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Hello! The Hindu goddess you are thinking of is Parashakti whom has eight arms and in each hand holds a different object that is symbolic and meaningful. As someone who is Hindu I would say it's ok since you're obviously making a spider just please don't make the same positioning, it is a fine line but if you make it very different I wouldn't be offended. But keep in mind tho I am a white person who was only raised Hindu for half of my life and do not follow the spirituality as strictly -

As someone who is Indian and was raised Hindu so I would get a second opinion but from my stand point I would say no, just be careful not to relate it to Hinduism. I hope this helped!

okay! i’ll definitely wait to hear more opinions, but thank u for taking the time to send this. if i do get the go-ahead after hearing from a few more people i’ll definitely look up parashakti for reference to make sure that i’m keeping my fanart properly disconnected from her image!