planetary movement

Planetary Movements

The Sun spends approximately 30 days in a sign.
The Moon spends approximately 2.5 days in a sign.
Mercury spends approximately 14-30 days in a sign.
Venus spends approximately 23-60 days in a sign.
Mars spends approximately 45 days in a sign.
Jupiter spends approximately 1 year in a sign.
Saturn spends approximately 2.5 years in a sign.
Uranus spends approximately 7 years in a sign.
Neptune spends approximately 14 years in a sign.
Pluto spends approximately 14-30 years in a sign.

Aaaaand I’m also not going to make a male Touhou character and I’m probably not going to name it after myself but I can 100% make a youkaisona/new oc that’s based off me, you bet! Thanks @turbobyakuren​ for the opportunity to make a cute space youkai girl <3

Celestine Lunette
is a youkai magician who draws strength from the alignment of the planets! She’s always watching the sky, and knows what bodies and stars are going to be where years in advance. Her magic changes depending on what’s in the sky, and she can also predict the future via planetary movements. It’s touhou, astrology can be real if I want it to be real

She possesses a magical telescope that can see with about as much detail as modern astronomical telescopes, a compass that shows the alignment of objects in the sky (so she can still check on cloudy days), and a book where she records all of her observations and also has spells.

She’s extremely interested in space (obviously, she’s me), and could probably talk your ears off about it if you let her get carried away. As a magician, she also has a general interest in anything mystical, and is constantly thirsty to learn new things.

She also has a sense of humor. She’s a little like Marisa, honestly, except she respects you and your property. Just harmless sass. If she knew about the internet she’d be a shitposter for sure.

(Also she totally gets on well with Galactica. They’d be best friends for life. I bet she’d adopt the damn fairy.)


Sun Sign “Blazing Radiance”
Mercury Sign “Heavenly Messenger”
Venus Sign “Beauty of the Divines”
Earth Sign “Lively Terra”
Moon Sign “Shining Selena”
Mars Sign “Marching Legion”
Jupiter Sign “Galileo’s Jewels”
Saturn Sign “Hundred Thousand Rings”
Uranus Sign “Infinite Heavens”
Neptune Sign “Infinite Ocean”

Witchy Terminology

Here’s a list of terminology that has really helped me in my practice.

Altar – sacred space dedicated for a specific purpose such as spell-working or worshiping deities

Amulet – a charm usually worn for protection, to repel evil, and to absorb/banish negative energy

Astral Projection – the act of separating your astral body or your consciousness from your physical self; a voluntary out of body experience 

Astrology – the art and science of predicting certain events and patterns based on the observation of planetary movements and relationships and the study of how these movements and relationships affect terrestrial world events and the health, moods, relationships and personalities of individuals

Aura – a subtle luminescence that surrounds all objects hinting at the energy contained within

Banish – to forcefully remove something; to put an end to something

Bibliomancy/Stichomancy – divination using random pages and passages from books

Bind – to restrict the actions/behavior of someone or to tie them to another object, place, or situation

Book of Shadows – a book used to document spells, rituals, other magickal workings, and personal experiences

Cartomancy – divination using a deck of cards, i.e. tarot cards

Centering – to calm your emotions and focus on the task ahead; usually done after grounding

Ceromancy – divination using a candle/the flame of a candle

Channeling – also called “drawing;” to gather energy from an external source i.e. the sun or moon

Charged Water non-consumable water that has been infused with oils, herbs, or energy from another source; used for cleansing, anointing, ritual work, etc.

Charging – to infuse an item with energy from either yourself or another source

Charm – an item that has been enchanted with a spell

Cleanse – to rid an object or space of negative energy

Consecrate – to “bless” an object, usually for a specific magickal purpose 

Curse – the act of causing misfortune to a victim; directing negative energy towards the target 

Deosil/Deocil – clockwise; generally used to invoke/evoke something, bring about positive energies, or to cast a circle

Divination – the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means

Dowsing – a type of divination employed in attempts to locate hidden items by using a dowsing rod or pendulum

Dream Work – any magickal or mystical work done in dream space, or while sleeping

Elixir – a potion made for medicinal purposes 

Enchanting – to infuse an object with magickal intent

Energy Work – any work that involves changes to the human energy field or subtle body

Evoke – to call a spirit or entity, to summon it forth, and to bring it into the place where you are, particularly in hopes of gaining its favor

Gem Elixir – an elixir infused with the energy of a crystal or mineral 

Grimoire – a kind of textbook used by magickal practitioners for reference; sometimes used interchangeably with “book of shadows”

Grounding – to release negative and excess energy

Hex – commonly used synonymously with “curse” to describe baneful spell work, but can also be used in reference to general spell work and those who practice it 

Incantation – the words used when casting a spell

Intent – your goal or purpose for spell work 

Invoke – to draw a spirit being or entity into your own body 

Meditation - a method of calming the mind, either by emptying it of thought or by focusing on one thing in order to reach a state of relaxation or an altered state of consciousness

Numerology – divination using the interpretation of numbers, dates, and the number value of letters

Palmistry – a form of divination that relies on the interpretation of the lines and structure of the hand

Pantheon – historically, a temple in Rome dedicated to all the Gods of the Roman people; in modern usage the word Pantheon has come to describe the family of Gods itself

Philter – a potion used specifically in love spells; love potion 

Poppet – a doll used to represent a target in spell work 

Potion – a consumable liquid that has been enchanted to produce magickal effects 

Psychometry – divination by touching an object and gaining impressions from it

Ritual – a series of actions performed in a pre-defined order

Runes – written symbols which represent sounds or ideas; can be used for divination 

Sachet – a small bag of herbs, crystals, or other objects that is meant to bring about a desired effect; essentially acts as a charm 

Sacred Space – any space that has been designated for a specific sacred purpose

Scrying – a method of divination that involves gazing into a reflective surface such as water, mirrors, or a crystal ball 

Shield – a personal protective barrier, similar to a ward

Sorcerer/Sorceress – used to describe someone who practices magick

Sorcery – the use of rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces

Spell – a combination of words, actions and/or objects used in a symbolic way to bring about a magickal result

Talisman – an object used to attract or gain power or energy; can be worn

Tasseography – divination using tea leaves 

Uncrossing – the removal of a type of curse or “cross” that has been laid upon an individual that makes a certain area of their lives difficult because of negative energy that is attached to them causing them to see and experience only difficulties in that area

Ward – a protective barrier; may be maintained by a spell, a talisman, a symbol or some other physical or energy object

Widdershins – counter-clockwise; used to banish negative energy or take down a circle 

Witch/Wizard – used to describe someone who practices magick 

Witchcraft – the use of sorcery or magick to alter the physical world around you; used interchangeably with sorcery 

Zodiac – refers to the constellations that ring the apparent path the sun takes throughout the year

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The Headless Hunt had ghost horses and I don’t know why I never really noticed that before. Ghost animals are a thing. Real cats trying to capture ghost cats. Ghost owls flying round the Hogwarts Owlery. Ghost mermaids occasionally going through the glass into the Slytherin common room and getting confused by no longer being in water. Ghost centaurs helping to perfect the centaur art of divination because they’ve seen more, both in planetary movements and in events on Earth.

Language is a weird thing. We as humans rely on a pink squishy muscle to control the air that leaves our throats so we can communicate in sounds we happened to like and solidify those sounds as “words”.


Momronica au where Pyronica and her gang stumble upon the demon Pines siblings but instead of eating them Py wants to keep them and be the momiest mom

I’ve only got that 1. Bill is like their uncle who starts weird stories but never finishes them 2. Dipper has the power to move stars and change planetary movements while Mabel can create planets and 3. Stanford made them in his lab and then lost them way to go Ford

im going to sleep but before i do: astrology is real and y'all should study up on it. observe people online and off, what events in the world coincide with what planetary movements, even something as small as a text post on this site that gets popular during a particular transit