planetary kings

  • The Sun is symbolised by the circle and reflects the active principle of being, the pure act of essence. This is the planetary symbol of the King. Gold the metal associated with the Sun represents pure spirit embodied in mineral form.
  • The Moon is symbolised by the crescent or semi-circle and reflects the passive principle of becoming, constant change. This is the planetary symbol of the Queen. Silver is associated with the Moon and represents the metal whose purity is like the purified soul able to reflect spirit in all its glory.

Is it a trope yet that Poe is secretly a Space Princess? I hope so

“You’re a what?” Finn demands, propping himself up on his elbows. The hazy, rumpled, contented expression on his face is gone, replaced by something that looks like outraged constipation. “You’re a prince?”

Poe makes a face. This is always the most awkward part of any relationship conversation. Although to be fair, it’s maybe like the third time he’s actually had to have it, since most of the time he’s more of a love ‘em and — not leave ‘em, really, more like love ‘em and have a friendly understanding that this was a fun time and not, you know, a Relationship with ‘em. And the last two people had also been royalty, so it wasn’t really awkward so much as tedious, because you really ought to make sure you’re not related to the hot crown prince you’re banging before you’re banging.

Since it’s pretty unlikely Finn is royalty (Poe checked; you’d think with those cheekbones Finn would be the recipient of some kind of genetic programming, but apparently it’s sheer random chance), Poe had decided to bang first, answer questions later.

Unfortunately, later is now. Maybe he can get out of this by offering Finn another blowjob. “Actually, technically I’m a king,” which he realizes is the wrong thing to say when Finn makes a squeaking noise of protest. “But like, it’s not important! It’s not even a major planetary system—“

“You’re a king of more than one planet?” Finn howls, and (and this is the unacceptable part) tries to get out of bed.