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Tying a Naught With a Cherry Stem {Reaction}

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You and Namjoon had been going through a fruit binge lately and your favorite has been cherries. You had decided to show Namjoon your hidden talent, which was you were able to tie a knot with a cherry stem using only your mouth. “Joonie look what I can do.” He was watching you with confused eyes as you were contorting your mouth in odd shapes. When you were done you pulled the stem out it had two knots in it. With wide eyes Namjoon took the stem out of your hands.

“1 I’m not surprised that you could do that but 2 I’m shocked you could do a double knot. So how about you demonstrate that on me personally princess”?

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Jin was decorating a cake he had bought that he said wasn’t ‘to his standards’ so he decided to add cherries and sprinkles. You had snatched a cherry from him. “Jin I’ve never shown you I can do this.” A few seconds later you pull out the stem with a knot tied in it.

“Ah Y/N that’s so naughty” He giggled as he gave you a quick kiss and continued adding cherries to the cake.

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You had walked into yours and J-Hope’s shared apartment when you could hear him getting frustrated. You had went down the hallway to see J-Hope trying to spit cherry pits across the kitchen into the trashcan but failed every time. You had grabbed a cherry only putting the stem into your mouth.       “Y/N the actual cherry is the part you eat”. You rolled your eyes at him showing him the knotted stem between your teeth and spit the stem perfectly into the trashcan as you waltzed out of the kitchen.

“Why must you be so perfect and such a showoff”. J-Hope had whined defeated. 

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Yoongi had brought home ice-cream sundaes after practice. You had taken yours and quickly stuck the whole cherry in your mouth, stem and all. After Yoongi had looked at you confused and a few seconds had passed by you took out the stem with a knot and set it on the table with a cocky attitude.

“The planets have aligned, my mind is blown, but now your head game makes so much sense”.

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You and Taehyung had been super competitive since day one of meeting. Today he came home with cherries and wanted to have a competition of who could tie a knot in the most cherry stems in five minutes. When he pressed start on the timer he gave you a wink as he put the first stem in his mouth. By time he finished his first knot you were already on your fourth stem. When the timer went off you had eleven and Taehyung had six.

“How about loser gets head”? He threw you over his shoulder to carry you to the bedroom before you could even answer.  

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“Hey Jiminie look what I just figured out I could do”. You popped a cherry stem in your mouth and within a minute you pulled out the stem with a knot in it. Jimin smirked at you while putting a stem in his mouth and within a shorter time than you, Jimin pulled out a stem with two knots.

“I can teach you personally if you’d like babygirl”.

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You had told Jungkook you could tie a knot in a cherry stem awhile back but never showed him, until tonight. You thought he forgot about it, but that was a whole different story since he came home and plopped a whole bag of cherries on the counter in front of you. You happily took one since you loved fresh cherries and easily tied a knot showing Jungkook.

“Oddly enough that is so fucking hot”.  

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Requested by: @fixalty
Hi! Could you please write an imagine with theo and the female reader, who is letting theo crash at her place since she found out he was homeless. she is almost part of scott’s pack bc she’s a werewolf and everybody likes her since she was derek’s beta (and girlfriend) and she’s really worried when scott decides to send liam and theo being the bates in the zoo and she wants to go instead of theo, bc she has feelings for him but nobody knows. It’s kinda complicated but i hope you’ll write it !!


Note:l don’t know if this is something that you wanted but l tried my best to write it..So please let me know what you think..Enjoy!:))

It was late at night and l couldn’t sleep,so l decided to take a walk..Yeah l know only the crazy person would dare to take a walk at night with all this shit that has been happening lately..But l just couldn’t stay inside..
Fresh air was hitting my face and l started to relax a little,but suddenly l spotted a very familiar truck and l started walking closer.l saw Theo sleeping and instanly l realized what was going on..l raised my hand and tapped on his window..I could hear him letting out a groan and he had an annoying look on his face,but it changed fast when he saw me .He opened the door confused ‘Y/N what are you doing here?’
‘Uhh l couldn’t sleep so l took a walk.'He looked at me with his eyebrows raised 'You took a walk beside the fact that there are hunters all over the town?'l looked aside then back at him 'Yeah it sounds crazy l know..'He smiled shaking his head before we went silent for a couple of minutes..'And what were you doing?'He looked at me not expecting me to ask him that..He cleared his throat 'l was sleeping.’
'I know l saw that,what l meant is why here.In your truck?’
He tried to turn away but l stopped him by putting my hand on his..He looked at our hands then back at me 'Because l’m homeless..There are you happy now?’
I let go of his hand and shaked my head 'Of course l’m not happy why would you think that,l was just concerned for you.'He looked at me with stern eyes 'Well l don’t need your concern.'I let out a sigh and turned to walk away but somewhere half l stopped and turned around and on my surpriese Theo was looking at me 'Look l was thinking if you could maybe give me a ride home because suddenly l got really cold and a little scared,and also you can stay over at my place for the night or for a few days l really don’t mind but pleasee Theo,let me help you.'I was looking at him waiting for his actions but nothing happened 'You know l need your answer now.’ He then let out a sigh a famous smirk playing on his lips 'Fine,get in.'I smiled widely and got in the car.

The car ride was quite but l didn’t mind..After couple more minutes Theo pulled up in front of my house and we both walked to my front door..l unlocked the door and turned the lights on..
'Where are your parents?’
I looked at him from my spot 'My parents are divorced since l was little so it’s just me and my mom..’
He nodded his head 'But don’t worry she’s away visiting our siblings and she won’t be back until the next month.’
'Oh good to know.’
'Sooo here let me show you where you’re going to sleep.'He nodded his head and followed me upstairs..l opened the door from the spare room we had in the house in case we had guest..He walked in and started looking around 'ls it okay?'I asked suddenly feeling very unsure 'He looked at me 'It’s going to be good for tonight.'I felt a little hurt by his words but l really hoped that he was going to accept and stay a little longer,but l decided to push the feeling aside..l rubbed my hand ond my tigh 'Okay then,you have clean towels in the bathroom and there is a few clean cloths that left from my sibling when he was visiting the last time,and if you need anything else let me know.’
He nodded his head 'Okay,thanks.’
I walked outside closing the doors..l walked into my room and let my body fall on the bed…l mumbled quietely 'God you had to let me fall in love with the boy who has the strongest attitude on planet.’

I was woken up by a sudden ringing of my phone..Groaning l grabbed him from the night stand and answered'Halo!’ I heard Scott on the other side 'Y/N can you meet me at the animal clinic we are all here and it’s very important?’
'Okay l’ll be there in a few.’

I walked into the Animal clinic and l was surpriesed when l saw Theo standing behind them..Okay that’s why he wasn’t in the house this morning..He looked at me for a second and then looked aside 'Is everything okay guys?’
'Yeah l think l know how to defeat the hunters.'I nodded my head and gave Scott a sign to start talking 'Okay,so me,Malia,Lydia and Chris are going to take their guns,so that’s why you, Mason and Corey are going to make Nolan to follow you to the zoo and Liam and Theo are going to be the baits for them.’ Everyone were nodding their heads,everyone except me.'No,Theo should go with Mason and Corey and l’m going to be the bait with Liam'Scott looked at me but didn’t have the time to respond when Theo stepped in front 'Hell no Y/N,you’re not going.'l looked at him annoyed 'Oh yes l am.'And before he could argue any further Liam stepped betwen us 'Okay guys this is getting out of control,Y/N are you sure you want to come with us?'l nodded my head and l could hear Theo groaning..Me and Liam looked at Scott and he wasn’t sure at first but soon he gave in.
While we were waiting for Mason to show up l could feel Theo watching me very often but l couldn’t look at him so l just ignored it.
Nolan and the two other guys were here and before l even knew what was going on Theo punched Liam in the face and l gasped,but soon l realized what he was trying to do.
After some time they stopped fighting and l crossed my arms over my chest looking at them annoyed 'Are you two done?'Liam turned to look at me.'He ripped my shirt.'And l couldn’t help but role my eyes.
'You broke my nose two times.You broke it and it healed,you broke it and it healed again.TWO TIMES.'Then suddenly Liam punched him again and he fell down holding his nose 'Three times.’

The rest of the hunters were here and suddenly l felt my whole body froze and l couldn’t move..Then l felt someone holding my hand and l turned to see who it was and on my surpriese l saw Theo with a serious look on his face 'l won’t let them hurt you.'l smiled a little and l could see a slight smirk on his face 'l’m a werewolf too,remember?’
'Yeah but still l’m going to do anything l can to protect you.l promise.’
l didn’t even realize how close our faces were until l felt his breath on my face and instead of saying anything l just nodded my head and trying to ignore my heart that was beating like crazy.

Liam was punching a wall next to Nolan’s head trying so hard not to kill him,then suddenly l saw Theo knocking him out and turning to look at Nolan 'Run!’

Somewhere through the ride l checked up on Liam and he was still unconscious.'Did you have to hit him that hard?'He turned to look at me a wide smile on his face 'If l didn’t he would probably kill him.’
'Maybe but he is just under a lot of stress lately,we all are.'l looked at Theo and he nodded his head a smile still on his lips,which made me smile even more.

When l finally reached to my house all l could think about was a nice shower and a long sleep,but soon l remebered that Theo would probably won’t stay and l turned around in rush just on time on stopping him from walking out.'Why won’t you stay?'He stood a few seconds with his back facing me but then he turned around with his eyebrows furrowed 'Why are you helping me.’
I let out a sigh and looked at him 'Because Theo..l have feelings for you.'He didn’t said anything and that kind of get me sad but then l saw that smirk appearing on his face and in a second he was closer to me putting his hands on my cheeks and kissing me,and l instantly kissed him back..We pulled away and he looked me in the eyes 'l knew it,l just wanted to make it sure it’s true.'l looked at him confused 'You knew,how?’
'I finally realized today at the zoo when your heart was beating like crazy..and l also realized that l have feelings for you too and l would do anything to make sure you’re safe.'l smiled even wider and hugged him tight not letting go of him.

Being Set Up By Tyler and Jenna (Josh Dun)

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Y/N Pov

I have been working as lightning technician for the band Twenty One Pilots for two months as they start their new tour; Emotional Roadshow. So far I have been loving it, its been amazing to be able to travel round the world and see so many beautiful places with so many lovely people.

Being one of the very few females on the crew Jenna took me under her wing and quickly accepted me as her friend. Jenna has been around a lot of the tour which has been great because I see her as one of my best friends, Tyler is alo great the way that he treats Jenna is amazing and he’s like my brother the way he is so energetic all the time like a child running around but he can also be serious to talk to which is amazing. Then there is Josh, after spending evenings with him on the couch watch crappy TV programmes, joking around with him all the time, whilst helping him set up some bits for his drums when I have nothing else to do and going out with him Jenna and Tyler sometimes when they have days off. I cant help but feel like I like Josh more than a friend.

The past couple of weeks I have had my feelings slowly develop for him even though I know that he wont ever like me back. Why should he? When he can have practically any girl on the planet with his charming attitude and his good looks.

We were in Austria at the moment and the whole crew were busy setting up things up for the concert that was happening later on in the evening, I busy around with Mike who was looking for a specific lead and me being the helpful person that I am goes and looks for it. I do a slow jog over to the tupperware box that was pushed up against the wall that was conveniently labelled ‘lighting’ I fiddle around with the leads that were all tangled in a bi knot, helpful. I make a mental note to remind myself to put them away neater next time to stop this happen.

I look foward down the narrow corridor that leads to steps, I see someone walk down them, I recognise that long blonde hair from anywhere as Jenna walks towards me, coming from the area where the dressing rooms were most likely with Tyler.

“Hey Jenna, would you be a dear and come help me untangle these bloody leads?” I ask her using my puppy dog eyes, however trying not to get annoyed at how many wires there are to untangle.

“Yeah sure, I have nothing better to be doing” Jenna replies kindly, thank goodness she was a lovely person and agreed to help me otherwise I would have been here all day, any way this a good time to catch up with Jenna and see what she has been up to today as I haven’t been able to talk to her alot today.

“So what have you been up to today?” I question, as we sit down on the floor as this may take a while.

“Not much, I was in the dressing room with Ty and Josh but I had to leave because I couldn’t bare to watch Josh sit there and drool over you any longer without doing anything about it”

Shocked, it took me a few seconds to reply as I dropped the wires to the floor, Josh liked me? I highly doubt it, how could he? It doesnt add up.

“W-what do you mean, drool” I question further, just to make sure that she wasn’t lying.  

“Josh likes you Y/N, alot.” Jenna says looking directly at me trying to decipher the look on my face as to what I was think at that current moment. I haven’t told Jenna about my crush I have on Josh as I was nervous about it, however I think the crimson blush plastered on my cheeks gave away everything.

“You like him too don’t you?” Jenna asks beaming. There is no point in trying to deny it at this point so I own up with a small nod.

“I knew it, I could tell because you’re always checking him out” Jenna winks and I gently slap her arm at the comment.

“No I do not, do I really make it that obvious?” I ask

Jenna thinks for a moment.

“That’s hard because for me it was quite obvious like how you always checked him out when he was setting up his drum kit, how you too always acted a bit differently around each other. On the other hand poor Josh was oblivious, he was sure that he was going to be stuck in the friendzone forever, he missed the signs.” Jenna said smiling.

I smile also, Josh liked me, he really did and that thought to me seemed simply unfathomable after all this time of him imaging liking me, it was actually happening. A sudden pang of fear hit my chest hard.

“Jenna, you wont tell him will you, please don’t” I plead, if Josh was going to find out that I fancied him I didn’t want him to find out through someone else.

“No I won’t because you dont want me to don’t worry.”

Jenna stops and thinks for a moment, I go back to working on the wires but it seems to have gotten a lot harder as my mind becomes clouded with Josh.

“But there is one thing I ask” Jenna states after a minute of her silent thinking and my silent working.

“What is it?” I ask nervously raising an eyebrow at her.

“Let me and Ty set you two up, like not tell Josh that you like him just tell him enough to pluck up the courage to ask you out” Jenna really wanted to help and not wanting to burst her bubble and wanting a date with Josh saying yes to her proposition seemed like the best idea.

“Ok, you can” Jenna beams and I can’t help but beam with her.

Tyler’s POV

“Josh, come here a sec I want to talk to you” I ask my friend to come over and to talk to me as Jenna has just told me about Y/N fancying Josh, we have thought out a small plan.

“Yeah what is it?” He queries as walks towards the sofa I was sitting on in our shared dressing room.

“So I wanted to talk to you about Y/N” I say, this grabs Josh’ attention as he immediately looks up.

“What is it Tyler?” Josh asks suspiciously.

“Well I was wondering if you would finally ask her on a date?” I state

“We have been over this there is no way that Y/N likes me” 

“My friend that is where I think you might be wrong”

“What do you mean?”

“Well for starters I see her checking you out when you are setting up your drums from the side of the stage, and she acts differently around you Josh, how have you missed the signs?” I see Josh’ brain click like clock work in his head, then he suddenly grins.

“You really think so?”

“For sure, I mean I don’t know for certain but all the right signs are there”

“Alright, I’ll do it, I will ask Y/N on a date.” Then he turns around to continue to get ready for tonights show.

After the Show


I watch from the sides like I do nearly every concert alongside Jenna, we sing along to the songs and act like teens in the crowd. I watch him from the side, I loved watching him drum, do what he loved every night, he was doing what made him happy and for some strange reason I can’t explain that made me happy also.

The show was nearly over as Tyler was doing his speech he does just before the encore, this one is very emotional.

The concert was over and that meant that I had to organise a few pieces with Mike before the next concert tomorrow, I was only an assistant lighting technician meaning that I didnt have to do as much work as Mike but always liked to help as much as I could. When I had finished I go to Josh and Tylers dressing room (Like I do after every concert) usually I find Josh leaning the desk in the corner, and Jenna and Tyler sitting on the sofa however when I walked in today Josh was the only person in the dressing room. As I open the door Josh stood there shirtless, I have seen Josh shirtless on many occasions prior this one however this time it seemed to put a lump in my throat and a flood of butterflies fly through my body. 

“Sorry, I will come back in a minute if you want to get changed” I say suddenly becoming flustered and embarrassed.

“No, its cool let me just throw a t-shirt on” Josh replies sending a smile my way and I gladly return it.

I was about to ask where the others were but before I could speak Josh spoke.

“Y/N, there is something I have been wanting to ask you for a while now” Josh says slowly and carefully, the butterflies in my body appeared out of nowhere again.

“Ok” I say reassuringly, wanting him to carry on.

“Well, I really like you Y/N and I was to nervous to say anything as I didn’t want to ruin our friendship but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?” I beam at his words, he did like me he really did and I know because he just told me, I dont have to imaging those scenarios anymore because it just happened in real life. I remember that Josh is waiting for a response.

“Yes Josh I would love to go on a date with you” I respond, and Josh does that precious smile where his grin reaches right to his ears and he looks adorable.

As a natural response I throw my arms around his waist in glee and he responds by doing the same by wrapping his strong arms around my shoulders,right then I decide, this is where I want to stay forever.