planetary nonexistence

jfc so ive had several days now where i wake up and my body is COMPLETELY SORE, even though ive done no strenuous activity for the days leading up to it

idk is it bc of a lack of sleep?? stress?? like holy fuck i don’t want to get out of bed rn bc my body hurts that much, but all i did yesterday get pizza??? and yeah i walked around i guess but it wasn’t even an abnormal amount like wtf body why do you do this to me

@like all my followers who aren’t watching yuri on ice: i’m sorry i broke my queue to blog about yuri on ice, when i made the queue in the first place to LIMIT the amount of yoi posts i spammed LMAOOOOO

as always i’ll be tagging both “yuri on ice” and “spoilers” if y’all wanna block that shit you guys rock thanks for watching the emotional breakdown that’s happening thanks to yuri on ice LMAOOooo

like holy fuck yoi has been an experience and to all my followers who have patiently sat through all the spam, thank you! there is more to come but as always, block “yuri on ice” and “spoilers” if you don’t want to see that shit, or just unfollow me if it makes it easier for you. you rock!

idk how i’m gonna function i can’t believe some gay ice skating anime has changed my life this much what the fuck. what the actual fuck. i’m in tears. i am completely shook. you know how there’s things that make like a deep impact in you and changes you? yeah, THIS IS IT. i can’t fucking believe it, what a journey. here’s to season 2, hopefully!!

Anohana ;________;

MY DEAR LORD THIS WAS HEARTWARMING AND HEARTBREAKING AT THE SAME TIME ;______; The buildup of the previous episodes to the final one… just…. SLKDJLAKSJD 

It’s about 3:30 AM, and I’m sitting in my room, sobbing like a baby, with my nose dripping with snot, no tissues in my room, and the extreme urge to pee. Plus, every time something makes me want to sob, I sit there applauding the creators for making me cry and looking like a retarded seal. 

It’s just something about the series’ theme that makes me feel the need to sob. Especially when each of the characters started to realize their guilt; something about that made me crack and go from manly tears to full on sobbing. It just feels so relatable to real life (not that fantasy series can’t do so as well), but… glkjdlksjd I just have a ton of feelings right now, too many to elaborate on this, okay? ;_____;

To this series, I leave this gif:

External image

For being great and being one of the two anime series that have made me feel like someone was taking me feelings and putting them through a shredder (the other being Air. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON AIR ಥ‿ಥ).

[Kudos to you for staying through this random rant. Now carry on and surf through your dashboard/tag (σ ・_・)σ]

GUYS I NEED SOME MUSIC TO LISTEN TO. I’m going to be sitting in a car for about 8+ hours so I need some new music to keep me occupied. Any recommendations?

It can basically be anything or maybe even recommend a band; I have time to kill today too so I might as well check out as much as I can before I go (´;Д ;`)

Greetings, players from Mabinogi EU ´・ω・`ノシ

They better give you TOOOONNNS of compensation NX for that D: I really hope you’ll enjoy your stay over on the NA server :D

I’m over in Mari as “Chocone”, so feel free to ask for help ´・ω・`ノシ

(The only thing is I don’t go on as often now, so I may not always be there to help ;A; But feel free to ask for help anyway!)

AAAAAAHHHHH 100 followers ;____; Thank you guys so much for putting up with me and sticking with me ;______; I LOVE ALL OF YOU SO MUCH PLEASE ACCEPT THIS LOVE ಥ‿ಥ

*love pours out of your screens and takes up all of the space*

*love overflows and completely takes up everything surrounding you*

Stop it tumblr. Stop getting me addicted to things when I need to focus on finals and finding a summer job. STOOOOOOPPPPPPPP

I don’t even remember who reblogged this Steam Powered Giraffe video, but you got me freaking hooked. I CAN’T ANYMORE. I crave more of their music and their album, but I don’t have enough money ;A; 

oh god and the harmonies are just hnnnnnnn