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Wonderwall (pt 1)

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Yoongi x Reader

Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3

(A/n) This is a sequel to Cursed so if you haven’t already read it, please do! 

Next, I’d like to say that I hope that in this chapter and the next, it clarifies any confusions about Yoongi, but if there’s anymore questions then go ahead and ask. This is kinda short too whoops, less than 2k aha~ 

Warnings: Implied death?? and sort of smut lol it gets steamy okay

Somewhere in the world, a cottage existed, perhaps it was part of Earth and hidden very discreetly from the public eye, or maybe somewhere in another dimension connected to the human world by a portal. The cottage was built sturdy with dark wooden planks, windows that never let light in but darkness. The rooms inside were illuminated with flickering old bulbs, creepy crawlers gathering around the light.

In one particular room of the cottage, there was a wall lined with shelves consisting of books upon books, the titles printed on the spines written in an unknown language no one but the occupant of the cottage could understand. Tables were pushed up against the wall opposite of the door, the tops layered with more books, parchments, and mason jars and flasks and beakers containing specimen and liquids of various kind - some seemingly glowing an odd color. In the middle sat a large obsidian cauldron, empty but somehow excreting a peculiar fume from its opening.

On the last wall, adjacent to the door were more shelves, but not containing books, instead they were home to a hoard of mason jars. Each jar held a wisp, a soul, a burning sphere of spiritual flames.

On each cover you could make out hastily scribbled handwriting scrawled on the metallic lids with a black marker, on each lid labeled with only three or two letters. One in particular has the letters: MYG written in bold charcoal letters.


“Mm.. What’s wrong?”

He pulls away albeit reluctantly, frowning at your question with a slight tilt to his head. His fingers detangle from your hair, hands moving down to cup your cheek and grip at your hip. Leaning up, he presses a kiss into the side of your neck, right beside a rather large welt he’d left earlier.

“What do you mean?” he whispers, voice husky and dripping with honey, something you’d definitely missed during his absence of over six months.

Even after all that trying to move on and working hard to forget, you let yourself welcome his return wholeheartedly, only caring about the fact that he was here now and sure as hell going to make up for lost time. And that’s how you found yourself missing work for a day with your long lost lover to catch up, and eventually leading up to night of passionate love. Yoongi felt bad about his disappearance upon hearing about your condition, his apologies consisted of hand squeezes and tender kisses that made your heart flutter to life - a contrast from its dead state during his absence.

Laying your eyes upon Min Yoongi for the first time since he’d dissolved right before your eyes was heartbreaking and yet so reparing in a way, you wanted to hate him and push him away for all the pain he’s left you with, but you can’t help but let yourself forgive him and welcome him back home.

Looking down from where you hover over your lover, straddling his lap and sensuously rotating your hips just to grace your ears with the erotic and yet so endearing sound of his husky groan, you smile widely and thank whatever god there was for the return of this gift.

Silver hair is all ruffled and messy from your fingers, his lips swollen and slick with your saliva, cheeks flushed from the heat, and his eyes - oh god his eyes - were the epitome of darkness, pupils blown wide with lust and passion but not without the hint of adoration as his palms run down your bare body. His eyes skim over your form, focused as though he were branding this image of you sweaty and writhing above him in pleasure in his memories, pink appendage sliding over his puffy bottom lip teasingly.

“I mean… What’s wrong? Pretty simple question I guess,” you shrug, tone playful as he pinches your hip with a furrow of his brows. “Something’s been on your mind, I can tell, did something happen after you disappeared?”

“A lot happened kitten, but I’m not sure if this is the right time to talk about it… I’m not sure if you’d even look at me the same…”



The cottage shook with an eerie groan, as though the building itself were alive, old and rustic. Heels clicked on the wooden panels of the main room, echoing in the pindrop silence before a long yawn and thump of a broom stick landing haphazardly on the floor.

Porcelain fingers, snow white and slender, gripped at the hat sat upon her head, flicking it off and uncaring of its whereabouts once she entered her study. The hinges screamed and cried, the door pushed open and inside were the messy tables and filled shelves.

“Hello my lovelies~” she cooed to the mason jars containing the wisps of souls she’d collected. And to one in particular, marked with MYG, she giggled and picked it up, raising it to eye-level, “A pleasure to have you a part of the collection Suga.” The wisp sparked, a sign of emotions flaring, but she paid no heed and placed the jar back on the shelf at the edge.

Months passed with Yoongi now a part of her collection of souls, and it was truly entertaining to watch the pain you were put through. She’s witnessed quite a hand full of heart breaks, creating similar bets with the other men she’s got in those jars alongside him, but there had to be something so invigorating about your little split.

Turning her back to the shelf, she busied herself with the items on one of the desks, her fingers flipping the pages of a book until she stopped. The pages of the books were old and foxing at the edges, a musty scent reaching her nose but she paid it no mind and skimmed over the fading words.

She worked diligently, fingers flying with a flick and snap, mixing and combining liquids and specimen in flasks and adding them to the cauldron behind her.

If only Jinri had paid more attention to her surroundings, or maybe if she’d just turn her head a little more to see from her peripheral vision a wisp repeatedly clashing against the wall of its jar. It never ceased until the jar tipped over the edge and shattered on the wooden planks.


A figure rose from the remnants of the mason jar, quickly raising their arms to swipe across shelves.

Her beady black eyes widened, locking on the hardened chocolate of Min Yoongi’s.


“I-I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have asked… I-I’m just worried and…”

Yoongi smiled softly, the tips of his finger tracing over the rosy apples of your cheeks, traveling down to glide along your jawline and then your lips. Catching your chin in between his index and thumb, he pulled you down for a chaste kiss. His lips smothering the mewl tumbling from your throat as he gently flips you both until he’s hovering above you, lips still tangled.

“I’ll tell you later,” he assured you, dropping his hips to press against you sensually, “For now, we have six months to catch up on kitten.”


“Who knew it’d be so easy to escape?” Yoongi sneered, stepping over the broken glass, avoiding anymore shards. One by one each jar was broken and the men she’d trapped were set free.

Despite being completely bare, he paid no mind and inched forward towards her. Eyes narrowed, he cocked his head, a sinister smirk curling at the ends of his mouth.

“You don’t know how to get back,” she says defiantly, muttering an incantation under her breath before flicking her fingers in his direction to which he dodged. One of the recovering men froze, petrified, their body slowly eroding into nothing but dust.

He blinked, cursing under his breath as the others yelped and tried to hide their nudity.

“So there is a way back?” he confirms, glancing around the room for anything, something to finally rid of Jinri.

“Are you not intimidated?” he asked casually, gesturing towards the hoard of naked men behind him, “You’re outnumbered, or maybe… you’re turned on aren’t you? You dirty witch, excited by the amount of naked men you have trapped here.”

Another spell missed him by a hair, and yet another man crying out in surprise as he slowly dissolves into nothing. Quick on his feet, he snatches her wrists, seizing her arms behind her back.

“Ever read any children fables?” he asks, watching as other men slowly catch on and search the room, others opening the door to access the rest of the cottage, “Or maybe watched movies while you were walking on human soil, shall we test out how to kill a witch?”


You sigh in bliss, thighs continuing to tremble with the aftershocks of your high. Your chest heaves with every breath, laying boneless while patiently waiting for Yoongi to return from his trip to the bathroom to discard of the condom and retrieve a wash cloth.

The mattress dips under his weight, the springs groaning as he hoists your legs onto his lap, fingers kindly massaging your worn out thighs. His smile is nothing short of loving and sweet, pressing a kiss to your temple before he wipes up the inside of your thighs and your sex.

Once he’s finished your arms reach out eagerly, pulling him into you and curling up against one another under the sheets.

“I love you Yoongi,” you say, holding your breath in anticipation for his answer.

The smile on his face widens into a full on toothy grin, upper lip peeling back to reveal his gums in that way you missed. Nuzzling his nose into your neck, he whispers back without hesitation, “I love you more (Y/n).”

It’s not until later into the night, you’re both slowly falling under the spell of sleep, does Yoongi speak up suddenly.

“Do you want to know?”

You turn over, facing him but his eyes are averted to avoid locking gazes with you.

“Do you want to know what happened after I disappeared?”

a little missing scene of sorts set during the season 4 finale.

The picture didn’t do her an ounce of justice.

It takes a moment for Killian’s brain to catch up with the rest of his body. His legs have carried him forward a little too far, his arms reached for her before he could stop himself, and as for his heart, it feels like it’s using itself as a battering ram on his ribcage.

Distantly, he hears the lad confirm what he already surmised: this is Henry’s mother. Emma, the mad sorceress whom the Queen locked away in this accursed tower.

She’s still holding onto him, one hand against his chest, and she’s smiling at him. Her face is lit, surrounded by a cloud of tousled blond hair, and her lips part slightly as she blinks once, then again.

She looks far younger than he’d expected, far too young to be a witch, although Killian has to admit that he doesn’t have anything to base that on, seeing as how he’s never met a witch before. But whatever he vaguely expected, this is not it. He didn’t expect her to be so… bewitching. She’s beautiful, for one, but it goes beyond that. There’s something about her that he recognises, something that calls to him. He has to fight the urge to draw her closer, an instinct that feels so natural that it scares him

For her part, Emma is looking up at him with bright eyes, looking almost awestruck, like she can’t quite believe that he’s here – in a good way. For a moment, she actually looks happy to see him.

Perhaps she really is mad.

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The moonlight theif chapter six

Y'all get the last bits of fluff here be grateful.
We’re gunna get a n g s t y.

But for now enjoy!
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chapter six: dams broken and secrets revealed

Katsuki, Katsuki it’s dark!” Victor said, holding onto Katsuki’s arm.
“That’s why we have the torch. Do you have to cling to me like that?”
“Oh… sorry.” Victor said, leaning back. “Does it bother you?” Katsuki’s face was red in the torchlight, or maybe it was just red. He pursed his lips.
“Yes. You’re very bothering.” He sighed. “I mean… just don’t hang off me. If you’re worried about getting lost it’s okay.” Victor slid his hand off Katsuki’s arm until just their two little fingers were linked.
“Katsuki, do you have a wife?”
Katsuki nearly dropped the torch. “Excuse me?”
“We’re traveling together, so we might as well get to know eachother. So do you have a wife? Girlfriend? Mistresses?”

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Figuarts Luigi- quick rundown

Luigi is wonderful- I love him. He is a perfect compliment to Mario and other Nintendo figures. He can pull off a lot of great Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros poses, just like his brother. The sculpt is A+ and he looks like he walked right out of the game. This is especially apparent in their eyes, which are made to be extra glossy. They really look alive! 

Where he fails though is his shoulder articulation (like Mario) and neck articulation (which should be very unlike Mario) Even though Luigi has a neck, you will get very little up and down motion, which is a huge letdown. As you see in the last pic, he’s unable to completely pull off his Official Smash Bros pose. 

This figure is beautiful, relatively cheap, and quite accessible. Go grab it!