plank rotation

This is what i did

Reserve Crunches 55
Step up on a chair 55
Push-ups 22
Squats 35
Bird dog 50
Push-Up & Rotation 12
Plank 245sec (4 minutes and 5 seconds)
Jumping Jack 40
Wall Push-Up 17
Mountain Climber 60
Abdominal Crunches 40
Side Lunges 60
Alternating Lunges 20
Straight-Arm Plank 150sec (2 minutes 30 sec)


Ps: I didnt do it like that. It was from the 7-Minute app. Those were like 5 workouts and i counted them together.

Abs workout!

•Front plank: 60 sec
(Lift ur foot up and down sometimes)
•Side plank: 60 sec
•Bridge: 50 times
(Lift your foot up)
•Crunches: 75 times
•Front plank: 30 sec
•Double leg lifts: 25 times
•Crunches: 25
Then stretch!

Move of the Day: Side Plank Rotation

Works your obliques and builds core strength.

In a right-side plank position (A), brace your abs and reach your left hand toward the ceiling (B). Slowly tuck your left arm under your body and twist forward until your torso is almost parallel to the floor ©. Return to the side plank. That’s 1 rep. Do 2 or 3 sets of 5 to 10 reps on each side, resting for 1 minute between sets.

20 V-ups with weight

30 sit ups

1 minute elbow to palm rotating plank

5 side planks with row (each side)

Aaaaand I can’t get a solid core day in. After barely 10 minutes I can’t do another rep to save my fucking life, and I feel like I barely did a goddamn thing.