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i’m not one 2 be focusing on the negatives but this is a tomato HATE blog!!!

The revolution is successful. But survival depends on drastic measures. Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives mean slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore, I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered, signed Kodos, Governor of Tarsus IV.

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Handsome Jack was a genius. It was a fundamental fact of the universe. Like water was wet. Planets revolved around their home star. And Pandora was a shit planet that should be purged.

As soon as Jack got back to Helios and out of Rhys’s head. It wasn’t that he hated the kid, hell, he’d allowed Jack to take control when that stupid bandit women would have killed them all with her grenade.

So far they were trying to find the missing piece for Gortys who seemed to have found a companion with Loader Bot.

Jack made a mental note to increase the loyalty for Hyperion employees in the loaders coding when he got back. Just to be safe. Speaking of loyalty, Jack was going to strangle whoever was up on the station blocking them from returning home safe and sound. It wasn’t that he missed Helios, hell, this was the most fun he’d had in years, but Rhys was getting squirrely, especially when he and Rhys were alone.

Not that he could blame him. After all, Rhys was one of his more diehard fanboys, but at least he wasnt like one of the creepy ones who wore copies of his mask.

No, Rhys had a good head on his shoulders and somehow, by a miracle, had managed to survive this far on Pandora without dying. That was an accomplishment Jack didn’t joke about. Pandora was hell and only having a stun baton for security was dumb to say the least.

Still, there was something about Rhys that Jack liked, and the way Rhys snuck away from the group after a knowing glance from the accountant, Rhys would slip away behind a hill, tree, or some bedrock. Jack assumed he was just taking a shit and left him to it, but Rhys was walking towards an outcropping, rubbing his chest with an exhausted look creeping across his features.

Jack flicked out of sight, reappearing several feet away and watching Rhys from behind an pile of boulders.

Rhys stopped, glancing around the small sheltered area before he turned his back to Jack, facing the wall of rocks and started unbuttoning his shirt. Deftly he tugged it and the best off and neatly folded them.

Jack tilted his head, scowling at the beige tanktop. Fashion hadn’t gone backwards, had it? Wait, Rhys was peeling it off his tall frame, struggling momentarily as he hiked the material around his shoulders before bending at the waist and finally pulled it off. From as far away as Jack was, he could hear the relieved sigh. But Jack was transfixed, impressed by the tattoos on Rhys’s shoulder and neck.

Rhys rubbed his shoulders before he slowly turned around, shutting his eyes, resting his bare back against the boulders, reaching up to rub barely there breasts–

Jack slowly blinked. He rubbed his digital eyes, once, twice, then a third time just to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing and comparing it to the previous data he’d gathered from watching Rhys and found himself horrifically curious and feeling like an idiot.

No wonder Rhysie has been getting squirrelly as of late. And it also explained why he never needed to shave. Shit. How could Jack had been so stupid and not realized Rhys’s secret earlier?

But as he shook his head, he watched as Rhys shut his (her?) eyes, gently rubbing his small, barely a mouthful Jack thought, breasts. Jack licked his blue lips and dissapered, reappering next to Rhys, his arms crossed over his chest, a hip propped against the rocks. He ran his eyes over the tattoos and the cybernetic arm before he spoke.

“Binding too tight, cupcake?”

Rhyss eyes snapped open and he wrapped his arms around his chest, his face boiling red. “Jack what the hell are you doing here?”

“Keeping an eye out for skags while you rub those little things.” Jack shrugged, pretending to ignore the way Rhys face burned brighter.

“I-I don’t, look, you can’t,” Rhys tried to speak, his voice starting to crack around the edges and while Jack would love to hear what Rhys’s voice sounded like when he was completely and utterly wrecked in pleasure, Jack waved his hand.

“Rhysie, baby, I don’t care what you’ve got packing in those tighty whiteys of yours. What I do care is that even with all the shit that’s going on, you’re still holding yourself up and keeping this secret close to heart. That takes real guts kitten, and I like men with guts.” Jack mused, loving the way Rhys face had shifted from panic, to worry to confusion and finally a shy, averted gaze.

“You… Like men?” Rhys said uncertain.

Jack smirked. “When we get back to Helios, and I get my body back, I’ll show you just how much I like you. How’s that sound, cupcake?”

The blush that ridden high on Rhys cheeks spread down his neck and he remained staring at the ground, nodding slowly.

“Good,” Jack grinned, preparing to slip away when he snapped his fingers. “Oh, and Rhysie?”


“I don’t think you should wear those for as long as you’ve been. Try and get more then twenty minutes without them on. That’s an order kiddo.” Jack said and disappeared, pretending not to notice Rhys warm smile.

i tried this like 360 degree virtual reality thing today and let me tell you, the future is here. i “went” on a peaceful boat ride and could look around like i was there!! imagine being able to walk around star wars planets n shit