WILDFLOWERS RIBCAGE Hand Printed Tank Top, racer back tank, Original wildflowers artwork in shiny silver foil

WILDFLOWERS RIBCAGE - pattern hand printed with our original wildflowers print. The pattern was created using real wildflowers, the plants

In love with my new PLANETARIUM wildflower ribcage tank top.

#PatternEvaluation I call it 👉🏻 the idea 👉🏻 then a #sketch 👉🏻 #illustration 👉🏻 forging/ collecting the desired plants 🌾 👉🏻 preparing the graphics on the computer 👉🏻 finally #screenprinting the tank top *there’s a few more steps but it was getting too long ☺️😊 yep the screen printing is a lengthy process! #planetariumdesignstudio #textiledesign #planetariumdesign #textiledesign