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What’re your favourite sites and sources for current planetary alignments and gaining astrological insights?!
I’m looking more so for facts than interpretations pls 🙊✨

The Functions as Typology Systems

Ti: Alignment - Frequently used by NEEEERDS, complete with Charts, Diagrams and Memes, and many discussions on fine distinctions. Was made up because ppl wanted *more precision* than just Good & Evil; Descriptive in style, allows to estimate what actions an individual would consider to chose.

Ne: MBTI - Mix of both self-improvement-y and versatile uses from the personal/self-understanding to the job performance optimizing end; Massively helps you understand other points of view. Probably has the most in-jokes.

Ni: Socionics - Super methodical and in-depht, some stuff on ideal work environments, seems to have considered everything.  Despite it’s overall brilliance & usefulness, sometimes gets a bit too dogmatic in its predictions.

Si: Hogwarts House - Less about inborn or environmentally imprinted and more about chosen/aquired qualities, gives you a basic idea of a person’ values, philosophies and their idea of worthwhile work/contribution, also fondly reminds you of your childhood <3

Se: Essence Type - Talks about ‘movement’, style of action and the basic ‘vibes’ you catch from a person, supposedly the fundamental, pre/post frills of a person and straightforward to determine/ picture, relatively non-prescriptive. 

Fe: Temperament - Basically describes the inertia level and flavor of people’s moods; Few categories (blends & specifications nonwithstanding) but very distinctive ones, useful to know for dealing with them, widely known so people get what you’re talking about.  

Te: Big 5/SLOAN - Focus more on hard, externally observable traits than explanatory power, “famed” for it’s reliable results. Probably more suited to getting stable statistics/quantifications and determining the question of, “Can this sucker do this one job?” than individual discovery. 

Fi: Enneagram - All about motivations, cultivating self-awareness, squishy hidden feels and how we are all screwed. X thousand varieties so you can find the one that fits you just right. Organic connection to genre aesthetics, bound to make you cry. 

How to Read a Synastry Chart

Upon first looking at a synastry chart, there may be an initial sense of confusion as to how to best interpret the intertwining planetary alignments from one person to another.

Essentially aspects between another persons planet shows the dynamics as to how one aspect of your personality interacts with another’s.

Reading a synastry chart applies the same method as reading a natal chart, however you must remember you are looking at one persons planet interacting with another, therefore each person playing a role in the expression of their planet in aspect.

Example: If Person A’s Moon was Trine Person B’s Venus, one person would be expressing their caring, vulnerable and hurting side, while the other person would be expressing their loving, appreciative and giving side.

The type of aspect will dictate how your personal expression of a part of your personality (ie. sign on a planet) interacts and is revived by another.


Here two planetary energies express themselves in the same way (unless its an out of sign conjunction). Here there is a natural and mutual understanding of how each person expresses a part of their personality, though the planets involved and how each persons own planet is aspects in their own chart will dictate how well the nature of the conjunction plays out.


Here two planetary energies flow effortlessly together, and expressions of one another’s personality is received well due to the easy and mutual understanding. Each person will understand the other persons way of expressing and doing things, as well as provide a compatible variation on how they give to another, in a way they appreciate.


Sextiles provide much more excitement than Trines, as the modality and element is different, however, the elemental compatibility provides a contrast in which stimulates the other. In affect, they almost act like easy squares by where the friction builds on the other, however the energy is much more friendly and playful. Sextiles in synastry can challenge the partner to expand on a part of their own personality and find a way to engage that part of them more in themselves and in the relationship.


Squares are INCREDIBLY common in synastry.


The nature of squares provide a challenge, a chance to improve and work hard to find a solution. The entire universal PURPOSE of relationships is to experience oneself through interaction with another, and square provide and opportunity to bring out parts of the personality that may lay dormant. This is how we learn what we want and what we don’t want in relationships.

Squares upon first interaction are highly magnetic, as the natural energetic friction causes a sense of challenge, creating a desire to experience a certain part of the self.

However it is true to say that square are not always the most pleasant aspect in synastry, as they draw on a sense of desire NOT compatibility - any relationship that contains squares will ultimately create a sense of growth, and its ones ability to resolve conflict or walk away with a sense of knowing who they are and what they want is what makes square an integral part to relationships.


Oppositions in synastry act quite differently than within the natal chart, as the sense of ‘internal spinning form one part of the personality to the other’ is manifested within two people in the relationship. Like the conjunction, oppositions can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on the planets involved, the condition of the individuals planet, and the maturity and ability to make a compromise between two people.

The opposition in synastry can provide an excellent contrast as to looking at ones ‘shadow side’, and often these two can compliment each other by having a similar perspective, though taking a different approach.

If not handled well, the contrast can be TOO different from one another, causing a sense of separation due to the sense of ‘foreign’ expression of another. If both people are mature, a compromise can be made, if not, there may be a natural need for separation as each others needs can not be met by the other.


This is perhaps the most difficult aspect in synastry. The Inconjucntion acts much like an opposition, though with the opposition, the element and modality compatibly makes it possible to find a compromise by understand the others mutual perspective on things. With the inconjucntion, signs are aspected with incompatible elements and modalities, therefore having no common ground on the way they act. This often results in the inability to understand one another from there perspective. They may have to ‘take turns’ at expressing parts of their personality to one another, or when one acts, the other person fails to react. The inability to understand one another can cause a sense of disappointment as each persons efforts and expressions are not being recognised by the other.

The final part to reading a synastry chart will be understood by looking at the house area each persons planet falls into, making the birth time crucial to interpretation.

When a planet falls into another persons house, an aspect and energy of one person is being expressed in the life area of another. This creates a sense in the house person whereby they energetically sense a persons certain energy being expressed in a certain house, and the aspects will determine whether it will be positively or negatively received.

A planet falling into another’s house stimulates that area of life for them.

Example: A planet falling into someones 11th house will stimulate the feeling that this person will fulfil their need for friendship.

The planet person will also feel their personal energies being projected into that life area of the house person, but will ultimately be more focused on the way the other person makes THEM feel rather than where they are investing their personal energies into another.

This is why aspects are highly important in synastry, as there needs to be a mutable reception by both people in order for exchange of feelings.

Example: Person A’s Venus may fall into Person B’s 7th house. Person B may feel the Venus person can fulfil their relationship desires, however, Person A’s Venus is afflicted by other planets in synastry, and they in fact aren’t attracted to Person B at all - perhaps far from that.

It is incredibly important to NEVER single out one ‘positive’ aspect in synastry, especially as a need for personal validation. If the relationship is meant to be challenging or not to form at all, it will be so, therefore a high level of objectiveness is needed when reading your own synastry chart with your own love interest.

Problems can be resolved, and other times they can not, the aim of relationships is personal growth, and it’s always best to act for your own highest good and seek a relationship thats challenging AND fulfilling.

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Artwork: kelogsloops

Enchanting Items With Cosmic Energy 🌠

Similar to my “How to Enchant Items” post, this post will focus on enchanting items with cosmic energy, specifically.

  • Carve a planetary symbol that corresponds to your intent into a candle - set the item you wish to enchant in front of the candle
  • Use candles whose color corresponds to a celestial body of your choice and set the item you wish to enchant in front of it
  • Choose herbs that correspond to a planet or celestial body and surround the item with said herbs
  • Place the item in a jar that is filled with herbs that correspond to the planetary energy of your choice
  • Choose crystals that correspond to a planet or celestial body and surround the item with said crystals
  • Set a crystal that corresponds to a planet or celestial body on top of the item you wish to enchant
  • Design a crystal grid using crystals that correspond to the planet or celestial body of your choice and place the item in the center of the grid
  • Create a gem elixir using crystals that correspond to a planet or celestial body and use the elixir to anoint objects
  • Charge water with cosmic energy and use it to anoint objects
  • Set various items outside or on your windowsill to charge depending on the current moon phase or planetary alignment - this can apply to charged waters, spell jars/sachets, crystals, etc.
  • Create a sigil based on planetary symbols and set the item on top of the sigil
  • Sew, stitch, or carve a sigil based on planetary symbols into an item
  • Construct a magick square depending on which planetary energy you want to use and place the item inside of the square
  • Choose an incense that corresponds to a celestial body or planet of your choice and pass the item through the smoke
  • Pair the item with a tarot or oracle card that represents whichever planet that corresponds to your intent - keep both items in a sealed container
Productive Procrastination Call Out Post for Witches

Designing and re-designing an altar and never building it

Building an altar but always renovating it so that it is never in a usable state

Researching and researching, but never applying the research

Asking about and interpreting the same signs over and over “to get a better understanding” but never acting on the message

Taking time to make sure even the unnecessary details are perfect, even if it means delaying the spell, constant changes so that you’re never ready to cast

“I can’t do magic until I have my own ____.”

“Is the room cleansed enough? Is it REALLY?”

“I need the results now, but the BEST time to cast is in two weeks on this day at this hour, but I’m busy then so the NEXT BEST time is in five months when all the relevant planetary alignments are the same…”

“I need this exact niche item from a store that’s only open one day a week and is two hours away”

Writing witchy posts like this one and saving them in the drafts to never be published

Disclaimer: all information in this post is my own personal opinion and belief system, you do not need to agree with me on this topic, if you take anything from this post be aware that this is my personal belief that is not shared by everyone.

Witches appear to be a confusing topic to many, the questions of “what spell will turn me into a witch?” “What kind of witch am I?” “How do I know if I am a witch?” are thrown at me on a daily basis, so I decided to attempt to sum it up into a singular post (wish me luck).

🌿 A witch can simply be described as a human that uses magick.

🌿 A witch is not a mythical creature or a different species.

🌿 Unlike Wicca, you do not have to be initiated into becoming a witch, you can choose to call yourself one from the moment you begin to practice witchcraft, or you can choose not to take the name “Witch” at all.

(Personally I chose to take the name ten or so years ago, once I had collected enough information to consider myself a true practitioner).

🌿 Witch is also not a name taken only by women, despite what men often assume. Witch is actually a gender neutral name for a practitioner of witchcraft, although many people particularly men feel more comfortable being called wizards, mages or spellcasters.

🌿 Witches look just like normal people, we don’t have green skin, pointy noses, or warts, we look just like everyone else.

🌿 You don’t have to ever call yourself anything as a practitioner, I have known people who never call themselves anything, despite being long term practitioners. 

 🌿 You don’t need a coven to be a witch or practitioner, many of us are solitary (such as myself) while others enter into covens. I would never recommend a coven for a beginner as it is hard to know what is and is not normal for a coven when you are just starting out.

Alongside the questions regarding how to become a witch, I get a lot of questions about types of practitioner and whether any one is stronger than the other, I have listed out three of the most common types of specific practice:

🌿 A Solitary witch: is one that practices alone, they do not involve others in spells or rituals. (This is the path that I chose).

🌿 A Family Witch: is one that has family that practice the craft close at hand, they often learn from their relatives rather than books, passing on family practices and traditions. Being a family witch does not give you special abilities though, unlike what some like to believe, a family witch is no more powerful by their blood than a solitary, the only difference is the environment in which they practice. Also some believe that abilities are passed down though generations, like empathy.

🌿 A Coven Witch: is one that solely practices in covens or with a group, this may sound really scary but a coven is just a group of like-minded people who enjoy spell-casting together and enjoy being around others with the same interests. A coven witch is no different from a solitary or family, the only difference is that they celebrate events together and do large rituals and spells during each month as desired. Joining a coven is a big step, and is not recommended for beginners in my opinion.

The “type” of witch someone is has become a highly common question, especially among beginners, there are too many “types” of witches for me to list them all, but I have listed a few. This being said you do not need to select any of these. These are only a guide for those who wish to understand what to call themselves, you can pick and choose from many open paths, however a named path is not a requirement to be a “true” practitioner (this this is collated from my personal grimoire, the original locations for information are unknown):

🌿 Kitchen Witch: A witch that works specifically with magick associated with cooking and the kitchen, commonly found crafting spells into food, making potions and drying herbs.

🌿 Green Witch: Utilizing plants in herbal and natural magick, they are likely to be using some form of plant life in many, if not all of their spells, knowing huge amounts of their magickal and medicinal properties.

🌿 Hedge Witch: These witch’s use a type of magick associated with spiritual work including astral projection, healing, OBE’s and more.

🌿 Faery Witch: One who uses their abilities to communicate and work with the fae, both in our realm and in theirs these witches have a natural affinity with the fae and are often found leaving out offerings.

🌿 Sea Witch: A type of witch that uses natural products from the sea, sea shells, salt water, sand, driftwood and more in their spells and rituals. Commonly living by the sea, they have easy access to the sea and have a natural affinity to the ocean.

🌿 Tech Witch: These are witches that use technology to help them in their practice, using circuit boards as altars, wire in knot magick and an online book of shadows.

🌿 Hearth/Cottage Witch: A cottage witch uses magick that is done effortlessly around the home, it can be undertaken during mundane household activities such as sweeping, cooking, cleaning and more, they are often considered to be combinations of herbal and kitchen witches with added extras, this is the path I found myself fitting into.

🌿 Dream Witch: Dream Witch’s find they can easily interpret dreams and can easily undertake lucid dreaming. Often finding meanings in every dream they are able to weave magick into dreams and even used them as a way of predicting the future.

🌿 Elemental Witch: An elemental witch will have the five elements in mind during all spells, incorporating them into everything magickal and sometimes non magickal that they do.

🌿 Storm Witch: Storm witches are those that work with the weather and storms to produce a dramatic result. They often find they have a natural affinity with storms and find their powerful emotions and the weather having a huge impact on magickal practices.

🌿 Urban Witch:  These are hardy and creative witches, they use drain water, every day litter and sometimes even spray-paint in their spells and rituals. Often very good at using unusual items in place of more traditional pieces they are very hardy and find the magickal beauty in everything urban life has to offer.

🌿 Draconian: A Draconian witch is one that works with dragon magick and dragons found in the astral plane, calling for their strengths in rituals and spells, they can be very formidable.

🌿 Seasonal Witch: Seasonal witches are in tune with nature, the passing of the seasons never goes unnoticed, it is celebrated, they work with the items they have in that particular season, never using out of season items in spells and rituals. They love the variation in seasons and always look forward to the next.

🌿 Spirit Witch: These are witches that find themselves drawn to the dark corners of magick, those that love to work with spirits, sometimes even demons in one form or another. .

🌿 Blood Witch: Blood Witches use blood in many of their spells and divination, whether it is adding blood to runes or into spell jars as an extra boost of personal energy. They are very adept at what they do and it is not one for the faint hearted.

🌿 Crystal Witch: Crystals call out to these magickal practitioners, they may find themselves picking up random stones at the beach, feeling a connection with them instantly and could be hiding a hundred strong collection of crystals under their bed. These magick users know each crystal by name and know all of their properties, very good at crystal healing, and often charging their newest pieces, they find a way to use crystals in every spell and ritual they undertake.

🌿 Chaos Witch: A chaos witch specializes in chaos magick, a very raw and potent magick. uncommon to most but very powerful to those who know how to practice it, they have very passionate personalities and strong minds.

🌿 Sigil Witch: Sigil witches commonly have little bits of paper scattered in every bag and pocket they have ever owned with small symbols and “doodles” on every side, a sigil witch loves to work with symbols, finding new ways to create them and secretly wear them, whether in necklaces or drawn on the backs of their hands. 

🌿 Lunar Witch: A lunar witch is one who is attuned to the movements of the moon, they always know when the next full moon, new moon, waxing, waning moon will be and have planned their spells and rituals accordingly. Usually with a new batch of moon water or a few charging crystals ready and prepared to be charged for the next full moon.

🌿 Bone Witch: These are the witches who find themselves being attuned to the use of bone and other naturally collected animal parts. They only take bones from naturally deceased creatures believing it to be a natural aspect of nature. 

🌿 Cosmic Witch: These witches have a love of all things space, timing their spells and rituals to the planetary alignments and stars. They may be found with their head in a horoscope book or with an eye through a telescope looking out for the next magickal opportunity.

🌿 Music Witch: With a spring in their step and a song in their heads, music witches have the ability to spell cast with their songs, chants, drumming and musical scores, they can make all music magickal and usually have an ear for it.

🌿 Secular Witch: A type of non-religious witch, they do not use deities in their practice

🌿 Eclectic Witch: An Eclectic Witch is one that takes bits and pieces from many forms of magick, they do not fit under a singular category as each witch will practice a slightly different tapestry of magick.

These are just a selection of the list, there are more added each day and no one needs to belong to any one.

I hope this really help someone out.

- HearthWitch

The Truth about Synastry (Astrology)

Relationship astrology is one of the most popular fields that many people are intrigued by as the curiosity and wanting to understand the dynamics in a relationship is a fundamental part of our self-development and growth as an individual.

Synastry allows to show the inherent relationship dynamics that gradually unfold overtime, due to prolonged interaction and feelings and emotions being triggered in each individuals natal charts due to transit that allows for further action and growth with one another.

This is a great tool for learning how each other persons inherent energy interacts with another part of someone else personality. Synastry can be used on relationship partners, friends, family and really anyone who we come into contact with.

Without the other persons time of birth, synastry dynamics can still be observed, however, the area of life one person affects within another will not be able to be interpreted (Hence why requiring a correct time of birth is important).

Synastry must be interpreted in it’s entirety, no one planetary aspect can be singled out as as this becomes an attempt of self validation in a relationship dynamic in attempts to convince ones self that the person in question feels the same - thats not always the case, even if there are multiple beneficial aspects.

Reason being because all planetary alignments are POTENTIALS, not a concrete reaction.

All signs and aspects have their easy and difficult way of interaction. A water trine can be difficult at times, where a square aspect can be beneficial in ways that two people can push each other to do something to benefit them.

How is this the case?

Synastry starts in the NATAL CHART.


  • You may have your Venus trine another persons Moon for example and think “Wow, this is a great aspect! They way I express love makes them feel nurtured and cared for”.
  • You express your affections for them and they recoil
  • What just happened!?
  • You check their Natal Chart to find their Moon is conjunct Saturn and square Mars - OUCH!

If you understand a persons inherent needs (Moon), how they establish themselves (Sun), how they give and receive love and appreciation (Venus) and how they pursue you in a relationship (Mars), and what they want in a relationship (7th House) you can get a far better understanding of how they do things, what they and how they do and express aspects of their personality.

Not only that, the synastry between you two can flow much better when there is a level of mutual understanding.

Ultimately the synastry between you two is the potential of easy or hard exchange of energy upon interaction. It’s always important to read the natal chart FIRST before looking at synastry. Once you understand the individual, then you can understand how the individuals interact and how a potential relationship may or may not unfold.

(I’ll write a post soon about the nature of aspects in synastry).

“Nobody, whether it’s your current mate or some dreamed-of partner in the future, has any obligation to deliver your happiness on a platter–nor could they even if they wanted to. Real love comes not from trying to solve our neediness by depending on another, but by developing our own inner richness and maturity. Then we have so much love to give that we naturally draw lovers towards us.”

-a tarot reading I had for being a Venus in Scorpio. I really relate and I think others will too ♡ Also the card I got was 6 of Cups

“The heaven of the red light on soft skin - opioid lips take away the pain like velvet envelopment. Undress under me! You make me want to bare myself for you, knowing you don’t see what I see - it shakes me. I never thought anyone would find the trust I bury so the world cannot steal it. You mined that treasure but you never plunder; you’re soft the way I never show but always feel. Your hands move over me in a way that reveals worlds I never thought I’d see. Parallel planetary alignments draw lines from your heart to mine - intertwined; we travel between them in this dim glow moving slow like molasses, but the words we speak aren’t sweet nothings darling, we play with linguistics knowing that words don’t mean a thing - it’s a thread, it’s a feeling.”

imgayandihatethegovernment  asked:

Hey i know exactly nothing about astrology but id reallY like to learn more and get a better understanding of some stuff (at least) so maybe you could like break down some of the very basics for me? Thank youuuu x

there are 4 elements, 3 modalities, 2 polarities & 4 seasons (obvs lol)

the 4 elements are either of the 2 polarities - masculine/positive/assertive - fire & air and feminine/negative/passive - earth & water

btw they dont necessarily literally mean “masculine” or “negative” thats just the general concept and also gives a vague impression of properties of each element
like how fire is generally associated w passion, earth w stability, air w detachment/intellect, and water w emotionality

similarly each season has a sign of each three modalities - cardinal, fixed, mutable, also in each element there are three signs of the three different modalities

cardinal is the beginning of the season (aries - spring, cancer - summer, libra - autumn, capricorn - winter) generally associated w initiating new beginnings, the spark
fixed is the permanence/middle the season (taurus - spring, leo - summer, scorpio - autumn, aquarius - winter) generally associated w preservation and often more stubborn
mutable is the transition of one season to the next (gemini - spring (to summer), virgo - summer (to autumn), sagittarius - autumn (to winter), pisces - winter (to spring)) generally associated w flexibility and change

so with these three aspects you can build impressions of each sign even without meeting some of them (when you do you can use those meetings to strengthen your impressions)
eg taurus is fixed earth meaning they may be stubborn, stable, and passive or sagittarius is mutable fire meaning they may be changeable, passionate, and assertive

these dont only apply to sun signs but the other planetary alignments too

sun - basic personality & expression
rising - how you present yourself/how others perceive you
midheaven - aspirations
moon - emotions & feelings
mercury - communication & thoughts
venus - romance & affection
mars - anger & passion
jupiter - luck & confidence
saturn - limitation & inevitability
the next ones are outer planets so dont have as much of an effect unless there are specific placements
uranus - rebellion & innovation
neptune - reality & dreams
pluto - transformation & rebirth
(there more astroids & things but those are the main ones)

and also the houses:
house 1 - expression
2 - possessions/values
3 - communication
4 - family/home
5 - romance/creativity
6 - work/health
7 - relationships
8 - sex/death
9 - philosophy/religion
10 - career/reputation
11 - friendships
12 - private life/secrets

you can also look at the whole chart to get a basic impression looking at what elements or modalities etc they have an excess or lack of and those characteristics

anonymous asked:

A prompt called MIRROR WORLD that is based upon the epi 'Syzygy'.There's no detective Angela White but a detective Tony Black that has a special chemistry with Scully and Mulder is the one to catch them in the act making out in Scullys room.

Anon, I loved this prompt! I really tried, but I’m not sure it’s what you wanted. Got a bit long, too. Tony and Angela - if you’re a Who’s The Boss fan I love you even more. Thank you for sending me this! 

I borrowed some lines from the actual episode, but then it all went to hell. Tagging @today-in-fic

Detective Tony Black is tall, blonde and grinning with teeth so white Mulder thinks he is going blind. It’s hate at first sight. The other man’s shoulder are broad, his smile is easy. But he looks as displaced here in Comity, New Hampshire with his bronze, sun-kissed skin as a penguin would in the Sahara desert. He should be far, far away in California, a surf board in his strong arms and running after waves. Fate has it that he’s standing here, half a head taller than Mulder, and charming his partner. Who is giggling like a school girl. Dana Scully doesn’t giggle; not like this, not with him.

“We’re here for a case.” Mulder grumbles when Detective Black gravitates towards Scully like a moth to a flame. The man tilts his head like a puppy and glances at Mulder. He has ridiculous long lashes and Mulder feels a sudden need to tear them out one by one.

“Yes, Agent Mulder. I was just telling Agent Scully here that there are strong suspicions of a satanic cult at work.” Mulder sees Scully nod. If he’d mentioned a satanic cult, she’d dismissed him immediately with a ‘oh come on, Mulder’ look and a raised eyebrow. Detective Black gets heart eyes and a smile. It’s not fair.

“Let me guess,” Mulder starts, glancing over at Scully quickly before he focuses on Detective White, “they told you about a wild beast entering in on a black mass, the drinking of blood, the sacrifice of an infant… or a blonde virgin.” The detective is taken aback and Mulder’s chest swells with pride. He knows his stuff, after all.  Another look at Scully, but her attention is elsewhere.

“Yeah, that’s right,” the detective is not as impressed as Mulder would have guessed or wanted, “excuse me.” Detective Black walks away, his hips swaying like a cowboy’s. Scully’s eyes follow him.

“Hey?” Mulder snips his fingers right in front of Scully’s face. She startles back to reality and eyes him.

“What?” Is her snippy reply.

“Since when do you believe in satanic cults?” Scully takes a deep breath, fixing to give him a long-winded explanation he is not in the mood for after all. He shakes his head.

“Forget it.” He mumbles, one foot kicking at the air.

“What’s your problem, Mulder?”

“What’s my problem, Scully?” He almost barks. “Just forget it.” He repeats before he storms off. He barely hears the clicking sound of Scully’s heels following him.


Blind rage settles inside Mulder’s chest. It just sits there; much like the V-shaped burn on the victim’s chest. Scully and Detective Black seem to be in agreement about what they’re seeing: a horned beast.

“I think you guys are seeing something that isn’t there.” He says, but neither of them listens. They’re looking at each other, his Scully and Detective Black. Tony. The name tastes like dirt on his tongue. Mulder has no idea what is going on here. An alternative universe where Scully is the believer and he the skeptic makes the most sense at the moment – and that’s saying a lot.

“No, look,” Scully takes Mulder’s hand and he is certain there is a distinctive spark, “the horns are right here, Mulder. Why can’t you see it?” She’s looking at him and he wants to tell her that he does see it. There are so many things he wants to tell her right this very moment. The words buzz about in his head like a swarm of bees.

“Dana is right, Agent Mulder.” Dana. They’re on first name basis. Mulder turns towards the detective and feels strangely small next to the other man. But his anger is much taller.  

“I didn’t say she wasn’t right, Tony,” he spits the name, growls.

“That’s exactly what you said, Fox.” The rage inside him sputters, boils over. He is ready to punch his lights out when Scully touches his arm. Her touch only looks gentle; she’s digging her nails into his skin.

“Can I talk to you for a moment, Agent Mulder?” It’s not a question and she drags him away from the scene. Mulder’s breath is coming out in fast, angry puffs. “What is the matter with you?” She whispers, her voice full of angry confusion.

“With me, Scully? Nothing is wrong with me! You’re standing there saying it’s a horny beast-”

“Horned, Mulder. Not horny.” But her cheeks flush and Mulder’s rage threatens to break free.

“Whatever,” Mulder says trying to get his breathing under control. Just looking at Scully makes him want to… want to… “We should leave. Go home.” They need to get as far away from this town as they can and as soon as possible. Something isn’t right here and for once he is not interested in what it is.

“Leave, Mulder? There are unsolved murders here. Detective Black depends on us.”

“Detective Black. Is that why you want to stay? Because of him?” Mulder sounds like a jealous lover and he knows it. Hears it himself for the first time now in his high-pitched voice. He swallows the feeling as good as he can. He is not jealous, of course not. Why would he be jealous? This is Scully. His friend and partner. There is no jealousy. She can do what, and whomever, she wants to do. The thought startles him.

“I’m here for the same reason you are, Mulder. To solve the case.”  

“You can’t tell me you don’t find him attractive.” He wants to take the words back as soon as they’re out of his mouth.

“Why are you so hung up on Detective Black?” She crosses her arms defensively and waits for his answer. He doesn’t have one. He’s never felt anything like this before. Mulder doesn’t consider himself particularly jealous. But right now he wants to push Tony White out of this morgue, out of their lives and never see or mention him again. And then he wants to do things to Scully he barely dares to think about.

“I’m not!” He shrieks overwhelmed by his own confusing feelings. “You are. I’m going back to the hotel.” If Scully says something to him, he doesn’t hear it. Anger booms through his body, blocks everything out.


He can’t reach Scully on her cell phone. Away from the tall drink of testosterone that is Detective Black he is calmer, his thoughts clearer. He’s beginning to believe that they are in fact under the influence of a rare planetary alignment. Nothing makes sense anymore. When Scully doesn’t answer, he lets out a frustrated sigh. There is no reason for her to ditch him, to not answer his calls. Unless… she’s with Detective Black. Mulder shakes his head. No more. He decides to do something he usually doesn’t: drown his sorrows. Alcohol was always his father’s first choice and as he pours himself a shot of vodka from the mini-bar, he swears he can hear the clinking of empty bottles in his mind. Clearly he is going mad.

Mulder drinks. The vodka burns his throat, chills his blood. This is not going to work for him so he uses the left over orange juice to mix with the vodka. He takes a big gulp straight from the bottle – much better. He turns on the TV, ready for distraction. But it’s the same movie on every channel. He is drunk already; there is no other explanation. Mulder holds the remote in this way and that way. No change. The same movie flickers over the screen no matter what he does. He takes another sip.

Scully, he thinks. He’s got to find Scully. Maybe her TV isn’t broken. Maybe she can explain to him why he is feeling whatever it is he’s feeling. She’s good at that, he figures as he stumbles out the door. He’s feeling weird. Maybe she can examine him, make him understand what is wrong here. He chuckles when he thinks of Scully in doctor mode. But his exhilaration dies when he opens the room to Scully’s hotel room; he isn’t sure whether he knocked or not, but he wishes he had not just barged in.

“Scully?” At first he thinks it’s not even her. Detective Black could have brought another woman with him to her hotel room. His logic has holes, but that’s beside the point. When the broad shoulders move away in quick, embarrassed movements, all his nightmares come true at once. It’s Scully, all right. She smoothes down her skirt and tries to tuck her blouse back in. He gets a nice look at flushed skin. “What in the hell are you doing?”

“Have you ever heard of knocking?” Scully yells at him, her hands still working on her blouse. Two buttons are undone and Mulder can see her bra. He balls his hands into fists to stop himself from reaching out to touch her.

“Hey, you guys…” It’s Tony’s voice, but Mulder ignores him.

“We’re working a case and you just-”

“It wasn’t like that, Mulder. Tony, he just-”

“Tony, huh.” He is so close to her face that he can smell the distinct smell of cigarette smoke on her. She’s been smoking and getting ready to fuck Detective Black.

“Hey!” Tony yells clapping his hands to get their attention. “There’s been another murder.” Mulder and Scully share a look; their conversation will have to wait.


Mulder lasts until they’re at the car. Scully walks towards the driver’s side and that’s when he snaps.

“Why are you driving?”

“You’ve been drinking.”

“I haven’t.” He lies.

“I can smell you, Mulder.”

“I can smell you, too, Scully.” He is pressing her against the car and she gasps. Mulder can’t explain it. His eyes are on hers and she blinks at him. She isn’t scared of him. She isn’t even angry. Confused, maybe. His grip on her loosens. He just needs to touch her. Make her forget about Detective Black.

“Mulder, there is a dead girl.” He nods. He cares, of course. Just not right this moment. If they’re caught in some kind of cosmic G-spot then it’s time for a climax. Mulder doesn’t think. His fingers curl around her wrists as he leans forward. His lips land on hers and it’s only the fraction of a second before they both turn frantic. Her mouth opens under his and her tongue comes out to play. In a move he didn’t see coming, she twirls around and suddenly his back collides with the car, hard. He moans into her mouth, half in pain, half in ecstasy.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Their mouths come apart unwillingly and it takes all of Mulder’s willpower not to lean right back in when he sees Scully’s swollen, glistening lips. He turns his head; Scully still has her hands on him, not letting go. Detective Tony Black stands there, hands on his hips, pouting because he is not in Mulder’s position. “Dana, I thought… we better get going.” He gets into his car, slams the door a little harder than necessary.

“I hate him.” Mulder mumbles.

“Shush, Mulder.” Scully puts a finger on his lips. There’s electricity and Mulder doesn’t care if it’s because of some rare planetary alignment. He just wants it, wants her. “Later.” She promises him.

“What if it’s really just this town, Scully?”

“Then I’ll say we make sure we do it right here in this town, Mulder.” With that she climbs into the driver’s seat and waits for him to join her. There is, after all, a case to be solved. Mulder doesn’t know what is happening in Comity, New Hampshire, but he thinks he can live with that.

Imagine: Isaac saying he thinks you’re hot in front of Derek

It was no secret that the sour-wolf Derek Hale liked you. Like, Like-liked you. You were one of the few people that could make him laugh on command and in return you would melt at the sight of his smile.

“She’s kinda hot.” Isaac blurted out as his eyes followed your movements.

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What exactly is Wicca?

A bullet point post

  • Wicca is a Faith system founded in the mid 20th century that believes in both a God and Goddess Figure as creator of the Universe.
    • These Deities are often symbolically represented by images of Sun and Moon, Silver and Gold, Male and Female, as well as many of the tools Wiccans utilize in religious practice.
  • Its followers believe in an Afterlife called “Summerland” where every living being goes when they pass on, and many of its followers, but not all, adhere to the idea of reincarnation as well.
    • There is not a Wiccan universal idea of “Hell” or “Devil”
  • Many Wicca followers adopt the practice of Witchcraft into their religious practice, utilizing a force known to them as “Magic” in order to create change in their world.
  • Wiccans believe that the Universe is comprised of 5 elements,
    • Earth
    • Air
    • Fire
    • Water
    • Spirit (Spirit being the unknowable force that connects everything together allowing Life to be brought into creation)
  • Wicca has 8 Holidays throughout the year
    • Called “Sabbats"  they consist of 4 Major and 4 minor.
    • This calendar is known as "The Wheel of the Year” and begins at Yule (Dec. 21) and Ends at Samhain (Sow-when) (Oct. 31st or thereabouts, depending on planetary and solar alignments)
    • 4 of the holidays are strictly religious, while the other 4 follow the changing and balance of the Seasons (Solstices and Equinoxes)
  • Also commonly observed within Wicca are the phases of the Moon.
    • Many Wiccans will observe these phases through celebratory observances known as Esbats
  • Both Sabbats and Esbats are observed through Ritualistic Worship, where there is a certain setup for how a religious ceremony is performed. This will vary coven to coven or person to person.
  • Wiccan Churches are not typically held in an actual “Church” or “Temple” building, instead opting for their group to meet in Nature or  and Congregations are called “Covens”
    • Denominations of Wicca are referred to as “Traditions” and there are over 100 different traditions, if not more.
  • Wicca is a Mystery Initiatory Faith, meaning that you must move up through “Degrees of Rank” in order to learn every facet of the faith.
  • Depending on who you speak to, There are 2 types of Wicca
    • Traditional Wicca-Traces its lineage of Members and teachers back to the Original Tradition that founded Wicca, and/or one of the famous founding members
    • Neo-Wicca or Solitary Wicca- This is considered “Outer court”Wicca, meaning the teachings you do not need to be Degreed or part of a Coven to learn.

There is probably a lot more you can add to this list, but this is a basic nitty gritty explanation of what Wicca is. Any questions, comments, additions, please feel free to add or ask me!

The planets in our solar system shift into direct motion (opposed to retrograde) today, and stay that way until February 6th. It’s so very rare that at least one planet isn’t in retrograde at any one point! This means we have the perfect opportunity being given to us by the universe to get our affairs in order, to move into the flow of what we want and what we dream of, to flourish and blossom into the versions of ourselves that we would love to be. Theres no point digging in our heels and resisting through fear because our lives will still be happening around us…now is the time to take the leap, throw ourselves in head first, communicate our desires, know ourselves and each other…

How exciting :)

anthropolite  asked:

Aren't Knights technically considered to be part of a planet's PDF? Given that Imperial Guard Commissars are considered to have jurisdictional authority over planetary commissariats, I think it would make sense that Commissars accordingly have legal powers over Knights - although I imagine most Knightly Households self-police to a large extent. What self-respecting Baron would allow his Household's name to be tainted by accusations of treason or cowardice?

Interesting one, though I’m not sure Knights would generally be considered PDF, given most Knight worlds have their own, or AdMech-aligned planetary jurisdiction? It’d sort of be like saying skitarii are PDF on forge worlds. It really just depends on whereabouts on the flow chart of the Adeptus Terra they fall, i’m not sure if it’s ever been listed but the background seems to imply they owe fealty fairly high up the chain, so unless they’re specifically tied to the Astra Militarum I can’t see the Commissariat having jurisdiction. As you say, self-policing and the watchfulness of the Inquisition seems to be the most likely means to prevent Knightly heresy or cowardice, and it is noted in multiple sources that traitor Knights are uncommon, certainly more so than treachery in other Imperial organisations. 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if this will make any sense, but if you believe in soul mates does astrology play into it? Like if someone was born with certain planetary alignment could they be your perfect match and will you somehow cross paths in your lives?

Cherry has a post about this:

If someone’s Vertex is conjunct one of your personal planets, or if one or more of someone’s personal planets is conjunct your Vertex, that’s a fated connection.

I’m not sure if I believe in soulmates, depends on your definition of the term. Some say there’s different levels, karma mates are the most common, soulmates are people we’ve known in multiple lives, twin soul is an even stronger connection but idk the details of it, then there’s “twin flames”… Idk if I believe in twin flames, or maybe I don’t have one…

I mean, people you have a strong connection to will likely have powerful synastry with you. Like my mother’s pluto 29 leo and her sun 29 Aries are both sextile my moon 24 Gemini. then my sun 26 Capricorn is quincunx her pluto and those make a yod with my moon…

one unforgettable connection I had with someone had their Black Moon Lilith exactly conjunct my Black Moon Lilith, there’s only a 1 in 360 chance of that happening!

So I say look for synastry conjunctions that are exact. look for yods in synastry…

but read what Cherry wrote, her point is that synastry won’t ultimately bring you towards your soul mate, it’s a matter of radiating your most divine and true self based on your birth chart, and then you naturally attract the best people in your life.

Little things —

  • Since being home I’ve been spending so much time by myself just being with my plants and crystals, journaling, taking notes, reading, having baths and such
  • I treated myself to a little gem while buying my best friends birthday presents
  • Steve and I️ visited my sisters, brother in law and little nephew Tuesday night
  • I’ve been feeling really inspired, creative and motivated recently
  • I transferred all of the sigils I’ve created this year into a special little notebook
  • I’ve also been working on introspection as well as how to better myself and my life on account of the current planetary alignments and retrograde
  • I think I’m almost halfway done buying gifts for my family and loved ones too!!