planetary moon


Full moon rising over Los Angeles earlier this month

☾ Moon

Influences: Intuition, birth, motherhood, clairvoyance, psychic ability, dreams, emotions, astral travel, imagination, reincarnation, renewal
Crystals: Moonstone, petalite, clear quartz, selenite, opal, rose quartz, abalone 
Herbs: Willow, lotus, water lily, clary sage, jasmine, moonwort, mugwort, white sandalwood, morning glory, iris, evening primrose, honeysuckle, myrrh, lemon
Deities: Atlas, Khonsu, Sin, Hathor, Isis, Hecate Artemis, Ceridwen, Diana, Levanah, Lunah, Mari 
Animal: Owl, wolf
Element: Water 
Metal: Silver 
Day of the Week: Monday 
Number: 2
Color: Silver, pale blue, white
Astrological Sign: Cancer 
Tarot: High Priestess 
Anatomy: Breasts, stomach, womb, back
Musical tone: G sharp 
Lunar sigil courtesy of @xenon-exe

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Planetary Charm Jars 🔮

Create one of these jars to represent whichever planet you choose! These jars can be used as offerings, spell components, or altar display. 

Basic Ingredients:

  • Glitter
  • Sea Salt
  • Essential oil
  • Gem chips
  • Small jar

Planetary Variants:

  • [☾] Moon
    • White glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Lemon essential oil
    • Clear or milky quartz
  • [⊙] Sun
    • Gold glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Orange essential oil
    • Citrine
  • [☿] Mercury
    • Yellow glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Eucalyptus essential oil
    • Aventurine
  • [♀] Venus
    • Pink glitter
    • Sea salt or Himalayan pink salt
    • Rose essential oil
    • Rose quartz
  • [♂] Mars
    • Red glitter
    • Sea salt or red salt
    • Cinnamon essential oil
    • Red agate
  • [♃] Jupiter
    • Blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Sage essential oil
    • Amethyst
  • [♄] Saturn
    • Purple glitter
    • Sea salt or black salt
    • Cypress essential oil
    • Garnet
  • [♅] Uranus
    • Light blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Lime essential oil
    • Clear quartz
  • [♆] Neptune
    • Dark blue glitter
    • Sea salt
    • Jasmine essential oil
    • Aquamarine
  • [♇] Pluto
    • Black glitter
    • Sea salt or black salt
    • Basil essential oil
    • Onyx

compiled from my personal grimoire

Full Moon and Jupiter sharing a field of view. 

Labeled top to bottom, the tiny pinpricks of light above bright Jupiter are the four Galilean moons; Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, and Io. Callisto, Ganymede, and Io are physically larger than Earth’s Moon, while water world Europa is only slightly smaller. In fact, of the Solar System’s six largest planetary satellites, only Saturn’s moon Titan is missing from the scene.

Image Credit & Copyright: Göran Strand

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what to put in a grimoire

Stuff that is relevant to you. Don’t waste time and effort filling out pages of astrology if you aren’t interested in astrology. If you are never going to use the page for that information, don’t waste the page on it. Don’t be worried about what other witches have in their book. This is your book, not everyone’s. And if you are planning on creating some fantastic book that you’ll pass down to your future witch children, know that the your first one probably isn’t going to be the one you’ll want to pass down anyway. Likely information you once thought was important you’ll later find doesn’t matter to you at all. Let your first book be the one you can mess up and explore in. You need room to learn and grow, not worry about every little detail of what you might be missing.

With that said, here is a list of ideas for what you might want to put in your grimoire. This is a collection of ideas taken from all over. Remember to fearlessly scratch things that you aren’t honestly interested in:

-A book blessing/protection to protect it from wandering eyes

-Your personal pages: a page about you and your goals for the craft, the day you decided to be a witch, your natal chart/zodiac info for you and/or your so/birth tarot cards or birth playing card, your craft name or personal sigil if you have one, any psychic abilities you have

-A page for your personal correspondences: your signature herbs/rocks/scent/sound/animal, your craft name/sigil

-A page for your familiar/s if you have any: their given/secret name, their sigil, info about when you met them and when they left/died, what they helped you with, what they like, how they can be contacted

-A portrait of your shadow self

-A list of your current witch tools, where you got them, whats special about them, how they were consecrated (if they were), etc

-An ancestor page: this could be your family tree, pictures of your deceased, locations of graves, etc

-Info about the plants/animals/rocks in your area

-The wheel of the year, if that’s applicable to you

-Esbat/Sabbat information if that’s applicable (personally I only observe the full moon)

-The monthly moon names if you observe the changing of the moon: you can google and see which ones speak to you, or since they’re outdated you can make up your own (for instance I have a Coyote moon because the coyotes howl outside my house, rather than a Wolf moon)

-Any rites/rituals/songs/poems/pictures/quotes/spells/recipes/etc that are important to you and/or your practice.

-A page to keep a list of all your active spells/wards/enchanted items

-Deity: history/picture/correspondence of any deity you are interested in, for secret witches you can have an altar for them inside your book, entries of your relationship/experience with them, family tree of the pantheon if applicable. Even if you worship an entire pantheon, you don’t need to have a page for everyone in the pantheon. And even if you are a secular witch, you can still make a deity page if you so decide.

-Divination info for the practices you’re interested in: history, correspondence cheat sheet, any spreads you think are important, record your readings, a pendulum board in your book if you’ll use it

-Sigils: how to create/charge, sigils you’ve found helpful

-Astrology: natal chart, zodiac info, calendar for planetary retrograde/moon phases/celestial events (meteor showers, etc)

-Cleansing, Protection, and Banishing methods

-Meditation, Centering, Grounding and Shielding methods/techniques/symbols/pictures

-Dreamwork: a dictionary of your personal recurring dream symbols, a collection of your dreams written/drawn

-Spiritwork: any spirits you are or have been in contact with and basic information

-Correspondences (remember to think about what your correspondence is and not what some list on tumblr tells you): herbs, rocks and crystals, animals,metals, moon phases, planets, planetary retrograde, colors, directions, your witch tools (this is mostly kitchen tools for me)

An index in the back for organization


Telescope zooms in to the night/day terminator on the moon. Check out all the craters with central peaks - formed when a crater gets so big that material collapses back towards the center during the process of impact.

Construction of the Planetary Symbols

The planetary symbols are an important part of many esoteric studies, and they play an integral role in the understanding of astrology. Their construction is no haphazard matter though, and there is deep meaning inherently built in to them that can give you greater insight into the planetary energies themselves.

The symbols are largely constructed from 3 basic pieces.

The circle – the circle represents the spirit, it is the divine will and our connection to that higher energy.

The crescent – the crescent represents the mind and the soul, it is the conduit through which matter is connected to the spirit.

The cross – the cross represents matter, the physical plane that exists within the intersection of time and space.

The Sun – the circle of spirit and a singular dot within, representing divine spirit radiating outward, the will and desire to shine as an individual that seeks recognition solely for its essence.

The Moon – two crescents directed backward towards the past, seeking comfort and familiarity. They are tied to our deepest selves, and show us the way to nourish our soul.

Mercury – the crescent of the mind over the cross of matter and the circle of spirit, an attempt to reach outside of ourselves to seek understanding about our place in the world around us.

Venus – the circle of spirit over the cross of matter, finding value and worth that has deeper meaning than physical attributes, and using this connection as the power of artistic creation.

Mars – the cross of matter over the circle of spirit, which is realizing the needs of the divine spirit within the physical realm. It is the power of energy put to the use of reshaping the world around you.

Jupiter – the crescent of the mind over the cross of matter, seeking to push the boundaries of what is possible in space and time and searching for connection to a higher purpose.

Saturn – the cross of matter over the crescent of the mind, the realization that the limitations of the physical world are inescapable, and learning to work within that framework to forge something of meaning and substance.

Uranus – two crescents in opposition surround the cross of matter over the circle of spirit, the sublimation of the personal will (circle) in order to create something worthwhile to society (cross) by thinking forward into the future (right crescent) and addressing the needs of the masses (left crescent).

Neptune – the crescent of the soul impaled upon the cross of matter, which shows us the yearning for all matter to return to the divine, and the power of dissolution to become one with the all.

Pluto – the circle of spirit separate from the crescent of the mind above the cross of matter, the power of indomitable spirit to radically transform the inner and outer world for the purposes of transcendence into the divine will.

✨🕯 Grimoire 🕯✨

I’ve compiled a list of all the different pages I’ve posted so far from my grimoire. I’ll be updating this list frequently as I continue to post new content, thanks for all your love and support!

> The Color Correspondence Page

> The Planetary Correspondence Page

> The Tarot Reading Page

> The Moon Phases Page

> The Chakras Page

> The Kitchen Witchcraft Page

Ocean Worlds: The Story of Seas on Earth and Other Planets

So far, every volume signed Jan Zalasiewicz had proved a geological pleasure (as indeed have all the others in the series on Earth Systems Science that OUP have been releasing), and this latest instalment (the second book he’s co written with Mark Williams) did not disappoint my high expectations. While it isn’t an overview of the current state of oceanography, it provides a pleasant and fascinating romp through all things ocean, from the origin of the water in comets, through their role in the great cycles of the elements to the current ecological catastrophe shaping up in the planet’s seas.

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shipping-the-gods I found it! It’s called a druid’s wand and it uses the “coelbren of the bards”.

The author recommends wood with druidic (alder, hazel, Apple), lunar (willow), or general magical significance (oak, ash, rowan). I just used whatever I could find in the woods out back.

Choose a straight and even branch and cut it at 25 inches.

There’s a long drawn out ritual (that I didn’t do) of watering the chosen tree with a mostly water, a little milk and honey mix for a month (just on the full, waning half, new, and waxing half moon days). Cut it on the next full moon with a white handled knife and 9 silver coins. Walk around it 9 clockwise times, repeating the whole time: “Tree of Wisdom, Tree of life, Forgive the cutting of my knife. A single branch I’ll take from thee, that I May hence the future see.” When you’re done, cut the branch, ask again the tree for forgiveness and thank it. Bury the 9 coins at the roots of the tree, saying: “May the forest Lord and earth goddess bless thee for thy service, creature of earth!”

Anyway, peel the branch, sand it, and trim it to 20 and 4/5 inches. Mark off 2/5 of an inch on both ends, color one end black and the other end red. Divided the wand into 20 1-inch spaces using a black marker or black paint. Starting at the red end, draw the figures on the wand numerically starting with the figure labeled “1”. They can be drawn horizontally or vertically. When done, you can seal the wand or leave it natural.

There’s also a consecrating ritual (that I forgot to do) that requires you to leave the wand wrapped in white cloth or linen until 2 days before the next full moon. On that day, keeping it wrapped in the cloth, put it in a plastic bag and bury it in the top of the nearest hill. Don’t bury it deep and make sure it won’t get wet if it rains. Before you fill the hole, say the following 3 times: “Made to measure star and moon, from earthly wood thy form was hewn. I lay thee to thy peaceful rest, that Sun and earth shall make thee blessed!” Fill the hole and cover it with rocks and leaves. Sometime the day after the full moon, go dig up the wand and take it out of the bag. Keep it in the white cloth when not using it.

The wand cannot be used to answer a specific question, it is used to divine the forces that surround you for the next 28 days (a lunar month). It says in the book to not use the wand more than once during this period.

Here’s how to use it: Go outside on a clear night, meditate in a spot where you won’t be disturbed. Find out which direction the wind is blowing. Even if there’s hardly a breeze, notice where the next puff of wind that hits you comes from. If from the east or south, use the red end. West or north, use the black end. Place the end flush with the outer curve of the moon. If it’s full, use the right side curve. Using the point on the moon as a pivot, maneuver the wand so it touches Polaris, the pole star. Note the symbol on which it falls. That is the influence that will be coming into your life during the next lunar month. If because of the location the moon the wand does not reach Polaris, abandon the divination and try it another day. The book says you can also divine during the day if Polaris and the moon are still visible.

Meanings of the coelbren of the bards:

Each symbol is based on a “druidic triad” or “Welsh triad or “bardic triad”. These are my condensed meanings:

1. Hold your tongue on your personal life and affairs this month. Silence is power. Don’t brag about your accomplishments, keep your pride inside. If not, you’ll prevent hopeful future occurences from manifesting by speaking about them.

2. Beginning of some new adventure within the month. Something big from a small beginning, in terms of relationships or the ending of conflicts. Not usually financial. Watch for a person to assist you, they may be the key to success.

3. Uncovering secret influences this month regarding recent problems. The how and why, and the solution. Wisdom, knowing the truth and the lies. Someone may be deceiving you and you will find out soon.

4. Obstacles and difficulties this month, but the willpower/strength to get through them. Don’t be moody, edgy, or snappy or it will get worse. Meet everything with strength, bravery, and positivity. Also a good sign for remaining positive. Be calm, but confident.

5. Important decisions to make this month. Even a small decision will have great consequences. Don’t let physical, sensual, or emotional impulses cloud your judgement or the situation will end badly. Your mind is clouded already so be careful. Follow any hunches or strong spiritual impulses. Intuition is born from reason.

6. Meditate, meditate, meditate. Decisions to make this month? Meditate first. A problem vexing you will be solved this month… if you meditate. Contemplate the problem, Silence yourself. Contemplate again, silence again. Look at the problem from a detached view. Be willing to learn. Listen actively, not passively. Meditate no longer than 10 minutes. Note anything that came to you. Do it again if you have to. Follow your inner advice.

7. There be storms ahead this month. Watch out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. They may be the catalyst. Be wary of people with selfish reasons or you will be disappointed. It could be more of a failure to deliver on promises, rather than deliberate malicious deceit. Be independent in any matter at hand this month. Beware of fair-weather friends.

8. Romance this month, if single or taken. A new relationship or deepening of a current one. You may only meet your future partner so don’t get excited. Beware of two-faced, lying, or unkind/abusive lovers.

9. You’ll find yourself in an uncontrollable situation this month, usually an ending. Accept it. Fighting it will bring disappointment or pain. Learn and move on. You’ll be powerless to do anything else.

10. Spend time at home this month. Sort out your priorities. Retreat if you find obstacles. Relax. Any projects or purchases for the home should be made, but after careful consideration. Any illnesses should be healed within the month.

11. There will be an end to something you’ve worked on this month. You will reap the benefits of your labors. Business deals will close. A relationship will become stable. Personal goals will be reached.

12. One of two things will happen this month: You will be called to settle an argument, to advise someone on their foolishness, or to speak the truth. Either that or someone will advise you on your foolishness, call you out on your anger, or stop you from gossping. Communication of some kind, for the better.

13. New opportunities this month, in terms of work, money, or business. Someone in the higher ups at work will notice you and/or help you. Don’t be talkative, superficial, or vain.

14. Be prepared to cut back this month, socially or professionally. Don’t overextend yourself or do anything half-assed, or you’ll be exhausted in all ways by the end of the month and may get sick.

15. Beware of flatterers, slanderers, and braggers. You will encounter 1 or all 3 this month. They will be working against you. Don’t let them get to you and remember the truth will come out sooner or later.

16. Very fortunate, nothing but good vibes this month. A new emotional relationship, or the discovery of new talents, leading to material gain. Change of job or house, or a benefical change in life. A physical birth or conception.

17. Trials, tests, and obstacles this month, from any area of your life, that may require personal sacrifice. These will develop you and help you become more aware of your environment. You need to let go of something, if called to. You’ll be better off.

18. Guard your morals this month. You’ll be in a compromising situation but don’t take the easy way out. Have courage to stand up for your beliefs. Truth is the watchword of the wise. Beware of turning a blind eye to some evil in your present environment. Do not bury your head in the sand. Face the facts. Ignorance will make things worse. Take action.

19. A month of harvest. All events will end in personal success, prosperity, happiness, and well-being.

20. You and others will be in a threatening situation this month. Keeping your wits may save all of you. Others in the same situation will be reluctant to help, unkind, and may gossip about the situation. Don’t let it get you. Stay calm and act quietly. Remember the law of karma.

From “A Witches Book of Divination” (OOP I think, I got mine on Amazon)

Planetary Tarot Card Correspondences ✨
  • Moon - The Moon, The High Priestess
  • Sun - The Sun, Strength
  • Mercury - The Magician, The Hermit
  • Venus - The Lovers, The Empress, The Hierophant
  • Mars - The Tower, The Emperor
  • Jupiter - Wheel of Fortune, Temperance
  • Saturn - The Devil, Justice, The World
  • Uranus - The Fool, The Star
  • Neptune - The Hanged Man, The Moon
  • Pluto - Death, Judgement

Did Mars once have three moons?

“While the large Moon will be destined to be tidally destroyed and drawn to the surface through friction with Mars’ atmosphere, the other two moons could remain. Phobos and Deimos had a much larger sibling at some point in the past, but it may have lasted only for a few million years. After billions of years more, these two small moons remain. Perhaps in a few billion more, Phobos may be destroyed as well. If the new theory is right, a future scientist will only have Deimos and the basins on Mars to piece together this story from. It’s a stark reminder that in the Solar System and the Universe in general, the past is gone. All we have left to base its history on are the survivors.”

Compared to the other moons we know of in the Solar System, Mars’s two, Phobos and Deimos, are incredibly difficult to explain. They look like captured asteroids, being small, irregular, and exhibiting the right surface features. But captured asteroids form inclined or even retrograde orbits quite distant from their planet, while Phobos and Deimos live in circular, equatorial, close-in orbits to Mars. An alternative theory to the captured asteroid scenario is that the moons of Mars formed from a giant impact that kicked up a circumplanetary debris disk, similar to how Earth’s moon formed. But those scenarios never lead to merely two small moons; there’s always at least one large one. Thanks to a new simulation, all the pieces might finally be coming together.

Could Mars have had an inner, larger moon in the past that’s now decayed and collided back with the red planet? Get the story today!


Our 89.2% waxing gibbous #moon last night looking more egg shaped.

Planetary Correspondences 


Zodiac Sign: Leo

House: The fifth house, the house of physical pleasure.

Rules: Men Royalty and celebrities 

Physiological link: upper back, spinal column

Mineral: Gold

Colors: Gold, orange burgundy.

polarity: yang

element: Fire


Zodiac: Cancer

House: The fourth house, the house of hearth and home..

Rules: Women, house worker, care-givers.

Physiological link: Bodily fluids, lymphatic system, chest and intestines.

Mineral: Silver

Colors: Silver, white, gold.

polarity: yin

element: water


Zodiac sign: Gemini & Virgo ( I personally think Virgos ruler is Ceres, but the majority disagrees.)

House: The third house, house of communication and secular knowledge and the sixth house, house of service and labor.

Rules: Teachers, tradesmen, librarians, taxi/bus drivers, pharmacists

Physiological link: Brain, nervous system.

Mineral: Quicksilver ( mercury, go figure.)

colors: Many colors,white and pale blue.

polarity: neuter

element: air


Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Libra.

House: The second house, house of material pleasure and self worth. the seventh house, house of partnership and marriage.

Rules: Artist, Architects, farmers.

Physiological link: Throat, neck thyroid gland, kidneys, blood.

Mineral: Brass, bronze, copper.

Colors: light blue, pink. earth tones.

polarity: yin

element: one of the most elementally debated planets, but it’s earth.


Zodiac sign: Aries and Scorpio

House: The first house, house of self and personal thought. The eighth house, house of regeneration death and sleep.

Rules: metallurgist, soldiers and athletes.

Physiological link: head, musculature, Adrenaline, organs, genitals.

Mineral: iron, garnet.

Colors: Red and black.

polarity: yang

element: fire


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces

House: ninth house, house of higher truths and divine knowledge. the twelfth house, house of illusions and hidden truths.

Rules: Lawyers, philosophers and clergyman.

Physiological link: Thighs liver

Mineral: Tin

Colors: Royal blue and purple.

polarity: yang

elements: fire


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius

House: The tenth house, house of social status and hierarchical standing. the eleventh house, house of friendships and communal living.

Rules: Coroners, mineralogist, engineers.

physiological link: Skeletal system. and skin.

Mineral: Lead, Marble, and diamonds.

Colors: Black, brown and grey

polarity: yin, shocking right?

element: earth


Sign: Aquarius

House: Eleventh house, house of friendships and communal living.

Rules: scientist, Astrologers, anarchists.

Physiological Link: Ankles

Mineral: Platinum

Colors: Electric blue

polarity: Neuter

element: air


Zodiac Sign: Pisces

House: the twelfth house, house of illusions and hidden truths.

Rules: Artist, Magicians, priests.

physiological link: Feet

Mineral: In the time of classical Alchemy, no elements corresponded with Neptune.

Colors: Sea foam green

polarity: yin

element: water


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

House: The eighth house, house of regeneration death and sleep.

Rules: Psychiatrist, Analysts, assassins.( yup, assassins )

physiological Link: Sex organs, and expulsion of natural bodily wastes.

Mineral: In the time of classical Alchemy, no elements corresponded with Pluto.

Colors: Blood red.

polarity: Yang ((some people think it’s neuter))

element: water


I hope this was very informative, and if not that, than at least entertaining. Have a wonderfully divine day!

Happy Hunting!

~ Astro-Love