Start on all fours with your knees underneath your hips, and your wrists underneath your shoulders. Exhale to engage your abs and lift your knees to a hover off the mat. Kick your right leg under you and across to the left as you rotate your hips. Drop your left heel to the mat. Simultaneously, reach your left arm up. Return to the all-fours hover position. Repeat for 30-60 seconds on the same side. Rest for 10-15 seconds and repeat with left leg.”

Toe Taps - “This move incorporates balance and stability, and is a great way to challenge your core. This exercise in particular also really targets the lower abdominal area. Start by lying on your back with the Pilates ball under your pelvis (it should be halfway between your lower back and your glutes) and with your arms long by your side. Lift your legs to tabletop position (knees over your hips at a 90-degree bend) and slightly round the lower back, balancing on the ball. Keeping the spine and ball completely still, exhale to lower the toes down towards the floor. Inhale to bring the legs back up to tabletop position. Repeat for 30-60 seconds. For an extra challenge, try reaching your arms overhead.”

The Crawl - “This exercise is great for core stability and it taps into the deepest layer of the abdominals to keep your spine still as you move back and forth. It will also get your heart rate up! Start in a plank position. Simultaneously move one knee and foot, and your opposite arm forward (as if crawling), then come back to plank position. Repeat with your opposite arm and leg. Keep alternating for 30-60 seconds. For an extra challenge, keep your foot off the floor as you bring your leg forward.”


Day 26. I really, really… really did not want to do this. But I powered through. This was the slog:

10/50 intervals: 10 seconds rest, 50 seconds max reps:

1. Superman Lifts
2. Dive Bombers
3. Scissor Leg Lifts
4. Side to Side Squat
5. Squat Jumps
6. Superman Heel Taps
7. Dips
8. Heel Tap Abs
9. Rotating Side Plank Leg Lifts
10. Pulsating Lunge Hops
11. Swimmers
12. Walking Push-ups
13. Temple Tap Abs
14. Chair Pose with Heel Lift
15. Surfers

Ugh. I am glad I got this done, but overall, I just needed a rest day. And other than the video, I gave myself one - no walking, running, or gym. I need sleep more than any of those things today. And I’m hoping I can do a comfortable longer run on fresh legs tomorrow.

I also tossed out the food plan tonight and got takeout fried rice (I added the egg). So good. Sometimes ya just gotta.

Arm & Ab Workout

And it’ll only take you 4 minutes! Yep. 4 minutes.

Perform each of the following exercises for the prescribed hold count:

  1. Woodchop x 30 seconds on each side using anywhere from an 8-20lb weight depending on your fitness level.
  2. Medicine Ball Crunch x 60 seconds using a 5 - 8lb medicine ball. Add pulses to increase the burn.
  3. Plank Rotation x 60 seconds using 5lb dumbbells alternating sides.
  4. Chest Fly with Ab Hold x 60 seconds using 3 - 5lb dumbbells.

Reblog to share.


Day 24: full body HIIT. I liked this one - it included a little bit of everything. I feel like my arms haven’t gotten as much use in the last couple of days but they were burning and shaking a few times this morning, which was awesome. This was the workout:

10/50 Intervals: 10 seconds rest, 50 max reps:

1. Lunge Hop (right)
2. Lunge Hop (left)
3. Sit to Stand
4. Side Step Up (right)
5. Side Step Up (left)
6. Modified Handstand Push-up
7. Dips
8. Dive Bomber
9. Plank Press
10. Rotating Plank
11. Criss Cross Leg Lift
12. Bridge/Table March
13. Angel Abs
14. Plank Reach (right)
15. Plank Reach (left)

I still cannot do Angel Abs (it’s hard to explain, but it’s a balance on your butt and only use your abs to execute kind of move). I tried a wobbly painful few reps and then switched to bicycle abs just to keep moving. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress with my core the last three weeks but I still can’t manage that one yet. I’ll get it at some point.

No running again today. Well, not formally. I speed walked/jogged/ran 4 miles through the morning break and lunch here at work. I would say it was about 50/50 walking/running, and probably more the latter. Seriously glad I can do that when I want to during the day.

Plank and Rotate

  • Begin in a plank position holding a five-pound dumbbell in each hand, keeping your wrists stiff to protect the joints. Open your feet a little wider than hip distance.
  • Lift your left hand to the ceiling, twisting through your entire torso. Your pelvis will rotate, but keep it level.
  • Bring your left hand back to the floor, and repeat this action on the other side to complete one rep.