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10 Favorite Characters
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First, its not in order because I will spend hours on picking this, and secondly I have been waiting for two weeks to say this:

1. Van eyebrows- Tales of the abyss (>;))  
2. Yukine- Noragami
3. Papyrus- Undertale
4. Kurisu -steins;gate
5. Kigiri- Danganronpa
6. Totori - Atelier totori
7. Athena Cykes- Phoenix wright
8. Celty (I love Celty more than kido sorry kido.)- Durarara
9. Menma- Anohana
10. Nao tomori- Charlotte 

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I just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone, especially to all of the new followers! ♥

I’m still sorry for the lack of posts, but I’m currently super busy with school, making cocktail hats and stuff! 

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I think that the idea for community contests are great but I think you might have to take in to consideration the fact that the community isn’t really huge and without active participants these type of things have a habit of dying out quickly. But it sounds like a lot of fun, especially the community voting! (now I kinda want to hold my own contest, haha!)

Hello Everybody!

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What this blog is, is a place for everyone to have fun, meet other people through the games and have fun playing the games through a friendly contest. Each week will have a different theme, please read the pages (but  since this is the first ever blog post, the rules will be below for people on mobile)

@nico-mode will be making a post introducing herself for mobile users. You can use both 3ds games! and @kawaiifairytalegirlsmode will introduce herself later because she’s currently out. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help. contact us here and one of us will answer and you’ll know because we’ll sign off with, e.g. Admin Hal, Admin Nico ect ect


1. Three pictures per submission: one full body, one half body, and one lower body
2. One submission per competition, once submitted you can’t withdraw your entry
3. All images in the photo booth/studio should be with a white background, and pictures outside the photo booth/studio should be in daylight (no photos should be taken in sunset or night) (it would be better if your photos are taken in the photo booth/studio!)
4. Facial expression is your choice, so is position/pose
5. No border allowed
 6. You can vote on more than one person, but only one vote per person. Likes are considered votes, reblogs are not considered votes
7. All votes will be taken until Thursday 6pm GMT. All entries submitted after this time won’t be counted
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Anyone who doesnt follow the rules, your submission will be deleted, and an ask will be sent to tell you which rule you have broken (except for rule 6). If you break a rule, you can resubmit a new entry (so make sure it follows the rules!)

Also, each week Admin Hal will dress up and set an example for each theme for you to follow, the judges have a special category where you, the public will judge who out of the three dressed up best for the theme and we will judge you. Winners will be announced on Friday as the next theme is announced

Lift Every Voice!

Yes, the stunning, powerful lyrics to the Black American National anthem have surfaced to my brain this bright morning!

What I’m trying to express is how I finally get the power of this poem, these lyrics written by James Weldon Johnson in 1900. 

How about you?

You got voice? (My new blog.)

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Toy Float PlaneThe plane measures 10" long with an 11" wingspan. I used ash and walnut with a spray lacquer finish.

Toy Float PlaneThe plane measures 10″ long with an 11″ wingspan. I used ash and walnut with a spray lacquer finish.

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