planetary moe fandom

1.When a non-canon-anime/comic/manga/movie/book/webcomic/etc. fandom appears like Planetary Moe. No one knows the fandom exists until one of the larger fandoms know about it. Thats when the fandom start talking about the fandom, and everyone is confused at what they are talking about.

2. Hetalia is one of the fandoms that know about the other little unknown fandoms. For example he knows about Planetary Moe.

3. Hetalia considers PM his little sibling since their characters are really alike in personality. And that PM is the ‘human forms’ of outer space things and Hetalia the 'human forms’ of countries

PM (Short for Planetary Moe)

((Drew these two again ;7;

Wander Over Yonder Fandom got re-designed, too, but it isn’t as drastic as Planetary Moe’s… XD And with PM, I just gave her two pins like Neptune’s. Heh

Anywho. I’m thinking of letting these two share this account, or make a new tumblr for WoY…. I’m not so sure, what do you think? ;u;

And, augh. I’ll have to update sooner or later with a colored version of this. haha))

((Augh. Sorry for disappearing for a bit… again…

During my little hiatus- which probably’ll last a bit longer- I’ve tried to improve my artistic skills, and I’ve redesigned Planetary Moe. I might do Turnabout, too, but that’ll come in a while…

Anyway, here’s the design! What do you think? I’ll update it with her new color pallet, later, probably…

And 62 followers?? When I’ve been gone for so long?? Thank you, everybody X3 I promise, once I get out of this hiatus, I’ll be much more active. ^^))